Finger Pointing – March 26th –

Good morning to this part of my world, where is something around 7 am and I am coming to share with you some of the marvelous pages posted yesterday around the galleries. As I’m “a bit” late, and everything I could talk about is the uncertainty of the pandemic development in the world and that is bound to send our blood pressure soaring (and I mean ALL of us) lets go straight  into the pages and keep praying for the safety of you all, all over the world!

Remember : you can get to the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the page and author, it will open in another window or tab, please take a minute or two to leave them some love, we all know how good it feels and how much it can change a gray day into a brighter one!!!!

Gonna start with Be Loved by sucali, one of the most talented minimalist I have known in the past 8 years or so, who can bring me to a stop and make my heart sing with every page of hers, this is so beautiful, so non conventional (on the using pink for a boy’s page LOVE that!) and elegant, plus the sentiment it conveys is so truthful, something of a motherly feeling (I imagine aunties and sisters and everyone can feel it but I identify as my motherhood feel all the way) is perfection. As usual, she rocks this!

If you know me, you know I’m passionate about big photos, and this one, Spring Time by cfile, is a delight in so many ways, the perfection of that dispersed blending, the beauty of the photograph combined with the wonderful work on the title, enhanced by the minimal of a journal card calendar, a piece of flowers branch and a single leaf… the gorgeous shadows, all together gains my heart!

Even though I am rushing and the space is short, I couldn’t resist to bring to attention this impressive rendition of winter by one of my most loved Art Journalers (well, she can do almost everything, as she has proven lately with some incredible blank space pages) RJMJ with this, Art Journaling Monthly Muse March 2021 week 4 Winter’s Ode (even the title is incredibly suiting!) There are two lines of text : “The light of winter is the poetry of patience” …which I think defines the moment we all are living, goning through 2 winters on a global pandemic…. The blending is fabulous, the image is full of strength and emotion…. lets keep praying for a virus-free winter on the next one!

Next is Breathe by Saar. There are many things that make a scrapper an artist, and Sara here ticks every box in my book…. and this page goes straight into my heart. Talking about small victories with imagery can be extremely difficult, but with this, it is an all together precious piece. Combining cards with her usual; talent for layering and shadowing, a gorgeous color palette enhanced here by every choice of hers, the delicate title work with a word art , so much detail (which makes me want to go shopping right NOW).. as this all wasn’t enough, she always, always gives us the story, another thing that makes me fall in love with a scrapper and, to me, turns you into an artist…the feeling behind the page, I think is shared by us all, and it makes me connect further with the whole thing. Absolute stand out (you know I can keep writing all day about this!)

This next one is such a marvelous page, Twinkies by Erica Zane, who just happens to be the designer who created the product. I’m quiet sure I have shared at least one page of hers before,  I have to say, this is a subject that comes close to my heart because of my own “child” (she is 25!) calls me and sends me photos of at least 3 or 4 of whatever she is trying to buy, spends at least 15 or 20 minutes in the car trying to get me to help her decide what she wants to eat, when we are starving after a half day in hospital and have 5 or 6 places in the same street….. the page is gorgeous in composition, love the photos she is sharing, the embellishing is perfect and, the one hing that made me (and keeps making me) fall in love with all of Erica’s products… the hilarious sense of humor and intelligent cards of hers….. no matter what the subject is, she grants me at least half hour of laughter on recognizing feelings, which then make part of the memory keeping of our own family, with such a level that I keep going back to the kits. Love the layered piece of yellow, which lifts up the background in pair with the red, every element is a delight too, fabulous all over ..and she is lucky I am busy and not in very good health or I will be pestering her to get in her team! LOL

This page has a huge sentiment to me, and I think it should to everyone, but unfortunately isn’t always the case, it is a shame that our species has not learned to learn from histories mistakes, we would all live in a more peaceful and loving world if so…. and this page, Let Us Never Forget by zwyck, calling attention to the devastation of the II World War with many photos, a great masking as a center piece and the simple addition of the rest with her journaling which, like with Sara before, shares her feelings with us all. My daughter did the same trip 10 years later, in 2015, and the feelings she came back with are the same heart breaking ones. The photos, I have to admit,  I haven’t yet gathered the strength to put in scrapbook pages…so I bow to this as a marvelous, strong reminding of us never forgetting.

Lats but absolutely not least is Simplette with Be the Artist of Your Life. A marvelous diagonal composition with a play with the paints in a gorgeous color palette, the sweetest of photos, the beautiful layering of those flowers and fabulous sketched ones in the background, all crowned with the more corporeal elements, perfectly shadowed…. a wonderful page all together that more than stands out!

This is all from me today, hope you all have a marvelous weekend, wherever you are, and get inspired to scrap some more to share with us all!!!






Finger Pointing – March 12th

Good evening everyone! (or whatever time you live in!) It feels a bit surreal, I think you may agree…that we have been for a year making history and at the same time our history was kinda of getting erased? Not sure how to explain, but with my daughter we felt the same, almost like last year didn’t happen …well, I better not get into any more surreal thinking as it is already 02:46 am of Saturday here in England and I definitely need some sleep…. so I ll give you some amazing creativity and sensibility, beauty  and inspiration from  today’s galleries !!!!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Enough of me again, here are some brilliant pieces for inspiration (and getting to know others is always wonderful too, right? 🙂

Gonna start with an amazingly talented lady, one of the most gifted memory keepers, Stefanie aka Eyeore with  Cultivate Happiness. I personally love the mok notebooks, binders, everything that mimics hand made/written diaries, and here there is so much to give us happiness!!! a clean cut, so crisp feeling with those sharp lines, amazing shadows and a wonderful management of color. Love the bits of patterns, everything is balanced and so beautiful!!!!

Another incredibly talented,inspirational lady Kayla aka keepscrapping with Stay Strong. She is genius in any style,  but I am keen especially in the creative twists she gives to some templates…and in this case is having me in awe.There are so many textures blended perfectly, the shadows are so awesome, the elements so cleverly chosen, the whole thing feels like a paper page!!!! Also we both have the blessing of having gorgeous daughters with ginger hair LOL No, seriously, amazingly beautiful model for an amazingly beautiful page, perfection!!!!!

Oh now I am SO delighted to be able to share this page!!! This is Fix You by KittyY, I don’t often come across her pages, she is so amazing and such an inspiration to me (and many others!) I’m almost doing a little dance! Of  course., since I saw this, I have been singing the song in my head,  and I love it that from now on, that song will evoke this page,  and, knowing Kitty a little bit, I know she most definitely can fix … 🙂  The take on the template is perfect, love the colors combo, the brilliant big title, the circular journaling,  everything is in sync and one knows she will (fix them) and the beauty of her heart with translate in others!

My happiness keeps growing, finding a jewel like this from one of my scrap idols… Rubia Padilha with Be Happy. She is a brilliant designer and, as you can see, as brilliant in her own pages as she is with everything she creates. This is wonderful, the extraction is AWESOME, the composition so perfect and the  mixture of the paints with more corporeal bits, all shadowed to perfection, subtle where needed, more awesome! I could go on for hours here…. the stitching adds some feeling of volume, and that face….we know is happy. Even more so… it makes us happy! The capture is (again) perfection, the effect of the rain/water falling is wonderfully real, and oh, how much this boy has grown!!!! gorgeous, another one of us who is gifted with great looking children (who are gorgeous human beings!)!!!!!  Fabulous all over!

Next is Lucky in Love by SweetChar, I am not sure (because I had been living under the same rock for years and only now venturing out, not sure how long she has been around but, what I do know is that I have seen a bit of hers and look forward to see more! This is out of this world gorgeous, super colorful, is a master class on patterns combination, another master class on shadowing like a Queen, the creation of a portal to family, so perfectly inviting , the cluster with the messy thread also beautiful, a beautiful family too… plus a very suited nickname as she looks so sweet almost like a teenager! There is the fact that she used clouds , my most favorite element…here again, perfection in those shadows…… Just.Pure.Awesome!!!!!

Now, last but never ever least, is Dalis with #parade- Product Challenge. You know I can be here for hours telling you how much I love this or that artist, so, to make it fair and taking into consideration it is almost 4am here… I will only say how much I love her and how much I love this, almost the same proportion. The kids’ photo oozes happiness, enjoyment, the crisp air I can almost feel,  her layering the arrangement of all those elements in such a marvelous way, that AMAZING title work… I didn’t realize the white text isn’t journaling at first, love the effect, and also good to know one can actually journal that way and make all these awesome colors work….everything, as I said, is amazing!!! Funny how here in England, with the Irish population (and being just across a very, very little pond, St Patrick’s, seems to me, is a night where lots of people consume an enormous amount of alcohol…..never seen here the dressing up or anything of the sort….maybe that is why I enjoy so much the pages on the theme, and this one is awesome!!!!!!!

This is all from me tonight, I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do! Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!


Finger Pointing – February 27th –

Hello everyone!!! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend as much as one can these days. I know many of us who had been struggling with health issues have been able to manage reasonably well, in our case (our family) , we keep using our survivor most effective tool : finding the silver lining…and we came to the conclusion our life to these days shines with so much silver, we fit the “blessed” category…. adding to that is the fact that I got my first dose of the vaccine on Wednesday, heard about some of my loved ones who did too or are near getting it, we are even more determined to keep our spirits up.

We know the second dose has given side effects to some people, but I would beg you to go ahead and have the vaccine, we will come out of this well if we, as a species, for a change, come together in unity. I know asking for world peace and end of hunger, war, prejudice and so much more that is wrong with us is a bit of a delusion at the moment, but I (again) beg you: get the vaccine, protect yourself and others, true we wont be ever back to the “normal” we knew as such, but maybe we can make our species evolve a bit with this one, if we all come together without differences (or more like respecting each other’s ones (differences). Ok, talking too much already and I need to hurry a bit as I was supposed to be here last night, plus I have a little bit more than usual to share with you.  As usual, I cannot explain with words how much talent there is in this industry, so even today with a double take, there is so much more I would love to share…. right, talking too much again! Here you are, a few of the most inspiring, amazing pages from the past 24 hours or so 🙂

A gentle reminder : Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!

Gonna start with one very, very special lady who is talented beyond words, Carol aka Iowan with 2021 Growing up During the Pandemic. I remember clearly, she was my first pick in the first post I ever made when I started contributing here (almost 10 years ago or so? I feel old!) and have since been inspired by her awesomeness and versatility. Here there is elegance, marvelous creativity and full on memory keeping, which are difficult to come together (in my opinion) The overlay is something I am making a note to use most definitely in my own pages, her technique makes those shadows perfection, and the black and white broken by the textures and colors with the fabulous text management are absolutely amazing!!!!

Another one of my most favorite people, Monica aka Umyesh with Routine, another sample of minimalism in it’s most amazing shine. Here again there is so much perfection, I find yellow a difficult color to deal with, but looking at this makes me want to have a go, the take on the template is incredibly creative, and here she must be hearing me telling her off because she doesn’t think she is creative enough on an “artsy” way, but I keep proving her wrong… LOL The idea of breaking the clock, the use of a single color, the photo crop, everything here comes together with the perfection she always brings to the galleries!

More awesome creativity from another impressive layout artist, EllenT with Wanderlust. I know there are a lot of us who are avoiding travel kits because it remind us of the trips the global pandemic frustrated, so Ellen going for a more intimate take on the subject is not just welcoming but heart warming and falling into the “hope” category!  Travel kits are among my most favorite, and all elements in this one are fabulous, but I am especially in love with the bike and the camera, which, added to the gorgeous background  base, the perfection of the threads with it’s shadows, the horizontal ribbon being “off place” (not sure how to describe it) the color palette is also one of my favorites, applied to those paints and ink splatters brings everything together with joy!

Continuing with awesome creativity is Olga aka zinzilah with 210131 Locarno Bikes. There is so much that appeals to my heart here, for starters the way she transforms the minimalist/blank space template into a full on page with the added awesomeness of the manipulation of photography, not just the sketch effect makes it beautiful but also the balance within the background of paints, ink frames and the main feature being a tag makes it stand out from far, and then coming closer the addition of text composition on the left and the beautiful journaling on the right, all have that wonderful feeling that makes the page shine!!!

From the minimalist to the incredibly talent of filling up a page with the extreme talent for memory keeping, two of my most loved people not just in the industry, but in my entire life : HeatherB with Little Kickers, a superb sports page, the kind that makes people like me wish we had boys or loved sports enough just to be able to scrap something like this! I remember thinking templates were a bit like cheating…until a friend made me see the complexities of interpreting a template to make it into a standout, and I fell in love and keep trying my best since, Heather here is one of the most talented on translating a template into a vivid, emotional filled memory and this one (as she does) brings everything into focus. The great capture of some defining moments, the perfectly chosen and placed elements enhancing the whole composition without taking attention from the photos, the beauty of those shadows, and, as if this all wasn’t enough, a fantastic title work to make it al even more amazing!!!!

The other masterful memory keepers I was talking about, as treasured in my heart and most wonderfully inspiring, Krista aka norton94 with Hello? Hi! . Here again, the marvelous capture of those everyday things, giving the photos the power to keep those joyful moments to come back and re-live them, and, as with Heather, the shining talent of taking a template and turning it into a jewel. Another thing is, despite the tendency to move things forward in society may be not assigning colors to genders, but I have to admit, girly and pink takes me straight back in time when my own little lady played house and makes my heart melt. The photo captures are amazing, each and everyone of them could tell a story, and the journaling that brings them all together….those moments in parents’ hearts that would be difficult to keep so vivid with only the photos….here she made them into the most gorgeous diamonds!!!! Love the straight lines broken by the circle, the clusters are (again) amazing but without taking attention for the photos… and in both Heather’s and Krista’s pages, a travel back in time which I think we are many of us, enjoying at the moment! gorgeousness and cute overload!!!!

More fabulous memory keeping in kelseyll ‘s Oh, am I interrupting You?. I fell on love with this page for so many reasons!!! I thought it was a template but none is credited so I will give her the kudos for this amazing composition, the touch of humor, the most amazingly achieved dimension through some great shadows and the the lines filled with different textures and happy colors, those cat doodles so awesomely placed , the beauty of the big cluster and the going back in time that touches my heart, all together pure awesome!!!!

The next page is called My Struggle, from Leahblahblah whom I haven’t known for long, I first came across her in the past year or so but already wish I had more time to follow her story more often, and with this page I so wish we could do a “beam me up, Scotty” (don’t think too much if you aren’t a Star Trek fan) travel through the fiber optic cables that connect us and materializing physically in the other side of the world to be able to hug scrappers who share their struggles, even when we haven’t exchanged a word one to one…. especially when the struggle they face is this, one of the most difficult experiences many of us have gone through, the loss of data, a computer giving up or, in this case (as in mine) External Hard Drives giving up on us.  I don’t think I have ever made a page that focuses on the lost of any of my loosing EHDs, I know the page called me to come look closer because I love the human connection side of our industry, and, when I admire the beauty of someone’s pages, am always interested in learning the story…this is beautifully done – as I keep saying, all the power of the scrapbooking to turn ugly events into beautiful things!- and I am realizing now, important to be made a record of. Love the blocked composition, the beautiful clusters ad overall framing, and the gift she has to compose busy pages with a patterned background…that is something I need lots more lessons on, it works gorgeously here! I keep a constant back up with Backblaze but after hearing so many stories, I’m thinking that need to save money to buy more external hard drives to have other forms of back up too…. fingers crossed (as asked!) for all the data to get back to you…..and thanks for inspiring us always 🙂

From masters (mistresses? ) of memory keeping to those incredibly amazing art journalers or the talent for image manipulation, these next few are something out of this world!  I know I have already talked too much, but promise I am almost done…but first, let me share something with you: Recently I came across something that is a big itch in my mind….the concept that some people have that the use of paint transforms any page or any kit into an Art Journal page or kit. I’m not sure why this is such a common thing to believe by many n our industry, but it is most definitely not the case. In both paper and digital or hybrid artists, most of them do not use any paint at all, this brings me into this next page, I See You  by Madi.  I remember the first time I came across the -lets not call them Art Journal, lets call them “non memory keeping”-  pages in scrapbbooking. They were this kind, and lots and lots of them were full of humor or just because….there is another misconception, that Art Journal means something of an emotional venting or tortured feelings….. ok, I know. I promised you, so I’m gonna move on and stop talking LOL Love the way Madi created  this. I am crazy for pages that look like paper ones, and particularly loving the notebook thing…. and this made me fall in love (I know I shouldn’t be taking time on this, but, so much, I went and bought the kit before I started the post LOL) So, this is the Art Journal I love… collage, fun, sense OR nonsense, feelings or just because, especially in a year of a global pandemic….fun and filling time, especially when done like this, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Having said all of the above, it doesn’t mean Art Journal cannot be about processing feelings or using paints…and so we have a marvelous example here, in Family Affairs by musicmom3. I can feel myself in her shoes and absolutely love the way this transformed into the page ,amazing composition using transfers and strong imagery (I need to find  those dummies!!!) Love the perfection achieved with the framing, the details almost imperceptible of some text hiding, the whole thing is impressive!!!!!!

Before I go, a couple of amazing image manipulation talent, these are the times in which I wish I scrapped in any kind of Photoshop…because then I could follow some tutorials to achieve something like these amazing ladies have done in these pages…. my program is great and does almost all PSE can do, but not sure I can find my way to these amazing techniques used by these talented ladies!!!!!

Spring Mood by Beaute

& +Camera Loves Him5 by zotova

Now I will really stop talking! LOL – Hope you enjoyed and got got inspired by these awesome talents, from recording our daily, seemingly ordinary moments to the playing with images, we have marvelous people in our industry, please, take a minute or two to encourage these ladies in their original galleries, click in the highlighted name of the page and author to get there…and have a marvelous weekend!!!! TFL!!!




Finger Pointing – February 17th-

Hello Hello!!!! Here I am, on a Wednesday and early (rare occurrence for me) still trying to recover from 2 episodes that could have resulted in a heart attack, just my “luck” that I am so unwell in general that I have a direct line to the Cardio Nurses Home Team….. anyway, the way the world is, I am quiet sure you do NOT need me complaining about my health…instead, I ll tell you a couple of things that make me happy and hopeful (ish) One is that I got a letter to book the vaccine for my carer and for myself, the other that, after quiet a while of very little time on screen, I was live with some of you guys on chat and the communities in our industry have that power of giving love that is overwhelming in the most beautiful way.  But, again, you do NOT want me talking about me…so here are some extraordinary talents for you to get inspired!

Remember : you can get to the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the page and author, it will open in another window or tab, please take a minute or two to leave them some love, we all know how good it feels and how much it can change a gray day into a brighter one!!!!

Gonna start with a fabulous page by littlekiwi she calls Blah. The sentiment of the page is one that, I am sure, most of us have been feeling in the past year or so, and the com position, the magnificent management of the color yellow (which is extremely difficult to me) the shadows, the subtle texture to the background…everything here is so beautifully put together!!! One of those marvelous things scrapbooking has, the being able to turn not so good feelings or kind of ugly events into the most beautiful pieces of art. Hope things get better soon, Jennifer, awesome page!!!!

Next is a gorgeous hybrid on travelers notebook’s format by Annsofie called My Tribe.  Love this so much! the photo is great, full of happiness, awesome smiles, and the bits spread on the next side so beautifully put together, it also just gives me an idea for  my own TN’s, I love handwritten journal but I tend to fill the page with elements, in this case one can always add some journaling in between or simply leaving it as it is , already full of beauty, keeping a happy memory in the most amazing way!

Then we come across this young lady that each and every time makes me go wOw: Trish with 1+1 = US, a gorgeous take on a gorgeous template, it amazes me how wonderfully the patterned background works with everything on the page, it is one of the things I keep trying to get over, the use of patterns, and Trish does it masterfully. The superb play of colors with the red in the photos, the different lights coming from each of them and great embellishing, with special emphasis in the paints on both sides, adding a striking detail in combo with the metal….brilliant page all together!!!!

Following the line of making beauty of black and white is this great page by Fioontje, 15 years Then & Now.  Love the two photos, the fact that the text is so well reflected in them, the amazing composition that shines with perfection, regardless the shinning of the kit’s elements, the page has it’s own shine from the photos to the light, the combination of papers, so beautifully worked through the template, the fact that the whites are off white and the superb sparkle here and there, those clusters  and shadows….absolutely wonderful!!!!

I knew I should NOT have come close to this page, now I am desperate for chocolate… but how can I resist a page by Dalis, even more so, one she calls All The Feels? And she is so right….  I think this -the milk and chocolate, the celebration of love, even when we are sad for love the idea of warm hot chocolate (and even more so something like THIS!!!!) is appealing… all the feels go inside this heart indeed!!! LOVE the cut out heart, the gorgeous elements used to enhance, the paint sprinkled background goes with the feel of the hand drawn elements that are such cute addition….everything here is total sweetness!!!!

Last but not least,  is this amazingly cute, beautiful and superbly worked page by Scrap-therapy called Best Wishes. I love always the way she documents their life, her kids are full of sweetness and their happy faces always make for brilliant enjoyment of each and every page, and the awesome work she always puts into her pages is shown here in such amazing way: the balloons were added to the background by her, and if you look at the credits’ list you would be as amazed as I am…. this is pretty much the way I love scrapping my own pages….as much as I find the blank space elegant and marvelous, the scrapping part for me is the joy of making all those elements  come together and she has done so, so well here!!!! Beautiful, dimensional shadows with a colorful happiness that is then taken to the photo, a marvelous title and the flowers, framing the photo and sealing all that happy feelings…more cake and cup cakes… I see I wont be able to sleep unless I do a trip to my kitchen to sort something out to fill this craving! LOL

This is all from me today, will be with you all again soon! Hope you enjoy and get inspired by these awesome creatives as much as I do!!!!! Please remember the reminder, especially in times like this, take a minute or two to praise these amazing talent!!!! TFL!!!




Finger Pointing – January 22nd-

Hello again!! My first post of 2021 (and to think that when 2001 Space Odyssey came out in the cinemas, I thought that was such a distant future!!!) Hope everyone has been and is doing as well as one can be in these troubled times. I haven’t been very well, especially these past couple of weeks, so I’m gonna try make it brief, even though, I know, I always say that and end up writing a 300 pages book….LOL but will try my very best, the galleries are shinning with so much talent, keeping it simple and down to just a few pages is a hard task…but here are some of them, hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

Gonna start with This is Us by cfile, which was a difficult choice in the sense that every page of hers is a brilliant one, I think this one got me not just because I love the show, the whole composition is a show case of perfection, the combination of different designers and still the look is harmonious, the different textures, the wonderful way in which the scan card of the template is so very well translated, the artsy feeling in the background enhanced by doodles and two bits of journaling with different, amazing fonts, everything is, as usual with Christa, a master class!!!!

Following with another superb lady, silent ranks with MOC 2021 Day 17- Acrostic Challenge. Love the alpha, the wonderful choice of making the word be the focus, the amazing little bits layered, the hopeful, beautiful use of the words… Love the way Kate can bring the page into a show of perfection, the little details that make the difference, all made even more amazing with first class quality shadows, pure awesome!!!

Next is ScrappyHappy82 with Ding Ding, in one of those blessed situations that our hobby brings us: transforming a not so good (sometimes right ugly) things into the most beautiful pages for our memory keep…in here things are transformed not just by images and  the array of paints and little bits, but also honest journaling, keeping the balance and elegance. Love how the thing turns into a cathartic process on putting it all out, a little annoyance that, especially in the times we live, can turn into a stressful time… and at the same time the keeping it in record so those feelings can paint a picture for next generations to come, and here this is done to perfection! amazing all over!!!!

Another super awesome example of that transformation, and one I know well, is Jan 20. Photography Challenge by jaye.  The photos are magical almost, which, trust me, I know is extremely difficult to achieve when one’s subject is one’s medication…. but Jaye as usual has turned this into  marvel in black and white!!!! The perfection extends to choosing elements and shadows, everything here is fabulous (not the reason behind it, though) Absolute elegance!

Now, I SWEAR I don’t go out looking for her pages….but the timing happens that I see Jo’s pages more often than I see other of our colleagues here… and I just couldn’t pass this one…!!! This is cutiejo1 with Reach for the Stars. That amazing smile, those eyes and the beyond perfection extraction, so perfectly done! And then there are clouds! lots of them! (my most favorite element!) the addition of gold elements bring even more shine, the combination of the real and the magical seem to come together in this gorgeous blend!

Next is Explore by Ponytails. This is the first time I come across her pages, and I am amazed at the huge skills on this one! Most of you know I love a full page…now, filling up a page isn’t easy, especially not with this amount of photos and using every spot for a photo and leave behind pocket/journal cards…the perfection in the photos and the placement choosing here is absolute delight, as is every other little bit of the page, the choosing of wood texture for the framing and title, the gorgeous clusters and the beautiful kitchen elements, it seems that this lady and I have a lot in common, I am smiling here because I just leaned over to look at the journaling and the little girl shares the name with my “little girl” (who will be 25 next month!) and my little one also had the time of her life in the kitchen with all sorts of pots and pans and Tupperware!!! If this little one turns to be like mine, she will also be a fine young lady who loves to cook! And now I am in love with those kitchen elements!!!! Gorgeous page, fabulous talent!!!!

Another amazing talent, this one I have brought here before, is Stormchaser with Winter Fun. I am always with the same feeling when I come across her pages…. the beauty of her and her family is such a pleasure, not just beautiful people, but always the most amazing smiles, beautiful people who would be brilliant placed in a glossy magazine….and in this page the combination of that beauty (which I can feel isn’t just external beauty! trust me, I am old, and I know these things!) so the combo of that beauty, the colorful happiness of the clothing and the colorful way in which she chose to scrap the page, the kit of choice, awesome  clusters, absolutely fabulous shadows… all together keeps this young lady in my favorite people’s list!

Last but not least,  is this awesome page by an awesome lady, one that was one of the most amazing LO artist and friend in the community where I started scrapping in main stream sites with a store, the extinct Gotta Pixel, one that was part of the one place we made an amazing community and then we lost touch for almost 10 years, and we came together again in another community this year, one of the silver linings that the horrid pandemic brought me, is bienejen with Celebrate.  She was an outstanding scrapper 10 years ago and she is still shining in the galleries, have a look at hers if you have time for more, but I thought I should highlight this, even though we don’t like getting much into the political issues in our industry, I think I can, with a lot of love, not just highlight Jenn’s amazing gallery and talent, but congratulate the USA for a win for democracy and wishing you all the best, a hopeful tomorrow, a hopeful future for ALL the country, one blessed with so much talent and so many awesome people that are part of my heart. As usual, she has composed with talent and perfection, love all the front pages news, the beautiful colors and the festive feeling of the elements, gorgeous shadows…everything feels like victory and happiness. Congrats, lets hope together for the future of the entire world 🙂

This is all from me tonight. Hope you enjoyed and feel inspired by these awesome talents, so, once again… Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!



Finger Pointing – December 24th- {Holiday Edition-Part 2}

Good Day to all!!! Hope everyone is as well as it is possible to be right now, I know for many (many!!!!) of us it is disappointing to put it lightly, but if you are part of some of the wonderful communities in our industry, I know we are ones to find silver linings, so I know we are making the best of our time right now. In the name of all of us at the GSO team, we wish you the best time possible for the Holidays, I know some have been already celebrated/observed, some will be from today onward. No matter if this is Eid, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Kwanza and, if I recall well, there is Yalda and another on the 26th for Zoroastrians and Yule for Wiccans, I imagine there are more, and to all the different groups that celebrate Christmas, to ALL, we would like to wish you the very best for the end of this year and that the new one brings us in a more together, compassionate, understanding and loving attitude, regardless of any of our differences. 🙂

If you just arrived here today, please, do have a read to the start of the {Part 1} HERE in which I explained a bit more about the wonderful, though sometimes very hard, work we do here as a team, and why I’m here to celebrate my sisters of this amazing team, one I am so, so very proud to belong to.

Once again : Remember : you can get to the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the page and author, it will open in another window or tab, please take a minute or two to leave them some love, we all know how good it feels and how much it can change a gray day into a brighter one!!!!  Now, I don’t want to take the attention from my task for much longer, so, in no particular order, here are the pages of the rest of our team (and I hope my impaired brain has not forgotten any of you! LOL)

I’m gonna start with ~Tough-Times~ by kewl_jive. a very fitting all together page in these so very difficult times for the whole world… Beth happens to be also one of my most favorite people in our community, not just an amazing artist but one who I used to talk a lot at a point in which I most needed, she guided me and gave me the confidence to keep going. She is part of my Queens of the Blank Space, gifted on the art of making family record with supreme elegance, and it is so amazingly well portrayed in this page. The photo is amazing, the strength that a brilliant crop gives to the context of the whole thing, the amazing text written over it captures the attention even more, a written few words that have so much truth as do the ones in the journal spot, and, as much as I complain lately about the generalized quotes and phrases, the bits of word strips here have truthfulness and hope, and give the heart more energy to keep going. The composition is so beautiful, the soft blue of the background is given more of a punch with the black and white piece of pattern on the top and the smaller one in the bottom, the amazing impact of the yellow and the couple of red spots with the buttons, all together work to perfection. Love the detail of another written statement, one we may even go without noticing: the “life is not always easy” which I know for many of us is a constant, is a reminder to give even more strength to the whole page . So, lets hear Beth in the beauty and wisdom of her page: Yes, let’s be strong. The human race had gone through extremely harder times, we will get over this one too. 🙂

Another super amazing talent of our team, Amanesefe with Merry Gus-mas, here I have had such a hard time choosing… it is the case in every post I make, how hard it is to keep just one to be highlighted when, like in Jenny’s case here, the gallery is an exhibition of perfect mastering in any style. I think I’m choosing this one because the general light that comes out of it, full of golden, the smile and stars, the beauty of this young lady and the perfection of those clusters that all together make the light invade every bit of the page… a wonderful celebration that, at least to me, give the hope that, as said by Beth above, this too shall pass. But I think you should really have a look at her whole gallery, there are so many pieces in so many different styles, all keeping Jenny’s elegance and gift to storytelling, there is a magnificent page (a marriage proposal in the family!!!) that gives enough happy and hope to lift our spirits and have the certainty of good times coming… her whole gallery is an absolute delight!!!

Another absolute talent, wonderful creative, one that has lived in my heart now for a few years, is Ga_L with Don’t Fill Your Head with Worries, another super appropriate title, and one that it is really so well translated. One of the things that makes me love this girls’ creations so much is the fact that I have seen her growing onto this fabulous dominion of mixed media for telling every day stories as well as the more undefined art journal pages, she has a gift for pocket pages that also, like in Jenny’s case, I would suggest you have a look at her inspiring gallery. I decided to go a bit back in her gallery to feature this particular one even though all pages more recently posted are beyond amazing, because I think is the perfect ensemble of memory keeping with the fabulous art of mixed media. The photo is brilliant (love when she gets in the picture!) the angle makes it stand out as is the treatment given. The base for it being a perfect continuity of nature, from the photo to the background paper, an attention to detail that makes the page even richer, and the fabulous shadows plus the creation of light with elements like the sequins give the whole thing the handmade, paper page feeling, which I love with all my heart (which sings with every page of hers!)

My heart keeps singing with these amazing galleries, getting festive again with Christmas Cookies | December 2020 by Heidi Nicole. Another super fabulous gallery, another gifted creative, almost minimalist with a gift for storytelling, which here bring us back to us, all of us, adapting with the most amazing energy to these difficult times… what best than cookies baking?  The kitchen is the favorite place to almost all women in my family, including my almost 25 years old daughter (whom, by the way, is demanding we bake these as soon as we can!!!)  The whole composition is lead by that happy feeling, the way she took the disappointing fact of not being able to get out to see family and turned it into the most beautiful page, one that, instead of  complaining and giving us a gloom look, it is telling us, as did Beth, that this too shall pass, we may as well enjoy our time until then…. I do know there are people to whom this is not an option, but to many of us, this attitude is encouraging and powerful in bringing us together…and Heidi Nicole more than perfectly does it. The beautiful elegance of the blank space, together with the richness of the elements, bits of paper and word arts chosen, the wonderful way in which she added to the template to give it her always elegant touch… loving every little addition! the tiny Santa in the right hand side, the thread with the overlapped buttons, and, though I know we concentrate in the scrapper rather than the designer…I have to admit, as this is a passion of mine, every piece of different kits from Mirjam, aka Pink Reptile Designs…. all makes my heart sing loud! A perfect combination of kits, a perfect designer and a perfect artist!

Another one of these talented ladies who keeps me wowed with her pages, is Barbara Unzen with Thessaloniki The Umbrellas by Zongolopoulus. here again, her whole gallery is one gem after another, that kind of mastering the art that allows us to connect as we almost feel the family emotions, live the events, and, here too, I had a hard time choosing one to share with you. The memory record of the times we are living is marvelously presented in her gallery, there is seriousness and humor, lots of beauty and amazing color play. Love it that she includes herself in some pages, this is something I make a point, I know the pages will live on, and I so wish my grandparents and great grand parents had kept a record, so I know the generations to come will want to know who the awesome creator of these pages is. There is perfect balance in her gallery too, some pocket pages with beautiful out of the box twists, some beautiful double pagers, a talent for (again) color play and the title creating from her delights me…. it wasn’t easy to pick just one, but this one, I think, not just amazed me in the way the page was built, the gorgeous photos that presents us with a wonderful work of art and another, a more personal work of art of hers, her daughter, here captured in the happiest way, a beautiful happy moment caught in time, that also gives movement to the page, and the one part that touches my heart and makes me be there… the journaling of a proud mother, in which I think even if you are not a mum, you can feel the beauty of this emotion. The choices of paper and the title, all perfect to shine on it’s own and let the photos shine, all together a more than awesome stand out!

One more brilliant artist and memory keeper, beatricemi with Trim the Tree, a most beautiful, warm and amazingly composed page, with elegance and translating the season’s feeling in a most wonderful way, another super impressive gallery which is more than worth spending some time to get inspired and get that warmth and beauty of family life into our hearts. Here again, I was torn by so many amazing pages into having to choose just one, love Bea’s gift for journaling, there are so many brilliant pieces of life written both with words and paired with images that speak too, the amazing beauty of the children and the way she translates moments and feelings is marvelous, like in this one, where words aren’t even needed, so beautiful the combination of photos with the most amazing choices of papers, the clean cut elements and the way they are placed, all combined have a strong power of painting the moments, I see these photos like picked from a glossy magazine, the children wearing the same pjs, every choice here is gorgeous and all together have the perfect balance! Love the papers choice, the very subtle border, the different degrees of brown, some with even the feel of texture  and different light, the fabulous combination of patterns in the bottom left that houses the awesome cluster there…. I’m not sure if the photos were taken from outside a window, or the impression is given by adding the divisions to the image, but either way, it all comes with the power of giving us a glimpse into these children’s happiness in putting the tree together, the dynamic of the photos in different sizes and the tilt in the middle right one, the beautiful flowers chosen for the other two clusters and the elegance that the other two trees, in a simple and modern cut as with the bottom one, all play with elegance and the light keeps flowing…. especially love the type (of light) that is achieved in the bottom right, all with subtle, beautiful shadows to match! More music for my heart!!!

Keeping on the Christmas cheer, another super gorgeous piece of art on the festive craft, Crafty Christmas by kabra 1207, a delightful composition with so many beautiful pieces, all shining on their own and even more so in coming together in the page!  As I mention before, though we have the goal of shining a light on the scraper/artist rather than the designer or product, this is another one of my most favorite creative designers, Karen Schulz. Not just she is talented, but also was the very first designer I spent money in, a bit over 10 years ago, and one who opened the doors to the  main stream scrapping “scene” inviting me to her team and becoming one of the most influential people in my life. Here the the pairing of Karen’s wonderful products by the talented hand and vision of Kabra make a wonderful display of holiday cheer. Love the way the card is framed, first by the tone on tone and tilt of the patterned piece, then by the beautiful wooden frame, itself framed by amazing clusters. Love especially the Santa’s element, the impact of the color with the star above, the trail of ripped/torn pieces of printed paper, taking us to the top cluster in the frame, such a beautiful mix with the metal of the scissors, the different greens and teals of the leaves, the gorgeous neutral but impressively crafted flowers, and then that amazing heart,  the beautiful, refreshing green that finds the balance in the detail of the right hand side composition cluster, the stripped ribbon keeping the red present and the gorgeous heart again, with the poinsettia shining and a beautiful gingham bow, both hearts shadowed with a depth that gives a gorgeous dimension to the page!!!!

Last, but not the in the slightest least, I give you one of the jewels by our newest addition to the team, Claire Grantham with Photography: December 2020 – Wonderland. This marvel of a woman is not just the newest addition to us here, but to the whole industry and communities, one of those silver linings this pandemic has given us, because, even though it may seem impossible by looking at her gallery, because she so awesomely ROCKS…. she discovered scrapbooking because of the pandemic. I fell in love with her from the very first page back in the end of March, and have seen more and more and the love keeps growing…. she is full of energy, fearless in every sense of the word, fun and, once again, so amazingly talented, I know she has won the heart of so many of us, and now we are proud to have her as part of this team. I have been going backwards and forward in her gallery trying to decide which page to bring you, there is so much in so many ways showing all her energy, her marvelous way of going for life, of making fun of herself even (something only truly amazing people can do) loving who she is and loving getting in her pages, which makes us feel that amazing energy, she is a treat in these dreadful times. Like with every other member of our team, I suggest you spend at least a bit of time in their galleries, in Claire’s you will find some huge motivation and some amazing statements in her (absolutely awesome  no matter what she is talking about) journaling. Like, for example, something that confirms I was so very right in loving her from day one:  in another one of her pages, she talks about how she has to deal with lots of negative energy in her position at work… and she goes on to say that in my real life, I choose positivity and happiness over the bad stuff, even when life is hard. I just grab my hubby and dance the sh!t out.”  That attitude is present in every page…. I don’t think one page can give the total idea of the magnitude in which she is refreshing, inspiring, fun, talented…. so I will give you a page as big and fresh and happy as she is, with that pride of her own person, the beauty of speaking out her mind, and the impact of the whole passion for life 🙂 But you should check her gallery too!

This is all from me today, though I will be back before our hiatus end, as I have another special edition to share with you guys. Before I go… once again:

Please, (pretty please?) this week more than any other time of the year, I ask you PLEASE, please, to take a minute or two to click on the highlighted names of the pages and authors to get to their original galleries, and thank these AWESOME, talented women for the love and dedication they keep all year in highlighting yours 🙂

See you in the news few days  with another Special Edition!

Finger Pointing – December 22nd. {Holiday Edition-Part 1}

Hello hello!!!! Hope you are all as well as possible in this crazy world of ours that keeps getting crazier, hope you are all able to look around and see how lucky we are, if we are online and enjoying our passion for the digital arts and story-telling, recording of family history or feelings or moments…. means we have a roof over our heads and a computer and a net connection…… even if we can’t make it to be with our families, we are blessed with communities that bring beauty, love, connections and even that great power of transforming the sometimes very ugly events into the most beautiful pages, a little piece of digital (or hybrid) art. We are definitely luckier, better of than many others.

As I have mentioned many (many many!) times, all of us here are fueled by love. Unlike being part of a Creative Team in our industry, we do not get absolutely anything in return, well, no, actually, we do get the most wonderful, priceless gift that is being able to make your day at least a little bit better, showing fantastic pieces of life beautifully put together, sometimes sharing experiences with journals that make us connect in a unique way, filling our own hearts with love and admiration and often learning in the process, and being inspired by many styles and the most awesome creations.

This week, as I have done in previous years, I would like to share and highlight the talent of these super amazing ladies that are the GSO team, these women with huge hearts that make time to keep the essence of our art/craft alive, especially in times like this, and when many of them have full time jobs, full on families and a busy Creative Team schedule too. So, this is why I will be here this week, to honor these amazing ladies, share a tiny bit of their fabulous talent.

A special mention needed for our Jan aka Intense Magic for being the organizer extraordinaire, producing the month schedule for the posts is NOT an easy task, with completely different time zones and, even with the pandemic, busy lives. Apart from that, in no particular order, I give you a tiny piece of each of these amazing, talented ladies that keep giving life to the GSO. 🙂

As always, remember : you can get to the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the page and author, it will open in another window or tab, please take a minute or two to leave them some love, we all know how good it feels and how much it can change a gray day into a brighter one!!!!

DYD-2020-Day-10 by IntenseMagic  I remember, 10 years ago, how my first thought was: “oh how cool is that nickname? she must be amazing!” and, well, yes, she is!!!! 🙂 You know I will be going on and on on how difficult it is to pick ONE page on the sea of marvels that are these ladies galleries…. but this caught my attention the most… a more than wonderful sunset, the way the colors and textures are almost split in stages with the fire of the sky, the warm feeling of the wooden desk, those books almost invisible until we come closer to pay more attention…and OHHHhhhhh that knitted pattern that not just I love to this day to wear, but in the way the photo angle presents it, gives an overall warmth, completed by her other  choices, as always, intensely elegant, the grungey feel of the card, the perfection of minimizing the elements to make the photo shine…. and those shadows, and the stitching…. and I could be here for another day. Absolutely awesome.

Parallel Universe by lizziet5  is such a powerful creation when you pair the superb, gorgeous image [which gains even more power by the way Liz composed for the page] with the strong, straight forward reality of the journaling that has a little humor twist, as it had to be, Liz being a fellow Brit!!! – OK, I am adopted, but after 30 years I can call myself a Brit…right? And isn’t just that, the photo, technique and journaling… in a very clean cut style, she has managed here to create a superb work of art, there is detail that creates deeper meaning with the text and brackets that echo the intention of the fragments of the photo, the beautifully composed title work, and even the subtle go with the paint brush in the background giving erratic movement…..if I ever saw a page that describes the intention, the feeling, the subject it documents made to perfection…this is it. I know I learned a lot about representation in documenting in my time at Get It Scrapped, but had never been able to translate the general subject as wonderfully as Liz has here. I know we are in troubled waters right now in the UK, I know I have the same concerns and my heart hurts since late March and I agree with Liz’s every word…to the “there is still beauty” True. Especially here with this being Wales. my most favorite place in the whole world. I would like to invite you also, if you haven’t yet done so, to visit her gallery as it is full of gems of life documented, I was a bit torn in between some of her pocket pages, some amazing soft color management….until I got to this  and, the world in the state it is…it HAD to be this. But you should check her entire gallery. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that flair, the little masked smiley, which brings the present even more present in the whole. absolutely marvelous page!!!

A Dash of Magic by myssp is coming to confirm the previous statement, yes, most definitely, there is still [so much!] beauty.  And with so much talent Rachael here displays a rescued feeling of the month, and, here again, it was a hugely difficult task to choose just one of her pages in the midst of so, so much awesome she creates….. her talent is beyond words!!! I think this one caught my heart as it seems like a window in which we can loose ourselves , all that shine and the warmth set by the gorgeous wooden background, continued in the perfection of the layering, so beautifully chosen elements, some of the tiny details that are actually big part of the composition, the whole thing comes together in that feeling of home and then some more with her clever “wrapping” of the pieces with the twine, the perfection of those staples , so many textures and perfectly achieved the casual look of it all. To seal it, a gorgeous piece of word art (or a wonderfully composed title!) with the string of stars…. more than enough to fill the heart with the festive feeling! Also check Rachael’s whole gallery, it is full of perfection in every way possible!

ME by DivaMom96, another fabulous talent in our team, another gallery full of gems to inspire, here radiating so much beauty and goodness from her beautiful self, with that super positive energy and the elegance that comes through all of her pages. The choice of background gives balance to the strength of the photo, brings it even more to the eye and the continuation of soft, almost neutral colors in the cluster keep the beauty flowing, and the inclusion of the photo as part of the card  -instead of having a cut through- makes more of an impact. Love the discovering little bits and pieces layered in the left hand cluster, and the simple flower with the sequins on the right, together with the uneven stitching an the perfection of the shadows all over, keeps in harmony with the strength of those word strips that are in perfect harmony too, with that beautiful, amazing feel of her heart and talent, something you will see reflected in all of Deborrah’s  pages: elegance, beauty, wisdom, strength, in each and every page!

Keeping the beautiful faces of our amazing sisters shining a beautiful, amazing light into their pages is 46.9 by Seattle Sheri. I am so, so delighted in  finding her as the center and sole protagonist of her page here, I had been following her amazing talent for producing layers of element greatness (which makes my element hoarder’s heart sing loud!) for years before she joined us here, so it is so great now, getting to know her a bit more beyond her pages, just confirms her talent. Love the choice of background here, as above, the soft color with the added of a very, very subtle pattern and some stamps casually thrown around, all make a perfect base for the array of layers with so many different textures, an amazing arrangement of nature colors that reflect the light of that smile, the detail of the addition of the metal golden stars is perfection, the composition of the lower right hand corner with those super awesome shadows highlighting the numbers without taking attention from the centered composition as a whole is done to perfection, and I keep finding bits and pieces like stamps, letters, text and painted flowers and leaves that make my heart sing!

My last (but never ever least!) show for today is {so very appropriately named!} 2020 What a Year! by cutiejo1. Every time I see Joanna’s pages I fall in love again and again with her talent, another one that appeals to  my passion for layers and layers of elements and the mastering of making beauty of everyday life. When I come across her pages, the dilemma is not if to pick, but which page of all the gems she has posted on the day. Today wasn’t different, but I thought this reflects so much what most of us have in our hearts, our account of events, our fears and insecurities, the making history through a world wide pandemic, living on the uncertainty of things like some of our leaders that aren’t exactly leading, to the surreal fact of the whole world running out of……yeah, what???? from everything the human race can try to hoard in chaotic times…toilette paper?  Well, as we are in the art/craft of making beautiful things out of not so beautiful and sometimes down right ugly events, looking at this page gives me that feeling again and again. Awesome, amazing, wonderful, fabulous and more of the praising adjectives you can think of (non native English speaker here) this is one of those. With Joanna’s amazing heart, this is a more than perfect rendition of the year we are still getting through,  original in the cut of the text/journaling area, absolutely marvelous layering, all those elements ranging from the cutest with the word art title to the more realistic elements and the perfection of the placement, and the text, the journaling… I know is a poem by someone, not Jo’s, but my very old sight plus no sleep for over 48 hours no matter the amount of zooming I did can’t read the name- but- kudos to the author and Thank YOU Jo for bringing it to your already amazing page, making it even more so. Brilliant.

This is all from me tonight, I will be back tomorrow with more, but I would like to take the last words of the poem (and probably keep them on repeat) to say good night to you all : “If we lean on each other, I know we can cope” And yes, we do, we can. 🙂 Lets keep in our communities that feeling that is not found often in other hobbies/arts/crafts ones, the heart connection and the very special support and understanding of others, regarding of all and any differences, We can cope. And we will get over this one too.

And please, this week more than any other time of the year, I ask you PLEASE, please, to take a minute or two to click on the highlighted names of the pages and authors to get to their original galleries, and thank these AWESOME, talented women for the love and dedication they keep all year in highlighting yours 🙂

See you tomorrow!