Finger Pointing – November 04th-

Hello hello!!!! Cynthia/MrsPeel here, back after a few months and (nothing new, really LOL) late in my first day back…should’ve made this post last night, but DD was admitted in hospital a few days ago, things are complicated enough, then my mum arrived early hours of the morning from a 14 hours flight yesterday…I’m grateful for the chosen family we have that allowed all to be fine, many of you here are that family, so thank to you guys! I’m so very pleased to get back to highlight the awesome talent we have in this industry! As always, my heart breaks having to pick just a few… (so I added one more!!!) But enough of me, here they are, enjoy & get inspired!!!

Starting with one of industry’s most favorite artists, personally mine too, is Ona aka wombat146 with Rainbow of Autumn colors.  As she does, the whole thing is a marvel, from the depth of field focused as a main star in the page, to the fabulousness of the cluster and it’s shadows, the wonderfully blend of the photo with a patterned background….Pure.Awesome!

Following the fall feeling is always awesome SeattleSheri with Autumn Smile. She is a professor on clustering and general perfection no matter what style, shining in this one with a mixture of textures, layering delight, a super cute photo and shadows I wish I could emulate… more awesomeness!!!!

Another piece of great art and memory keeping from Melidy in this page she calls Together, love this girl always, and this is a perfect example of why: beautiful. composition, amazing elegance, a so so very sweet photo, and (something extremely important to me) the fact that she transcribed her journaling for us to read, taking the page to a higher level, even more so when you read it…  the power we have with our pages to make amazingly beautiful pieces of not so beautiful, even ugly, events in our lives… LOVE this!!!!!!

Next is Memories by Saar. I would have to write extensible to express my love for Sarah and her pages, but I reckon you know and, more than likely, feel the same way, so I will just bring you the page…. a brilliant composition, a new mum’s pride shining here with the baby’s sweet photo, gorgeous blank space, a mixture of stamps and brushes in a marvellous background, the doodles and perfect shadows, absolutely amazing elegance!!!!

Another one of my most treasured scrapping Queens, Krista aka norton94 with Skate Date, a wonderfully put together double pager. Happy photos, fantastic take on the template, the clusters which play with colors making all sync perfectly, adding the shadows that give dimension so beautifully… makes my heart sing! You can see the whole double pager bellow this one in her gallery, and the other page is HERE. All together awesome!

My heart sings so happily finding her pages, and she never ever fails to amaze! This is As Above So Bellow by faerywings, an image so striking as is the journey she shares of how it was build, marvellously bringing together different pieces and achieving a master piece!

Last but not least, Life Is by Madi, a happy, bright and fun art journal page that closes the amazingly talented list for today!

Hope you get inspired as much as I am, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!

Finger Pointing – July 8th-

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. I’m a bit (well, a lot, yes) late today, we have some serious health issues at home but I didn’t want to leave yesterday galleries without due praise, so, here are some gorgeous pages for your inspiration.

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

2018-Alex-Dance-Recital by Iowan Not surprising that Carol makes magic here (she does always) the marvellous photo treatment, the perfection in the shadows, gorgeous cluster and absolutely amazing combination of papers, ultra awesome!

WONDR Experience by Vrielinkie. Another fabulous creative, Hannah perfectly combines papers, colors and textures here with a photo that brings smiles. The amazing deep shadows, gorgeous layering  and (once again- that word…) perfect balance with the blank space areas. Fabulous all over.

Cneflower with Sweat Bee BYOC22 by trekmom. An explosion of colors and great papers combo, gorgeous macro photo, beautiful embellishing with a few clusters, she always finds originality in any subject and love how this one turned out.

Exhale by Cherylny.  Love Cheryl’s talent to go for any subject, any style and make them shine! Here with the elegant creation which goes beyond the visual beauty with a positive message. The photo is great, almost giving a touch of surreal to the whole thing, and all the little bits and pieces united by the thread in the background, wonderful shadowing all around, love it!

Siblings by clucaswvu04. I’m a super fan of full page photo LOs, have to admit, yesterday/today the galleries were full of them, not an easy task to pick just one, but here, in this one there is such warmth, so much beauty just by the choice of photo (an amazing capture and even more so when one reads the journaling!)  the non posed images are (I think) the ones who tell the story with more intensity, and here, combined with that super gorgeous cluster mixing different textures and beautiful shadows….perfection with an amazing feeling!

Self Portrait by TraceyM. I’m sure you will recognise her as the creative hand of Clever Monkey Graphics, and as such, she is one of the most prolific scrapper/designers we have in the industry, always with a touch of originality, LOVE the big wording here, such a perfect combo with the background paper, the gorgeous composition around the photos and the sprinkled confetti, love every element coming together in a huge smile for one’s heart, brilliant all together!

I know I should be stopping here, but in my roaming the galleries, I found so much, I need to share a couple more that deserve a place in the post:

City of Many Visions by Anja_77 This is such an impressive piece, I’m not sure if the faces come ready in the product or if she added to each, but either way, the blending of everything in the page, all the detail which at first look felt a bit overwhelming, a second after it all falls into place and this is a master piece!!!! Pure Awesome!!!!!

Last but in absolutely no way least is My Good Son by Amandajk. I have known Amanda for around 10 years if I’m not mistaken, and she is always full of talent, has that marvellous gift of mixing what could be called a “traditional” layout with all the intensity of the Art Journal she shines with and this is perfection in either style! Love the big photo, the perfection of the extraction, the way she managed colors (and the absence of it) the mixture of amazing pieces composing the background…. a perfect show of her talent in this master piece!

This is all from me today, hope you find as much beauty and inspiration in these pages as we do, don’t forget to stop by their galleries (click on the name of LO and author, it will open a new tab) to give a bit of happiness that we know is always treasured! have a marvellous weekend!


Finger Pointing – June 24th-

Hello wonderful people!!! Hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you are! Here the weather is finally hot, even if climate disaster has made even more extreme the fact that London can have the 4 seasons in one day…at least most of the day is more comfortable for these old bones! It is (nothing new here LOL) extremely late, early hours of Saturday, so I will try get this as brief as my heart allows!

Starting with Happy Days by cfile, an awesome, super elegant composition shinning from the old photo to the minimum detail, love how she brings elegance to a busy background, delicate embellishing with fabulous shadows… all together marvellous!

Next is a Hybrid Junk Journal Page- Seahabilited by Rachel Jefferies, I know many of you, like me, love designers who scrap, and if you have a passion for journals and wonderful creativity, you ll be as amazed as I am with this right now! I haven’t taken to my hybrid in a while, but this is inspiration enough to get to it!  Love the stitched piece of fabric in contrast with the seahorse, the stamps and those gorgeous text paths Rachel creates are perfection in the whole thing! Rachel also has a video of her making of this beauty, you can see it here. 

Another super fabulous talented lady who has been inspiring us for as long as I have been around, is wombat146 with Beach Day. Love Ona and love big photo pages, both together here are making music in my heart!  The way she paired the amazing photo with the big dots paper is brilliant, the gorgeous little cluster with the elements is sweet and perfectly shadowed, everything here makes me smile, so beautiful!!!!!

Here my heart sings loud, very loud…. XoXo by Saar is not just a delight in technique but one of the most beautiful pages on motherhood I have seen in a long time…. of course, this being Sarah’s, it could only be the very best! She is a new mum and I haven’t had the time or health to stop to catch up properly with her, so you know how happy this makes me! I should add, this is not the last page she posted, all her pages deserve a place here, I chose this one because I think it reflects the beauty of the past few months in an amazing way….. the gorgeous pastels she is using for consistency make the whole page soft and warm, the photo treatment is perfection in tandem with the colors, and (I know I am being repetitive…but can’t find another word to define her talent!) the perfection of Sarah’s layering and clusters shines as always…. this is pure awesome!!!!!

Another one of my super  favorite people, one of my very first idols back 10 years and inspiring since, HeatherB with You are One of a Kind, a gorgeous, super dynamic page portraying her son with brilliancy! Love the take on the template, the way she made the greens work with the blues, those gorgeous clusters and the wonderful shadows all around, plus how amazingly she shows that a masculine page can have flowers galore…. marvellous all together!!!

A more recent arrival in our scrap families, but one who has gotten the hearts of many of us with her creativity, Mywisecrafts with This Beautiful Life.  Once again, big photo gets my heart all the way, and the way she has blended here, the perfection of every bit of space harmoniously making the whole, the cluster with subtle shadows, lots of different textures , all in perfect sync, marvellous!!!!

Last but not least (big time no least!!!) is The Hunt by seniorgal,  a fantastic blend of a scene that feels so like being in the middle of the country side England some years ago, beautifully placed in a gorgeous array of pinks and muted yellows, wonderful details with little clusters mixing different types of elements and a very modern tittle that somehow looks so at home in the page, love the way it seems to shine and light up my screen, gorgeous page!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do! I will leave you now as I think I did something, not sure what, that messed with the settings of my mouse and is not letting me right click or copy and paste so I did the whole post using two different browsers, hope all is ok, I have checked many times, but my neurological issues might have missed something… I’m running later than usual, I ll stop here, but, please, take a minute or two to leave some love in these awesome pages, get inspired and inspire, have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for joining us!!!



Finger Pointing – June 10th-

Hello!!! Hope everyone is doing as well as humanly possible and starting to enjoy the weekend! We are here (as usual) dealing with some health issues, some complicated financial ones, with everything not just going up on prices but disappearing from the shelves, at least here in the UK…. but lets leave the troubles behind, and I do so with one of the most amazing, effective pain relief therapies I have: enjoying and getting inspired by all of your creativity…. as always, it is also difficult to get to a minimum amount of pages, but better I stop talking and share with you these gems!!!

Starting with always awesome EllenT’s Be Cool, a fabulous minimalist fun, gorgeous, vibrant perfection….! I have to admit I am torn with the pages she posted today, not an easy task to pick just one, but you can go look at her gallery, inspiration for every style!!!

Another marvel with Flowers Lift the Spirit by JenEm, the beauty of those flowers captured in amazing photography, an awesome composition with some delightful layering, the blending in the background and oh my…those shadows!!!!!!! Perfection all over!!!!!

My jaw dropped and am still amazed with the incredible gorgeous composition in Simple Pleasures 2022 by Aerobigir! SO so amazingly creative! all the work displayed here is awesome: the blend, the cutting of the sections and the layered bits, all made into perfection with the strong shadows and, of course…a photo that speaks a thousand words… most definitely stands out!!!!

Another fabulous photo placed in a gorgeous composition, this one appeals to my soul as I know that feeling, had it many years when moving from the tropics to England… Summer, Are You There? by Kim B (Jak) is so very beautiful, starting with the photo capture that tells the story to perfection, then colors that seem to be calling it in, the impact of that electric blue with the yellows, the different textures and the circles ….all over awesomeness!!!

I swear I do try to find new people to be featured in our posts….but…what can I say, there are some people who just are impossible to resist!!!!! Especially in cases as prolific and talented like this … is Marilyn aka mcurt with One Strange Summer.  The cute cutouts of themselves in the photo turned into stickers marvellously, all those collors that can lift my mood when paired with her talent, those tiny details (her shoes are actually an element from the kit?) every time I look up I find something new, the mixing pieces of word art and paints, crayon, all in a perfectly clean mess…..LOVE love LOVE this with all my heart!!!!!

and yet another one of these ladies, impossible to resist, another one who makes my heart sing,  here is Rhonda, RJMJ with My Summer to Shine….a very, very appropriate name for her journey… it seems like finally everyone is discovering the wonderful talent of Rhonda’s creativity, that ability to share her soul, not just with the visuals but going the extra mile and sharing her creative thoughts for the page….here a fabulous explosion of color, the placement of the dream catchers to make a curve to fit the doll’s position and …well, magic indeed!!!!! I know she will keep shining beyond the summer!!!!!!!!!

Last but, of course, in no way least, a favorite of us all, I’m sure, Lisa aka ArmyGrl with True And Free. The magic is present here too, with shadows so perfect that this could be a proper travel notebook in a photo, the photography completed by the pieces of nature, the beauty of paint and doodles extending the image, the layering and, again, those shadows…. then she adds some impressive lyrics ….and all around my heart starts singing again!!!!

This is all from me today,I hope you find as much and as intense inspiration as I do here, have a great weekend!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Happy Summer!







Finger Pointing – May 6th- iNSD Edition!

Hello Hello!!! Happy iNSD everyone! Hope you are all having a great time, shopping, playing, scrapping… I know I am running around like a headless chicken (I wonder if chickens can actually run around without their heads? LOL) trying to do all I need to do and at the same time do what I would love to do!!!!! As I am late already, will try make this a bit shorter than usual, but bringing you the same inspiration as we do every day, enjoy!!!

One of my most wonderful Queens of Elegance to start, Sucali with Girl Time. The minimalist composition that gives the star spot to the photo is brilliant, the big word art feels fun and modern, and the whole thing is beyond awesome!!!

Another super fabulous artist, cfile with Autumn Play. The whole thing is perfection, love the old photos and the way they reflect light (I happen to know these are family photos …what a treasure to have!!!) those borders with shadows that add volume, gorgeous layering and framing, absolutely wonderful!!!

Next is Pachimac with  Star Jasmine is Home. All her pages have that star quality, memory keeping with the most amazing show of talent for every style, and this one is just the kind that grabs any heart…a full page with such elegance, the lower opacity for the photo in the background, the use of different textures and the perfect shadows, all coming together awesomely, and when I look at the credits list, then it becomes even more of an inspiration! Gorgeous!

I’m going to share with you something we don’t usually do, this is Cherylindesigns iNSD Signature, and is so beautiful, so different to what I’m used to make and see around, the giving the graphics the attention spot, beautiful pieces combined by her talented hand making it a total star!

More marvellous artists, next is Iowan with 2022 Handsome Dude. Again the fabulous giving the photo a star spot, and the magic of creating this awesome graffitti like composition in the background, with that bike blended and made with accents to come into strength in the page, fabulous choice of papers, and lots of super gorgeous elements clustered shine all together!

So happy to come across this, SeattleSheri’s Bloom & Grow. As always, she brings together so much in total elegance, her beautiful boy’s smile and laughter, almost can hear it, all surrounded by so many of the beautiful pieces of the kit, a perfect take on the template, that dynamic introduced by the stitching in the background and the colourful choices, bringing together the whole feeling…. brilliant as she always does!!!

Another one of my most favorite ladies, one that makes even the greyest day of mine better with her talent, cutiejo1 with Soar High Dream Big. This is so amazing, so beautifully put together with precise technique and the most wonderful heart to freeze moments in time. The photos are gorgeous, that extraction is so marvellous, so amazingly done, the addition of the wings element seamlessly becoming part of it, the framing of the core of the page, gorgeous choices and the beautiful shades of blue with flashes of orange, all coming together for that light that is all around the page. Fabulous title work and shadows….pure awesome!

More gorgeousness in blues, more elegance beautifully composed by another of our favorite ladies, Marijke with Lets Go Together is a marvellous example of photo blend with an awesome paper, I’m amazed here as how perfectly she has added many elements of the kit into the composition that they look like part of the photo, the border she composed with  mixed media from it is perfection, and also perfect the shadows for the more corporeal elements. Fabulous!

Next is Wildflowers by Madi. I just can’t resist a full page photo, here wonderfully scrapped, love the vertical border that at first glance looks like part of the photo, the paint border and title adding to the beauty and all coming together awesomely!

Last but absolutely not least is Model by Marleen, here with another show of her creative talent, the use of brushes and paints, the perfection put together here feels like it could be at home in a fine art gallery and I very much would hang it in my walls!!! Just perfect!

This is all from me today, hope you find inspiration as we do with these marvellous creative, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make! Happy iNSD once again, enjoy the weekend!!!!





Finger Pointing – April 22nd-

G’day everyone, hope festivities were/are being celebrated with family and friends in the best way possible, a Happy Easter, Chag Sameag, Ramadan Mubarak! I spent the whole of last week with a migraine which took me away from the screens, ended up in a productive week around the house, but I was missing the galleries so I’m so glad to be able to post tonight! As always, there is so much so amazing, I’m left with the feeling of needing to do a few more posts just for the past 24 hours….so lets get to the inspiration!

This is Bloom & Grow by JenEm, one of my original Queens of Elegance who keeps amazing us with her superb creativity, in this case, not just that elegance in the most amazing minimalist way that was calling me from the thumbnail, but getting closer makes the heart warmer, apart from the gorgeous, neat shadows and the movement given to that ribbon that follows the circles serving the base for the marvellous photo, but a wonderful message to take and treasure. If you add the impressive credits’ list….the result is absolute marvel all together.

On the Road Again by cfile is another fabulous creation…she is one who makes me work hard to decide which of the pages posted in the day to share with you!  Love how well the black and white works here, the choices bring the already beautiful template to life with some wonderful additions in embellishing, specially love the bottom corner stamps with amazing top shadows that bring an even more realistic look, the flair with the crown on the journaling card, all over elegance as she always does!!!

Another marvellous piece from an equally marvellous creative, zinzilah with 220224_truth. Love her blending of the photo, those water droplets add depth and make the image capture even stronger, the way those words are melted into the whole page, then the diverse textures with the bottom words and the felt hearts, all together “painting the picture” of our world’s reality, and here again it happens, that way of ours with scrapping, turning horrendous events into beautiful art pieces… she most certainly does it.

Next  we have Girl in Green by armygrl , and with this girl I find myself short of words….which is a LOT to say as I can talk for the world, but she keeps creating and inspiring in so many different ways, no matter what style she goes for, this is the result, awesome pieces we could hang on our walls. Love mainly how she portrays herself in many of her pages, so the external beauty pairs with her awesome creativity and brings us the most amazing pieces like this one here : the amazing work in the background creating fabulous light and depth and at the same time the fantasy land with the top hat and the snake, the solitary bee and the globe….what an amazing way of honouring Earth Day!

Another super fabulous lady, EmStafrace (you may know her as the talent that creates The Nifty Pixel) with Life in Full Bloom. There is something that goes beyond the beauty of the page (which is immense!) Visually the composition is perfection, the layering and the most perfect shadows, the almost hidden brads and the scatters so beautifully placed, the whole thing is, indeed, life in full bloom, but the thing beyond this visual composition…those smiles that seem to get more intense no matter in which order you look at them….the heart of the wonderful warrior of life she is…it comes through and makes my day, my week, month…. see, here again, short of words…!

Another wonderful lady and once again, the beauty of being able to transform difficult times into a super beautiful piece of memory keeping, Scrap-Therapy with the page she calls Grippe, which is the way most Latin languages call a serious cold, which can be terrifying not just for the kids but, this I know first hand as this family is one of those blessings the pandemic brought to our lives, for mum too, in the times of Covid even more so. I am a collector of medical kits, and always looking for inspiration for my own pages about health issues, when I find full on ones my heart sings!  love the way she does it here, the many elements so beautifully clustered, others scattered  and the colors giving contrast with the smaller black and white photos, love the big title with the heart lines running across, the word strips another beautiful addition, another difficult time transformed into a gorgeous piece to look back in time in years to come!

I’m gonna include a couple more pages because I just could not let them go… this one from one of the most amazing Art Journalers we have in the industry, whom is lately proving she can do a lot more, mastering every style she takes on, is RJMJ with Feels Like Spring. And yes, as she always does, makes us feel like spring! Love the play with the frames, the gorgeous way in which she manages color in every page is especially vibrant here, those clusters, the gorgeous shadows, and there is a quality to Rhonda’s pages that makes us sisters souls…we both love to share either the story behind, or what goes on through our minds that ends up making the page…. another one whose soul comes through and through filling the page with beauty and heart!!!!

Last but absolutely not least, another sister soul who shines in any style, bcgal00 with The Last Stroll. Love how in most of her pages, Rae gets to recreate the feel of the paper page, lots of bits and pieces layered here with stunning shadows, love the way she composed so clean on a pattern background (I find this incredibly difficult!)  the combination of some neutral colors with splashes of blue and red, love those cards and, of course, the photo that gives us a glimpse of their new life….looking forward for more to come, as always, she is one of my main inspirational people!

This is all from me today, hope you all have the best weekend (only to be bettered by the next!) and also that you get as inspired as we do with all these marvellous artists…

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!










Finger Pointing – April 8th-

G’Day everyone!!! Hope the weekend is being kind to you guys, in England the weather has not, but after so many bad news, ill health and some more distractions to my scrapping, some good news in the form of an amazing lady that started working for me has us celebrating, and more time to scrap! LOL Anyway, as always, you all give me SO MUCH hard work on trying to pick just a few pages from the galleries, so much beauty, so much thought and reflection, family life or fantasy…these pages are superb and I can’t wait to share them with you!

PLEASE NOTE: Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

I’m getting started with one of my most treasured Queens of Elegance, Sucali with When the Clouds Part. The layered cards, the gorgeous black & white photo treatment, the word art placed on the background paper and the card coming together with such a beautiful, hopeful message, I’m in LOVE with those key-ring dates too!!! Brilliant shadows to complete Susanne’s master piece!!!

More incredible elegance in this awesome page from Hanah aka Vrielinkie with Celebrating a Dream Come True. Love her take on the already awesome template, such a fabulous palette, soft and not over powering the photos that, especially taking that is a major event, should be the star. There is more accent on the elegance with the choice of black background, those corner’s painted flowers are just perfect here. I am so amazed by the amount of patterns, also the number of paper pieces and elements…and still the page is such a clean feel, Awesome!!!

This is one of those treasures, pages we should print and hang on a wall. This is Susie aka Pachimac with Music is my Muse. The changing colors in the background give light to this awesome album cover inspired page, if you know me, you know my passion for using the whole elements pack, and here she is done that and further… brilliantly chosen flowers, the perfection of staying within the color range with so much in the page is marvellous, the butterflies almost hidden are a beautiful discovery and the use of paints are both absolutely wonderful, the guitar being queen even when placed at the side, and the cursive text in the background give it even more appeal…. fabulous all over!!!!

Another super favorite of all of us here at the blog, Marilyn aka mcurtt with Get Your Read On.  There is so much feel in my heart with this page that I’m kinda struggling to give it proper words, don’t want to fall on the same words over and over but…. impressive, absolute elegance, wonderfully thought page and much more … The gorgeous black and white with the red accents, the pick of book cover which seems to shine calling the eye, the super cute library and all the word art, the amount of different textures and, even with all that , there is awesome blank space…..I better show you the page because I could keep talking!!!!!

Net is always marvellous HeatherB with Monster in the Middle. This is actually a double pager, you can see the other side HERE, I am impressed by the perfection of both, very different pages but unified by a fun, happy family memory, which Heather does in such an inspiring way, (oh and look at the credits’ list!!!) The choices of colors for the letters, those shadows that give dimension and her always elegant clusters, all completed with the journaling and the awesome sprinkles/paint myst as a base giving even more light to it….that continue in the other side with lots of photos perfectly combined and the memory of a day of family fun is capture to perfection!

Next is one of my most recent discoveries, Kjersti with Be Happy. There is a number of scrappers Sarita (DD) calls my Cover People, as in glossy magazine cover, because there is external beauty but the kind transformed into even more by the beauty that comes from within, shining and taking the pages to a higher level…  well, this one is one of those. The gorgeous mother and daughter photo, the wonderful surroundings, nature shining with those smiles, I wont go into it because I need to get some sleep, but…cowboy boots!!!! LOVE! So, back to the page: There is fashion great taste, gorgeous layering, clusters perfectly placed, marvellous management of green on green, those stitches, the shadows….. the whole thing is amazing, and then there is the journaling that makes it be even more a soulful page… absolutely awesome overall!!

I should be stopping here, but there are a couple of pages I could not let go, so I’m gonna share them. One is Boss Lady by hichchei, such an amazing message that comes across in every way, the photos,  OH those glasses!!!!!! It really looks like the products were made with these pictures in mind! Again, we find here beauty outside and that one that comes from within, that reaches the eyes in that cheeky expression and continues with the marvellous clusters, those borders, the fabulous shadows….even a sprinkle off glitter that accents even more so the spirit of the page! I’m always in awe of those who scrap everyday life into wonderful art pieces!!!!

And as always, last but not least, a blast from the past, a talented lady scrapper I had not seen in years has come back and is shining even more than she did before….! Is tanteva with You Think You Can Fly This Thing (even the title is absolute marvel!) Love her passion for art journal and fantasy scrapping as much as her more everyday pages, and this one is literally shining! The perfectly combined elements, the creation of lights that expand, the fun, the beauty, the creativity …again, one of those I would hang on my wall!!! FABULOUS!!!!

And now yes, I will leave you to get inspired by these fantastically gifted ladies, please,(once again!) remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!