Finger Pointing – June 23rd +

Hello! Hope everyone is having a great day, as I am running very late, will try to be as brief as possible, here are a few (a bit more than usual as we missed a few days) of the most amazing pages we found in the galleries!

Starting with one awesome artist, Cinderella with Explore. This girl can do magic, all her pages are artful, be that on a full on way or a more towards the minimalist, she always has an impact, and here she does something so amazing…! Love Valeria’s papers, they are so amazing that sometimes I feel like it would be a shame to cover it… but Cindy here found the most amazing way to showcase it, the photo is gorgeous, the chosen elements perfectly in sync and the whole page is, indeed, standing out in the gallery from far!!!

Another fabulous creative, also well known with us, is Ferdy with Hello!. Love the way in which she took the template and gave texture and dimension to the butterfly, making the photo still be a star in the page, with an elegance on embellishing that is delightful! Love when templates with shapes as main focus are made into a gem like this!!!

Another superb creation, also centering the page on a shape or element, is Film Festival by shunnstergil. Love her ability to scrap many photos in such a fun way, if you know me, you know I am an element hoarder, and here the use of so many, in such an elegant way, is beyond amazing! Perfect clusters, gorgeously reflecting the subject, fabulous memory keeping! (I may need to lift you on this one!!!)

I’m always delighted to find the representation of Pride in the galleries, being the Love is Love or centering on family love, the pages usually get my heart all the way and this one, Be Proud by xboxmom,  is such a delight! The gorgeous light and color effect on the background makes the blank space marvelous, the photo editing, the fabulous way in which the paints are the base for it, the embellishing is perfection, I love when scatters are used in such beautiful way, and the vintage tag, a superb addition on it’s own, here with her editing adding to it, most definitely an awesome creation all together.

Next is Rainbows by alinalove. I only noticed her (if I am not mistaken) last year… but once you have seen one page…you know she will always come up with stunning ones, and this one is such a wonderful creation, from the photo editing to the absolute perfection of her layering, the shadows and the beauty of the word art, everything is shinning!

A masterful show of stunning memory keeping in this one, Go See Do by kim517.  Marvelous take on the template, makes me (almost) wanna go in play with the snow (I’m usually a summer lover!) The whole thing is perfect: the clusters including themed elements, the way the shadows enhance and make it gain dimension and take the eye all over the page, the word strips and big tittle…all together makes my heart sing!

Next is Simple Pleasures by lizziet5, one of us here at the blog and one I don’t often find in the galleries, despite her being one of my most amazing inspirational scrappers! so delighted to have found this, the feeling of the page is fun, light and, making the title honor, a pleasure! Gorgeous elements, perfection in the layering, love the fun way in which the pictures are put together (and with gorgeous people!), those shadows that elevate the whole thing…. definitely making my heart sing louder!

This is The Only Way is Up by pmjames. I’m so fascinated with her whole gallery always, and this is a master class in photo editing to perfection! Starting by the super cute model (I am quiet sure is a family photo), love the way in which brushes and blending modes work magic by her talented hand…if you use Photoshop, she has the steps she took in the page description….it is in times like this that I wish I had the brain and patience to learn PS and not let it run me to tears! Absolutely, pure awesome!

Another more than awesome show of photo editing to make it into a work of art, is magnolia with Sunset Beach. The texture (I reckon on the blending with the paper) makes it feel like a fabulous oil painting, the way light is created, not sure if coming from the photo or by paints and brushes, but either way is delightful, the clusters that are a master piece, this is stunning!!! I am here sure is her own photo, as she clarifies on the page description. I have nothing against stock photo, I use them sometimes, usually for art journal, but when the page made into a master piece is based on our images, I feel is sharing part of our history… and can’t help but loving it a bit more!

Following on the beach and summer feeling, I found another couple of pages that make the memory keeping and masterful scrapping into the most gorgeous pieces. This one is Myrtle Beach 1979 by Purple71. Love the photo with that 70s feel, full of light coming from one corner, the take on the template is so beautiful, a gorgeous papers choice, those added seagulls and the marvelous cluster, all together a total delight!

This other one is Beach by robinsismai,  so delighted to find a page of hers after so long, and a super gorgeous one!!! LOVE the take on the template, I love scrapping big photos, it is a task I am trying to go back to, and this one (and the smaller ones too!) are so full of fun, perfectly put together to make the whole page make you smile from ear to ear. Love the clusters , the chosen themed elements superbly placed, and here is another one of those vintage tags, gorgeous. The shadows enhance it and I can’t but feel happier with that humor on the left bottom corner!!! Awesome!

Last but not (even in the slightest way NOT!!!) least, is one of the most amazing, prolific and talented scrappers we have in the industry :  bcgal00 with Butterfly Kisses. Love the photo repetition (with her gorgeous model!) the combo of color with black & white version makes the page have a beautiful light, made even more amazing by her composition, the mixture of different textures, there are stamps, brushes and more corporeal elements put together masterfully, al in a soft, beyond beautiful way… pure awesome!

This will be all from me today, hope you got inspired by these awesome creations as much as I do!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing – June 18th –

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well, here we had a great past couple of weeks but then mid week the weather decided to interfere with our trying to be out…and we are still on that kind of mood, so, what better than a stroll in the galleries for beauty, talent, memory keeping at it’s best?  Here are some of the most amazing pages I found from yesterday’s galleries, lets get inspired!

Why…. by Sokee is so delightful, the patterned paper with those circles and the added strokes, the super fun word art, the whole page is full of summer feel, even sticking to a very neutral color scheme, everything shouts summer freedom!

Hello 60s by cfile is just one of the pages she had posted in the day, which makes it so very difficult to pick just one! If you want to see minimalism taken to extreme, and done well… have a look at this page of hers ! Now this one has a bit more, still going for the elegance of the blank space, gorgeous layering, beautiful shadows and the details on the top & bottom that complete it all, perfect! (plus, believe you me, she still looked this good when we met in person a couple of years ago (or 3?))

A process of unpicking by LynnG got my heart for sooooooo many reasons!!!! You know my love for designers who scrap, and she is one very prolific (again, making it difficult to share just one!) love not just the visual beauty, the perfection of the blending of those background papers, that awesome woman (element) with the expression matched by Lynn herself in the awesome photo, but the fact that the whole visual thing represents so well her journaling, an inspiring thought which comes with a lot of effort, I reckon this pandemic brought a lot of us turning the attention to care for ourselves, it isn’t a selfish act, by caring for ourselves, we are better in caring for others…Marvelous page  (and I will need a class for blending the papers!!!)

Love is Love by Leahblahblah makes my day, my weekend, the whole month and beyond! In a world that is being divided and suffering in so many ways, wouldn’t it be much better if we concentrate in making love, all kinds, work? I could go on for hours, but Lea says it wonderfully well here! Love the colors, the intensity of the yellow frame is perfect , the perfection of those shadows that give almost real dimension and depth, more and more colors added without loosing that gorgeous elegance, the talent of making such a busy background work  in perfect harmony, all completed by one powerful sentence:  Imagine a world of acceptance and kindness…. Pure.Awesome. Thanks for this, Lea!

Traceypinneapple-vintage-keychain-quotes by TraceyM and here again my love for designers who scrap is in full form! She is one of those, also a prolific one, and she gives life to her own designs with so much beauty and fun!!! the background photo is seamlessly blended with gorgeous elements, different textures and fabulous shadows, all together a wonderful feeling of summer!!!

Last, but never ever least, is Dalis with This Summer Feeling, a fabulous show of awesome patterns, amazing memory keeping -can’t believe how grown this girl is!- the perfection of the black & white with the splash of yellow, the super gorgeous shadows… I could go on for days!  This is amazingly fun and a proper master class on how to fill a page (which you know I am a fan!) Gorgeous ALL OVER!!!!!

This will be all from me today, hope you enjoy and get inspired by these awesome creatives!!!! Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!



Finger Pointing – June 4th –

Hello!!! Hope everyone is doing as well as possible, I know some countries are going back to what probably will be the “new normal”, because seeing the way this virus is wrecking some parts of the world still I don’t think it will ever be back  to what it was….  I heard yesterday that one of my best friends of 50 years, a life time of memories together, married to a best friend that became a sister beyond words and had a son, we met often despite being in extreme places in the globe, passed away a couple of days ago with COVID19… the reality in the UK (where I am now) is not very good, but the devastating effect on Brazil and Argentina is breaking our hearts… anyway, to balance my heart with a lot of happy and beauty… I went for a stroll in the galleries  and here I am to share with you all these brilliant pages!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

Gonna start with Violetas by Ferdy, a gorgeous take on an equally gorgeous template, the amazing way in which the background paper gives a jump start for the composition, the beautifully placed elements, gorgeous shadows and spectacular layering…. all together perfection!

Next is  Mother by LivyBug, a master class in embellishment, color management and, here again,  a take on a marvelous template (which in my humble opinion, not everyone can make them look as brilliant as this) There is so much in here that makes the page a standout, even looking at the credits list makes this amazing, plus the beauty of the Mom & Daughter amazing relationship which can be felt through those smiles _yes, I know, some may say I’m a  bit biased_ but if you have been around as long as I have, chances are you also love these two as much as I do….!!! Still, the page is brilliant in it’s own right, by the hand of the daughter, who inherited the mum’s fabulous talent (she is the designer who created the template, in case you still haven’t had the pleasure to know about them!) Awesome all the way!

This one is 1987 -O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art though, Romeo by Iowan. This is such a superb twist on the pocket style, the combination of different textures, all of them perfectly fitting in the page (another thing not so easy to achieve!) the perfection of the “movement” that gives the eye a going around the whole page , that artsy feel together with the beautiful elegance of Carol’s pages, plus the awesome coherence of the photos theme with the way the page was put together….wonderfully inspiring as always!

Now, I have so much in my head that I would love to say, trying to find the way to not go on for hours (which I could!)  about this:  All You Can Do by Scrap-Therapy. The page is one of those that, beyond the visual beauty, brings together the fact that scrap-booking is, without doubt to me, a form of art, and goes further, for so many of us being a main tool for pain relief, processing emotions and a lot more, with the added bonus that, by sharing the pages, we get to make some big time friendships through the journey.  I was surprised when I click to look closer, I would have never guessed it was Emily’s page, usually an explosion of color, she is one of the most amazing, happy, upbeat memory keepers…. maybe because of that, this gained an even greater magnitude : Is powerful, intense, and in a way makes me happy, because I know exactly the feeling of which she talks about…how liberating it can be to put it down on the page (journaled or not) and have all the energy to move on, making the negative become positive in this art form, is a blessing 🙂

Next is The Story of Today by Rubia Padilha. I am so so very glad to see this, first thing that comes to mind: that smiling face, the playful fun with selfies that tells me she is doing well despite her (our!) side of the world isn’t… and then all this fabulous pieces put together to give a framing for those smiles! The newspaper print is one of my top 5 patterns to use, and here it goes beyond with creativity mixing text with stamps, scribbles and bits of washi tape, then the paper strips layered under the photos (and so brilliantly shadowed!!)  Another favorite of mine, those magazine cut words, the beautiful way in which the colors fit and the happy tone keeps getting happier, that little cluster on the right that connects with the yellow paint in contrast with the black…. (plus the fact that she is the designer who created every piece -which means I ll be shopping today LOL) …most definitely stands out!!!

Another one of my most amazing sources of inspiration, justpattyanne with Be Strong.  As usual with her,  a wonderful mixing of textures and different designers becomes one in harmony, the out of this world layering , the gorgeous elements chosen, the punch that those rays have with the perfection of her shadows, the grungy page border….love it that the photo (gorgeous!) is still  the star of the page… I could be here for another 3 hours, love this so so much!!!!

A couple more pages… again on the line of scrapbooking making us happier, is  This Happy Place by pmjames.  I have a huge admiration for this kind of artist…being able to manipulate pieces and editing to turn photos into the most amazing painting is something that requires a LOT of talent…and here is at it’s best!!!! The blending is superb, those pieces incorporated with perfection into the background to give different dimensions, the addition of the journaling and a piece of text fading away in the background… absolutely LOVE the title work, the mixture of different alphas with font is full of fun!!!

Entering fantasy land in the most amazing, cheerful way is Dotti Pops and Mop Tops by Anja_77. LOVE that little doll! well, both “little dolls!” the one in the photo is also amazingly beautiful and I’m in love with the girl’s hair color too! (have been coloring my hair for 40 years and still haven’t got that shade of red! not even on Instagram filters it comes out that beautiful! LOL) Now seriously, the photo, the girl is beautiful and the use of the doll makes so much sense, the blue shades are peaceful and the reds and splashes of green make that happy feeling… as if this all wasn’t enough, the shadows are beyond this world marvelous!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you enjoyed and get inspired, we have another post coming later, please remember, you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!






Finger Pointing – May 7th –

Hello again! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! To us here (in the UK, though I imagine the rest of the world is in more or less the same page!), is a bit of an uncertain feeling, with all that is happening all over the world tinted with that uncertain feeling, but you do not want me with my old woman’s thought just now LOL I’m here to share with you some of the awesome pages posted yesterday. As usual, the HUGE, amazing variety of talents we have doesn’t make it too easy, but here they are, hope you love them and get inspired as much as we, at the GSO team, do!!!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

This is Why Not? by cinderella, one of the most amazing, versatile, prolific and gifted talents we have in this industry. I’m delighted because she is usually in our 7 days list when I want to show case her pages…. I saw this before release and fell in love so so much!!!!! Her creativity and clever ideas are on show here, the marvelous amount of elements and still a fresh, clean look, a mixture of textures and so much to discover. Love the way in which she framed the page, those shadows are perfection and the spirit the whole thing has an impact that makes me smile all the way!!!!

Moving from the whole page covered, elements galore style to the elegance of the minimalist, a page from one of my Queens of Elegance, another one I usually haven’t the pleasure of feature as my colleagues love her as much as I do, this is Life Right Now by JenEm. Her power to translate whole stories into a minimalist composition is extraordinary, her photography  takes us to beautiful places, lets us have a closer look at gorgeous wild life like this, and her journaling always giving an insight on her daily life…  Love those blocks that reflect the photo’s light, the awesome shadows that give a depth and the details of buttons placed here and there, all together awesomeness!!!

Another marvelous creative, a new discovery to me, is 202105_Week1_MuseChallenge by CaroB71. Love the collage feel, the amazing way in which all seems to be thrown into the page casually, but so carefully thought at the same time. The mixture here is beautiful : paints and word art, wood, paper & cardboard never felt  more at home, love that messy thread playing on being the hair and all those little bits holding together… gorgeous all over, and with an uplifting message!

Another one of my newer discoveries, I think in the past couple of years she has been filling my heart with her gift for turning everyday life into magical stories in the page…. She is KingsQueen82 and she calls this Rainy Days. Every page of hers tells us stories and she creates scenes that give music to the heart! The  impact of the purple calling the attention to the photos – love how the sequence gives movement and keeps telling the story!- the amazingly beautiful background in which I can see a bit of a city landscape, that beautiful rainbow (that is so perfect to pair that marvelous smile in the top photo!) those umbrellas and, my most favorite element of all time: the clouds that are so beautiful, all shadowed in the most amazing way! Wonderful all over!!!!

Again, a wonderful Layout artist that only came into my everyday inspiration in the past couple of years (the pandemic has given me, after all, a number of great things!) The page is called Nature, and she is Kjersti.  Her creations, all, have the quality to make my heart happy… her family and herself would look perfectly at ease in a glossy magazine, those smiles and the family feel always present, every page is a delight! Love how here all those qualities are so beautifully set in such a green environment, and truly appreciate the presence of the masks. The composition is beautiful, amazing little patterns popping out here and there, marvelous clusters that almost look like part of the photography… love the way the title work is on a beautiful piece of wood, plus the journaling that tells of the outing (to Japanese Gardens, which I love!) makes me want to go back in time, when we here were able to do this kind of thing here!

Next is Lovely by SweetChar,  again, a newly discovered talent…this one also keeps me in awe and also makes me smile each and every time, even with her avatar! This is such a beautiful page in every way possible: a Mother’s Day card, which she printed and sent to her mum. The photo is precious (more amazingly beautiful people! her whole family!) and here, as she always does, there is so much beauty in her clusters, the  gorgeous choices of elements, the papers that fit perfectly and all is crowned by shadows that enhance that beauty… I’m almost jealous of the perfection of the shadowing in the crochet borders…absolutely amazing!

As Friday galleries are always loaded with talent, I am allowing myself to bring you a couple more pages, both authors amazingly talented!!!  This one is Little Sprout by marijke, an amazingly talented, brilliant Queen of Elegance of mine, who lately has been showing us that she can fill the whole page and create the magic she does as wonderfully as with her minimalist pages… The blending here is out of this world, seamless, perfect, the little bits & pieces added that lift the page to an even higher level… LOVE the bits of thread, perfectly shadowed, the green leaves that almost become part of the photography, all completed with the gorgeous shade of pink (salmon?) in those borders and the flowers… marvelous ALL!!!!

Last but not in the slightest way least (and I am so sure you all agree with me…) is Walking… by Marleen. This superbly talented artist that creates art pieces that make me think of high fashion designer labels, often takes me back in time to the 1920’s to the 60’s which are my favorite. Love this with the impact of contrast in black and white and the wonderful way in which the yellow is used, the perfection of those brushes/paint strokes that make the floor and create the perfect dimension and perspective… and all those brushes behind the image, which, if I am not mistaken, she created herself. Either way, this is so amazing! As always, she brings elegance and amazing  creativity to the galleries!!!!

This is all from me today. Hope you enjoy these amazing creations as much as we at The GSO do! Please, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Also, do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a brilliant weekend!!!




Finger Pointing – April 16th –

Hello again! Hope everyone is doing as well as possible within the “new world” parameters. Can you believe we are already mid April? I think many of us have lost track of time, after almost 14 month of lockdowns and general population stress for not just the virus, but sooooo many other issues… I have to confess I’m on the fence about coming out of lockdown here in England, but I wont bore you with my apocalyptic paranoia now LOL, instead, I’m gonna share with you a few more pages than usual, taking we couldn’t be here with you for Thursday. As always, the galleries have so much talent and amazing life stories, isn’t easy to just share a few, but I tried 🙂

PLEASE NOTE : you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living!

Gonna start with 21-02_ grieveson_ready_steady_shine by marijke, one of the most magical minimalist scrappers, this page has so much light, can almost feel that sun! Love the way she paired the photo colors with the painted elements, the composition is brilliant at giving us a landscape like a painting, and then those shadows are so amazing, giving the whole thing dimension…. perfection!!!! The beauty of the whole thing is completed with blank space elegance!

Next is Universal, SG, Twilight Castle by bellbird. I have Justine as one of my most inspiring idols… I have learned so much from her way of thinking to build a gorgeous page, and this is another example of that brilliant thinking… the ability to get the “artsy feel” through pieces of paint, masterfully placed doodles, gorgeous painted bits and the enamel pins is done to perfection, with the addition of journaling  making us almost be there for that rainbow in the amazing magic of the lights and castle. Beautiful beyond words!

Following with another super idol of mine, the kind I have to work hard to choose just one page, is 2021-04_April-TLP_M3-0416_web by mcurtt.  I’m in awe with this! I’m actually almost sure that woman is part of the kit (which makes me wanna go get and scrap it!), the way the background gives the feel of a tri-dimensional space, the amazing cluster following the lines to fall into the gorgeously stitched word strips, and, even though lately I have been moaning at these common phrases of self lift (as I think I can argue with 99% of them as being practically impossible for a good 70% of the world’s population) these here have the one element that has kept me going… we do pick ourselves up and carry on. Love every bit of this!

From one way of lifting ourselves up to the most magical one (even if you are not as old as I am, I am sure this applies!) Mary Poppins, brought to us by Neverland Scraps, whom I don’t often come across the pages but every time I do, I am in awe, and this time is even more magical! The silhouette that so many of us had opening the doors to the imagination world, the amazing background silhouette buildings with their lights, all have a huge pull to me even from the thumbnail, and then the super AWESOME border! the amount of florals, the gorgeous layering and shadows that makes us want to reach and touch, the fabulous element framing the card… oh, every time I look again I find more…which is the most delightful thing! to complete the magical feel, the bubbles and little stars and the way the colors in the top left of the background play with that borderline evening lights…absolutely awesome!!!!!

Still on that magical feeling but approached in a different way, is 4- All Star Service by bienejen. There is so much here making that magic happen, love the way the circles in the background with the splashes of ink or paint, combined with the brilliantly layered stars give the diagonal composition a perfect balance, then the beauty of the few different patterns and those leaves layered here and there, the little details like the tucked in tag and others (details) framing the photo, which is, by the way, another joy, with those gorgeous smiles, and then (and to think I almost didn’t read the journaling!) the story behind this page, I should have known, Jenn being the wonderful memory keeper she is…. well, completes the whole magical feel, making part of those little miracles I have now come to believe are happening everywhere in the world. So much awesome!

Next is Be Different by LisaMT.  I Love LOVE love this SOOOO much!!!!!  I have to admit I picked the page before I read the journaling…sometimes I don’t because my sight is bad, others because my neurological issues scramble long text for me, but I did wonder what the thing was…and I am so very glad I read it! So, not only the gorgeousness of the textured background choice, the marvelous layering of different kind of textures here again with the elements, all in a muted exposition of color, that super cute bear , the paper bits and specially the black and white stripes that bring those beautiful frames to the front with that beautiful face…. not only all of the above, but the joy of a kid growing up with parents who encourage imagination… delightful al together!!!

Another fabulous artist with another superb page, COVID19-Hair-Loss by frani_54 brings to attention one of the most feared issues for many of us, both men & women. The ability to scrap photos which paint part of a not so beautiful reality and turn the whole page into a master piece, not always easy, but here she makes it look effortless, LOVE the big half photo, the gorgeous blending of it with that beautiful timeless clock and just a few elements, following the lines with water color effect to get to the next photo portraying the worrying issue (which, by the way, is so very common in my family). I keep always talking about the importance of scrapping inner thoughts, fears and other not so beautiful stories, not just because the scrapping of it  turns it into a beautiful art piece, but also because “putting it out” I learned, really helps, and sharing with others makes it get nearer the responses… in this case the answer is, most of the time, stress, so I don’t think COVID itself is to blame, but depending on the age, some of us start earlier, others later…  there are other issues like some medication or hormonal unbalance… if you want some pointers, give us a shout, my daughter is going through it now, I started at same age, (mid 20s) and still (at 62!) have a full head of hair….anyway, talking too much again, awesome page, Frani!

I’m quiet sure next artist doesn’t require an introduction, but just in case you have been leaving under a scrapbook rock.. LOL she is another one of my Blank Space Queens, those who manage the art of minimalism and can tell a story or just delight the eyes and heart with awesome skills. She is *sylvia* and the page is called memories. Here is another great photo blend, management of color perfection, amazingly crazy shadows very subtle in certain places, the different types of art word and strips… the fading text…and, I think for many of us, the car , if it is not, resembles a lot those fiat 600 of the 60s 70s & 80s (I think there were called different in some parts of the world) that were their first car for so many of my friends back then… here again, every time I lookup I discover more awesomeness (like the amount of different textures in the background and that thread I had missed) Brilliant!

More magical blend with artistic creativity in DomiD’s AnnaLift  Amazing blending perfection with the big photo fading into the background, the brilliant addition of just those doodles that perfectly reflect and put emphasis in the movement, almost bringing the photo to life, so beautiful combined tittle, the overall beauty here has a feeling of spring and hope, lets hope we get it soon, but for now, looking at this here gives a start to the joy! Gorgeous!

More gorgeousness with this page from angels, Totally board. The denim background already gives a hybrid feeling, and the framing, both of the photo and the page, is marvelous! Love how perfectly in sync all the colors are, the elegance achieved, the photo is perfect here…not sure if it is a stock photo or not but, even though I’m a bit on the fence about stock images when is for “traditional” scrapping (I use a lot in art journal though) in this case is so perfect, I am in love with the whole piece!!!!

Another super sweet childhood oridinary routine kept in time here with MFish_PaintersParadise_aimeeh_ feelingsheepish600 by hichchei tugs my hurt and makes me want to go back 15 or 20 years to see my own baby sleeping…. this is a gorgeous personalization of the template, given dimension with the use of wood paper, wonderful layering of elements and beautiful paint pieces, loving those outer shadows that give even more depth, amazing calm feeling, so much sweetness!!!!

This is all for me today, you will have Jan later with today’s post. Hope you enjoy and get inspired by these awesome artists as we do, Please Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!



Finger Pointing – April 2nd –

Hello again! Here I am, as usual, very late or very early, it is now 05:09 am of Friday. Happy Easter and Chag Sameag to everyone celebrating either. I’m delighted to come share with you some of the awesome talent from all over the galleries, which I am so, so grateful to be able to do… I confess that the uncertain state of most of the world worries me, so coming to roam the galleries to fill eyes and heart with talented beauty and heart felt stories is my best therapy right now! So, lets go for it, but just before we do, a gentle reminder….

You can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living… and now lets get inspired!

Painting Eggs by eyeore is (as she does) a master class. Starting by the choice of background paper with that dry paint texture, the super classy take on the template, choices of elements, and, of course, the beautiful capture of her daughter, the angle is perfection and all together, Stefanie here gives  movement to the page which I feel almost real, even the font is delicate, beautiful and the very subtle details like some paint splashes, the beads scatter…there is more and I could be here for days looking at this great page!!!

Another one of my most loved people, inspirational in so many ways, this is keepscrappin with a page she calls The Look. I’m already smiling and my heart fills with joy, there is so much here that makes it a superb standout, not sure where to start! Kayla’s beautiful daughter seems to be the right place to do so….  the capture of “the Look” is indeed an experience I think many of us who are mothers can recognize instantly, not just a gorgeous model and the  moment kept, the light of the photo and the split make a perfect composition, then we have  the amazing managing of the colors, those gorgeous poppies that, combined with the stamps (or brushes?) of old, magnificent architecture, give the gorgeous photo a marvelous base and one enhances the other, the perfect balance, and, here too, there is detail that calls for looking deeper and my heart sings louder!

Now this is sooooo my cup o tea!!!!  Ana Santos with NO Bad Pictures, such a fabulous, fun page, true statement too, and here also can’t think where to start! The wonderful extraction, the hilarious, perfect photo, the oversized word art, all made with an artsy feel with the background choice and some brushes, almost like looking at a movie poster or a glossy magazine advert!  Marvelous all over!!!!

Following with another major inspirational ladies, AmieN1 with her page, Spring Flowers. Everything is marvelous with Amie, always, and in this, I’m so amazed with the perspective illusion, the composition is delicate and in sync with that paper that feels embossed, love the art word for the title and how she kept the illusion not just with the perspective but also on the color with light, I can almost feel the warmth of that sun, the detail that lets us get a glimpse of her space with the corner photo … absolutely amazing!!!!

Easter Candy by Jennifer Fehr  (who just happened to be the talented designer who created these awesome pieces that make this equally awesome page) LOVE LOVE and love more the fact that she uses elements galore, if you know me, you know I am fascinated with them, and even more so when layered to perfection like is the case here. Every placement, every choice starting by the beautiful background, going through the cute overload of this sweet baby to the knitted bunny, brings us to the whole sensation of space created by her shadows, perfect layering,  the touch of music notes, all comes together is awesomeness!!!

Now we have Moments of Regret by Adryane, I am over the moon that she is not in the 7 days list and I came across a page of hers!!!! She has been for at least 8 years such an inspiration to me, her power to create evocative images, the elegance and talent to make every photo or subject into a master piece…. which happens here in the most beautiful way. The blend is incredible, those textures created with transfers and a minimal of elements, all look so real, I want to reach and touch! I can’t read the text, will come back with day light as I think it will enhance the page even more knowing the emotional content, or even her intention on creating it… plus she explains creative process for the page in the page description. Amazing all together!

Last but not least, I Will not Stress over Things  by Rollinchen. Another marvelously talented lady, I had not come across a page of hers in a long time so this makes me specially happy!  Love the big photo, the blend is so beautiful, and even with a negative big and spelled out, the feeling of hope and assertiveness is so very much present in this…. that gift , power that scrapbooking has and gives us, to turn difficult, hard, sad moments into such gorgeous art pieces. Beautiful and powerful , Great page!

Hope you get inspired by these as much as I do. I am now going to go make a coffee and come back to proof read, as my brain tricks me and my daughter is asleep,(she helps me with reading long paragraphs, which some neurological impairments make it difficult, other days impossible to read) please forgive if my grammar or typos escape my sight and half working brain LOL Thanks for sharing all your great art with us, ladies!!!!!

Please see the reminder in the beginning of the post, with just one click and a couple of words you have the power to make someone’s day today, by visiting their gallery and leaving just a few words!!!

Have an amazing weekend, take care, take precautions and please, please, do try get the vaccine, wherever in the world you are!

Finger Pointing – March 26th –

Good morning to this part of my world, where is something around 7 am and I am coming to share with you some of the marvelous pages posted yesterday around the galleries. As I’m “a bit” late, and everything I could talk about is the uncertainty of the pandemic development in the world and that is bound to send our blood pressure soaring (and I mean ALL of us) lets go straight  into the pages and keep praying for the safety of you all, all over the world!

Remember : you can get to the original galleries by clicking in the highlighted name of the page and author, it will open in another window or tab, please take a minute or two to leave them some love, we all know how good it feels and how much it can change a gray day into a brighter one!!!!

Gonna start with Be Loved by sucali, one of the most talented minimalist I have known in the past 8 years or so, who can bring me to a stop and make my heart sing with every page of hers, this is so beautiful, so non conventional (on the using pink for a boy’s page LOVE that!) and elegant, plus the sentiment it conveys is so truthful, something of a motherly feeling (I imagine aunties and sisters and everyone can feel it but I identify as my motherhood feel all the way) is perfection. As usual, she rocks this!

If you know me, you know I’m passionate about big photos, and this one, Spring Time by cfile, is a delight in so many ways, the perfection of that dispersed blending, the beauty of the photograph combined with the wonderful work on the title, enhanced by the minimal of a journal card calendar, a piece of flowers branch and a single leaf… the gorgeous shadows, all together gains my heart!

Even though I am rushing and the space is short, I couldn’t resist to bring to attention this impressive rendition of winter by one of my most loved Art Journalers (well, she can do almost everything, as she has proven lately with some incredible blank space pages) RJMJ with this, Art Journaling Monthly Muse March 2021 week 4 Winter’s Ode (even the title is incredibly suiting!) There are two lines of text : “The light of winter is the poetry of patience” …which I think defines the moment we all are living, goning through 2 winters on a global pandemic…. The blending is fabulous, the image is full of strength and emotion…. lets keep praying for a virus-free winter on the next one!

Next is Breathe by Saar. There are many things that make a scrapper an artist, and Sara here ticks every box in my book…. and this page goes straight into my heart. Talking about small victories with imagery can be extremely difficult, but with this, it is an all together precious piece. Combining cards with her usual; talent for layering and shadowing, a gorgeous color palette enhanced here by every choice of hers, the delicate title work with a word art , so much detail (which makes me want to go shopping right NOW).. as this all wasn’t enough, she always, always gives us the story, another thing that makes me fall in love with a scrapper and, to me, turns you into an artist…the feeling behind the page, I think is shared by us all, and it makes me connect further with the whole thing. Absolute stand out (you know I can keep writing all day about this!)

This next one is such a marvelous page, Twinkies by Erica Zane, who just happens to be the designer who created the product. I’m quiet sure I have shared at least one page of hers before,  I have to say, this is a subject that comes close to my heart because of my own “child” (she is 25!) calls me and sends me photos of at least 3 or 4 of whatever she is trying to buy, spends at least 15 or 20 minutes in the car trying to get me to help her decide what she wants to eat, when we are starving after a half day in hospital and have 5 or 6 places in the same street….. the page is gorgeous in composition, love the photos she is sharing, the embellishing is perfect and, the one hing that made me (and keeps making me) fall in love with all of Erica’s products… the hilarious sense of humor and intelligent cards of hers….. no matter what the subject is, she grants me at least half hour of laughter on recognizing feelings, which then make part of the memory keeping of our own family, with such a level that I keep going back to the kits. Love the layered piece of yellow, which lifts up the background in pair with the red, every element is a delight too, fabulous all over ..and she is lucky I am busy and not in very good health or I will be pestering her to get in her team! LOL

This page has a huge sentiment to me, and I think it should to everyone, but unfortunately isn’t always the case, it is a shame that our species has not learned to learn from histories mistakes, we would all live in a more peaceful and loving world if so…. and this page, Let Us Never Forget by zwyck, calling attention to the devastation of the II World War with many photos, a great masking as a center piece and the simple addition of the rest with her journaling which, like with Sara before, shares her feelings with us all. My daughter did the same trip 10 years later, in 2015, and the feelings she came back with are the same heart breaking ones. The photos, I have to admit,  I haven’t yet gathered the strength to put in scrapbook pages…so I bow to this as a marvelous, strong reminding of us never forgetting.

Lats but absolutely not least is Simplette with Be the Artist of Your Life. A marvelous diagonal composition with a play with the paints in a gorgeous color palette, the sweetest of photos, the beautiful layering of those flowers and fabulous sketched ones in the background, all crowned with the more corporeal elements, perfectly shadowed…. a wonderful page all together that more than stands out!

This is all from me today, hope you all have a marvelous weekend, wherever you are, and get inspired to scrap some more to share with us all!!!