Finger Pointing – May 26

Hello everyone! Hope it is a sunny day you all have like I have here in Japan. Let’s see what made my heart tick faster today! Shall we?

Stop by Paula Kesselring – Here is another fun page by Paula. I love the bold look with the big paper letters and the B&W theme with those aqua blue touches. It is a reality most of you who have kids will be facing someday or have already experiences, haven’t you lol I donc’t have kids but I do recall hating photos when I was a kid. My parents had a terrible time try to get me to smile or BE in a picture lol So, I can relate with this young lady te he he. But even with a photo rebellion you can scrap and I think it’s what makes scrap so fun and therapeutic. Whether you have a good or a “bad” photo, you have a story behind and it’s always worth being showcase because it is a memory, a part of what makes us who we are. That’s all that this page made me think of, and for that, it is worth showing here, don’t you think?


Happiness Found by staciahall – Here is a more classical page, with a very clean style I love so much. I love the beautiful color choice that goes so well with the picture, the crisp look of the page, the beautiful shadows. The fresh and bright green ric rac and those tiny beads are wonderful accents to this lovely page. And of course what a sweet selfie and lovely lady 😉


May 2015 UIA by bekfek – Stunning blending! That’s what made me click on the thumbnail at first, then the sweet colors and flower cluster in the corner like this. How sweet is this little flower in her hair. Love the multiple paper layering too. Super lovely and delicate page.


Wild Blooms by christellevandyk – Fantastic colors and paper play here. I love the flower clusters and the framing in the corners and at the bottom. They are such a great accent to this wonderful photo. Big but they don’t overwhelme the main photo. I love the big photo with the distress/watercolor like mask. Beautiful shadowing too! Truly wonderful!


Protect by Kramer_buffy – A non-photo page now, for a change. I love the grungy letters background paper and the boldness of the pink leaves. The balance of this page too. The painted arrows and the stitches behind the word art look really nice.

Daddy’s arms by mhreen08 – And let’s end this post with some true cuteness. I love the sketch effect on the big photo and the repeat of the picture in a smaller and colored version. Beautiful and colorful clusters to showcase this tender moment with daddy. Of course you will have noticed the perfect match of the colors with daddy’s tattoo. Brilliant!


Finger Pointing – May 19

Hello everyone! Here I am this week again to show you the pages that made my heart beat faster 😉 I hope you’ll like them too!

Take A Break by Dids – By now you all know how much I love big photos, well, here we go for another stunning photo and layout! I especially love macro so this page wasn’t gonna be stay ignored for long! I love the colors, the grungy borders/mask, the texture applied to the photo. The perfect titling too looks great. Dids is an amzing photographer and he knows how to let the photo speak without adding too much. Great work.

Imagine by dotcomkari – Another amazing design here. I think it’s first of all the colors that made me stop to check out this page more closely. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I love the vintage, bohemian feel of this page that goes so well with the photo. Love the photo slightly cropped. The balance in the color accents  against this bright orange theme is amazing! Love it!

Happiness…… by donnagoar – Something more natural here. As she said in her credits, I love photos taken from behind too. There is something so natural to it, as people of course don’t know they are taken. I love the big grungy photo mask here and the numerous messy stitches. Great colors in the photo too. Love how the frame is overlapping the photo and is attached with tape bits. Wonderful design!

Glissades au toboggan by Ga_L – And here we go! Another big photo!! lol Here I love the colors and the photo crop on the big photo. Just a few elements to illustrate this happy moment add some cuteness to it. Simple and effective. I love also the handwriting font she used for her journal. Makes it even more personal.

Smitten by MissK – I know, I know, she is guesting for the GSO blog but it doesn’t mean she can’t be in the spotlight when she deserves it, right?! We are here to show beautiful pages and this one is to me. I love this sweet family shot with this bold hand painted-like background. The yellow touches are just perfect and it lightens up this page so nicely! The shadows are wonderful too and it looks like a real paper scrap to me!

Daydream by Mirjam – And finally this super cool and clean page. Mirjam has always the best eye for color matching and also for awesome flow in a page. I love how this pops so beautifully against the white background. Can you see how the colors are just a perfect fit with the photo: the green/blue of the water with the brushes behind the photo and the tiny ribbon/tape. The copper bits with her skin. Not much here again but she is one of a few who can make those choices become a “wow”. Love it all!


Finger Pointing – May 12

Hello everyone! Long time no see! We are almost all settled down in our new home. About that, thanks a bunch for the best wishes last month. It’s very kind of you. Only a few more furniture to be delivered, a few boxes to unpack and we are done. Time to go back to the scrap routine and that means picking pages. I’m running late and my post for the 12th will look like a post for the 13th to you lol. Sorry. I will keep it short. Let’s get to business! Hope you like today’s picks! Looks like summer is just around the corner 😉

Day At the Beach by SanVHM – Love the freshness of this page. The photo placed in 2 spots instead of just one, the paper layers behind and the sweet and colorful brushes in the back. Love the split of the page too. I think this is a template and she used it very creatively. Sweet little flower cluster too.

Play Outside 2014 by Iowan – Brightness and fun  here too! Love the mutliple banner/ribbon layers and the airy elements floating here and there. Great work on the background paper and pick of pattern.

Summery Sunday Stories by karbolik – Here it’s the colors and the photo crop that attracted my eyes. Love the woody grain background with those fresh colors too. Great look with the messy brushes behind the frames.

Beach Dreams by Guinevere3 – Such a sweet and delicate layout. Gorgeous soft colors and so elegant design. Love it!

Beach Bum by Dislea – Back to some bright and bolder design. Love the use of the template here too. Wonderful bright colors against this neutral background, amazing flower clusters and I love the big ray of light brushes and waves behind the photos. The patterned papers peeking behind the cut-out look very nice too.

Just Being Mom by Conny – Some sweetness to finish today’s post (yesterday’s ?? lol). Beautiful design here too. Love the little vintage/shabby touch. Great clusters to frame this very sweet shot.

Finger Pointing – April 14

Hello everyone! Today is going to be my last post until I am done and have recovered from my big move lol We are now less than 2 weeks apart from our dream home. We began packing last week-end,  starting with clothes we won’t be wearing soon 😉 Today I will go to a big drug store nearby to get some free cardboard boxes te he he. We spent enough on our home, I don’t need to spend more on empty boxes 😉 Now let’s hope I won’t go totally nuts over packing my plates and cups 😉 Anyway. It’s time for a break and since I don’t have the mojo to scrap, what better way than gallery browsing for beautiful pages. Once again I am all over the place as far as style is concerned but I hope you’ll like today’s pick! Enjoy and I’ll see you again in May!!

More Each Day by rfeewjlj – Let’s start this all sweet and delicate. Looks at this wonderful clean layout. I love the white space and the placement of the design on the borders. The photo in a paint brush-like mask with those diamond frames looks great. I think the photo is a repeat of the background one and included in those 3 diamond frames but it actually looks like the frames are transparent, no? Not sure I’m clear lol Love the beautiful photo treatment too, kinda vintage and creamy. Very sweet page indeed.

Grow by mum2gnt – More color and energy here! Love the sweet little portrait full of joy. The colorful paint splashes against the white background look awesome. And of course the yummy stitches! It looks like a messy artsy project but it is perfectly well thought. Love the flow given to the paint splashes and the delicate paint border.

April 2015 Desktop by y_baros – Something a little different in shape today as this is a desktop. Different in its size only of course because this is a beautiful scrap design as we always see here. I just love the sweet colors here and the beautiful photo crop. The gentle brush  overlapping on the photo look very nice and the photo treatment match perfectly the kit (or vice versa of course) 😉 Super lovely project. I need to make a desktop too for my boring computer!!

Bloom by biancka – First impression on this? = OMG Look at that cluster!!! All on the right side of the page with a beautiful white space! Stunning! Such a sweet photo of course. The shadowing on this is amazing! Love the perfect stacking of things: brush in the back, bulkier elements topped on flatter ones. Looks like a real scrap! GORGEOUS!

Eternal Breath by Sanka1975 – Something less usual here for me as this is bulkier than what I usually go for but gorgeous nonetheless. I love the creamy/dreamy vintage look here and the beautiful colors. Truly beautiful cluster and stacking and it looks great against the lightly textured background.

Picture Day by Bessysue581 – What a gorgeous and sweet layout. So busy with all those paper layers and elements bits but the rather flat design makes me think of a real scrap page. Love the colors and the big paper letters title. I can’t stop looking at all the different layers in here: the paper bits, the ribbons or lace tucked  under some stitches or paper layers, the little paint and the tiny beads and stars are yummy too. I wish I could make such an amount of stacking without my page look like a total mess lol. Truly wonderful!

Finger Pointing – April 7

Hello everyone! Today April 7th, I am officially 20 days apart from moving to my new home!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a torture but even if I could move in tomorrow that would be bad cause I’m still not even close to be ready with the packing and such lol. I just can’t wait to be in my new home but not really looking forward to the packing part te he he. I did start to put stuff back in their boxes, kitchen appliances I won’t use until we move, anything that I don’t need now and that still has a box will be put back in that box and wait to be open again once in our new home 😉 Gosh, it’s gonna be hard to focus on work when so excited about our new house lol. Anyway. All right then, on to some awesome pages! That is not work and it gives me a nice break from everyday life. Hope you like them!

Dilemma by Chocochoco – Look at this gorgeous messy/artsy layout!!! Love the bright pink with the navy and dark green colors. Some splashes of yellow too. Yum! I love all those scribbles and brushes in the back. Great work with the paper word bits too. I think what she is trying to say in this page is really translating in the design. Awesome scrap therapy I think!

Confetti Fun by Tracy107 – More color awesomeness here too! Love the big watercolor splatters in the back, the delicate grid/flower brush behind the photos. And how cool are those photos! Great shots of those flying confetti! Love the placement of the word arts too! Wonderful and bright design!

Little Love Letters by CheYang – How about this sweet and very delicate page? I love the photo where this lovely girl looks so concentrate on her drawing. The split of the page with this subtle patterned paper looks wonderful! Such a clever use of the post card element. Truly super sweet page!

Hello Sunshine by EllenT – I guess it’s because I need a little more of sun lately (it’s been very cloudy and sometimes rainy here) that I was drawn to this bright and wonderful page today. Look at that awesome cluster. Love the big cut out journal card and all those little paper word bits. So fresh and beautiful! A ray of sunlight in my everyday routine. Love the paper layering in the back too. Those big triangles look great.

Easter by P’tiscrap – By now you all know I am a sucker for big photos AND photos taken from the back 😉 Well, on top of those things here I love the “kinda” grungy look of the page. The blended photo and the yellow look awesome with this plank paper. Grungy because of the wood pattern but clean too with the minimalist use of things: just some word brushes to show case this sweet Easter photo. Great job!

Eggciting Easter by agata68 – And finally something I don’t usually go for when I browse gallery but gorgeous anyway 😉 I love the effect on the photo and the great setting of this page. Awesome extraction work on this sweet little girl. And how cute are those chicks and this spring window , right?! Simple in its style but must be so much work to do AND it has great taste.

Finger Pointing – March 24

Hi world of digi!! I’m running laaaaaate!! Are you ready for some awesomeness?! At least, I do think those pages are awesome and I hope you will find them beautiful too! I will keep it short today cause I’m running late for other things too lol, but I hope you won’t mind too much. Let’s go then!

Marylin In NY by ValeJules – Wow wow wow! Look at this amazing creation!! Love the artsy feel of this page, the beautiful colors and the wonderful photo treatment. One more page I would totally see as a canvas in my future living room! Maybe I should place an order lol

First Easter by AmberR – How sweet is this!! Love the repeat of the cute photo. One in the back with a mask and kind of blended in the page and the little one in the front with those cute and colorful accents. Great mix of artsy look and more common digital scrap elements.

Let’s Be Lazy by LovelyMissKait – Looks like today I am drawn to blended photos!! Look at this fun layout! I love the big photo with this sketch effect and the brush work all over the page. Looks great with the big bold flower cluster. Wonderful colors too!

Spring Break Fun by andersm – Looooove this design! Perfect with the picture! The movement of the photo is perfectly rendered with this circle design, don’t you think? Not sure if I make sense but I hope you get my drift! And all this glittery shinny bits makes it whimsical. So darling!

Outside by Wonbat146 – One more beautiful brush work and masked photo. Love the B&W photo with those splash of yellow. The design on the borders like this looks really neat! What a beauty, that girl!

You : Unique by jennV – And let’s finish this post with a bright and bold page! another great example of bright colors with a B&W photo. Love the big bold paper border and those word strips. Splatters and scribbles in the back, yum!

Finger Pointing – March 17

Hi everyone! It smells more and more like spring. In Japan of course with the beautiful season of the cherry trees coming soon (right now actually it is already a beautiful time because of the plum trees) but in the galleries too. Let’s start for another day of gallery wowing! Hope you’ll like my picks.

I will thrive by Breakingbrie – First, here is a wonderful non-photo page. I love the handwriting feel to it with this big painted title. The color combo is simply wonderful and the elements layering and flow looks awesome. I love it when it looks real and the elements placing mimic what it would be on a real page: the mix of brushes/doodled flower in the very back and flat flower and ribbons above but yet not to bulky so that the journal card doesn’t look like it float over the page. Truly beautiful.

Spring is on its way by Jaye4 – You know I love me some clean and crisp pages and this one caught my eyes. Love the fresh springy colors, the cute photos and the mix of paper tabs and element bits here and there as accents to this page.

Disneyland Paris by VickyD – What a cool page!! Look at the work on that photo. The colors fresh and bright colors, the sketch effect on the photo and the brush work. I think there is more than just blending on this photo. Maybe some photo and sketch treatment. Anyway, it looks awesome! If she was to make an album about her trip to Disneyland Paris, I think it would make a great cover page!

Libby by Amson – What a sweet page to remember this family member by. The story in itself is sad and we all feel strongly about the loss of our dear friends, but this page is a beautiful way to remember her by as joyous as she must have been in life. Love the mix of B&W photo and color photo, the bright and perfect color match. The big bold paper block and the cute accents. She was loved and this page proves it.

Play together by bcgal00 – More puppy love!! How playful and cute is this page! Love the sweet colors with the subtle background paper and also those clusters in the corner and border of the page like this. Love the touch with the balance with sepia photo and those cute colors.

Summer by Jacqueline – And finally a little slice of summer for those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere. Love how the photo is in a mask and how it is framed with washi tape on top like this. You already know I am a sucker for stitches and those big stitches caught my eyes in the gallery. Nice cluster of brushes and bulky elements too. If only I liked summer in Japan, this page would make me long for it but here it is so hot and humid I can only wish for it to pass quickly lol I think I’ll stay all summer in my future new home! lol