Finger Pointing – September 21st

Hello, everyone! Paula here with today’s Standouts! It’s with a very heavy heart that today is going to be my last post because has been very hard for me to adjust my time with so many tasks lately…My first post here was exactly 5 years ago, on September 16th 2011!!!! What a coincidence… It’s very hard to say goodbye…I want to thank the entire GSO team, as well as all of you scrappers, for so many years of inspiration, friendship and fun!

I have some absolutely wonderful layouts to share with you tonight, so let’s get to it!

Him by Margje

Just love Margje’s pages! This is for a challenge that has a sketch to use use in the layouts and she made it .Fabulous use the scribbles and paints over the sketch, and I love the addition of the red paint. So


FLY by Wonbat146

The softness of this page caught my attention and really made me look closer! A magical page indeed! I’m in love with this kit…and with all the colors and the ellies here. Very beautiful dreamy page!


2016 favs so far by KarenW

In this next page, what caught my attention were all the books below the page. However, as I looked more closely, I discovered all of the elements, paint, paper pieces, etc…and I was blown away!


essai N°3 by P’tiscrap

What a great interpretation of the painting! What a great idea! I love the graphic setup of this page, loooove how she used the pieces of paint to reproduce the painting here. The colors are spot on!


full of charm by Dawninskip 

I love her designs and her pages too (and London too, hahaha)!!! The perfect harmony between the photo and the design and colors from the page grabbed me. Lovely clustering of elements along with the framing that is perfect on this beautiful paper. Everything matches. Wonderful colours so soft and dreamy!


Silent Tears by ArmyGrl

What an incredibly gorgeous and creative AJ page. It immediately caught my eye in the gallery! The treatment of the picture fits perfect. The page delivers a powerful message, I really get the feeling that the title suggest!


I have come to the end of my tour…I hope you like them as much as I do and I hope to see them again in a near future!

Finger Pointing – September 14th

Helloooo!I hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday!
Paula here after a long time away…Let me embellish your Wednesday with these amazing pages that I found in the galleries out there!If you have a few moments click on the link to your favourite and don’t forget to leave a little love! Hoping you enjoy my choices!

197? by Sokee 

Absolutely delightful…I adore every bit of this page! Love the little papers pieces and the colored photo, it just pop against the black&white background. Everything is just perfect on this page!


Two beaches by P’tiscrap

Génial again!! Really really amazing piece! I have such an admiration for this kind of page! Brilliant clear style and photo effect – What incredible blending work she did with the two pics!


Enjoy The journey by Margie

Fabulous, so original…I have been an admirer of Margje’s pages for a long time, and this page caught my eye immediately! LOVE all the texture, so many details…And the process that she used to make it is awesome.


Myrtle Beach by sucali

What a great page design here! The color scheme is so soft and delicate, they bring an instant vintage feel to the page.  I was immediately drawn to it.


Incomplete Mt. Rushmore by marnie333

I just love a great heritage page! Priceless family photos!!! Love to know the the history behind them. The color palette is absolutely fantastic, LOVE that the page tones are totally integrated with the photos. Really awesome work here!


ITISWORTHIT by misslovescraps

WOW… This is just outstanding! Such a delightful collection of layered ephemera, wonderful mix of brushes, word arts and little bits. LOVE her pic, the journaling and the message here!



Finger Pointing – March 23rd

Hello!!!Paula here. Let me embellish your Wednesday with these amazing pages that I found in the galleries out there!Sorry for being late… I had a super busy day and my bed is calling, so here we go!

Fresh Start by ehtucker

Gorgeous page! Very, very delicate and captures the softness of Spring. It makes me want Spring to be here even faster! here is Autumn now…


Adventure Awaits by Oldenmeade

Fabulous, so original…caught my eye immediately! Love the blending, love the colors, cool photo effect!


Journey by zanthia122

Absolutely delightful…I adore every bit of this! The colors are amazing against the B&W big photo…sooooo cute! Love the little papers pieces assembled as if they were her clothe!


Imperial Sand Dunes by sccollier

Love this. love it all. Love the blue and green colors and the boy’s feel here. Great photo sequence. So wish this was my Birthday Weekend. big sigh….


the stare by pam p

Absolutely glowing, gorgeous! So rich, so colorful ( love the pastel tones), so many details…Ohhh and what a cute little birdie! LOVE all the texture in this page, it reminds me of a fresco!!!


March_Journaling_Challenge by MiekSter

I’m a big fan of monochromatic pages and this one is a real stunner. The wood “A” is the right little touch and makes this a page my eyes are drawn into.



Finger Pointing – March 2nd

Hello!!!Me again my friends!!!!Can you believe we are at the begin of March? It’s so crazy that it went this fast! Soon in a little while it will be Easter and I love to eat chocolate eggs..and most of all…. I love the spirit !!!
Well, without further ado here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

This Moment by sucali

Oh my sweetness!! How precious! Absolutely love this color scheme she used with the sweet photo! Also love the clean and simple here! And the feather on here is the perfect touch!


I need a cup of coffee! by readstoomuch

OMG! Fantastic! I love yellow so….The blended selfie is so cool and everything looks so fun yet elegant. The photo effect works so well with all the mess here. Love to read about the history that is behind the photo…Ohh..I love start the day with a cup of coffee too!


Heavy heart by thimbleberrie

I fell immediately in love with this page right away when I saw it. It’s my kind of page! Like I already said : Not all pages are happy,…The darkness totally grabbed me! So powerful. Striking. It would look awesome framed and hang on a wall…


focus by margje

I love this poster styled Layout, all of those awesome textures, the words and mess! And the pink behind the photo keeps the focus on it.


Calms His Child by jencropable

God is powerful! “Sometimes He calms the storm and other times He calms His child.” With this stunning page Jen can pass the exact message that “When God calm the storm inside us all around can look like chaos but we can be able to stand still in the midst of it.” Love the greens here, the figure mirrored, the different fonts used at the quote and the littel water drops.


Reluctant bridesmaid by Applechick

It’s a good theme she approaches here: The Smile in old photos. People may have believed that serious expressions suited these special occassions. For most people having photographs taken was not a common activity, but a rare luxury. They might only have their pictures taken a few in their lives so I think the seriousness of formal occasions and the desire to be seen as upper class and as a person of good character were the reason behind it: Don’t smile!! Love her mom’s pic blended with the background and the little touches of blues and pinks. This is a priceless photo and history!!!


Finger Pointing – February 17 th

Hello!!!Paula here my friends!!!!
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

Family Trait? by scrap-genie

I just love a great heritage page! Wonderful composition and priceless photo. Everything about this page is masterful!


Sweet details by Shivani

What a great page design here! This layout stood out for me because of the softness in colors, textures, brightness and fun. I love her creativity! Every new page is a delight and this one is no exception!


Where by MissK

The title and quote grabbed right away from the gallery! I love how the photo is blended in the background. Everything is just perfect on this page even beeing a template, the photo – gorgeous scenery, the quote, the alpha behind it, the background and neuttal colors! I can look at it for a long time! Just adore it!


catch a glimpse by mum2gnt

This page is WOW! Just love Suzie’s pages and her cute dog!!! Such a sweet face. Fantastic to see how she made thi stunning page!!! I love the blending a


Just Keep Swimming by Songbirdy

Love everything this girl makes! The layout really draws the eye to thewhale’s tail! Such a brilliant, creative page! Love how Beth figured out to pass her message using the see elements. Perfect once again!


This Photo Makes Me SICK by chickypow

Couldn’t pass this one…The page drew my attention right away.Couldn’t pass this one! First I thought that it was an Hollywood star pic but after I read the journaling and OMG…It’s about her…Coul be about me!!! I love her honest journaling and I can relate with her! But thanks God I left behind this situation 19 years ago and my current marriage is perfect (well almost!LOL). Finally she is coming out of this nightmare.She will  find the way to feel allright again beeing strong. Now I not only admire her as a fantastic scrapper but also for her courage!




Finger Pointing – February 3rd

Hello!Paula here my friends!!!! Welcome to another Wednesday night Gallery Standouts post!
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

a 1000 words by Adryane

What a stunner of a heritage page! I have been an admirer of Adryane’s pages for a long time. I absolutely adore her journaling! And the process that she used to make the page is awesome! The colors (I love brown&pink) are fantastic together. . I don’t think her Grandma liked getting her picture taken…Hahaha. The body language of the people and Adryane’s interpretation of it is perfect.


Jase Day 1 by kristallund

Ooooh, just look at that cuteness…This cute one really caught my attention! This page is so adorable, so delicate. I was immediately drawn to it.


Choices by chickypow

Wonderful page!! So many amazing details here. Love the choice of elements (they look terrific against the wooden background) and composition plus the shadows and it feels like I could touch this page.


Random Challenge – February 15 by KarenB

Love the design here, with the right amount of elements used and the placement of everything. What a cool pic! Looks like he’s jumping right off the page! And what a wonderful extraction!

Random Challenge - February 15

La Surprise by pitiscrap

Génial!!I have such an admiration for clean, blank space pages…Brilliant clear style and photo effect. Love how she brings the photo to attention with a white border, the neutral colors, word art and especially the cute pic!


Liz by Spacecadetswife

A great artsy page to end with! It jumped out of the gallery and caught my eye immediately. What a fun layout this is, I couldn’t contain myself! I just adore everything here, the quote, flairs  (LOVE THE EYE!!) and element mix are really fantastic!Everything is just perfect on this page!


This is all from me today, hope you find inspiration in these amazing pages and that you enjoyed these as much as I do!

Finger Pointing January 6th

It’s that time of year again. I love the start of a new year. The time when we make our New Year’s resolutions, when everyone starts thinking about make lists and goals.
Each year I do a review of what I’ve learned, what I’veaccomplished, mistakes I’ve made, failures, etc…
There’s just something about it that forces me to take a few steps back and reflect on what has happened and what I’m going to do next.
I wish you many blessings and joy in 2016! Hope you have a wonderful fresh start to your year!
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

Go by wombat146

This is another scrapper and designer whose pages I could admire endlessly. What a pretty and awesome layout! look at this photo: It is so adorable and beautiful! Love the extraction and bleded effect and the color pallet is delicious! I LOVEgirly’s pages, and this one is no exception.


no fear by pam p

What a wonderful page, so elegant and sophisticated. The blending and masking are fantastic. What a beautiful memory to keep. Maybe she will become a concert pianist!


Amazing Mom Popcorn by anneofalamo

What a eyecatcher in the gallery ! I have long admired the talent of this scrapper!!! Just LOOOVE this page so much! ohhh yes!!!! The fun dialogues and word arts are the perfect touch. I can agree 100% : my eldest daughter still amazed me everyday! LOL


Snow Angel by Miki

What an adorable, sweet and darling layout! That photo is so cute! Love all godens here and I love all the different fonts she used for the title


Bingo 5 – tag by zinzilah

Just LOVE the effect! How she blended the Spiral Stair image with the background and add adornments around it!


2016 Cover by grandma lynnie

What a great idea for a page, writing down a “mantra”! Love the positive thinking that she used because it’s my actual daily thought! I love the neutral colors, textures, placement, title and design – the angle it is taken from.