Finger Pointing-December 9th

Hello!!! Paula here my friends!!!! Welcome to another Wednesday night Gallery Standouts post!
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

Raymond and Christine by isDK

WOW… This is just outstanding! Really really amazing piece! I love the neutral colors used here. Love the yellow touches, love the texture and the blending, a wonderful serene page!


(Click on image to view larger image)

Smile by margje

I just could not resist this comic feel layout! So I love this one and what she did with the photo!!! Wat een creativiteit! What a vibrant choice of color! It’s so alive and fun! Well done!


so much things to do for Christmas by karbolik

The eye just keeps circling and discovering more! I love how she incorporated all the elements and the list. I always love pages with lists on it (OMG I have so much to do before December, 25th…I don’t know why the weeks always seem to go so fast and, as Christmas approaches, they whizz by even quicker. I’ve been so busy at home that I’m on beginning of the list yet).


warm hugs by Sokee

Wonderful in every way! I love how she’ve place the words on the page – it really draws me into the image.


City Sidewalks Seattle 2012 by Iowan

Another Xmas page! My eyes were drawn immediately to this page because of that happiness feel on this page, such a beautiful moment to be remembered. Soooo many to look at and so many details. Great combination of patterned papers and use of elements! BTW gorgeous kids, beautiful Family, magical photos!!!


Hang on to Your Dreams by DALE

This stunning piece, stopped me flat as I paged through the gallery! It’s brilliant – nothing more can be said.


Finger Pointing – November 18th

Hello everyone! Paula here…I can not fail to mention the tragedies happened around the world – an attack on peace for all humanity: a homemade bomb brought down the Metrojet airliner over Egypt’s Sinai desert last month, this weekend: Paris, Beirut… The whole world is in shock. The death of a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences…As a believer, I turn to God’s Word to find strength and comfort  It’s hard to find words to comfort the people affected by this… The death of a loved one is one of life’s most difficult experiences. My thoughts are with you. Je suis de tout coeur avec vous amis français…Bon Courage! Even though words don’t seem to be enough to the families of those who lost loved ones, including Adel Termos ‘s family… He is the hero who tackled the suicide bomber before detonation in Beirut.
Adel, victims of Beirut suicide bombings and victims from the deadly Paris attacks … May your Precious and Heroic souls Rest in Peace.

Here are my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them!

~Lunar Eclipse~ by pixleyyy

Gorgeous “evolution”shots!! I tried to photograph the last eclipse but did not get good pictures like these…


December Daily by Flohbock 

What an incredibly beautiful and creative page. Love the framework , the glittered splatter and the wordart are placed perfect.


Csani san by gybogi

Just love the tittle, the messy edges and the brushwork behind the photo!  The placement is perfect to.  Wish I could understand what is written in the journaling but I understood that he got his first gí after 6 month karate. Big Congrats!!!!

sosnnov18 (1)

Pieces of Me by Glendamulac 

A wonderful page! Love the drawn face here with the melancholy expression and allsquares are filled with lots of patterned papers. The blending is just beyond perfec. Gorgeous!!


Crazy About My Cousin by Amanda Yi

Love the sea elements here and the fresh look of the page, totally fabulous with so many amazing details that feels like I could touch this page. Love the brushes, confettis, the shadows, the kit is amazing too and her use of all together really makes the page an absolute perfect stand out.


And last, but certainly not least, I found this beautiful page:

The Eiffel Tower Goes Dark Dvhoward

What a perfect theme for this week…As usual, she brings us a gorgeous tribute page! I loved it the moment I first saw it. Love the almost monochromatic background and the small pic of the Eiffel Tower going dark as France mourns 129 dead tells everything…


So…. with this I say goodnight. My thoughts are with those affected and my condolences to all. Such a tragic event that has impacted so many. I hope they find the strength to get through this difficult time with the support and kindness that we are all sending. Thoughts and prays going to you!

Finger Pointing- November 11th

Helloooo!I hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday! Paula here with my weekly pick of Gallery Standouts! Hoping you enjoy my choices!

The Boys Who Wrote Letters to Sally by Miki

I love, love, love this page! Just love all antique postages and stamps/letters brushes… That’s one of the reasons I felt attracted to this layout…I have a bit of a thing for postal ephemera so this page really jumped out at me! Her brush work and placement of pics and ellies perfectly balance the composition. What a great idea!


Stand Tall by Rae 

As a non-native English speaker I learned a new expression! Stand Tall! And love the tittle (and the cool Alpha) and her journaling about how he always be proud of himself and confident of his abilities. This tittle share a message to us: Always to be proud of ourselfs even in silly and funny situations Never be ashamed!


Venice with you… by Rubia Padilha

Just ADORE all paint, scribbles, scatters and tiny pieces! LOVE her pics! Love her list! I know it’s in Portuguese but it’s very simple list :  Love this guy 1) to be best friend boyfriend and husband 2) for thethe last 13 years ( and 6 days) 3)to be father of our boy, best father and make me a better mother 4) for making me laugh and massage my feetN (LOVE THIS item!) 5)for taking me here is it better company to watch TV and read a book in the bed.


his birthday by pam p

What a precious tribute in honor of her Dad! The composition is sheer perfection in it’s simplicity. The color palette is absolutely fantastic! And I absolue LOVE how she recolored his dress, makes me remind of my father’s childhood photos with some colored parts!


Sh-h- he sleeps… by Dvhoward

Fantastic photo as usual Diane!And sense of humor. This is one of the qualities I most appreciate in her pages!  The elements and color palette are perfect for the masculine page as is the choice of background paper. And she has created the perfect title for this pic!


France by Adryane

Love how the photo is blended in the background and how it looks to be part of it. Love the red, white and blues, postage stamps, the map, the metal ellies and brushes. Love every detail here…Especially how he’s holding the camera! And what a wonderful extraction!


Finger Pointing-October 28th

Hello!Hello! Time flies pretty fast again lately with a new puppie at home… I’m sleeping with Gabi and my “Grandson” Nero, a Yorkshire Terrier. She just got her “baby” this past week and he’s 11 weeks old. So I’m just looking forward to sleeping in my own bed! But first let’s get on to the 6 beautiful pages of today’s GSO! So here we go!

spirits by weaselwatchr

I fell immediately in love with this page right away when I saw it. I am always looking forward to see Danica’s layouts. I am a big fan her. There’s so much energy with the use of dark colors and creepy elements here that I certainly was not disappointed when I came across this page on my tour through the galleries today.

Large Cottontail at Hovenweep

Simplicity and neutral colors caught my eyes here. The brown splates and stitches lead you right to the amazing bunny’s photo.  The photo’s tones match perfectly the colors of the brushes and ellies around the page. Beautiful autumn page!


(Click on image to view larger image)

Love Me, Love Me Not  by dvhoward

I saw this one immediately! Just love her cool pages around the galleries and here she made an experiment with dual expressions of her face and I just adore it!!!  I just adore how she made this page, love everything here, the 2 splited photos together, the placement and size of the tittle, the stitches around the page, simply cool, what a fantastic creative idea!! Really, really an awesome standout!


The sky is… by Bellisae

What incredible brushing work! They are amazing against the black background. The way that the wood texture and the grunge brushes around frame the photo is so awesome! Super powerful page.


Bookholic by chocochoco

The colors and cutie ellies pop off the neutral background. So much to see and enjoy.  The whole things moves the eye around the page in delight!!!! Love the mix of colors here as well.


And last, but certainly not least, this super well-made hybrid project


I love to see pages created outside of the computer screen and here is a super delightful page. How unique and beautiful is this? The color palette is gorgeous and the photos in black and white fit together perfect ! I love how the frames, word labels and butterflies really help move your eye through the page and give it some movement!



Finger Pointing- October 21st

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone! Paula here bringing you today’s Standouts! I hope you all LOVE my choices as much as I do!

travel a lot by karbolik

I love to see her pages! Love the clean and simple design, with the right amount of elements used and the placement of everything. So much wonderful tiny bits here that I want to touch the page!  I really LOVE the mix of neutrals the almost summery reds, pinks, silver and golds, the horizontal pic and the filter too!


day 17 by zinzilah

Love all the details here. I love the mix of just a touch of bright colors with the all the white and black. The colors really pop off the background.


Forbidden by tropt

Fantastic! What is not to like about this fun, mega creative page?! It immediately caught my eye in the gallery, partly because comic feel but also because the great mix of a cool photo with just the right elements! As a mother of 2 girls (16 and 21) I really had a terrible time try to get my DDs to smile or be in a picture…


tick-tock by mum2gnt

I really fell in love with this page. Such a sweet and delicate layout. Love the photo, the crop and the framing. She could hang this on an art gallery’s wall because this is gorgeous in every way. Perfect as it is. P.S: They do grow up so fast, don’t they?


Dream by Mimisgirl

This really captured my attention in the gallery. Love how she used a Cesar Biojo’s paint mixed with all  colored splats here and there. The quote is making it a really strong page! Outstanding!!!!


Sweet Memories by Beszteri

Fell in love with the page the moment I saw it. What incredible blending work she did with her daughter’s pics! Just awesome to look at! Those ellies and the string are the perfect accents. This is scrapper whose pages I could admire endlessly…


Finger Pointing- October 14th

Hello!!!Paula here. Let me embellish your Wednesday with these amazing pages that I found in the galleries out there! I had a super busy day and my bed is calling, so here we go!

the 411by Kramer_buffy

This jumps off the gallery pages and sings to me!  I think every Dalis page is a stand out!  Love photo-less pages and this one is really fantastic with all word bits and Washi Art here!


Mr. & Mrs. by joannebrisebois

Love the square photo at the middle of the page and the delicate framing and the softness of the page. What an Elegant &Sophisticated cover for a wedding album!


Watermelon Moon by Shivani

Love everything this girl makes! The design gives to this page an absolutely perfectly dreamy feel! Such a precious pic this one is. I love the colors, the little paper moon, stars, paint splaters…


Love the shot by margje

First I love the color palette, Love the photo treatment, the blending, word arts, love everything about this!!!  My absolute favorite part of this page, though, is Margje’s pic with her camera!


Hush, Hush by Songbirdy

Insanely insane!!! What a scary page! I get that same look on my face when I realized that I’m almost 50 years old now! LOL…Such a brilliant, creative page! Love the scary feel this page gives me.


Away We Go by Lindzee

What a creative page! A simple but oh so cool! I love how she used the journal card in such a clever way!


Finger Pointing – October 7th

Hello my friends! Today I’m happy because tomorrow will be my Birthday, I’m not so happy with my new age… but I love Birthdays! And like they say: “The advantage of old age is that you get many people to love.” Every Birthday I fell like a kid again! And it’s weird, the older I get, the younger I seem to get.  I hope that even when I’m 100-years-old, I won’t be an adult. I believe that being childlike, being young at heart is what it’s all about!


What a eyecatcher in the gallery !!! Stunning, Inspiring! Just love pages about truly happiest moments! Such a happy page, the joy really radiates from the photo and the layout! Great how Ona played with the words and splats!


Happy place by Margje

I am ready for some cuteness !!! I can’t stop looking at the puppy’s pic. I’m a dog lover and looking at this super cute little one makes me want to lay down next to him or her and give a SUPER hug! What an adorable, sweet and darling layout. Wonderful brush and stamps work! BTW : I LOVE this girl’s pages, and this one is no exception.


Sunny by Veer

Prachtig Veer … zo’n schone foto! Another great animal’s page… What a beautiful and precious photo, love all the white space here, and she has added just the right amount of embellishment to really accent the pic.  I love that she added some splats to make the page amazing.


Abundant by apottinger

Okay, can you say adorable? This is really gorgeous…I love it! This looks so elegant, LOVE the papers and ellies that she used… I have admired Danyale’s work, since I first saw them at The Digichick Shop – I love her kits! And fantastic take on the template – which was used so masterfully by her! What a CUTE baby photo. Love the contrast of the BW photo with the colored ellies and papers!


The Seals by Tamsin

Beautiful! Love the blended photo and texture, the artstrokes are just right! I love seals… With their huge dark eyes and playful personalities it’s hard not to fall in love with them. We don’t have any here in Brazil, only at aquariums…The tropical weather is very warm for them. So we are planning a trip to Faro Les Eclaireurs (Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse), in the end of the world: Ushuaia – Argentina, in December!


Dreams Come True by tracermajig

what a wonderful and inspiring page of her journey!  She must be so proud of herself! What an accomplishment and an inspiration. I’m thrilled for her! She’ve got me inspired. I NEED to lose weight as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knows? New age = a time to start new endeavors with new goals!