Finger Pointing – September 11th

Happy Sunday!! It’s been such an interesting week, with both good and bad moments.  I was saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth, and of course, 9/11 is always a time of reflection for those of who are from the US. There have been wildfires in my area, making the air quality unhealthy this weekend, so I’ve mostly been inside and actually got a little scrapping time in! Thankfully things are starting to clear out. 

Hello Happy by wombat146

golden glow by chigril

Detroit River Fishing Trip by Karen

Anna Lift – Sept 2022 by AZK

End of Summer by bcgal00

Schedule by ChristyHC

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xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

Finger Pointing – August 16th

Happy Sunday!!! So today is both a very important and sad day for me. My middle son turns 16 and I’m so proud of the young man he’s become …. but I’m super sad that I don’t get to spend it celebrating with him because COVID finally caught up with me. I’m on day 5 of symptoms and per my rapid test am still very infectious, sigh. I’m thankful my symptoms have thus far been mild and that no one else in my household has tested positive, but it’s very isolating and lonely. 

nv by marnel

Missing You by caapmum

Seriously [Not] by RJMJ

Seaside Charm by Chaos Lounge

Trees Twilight by ksacry

you by lovely1m

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Finger Pointing – July 31st

Happy Sunday! It’s hard to believe it’s already the last day of July! We’ve been battling a heat wave for the last week and it’s uncharacteristically hot!! While I’ll take hot over cold any day, it’s still pretty uncomfortable! I added a couple more pages to my line up since there wasn’t a post yesterday. It’s always sooo hard to choose!!

Reflections by chai

SMOKIN’ HOT by conniemiles

Grace by cinderella

July AJ Wk 4 UnYousual by Smwhite

Nice by Dady

Grow by iScrap

art & life by Mother Bear

dear heArt by ArmyGrl

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xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

Finger Pointing – July 17th

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekends. Yesterday, I did some wine tasting with a dear friend and celebrated the graduation of with some family friends. My husband and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary this week, my oldest son recently gradated from high school and I was rewarded with a promotion recently, so there has been lots to celebrate!

Galaxy’s Edge by Txcorey

Anna Color by AnaSantos

black is poetic 2 by Chunlin

Elected 2022 by yellowpeep

In Progress by Roxana

One Of A Kind by CaroRen

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Finger Pointing – June 12th

Happy Sunday, I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend! My oldest son is graduating from high school in a couple days, so I’m mostly consumed with that right now. I also flew for the first time since the pandemic earlier this week (for work), so I haven’t had much time to scrap myself, but I was easily able to find some eye-candy in digiland! 

Do something green today by margje

No stomach for cancer by djp332

Monochromatic Layout June 2022 by KatL

Boho Summer by AnaSantos

everyday moments by alinalove

A quiet man by NAdams

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Finger Pointing – April 24th

Hello and happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend. The weather has been absolutely beautiful where I am. It’s so nice to bask in the sun! I also really cherish the extra daylight hours. Anyway, without further ado, here are my picks on this fine day. 

believe in magic by sylvia

Pictures & memories by AJM

Hello Spring by lencik_vrendniy

Find a Passion by AnitaH

róż by Grażyna Wrzask

Science Experiment by SweetChar

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Finger Pointing – March 20th

Woo hoo! It’s the first day of spring! I live in the Pacific Northwest in the US, so it’s a typical spring day … which is to say, it’s raining and the cherry blossoms are out in full force!  I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

March 2022 Inspiration Challenge by jaye

Don’t Bash the ‘Stache by becca1976

Mar22_Inspiration_NewAdventure by bjthomas

Seasons Change by Jaydubbya

November Blush Ann06

BE A PINEAPPLE by Emstafrace

Miss Molly by djp332

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