Finger Pointing – November 21st

Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have the next week off work and I’m pretty stoked about it. While I don’t have any fun plans, I’m hoping to chip away at some home projects and run errands I never have time for. It’s been a couple days since we’ve had a post, so I added a few extra layouts to feature today.¬†

Finding Peace by wombat146

Busy is an understatement by AmieN1

Trim The Tree by EllenT

hj by marnel

Perfect Place by ajm

Grateful by Renate

Barcelona by mocamom

TheGreatOutdoors by armygrl

November Art Muse Week 3 by DivaMom96

For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you and your families a very happy holiday. Please leave these talented artists some love by clicking on the hyperlinked titles. Have a wonderful week!

xoxo Sheri (seattlesheri)

Finger Pointing – November 7th

Happy Sunday! For some of us, our daylight savings time ended in the early morning today, which means we gained an extra hour and today is a 25 hour day ūüôā I’ve been sick most of the week (thankfully not COVID, but miserable nonetheless), so the extra time to rest is definitely welcomed before I go back to work on Monday.¬†

Love Message by honeyb

You make everything awesome by Kayleigh

Longwood Gardens by tanyiadeskins

Frangrance Free Life by jam-on-toast

A simple life by Leahblahblah

Swimming Lessons by Scrap-therapy

Wishing everyone a great week! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks. You can leave these amazing artists some love by following their pages to their respective galleries by clicking on the linked page titles.

xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

Finger Pointing – October 17th

Greetings! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Our household is finally gaining some normalcy this week, for which I’m super thankful for! We are in the full swing of fall in my neck of the woods, but thankfully we had nice weather and were able to enjoy some time outside.

Fall Colours by jaye

Me and Rick by bjc

Treats by Fany Fanette

Witchy Ways by RJMJ

Oh Happy Day by Farwen

Wonderful Son by Caro

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xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

Finger Pointing – September 12th

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekends thus far. Mine has been super busy, which is both good and bad. I got a lot done, but I definitely wish I had another day to relax!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy my picks.

Never Forget by NAdams

Blue Jay by Charlene Mitchell

Today’s Favorite Moments by dotcomkari

A Winding Road by Angelwings33

Just September by Beth

Week 36 by IntenseMagic

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Don’t forget to leave these artists some love by clicking on the hyperlinked titles!¬†

xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

Finger Pointing – August 15th

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s hard to believe summer is coming to a close (for those of us in the northern hemisphere). I’ve had the pleasure to take a few trips over the summer, all within driving distance. I always mourn the long days and warmer weather as fall approaches (not that fall doesn’t have its own appeal).¬†

Car Peugeot by zotova

My Happy Place by wombat146

Mariposa by Iowan

A perfect day by Scrap by Irre

Summer Memories by gonewiththewind

Touch The Sky by jak

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xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

Finger Pointing – July 18th

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I know the summer has been a busy time for many of us. I have to admit, it’s my favorite time of year. I just love the long days and sunshine! Anyway, without further ado, here are my picks. I threw a couple extras in there since we are currently posting less frequently. You can leave these amazing artists comments by clicking on the hyperlinked page titles.

Garden of the Gods by Mary-Lynne

Scrap It Summer: Week 3 – Channel Islands by KingsQueen82

Let’s Fly Away by tlowe

Leo the Lion by RJMJ

Unspoken Words by wisdomes

music is medicine by Scrapmemories

Bird Contest by mocamom

Somebody Else by ArmyGrl

Uts by marnel

Have a wonderful week!  xoxo Sheri (seattlesheri)

Finger Pointing – June 27th

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! I flubbed up and forgot my post on yesterday, so you’re getting a double dose today. I bought a new car which completely distracted me! The last time I bought a car was 17 years ago when my oldest was just a baby. I guess it’s fitting that he’s inheriting it now! It’s SUPER DUPER hot here in Seattle. We are having record high temperatures. It’s predicted to be around 107F tomorrow! Most definitely a record.

she believed by biancka

Happiness by Kayleigh

The 4th by livybug

Week 22 Left & Right by Scrapping with Liz

The Best Kind of Lost by MeaghanPryor

Paradise by mywisecrafts

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