Finger Pointing – March 16th

It’s almost the weekend! Like most people in the US, I’m feeling the weird sleep patterns caused by the time change. It doesn’t seem to matter for me either way, adding an hour or losing one, always makes me cranky. If I didn’t have a puppy to get me up at the crack of dawn I could sleep in and make up the difference. Instead, I’ll have to caffeinate and and hope for the best.

Let me show you what I found in the digi galleries for you this time:

My Greatest Fear by Biancka

I love a photo-less page! Lovely off-center cluster and a nice mix of pattern scale. I like the different shapes she used, keeps you looking to see what else she’s tucked in there. Beautifully shadowed as well.

You’re Epic by AliceM

Totally fun page! I like the desaturated photo next to all the bright colors and the large title and subtitle surrounding the detail photo. She used the bold colors to reinforce her theme. Really pretty!

Horizons by wvsandy

Very eye-catching with the watercolored center and edges. I like the contrast of the sepia photo and the brightly colored flowers and butterflies. It’s like her dreams are taking flight.

Text by terryb

Fun story to capture! It seems like we’re on our phones almost 24/7 these days. Love the selective coloring in the photo and the use of the flares to mimic the backlit screens. You just HAVE to go and read the story when you see it in the gallery.

Portraits by MargelZ

This would make a great album cover or title page, wouldn’t it? I love the off-center design, the use of the yellow paper and the square one to keep the eye grounded on the page, the pale pastels in contrast with the black and white. The dramatic shadows always make me recognize MargelZ’s work. Love it!

The Boys by christellevandyk

Fun idea for a photo, a really different perspective to capture! Who says you can’t use flowers on “boy” pages? They certainly reinforce the wedding theme here. This is just beautiful!

I hope I showed you a few pretties today. If you can, head on into your favorite digi gallery and leave a little love for your fellow scrappers, you can bestow a few GSO’s of your own!

Finger Pointing – March 7th

It’s bright and early here in Central Florida and going to be 80 degrees or so today. Birds chirping… and a cacophony of nail guns in the distance… such is life in a new subdivision. It does make for an early morning for most of the residents though 😉 So a perfect time to sip coffee and check out the online galleries.

Here are my picks for today:

Sickness by Amie Wheeler

I love the unexpected design, the triangles of different sizes, the title work in both orientations. She made great use of the paper patterns to take advantage of the diagonal nature of the page. The sun flare in the photo makes the layout jump right out of the gallery at you. Nicely done!

Believe In Me by scrappurple

Way to make a page design work with the theme! It’s like all of these positive message are just spilling out of her head up in the air to surround her. I love all the edge detailing to keep your eye on the page, leading it back to look once again. Also, great use of color repetition to make it feel very cohesive. LOVE those floral stems/vines to lead the eye, too! Pretty!

Dream by Willemijne DSI

What a cutie! I love the soft gray tones combined with the bright blues and yellow. It looks soft and delicate, like the precious baby, with the doilies and the echoed cloud shapes reinforce the “dream theme”. I also really like the dual shades of wood veneer for an added pop of texture.

Beauty by Jana_NJ

Well, WOW! This is just stunning! I love the mix of textures in the digital gesso, the bold colored cloud-like brushes and the geometric shapes and lines. She peers hauntingly out at you… I just love it!

Lotta Love by MelissaMarti

I really like the horizontal band design, the mix of pattern and bright colors on the crisp white, the doodles and stamps. Sharp and classic looking… and with pretty shadowing, too!

Smile a Little Bigger by xxSweeetxx

Woah, it’s a fun hippie vibe she’s created here! Love the blended photo, the retro photo treatment and those gorgeous floral clusters. Nice use of the teal blue to make the page pop. Stunning!

I hope I’ve shared a little bit of scrapping inspiration for you today. Head over and give the scrappers a little love, why don’t you?


Finger Pointing – February 20th

Spending some time in the digi galleries is always a good start to a Monday. So many different styles and themes to be found but that’s what makes it so much fun to go looking… you never know what will catch your eye. Let me share just a few of the inspiring pages that I saw:

Crazy by Chbo

LOVE IT! Even though the background paper might be considered busy, the bright colors and random element placement, the matted black & white photos and dimensional title work stand right out. Really nice example of multiple visual triangles and how they make a page feel cohesive. The circles in the center imply activity and motion while the stitching holds it all together, keeping the eye on the page. Nicely done!

Havana by helenedubois

Iconic photos… there is a title and word art to give hints but the pics tell the story all by themselves. The rusted metal, messy string bits and distressed paper echo the rustic nature of the architecture. Lovely!

Social Addiction by fruitysuet

Well, this could be a photo that so many of us might have taken to describe someone in our own circle. Perfect perspective, love the painty touches and the dreamy photo treatment, adds a feminine vibe. Like how the title (and arrows) lead the eye across the page. Pretty shadowing, too!

The Great Outdoors by cinna

I love how she embraced the diagonal nature of the page design and made all the photos and title work tilt with it. Nice mix of photos and papers. Also, I love the metal/jewel elements and the softness of the feathers give it a very feminine feel. Beautifully clustered, too!

Florence & Oscar by quiltymom (Jan)

I’m a sucker for heritage photos. They pull me in every time! There’s something about the sweet florals, the soft paints and the delicate element choices mixed with the sepia photo that makes it pop off of the pale background. Even the font choice screams heritage. I just adore it!

sd_Lamour2 by MargelZ

Another tilted page grabbed me from the gallery today! The unique depth of the shadowing adds to the dreamy color palette and romantic feel. I love the seemingly random yet perfectly placed tiny elements. Soft and gorgeous!

I hope I’ve provided a little bit of eye-candy for you today, maybe giving you a little push to do some scrapping if you get time. If you’ve been inspired, head over and show the scrappers a little love!


Finger Pointing – February 11th

It’s bright and early on a Saturday morning here in Central Florida, a great time to spend a few minutes perusing the galleries around digiland. As expected this time of year, there is a certain feeling of love that’s pretty prevalent because of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, but we scrappers tend to tell our love stories all year long. That’s what this hobby is all about, expressing our love of life and family through our creativity.

Let’s see what I found to show you today:

Wrapped Around Your Little Finger by mrivas (Maribel)

I’d say a pretty perfect use of the “wrapped around your little finger” word art here 😉 What an adorable page! I love the off-center grid format, the unexpected angles of the papers under the diagonal, that bold and eye-catching green stripe and the pops of red in the element choices.

My Darlings by shivani.sohal

Love the wide border and the sweet tiny scallops pull in such a feminine touch to it. I like the slight tilt to all of the elements and photos, it gives it a very playful feel and the watercolor stamp echoes the painty details from the other elements. It’s a beautiful page!

Confident & Sweet by nietis (Sherly)

Adore the photo treatment she used to echo the feel of the kit! Even the font choice plays to that retro vibe. Nice mix of both detail and wide angle shots to capture the happiness on his cute little face of a day spent exploring with family. Beautifully shadowed as always!

Fun by profolly

Yep, the title says it all! It’s FUN! Beautiful, bright colors on the page to go with those vibrant photos. The focal photo creates such movement, you can almost feel the energy that a festival generates. Grabbed my eye right away!

Adventure by Dvhoward (Diane)

I love the reverse diagonal flow she created with the word art bits headed toward the journaling. Perfect element choices for a hiking, travel page. Nicely done!

Night Owl by britaneejean

That background paper just pulls you right in, you have to click and see it up close! Beautiful clustering and shadowing for a story with which I think we can all sympathize. I love it!

I hope I’ve found a little inspiration for you today. Click on the images to leave the scrappers a bit of love from you!


Finger Pointing – January 30th

Happy Monday, everyone! Spending a little time in some of the digi galleries is a definite up-side to what is usually not the best day of the week. Weekends shouldn’t have to be so short! I am definitely seeing a few winter pages online but it also looks like we’re getting some of our travel pages done from years past. A few of the galleries are really hopping with activity from store challenges. SO MUCH eye candy out there right now!

Let’s get to some picks, shall we?

Read by adejong

Sitting there in the peace and quiet, ensconced in her book, it’s a very peaceful scene. The monochromatic color scheme further reinforces the soothing feel of it and I like the soft touch of paint to add the vertical flow.

Jan Bingo Sign by Suzs

Very striking page! That photo sucks you right in and you just have to go and see what the story is about! I had never heard of a moon dog before, thank you Google for clarifying for me 😉 The softness of the snowflake shape against the rustic background coupled with all the wintry elements really clues you into the temperatures where she is. Now everyone go and look up “moon dog”… cool, right?

LOL by Krista Lund

Well, you have to smile looking at this one! I love the sepia contrasted with the bright primary colors, the tilt of the elements and how it echoes the tilt from the photos in the swing. I love how she pulls the eye to the top and bottom with the edge details and I adore the stacked word art & stamps in the center. LOVE!

Failure by bcgal00

You gotta love a nice full page background! That this one has such beautiful edge detailing and the pops of vibrant green makes it really stand out. I like how the photo is blended to reveal only a small portion of the color, the vertical nature of the picture combined with the horizontal title. Very pretty!

Streets of Jinan by ScrappingwithLiz

Fun photo sketching treatment! Love the selective coloring with the bright colors in the photos, the mix of wide angle and detail shots, the textures in the element choices. I like how your eye is drawn to the center from both sides, leading you right into the story.

2017 Reading List by kendallt

First, I want to reach out and touch it because the shadows are gorgeous! I love all the little bits and bobs clustered together, the mix of horizontal and vertical elements on the diagonal split. The grid holds the whole page together and almost makes me think of a bookshelf which just further reinforces the theme. Even the font choice screams out “real books”. Nicely done!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. Head on over to your favorite digi gallery and share a little love with your fellow scrappers today!


Finger Pointing – January 21st

Tiptoeing through the digi galleries, sipping on a nice cup of pumpkin spice coffee… not a bad way to start a sunny Saturday morning! It looks like a lot of my fellow scrappers are taking advantage of the kids being back in school after the holidays and scrapping to their heart’s content. There are some beautiful pages in varying styles all over the galleries so it’s tough to narrow it down to only select a few. But such is the job, right? 😉

The Last Photo of an Only Child by tjscraps


You can’t not click on it to read the story… you have to know! The photo draws you right in to the scene, you feel like you’re standing behind her pensively staring at the beautiful view, too. Once you read the journaling you realize this day, it’s kind of like the calm before the busy starts. I love the choice of the two scripty fonts, the pastel element choices along with the ethereal feel of the photo treatment, the playful feel of the string element and the doodled edges.

Mosaic Blooms by jlholden15

Very striking! It caught my eye right off with the bright colors on that black background. Nice choice of the doodles and the imprecise photo sizes to break up the grid feel.

Little Things Matter by AnikA68

Just the photo sets the mood, even if we couldn’t read the journaling. I like how the focal point for the page is anchored at the sides and bottom with the black of the circle doodles and date stamp. The pops of lavender and orange reflect a real happiness to me.

Winter Wishes by blondy

Just beautiful clustering here! She managed to capture movement and sheer happiness with the photos and created an almost woodland scene with her page design. All the little bits tucked above and behind, the repeated elements and colors create such nice balance. Really very pretty!

2017 Jan 19 MOC by Amanda.c

I love how she chose to focus on ways she grew over the course of the year, challenges she tackled, causes she supported. What a great way to summarize! The circles for journaling feel almost like thought bubbles. I love the diagonal flow of the page design. Go, Amanda!

Her Joy by Tronesia

It always seems like I can pick Tronesia’s pages out of the gallery! Perhaps it’s recognizing her adorable children but I think more it’s recognizing her photography skills, clean lines, crisp backgrounds and her amazing shadowing. She has a knack for a playful style and attention to scale. Really lovely!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. Why don’t you do a little finger pointing of your own and leave some love for your fellow scrappers today?

Finger Pointing – December 12th

Good Monday morning to everyone! We are officially less than two weeks from Christmas and deep into holiday and winter scrapping if my stroll through the digi galleries this morning was any indication. It’s fun to see all the everyday little moments along with holiday preparations being shared with your “December documentation” pages all over digi-land. It makes me want to decorate some more or maybe just scrapbook a bit! Let’s see what I found to share with you this morning:

Be Merry Be Bright by TrishD

Very fun! The photo background really makes the ornament come alive! I love the added glitz of the bokeh, the gold and the sparkles and the softness from the brushwork on the mask. The ombre backdrop gives it an almost surreal feel, like you’re looking into a crystal ball. Nicely done!

Winter Surprise by mocamom

Classically beautiful! I really like the minimal rustic elements on the sea of white snow, capturing the serene theme of the page. Nice mix of blended photos with the small framed ones. Pretty shadowing, too!

Meaghan @20 by KarenW

Awesome photo! Great diagonal page flow, LOVE the black & white on black, LOVE how the mask almost creates a peek-a-boo cutout, LOVE the paint and glitter, LOVE the effect on the candles. Very eye-catching!

Time After Time by Wombat146

Everywhere the eye goes, there is something fun to see. I like the white background to bring the focus to her face, the multiple (kind of industrial yet kind of steampunk) brushes and stamps, that soft blush pink running its way down the page. I can almost feel the story coming through.

Webkinz by Ozegirl

Fun photo effect! It’s hard to know where the background below and the elements above start and end. She’s achieved a stunning level of depth on this page, you feel as if you’re peeking deep within the scene. Gorgeous pops of red and yellow, not a bit of space wasted. Really pretty!

Give Thanks by ChristyHC

I adore the horizontal stripes here used in conjunction with the wide band page design. The stacked and layered photos with all the little bits tucked above and below draws your eye in to see every tiny detail and the vertical cut-outs bring it right back to rest on the larger focal photo. Beautiful page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. If you’re out and about in the digital galleries yourself later, spread a little cheer and let a fellow scrapper or two know that you appreciate their work and sharing their memories.