Finger Pointing ~ March 30, 2022

Hello all! Can you believe that March is almost over? When I was walking the dogs today, I could tell that Spring was here. In the desert, we have a sweet spot of about 2-3 weeks before we start edging to the 100 degree and over mark, so I’m enjoying it all I can before I hide for the Summer. The birds have returned and the flowers on the bushes are starting to bloom. The green is coming back. With the somewhat cool gentle breeze I could tell that today was going to be a great day!!! Let’s take a stroll through the new spring buds of spring layouts in the digi-land today!!

Our first stop is this sweet page by 01lousmith called “Happy Happy”

The photos are absolutely adorable, and the peach color she chose for the butterfly and flowers perfectly match the jackets they are wearing. I like the purple and the pops of blue flowers. The quote sums up these pictures perfectly!

Next up is “True Beauty” by agoymerac

If you’ve been coming to this blog for a while, you know that I’m a sucker for butterflies, dogs, and birdies!!! I couldn’t pass up this “true beauty” of a page. To catch a hummingbird mid flight is an amazing feat! I love the spill over frame, the torn photo, and the splashes of color and paint that make the main background page. I can’t wait to see the birdies come back full force!!

And now we have this stunner “FOCUS” by Keepscrappin.

I have seen this page at a few forums, and each time it took my breath away with the creativity!! What a great idea to isolate the camera with a frame and keep the photo of the photographer full size on the page! I love the horizontal design fo the elements, and the piles are shadowed perfectly! The blended background really helps the artistic mood of this page.  It’s in my favorites, but I don’t think I could make anything better than she’s already done!

This beauty is next and it’s called “Camilias”, by AmandaJ!

First of all, I love the way she made this so that it has an invisible background. It looks like it’s floating on the page! The flower element she used was almost the exact same color and type as the one in the picture, so I had to look twice to see what was going on! The foliage on the circle is a perfect accent – the page needed nothing else and she knew it. Brava!

And you should have known…butterflies!!! I love this page by anny-libelle 

I love the texture that she created with the antique white colored back ground paper, and then the text, the ledger paper, the squiggles, and that gorgeous photo! Then to take all kinds and shapes of butterflies to surround her is perfection!! The shadowing is fabulous too!

Last up, and certainly not the least, is this fabulous large title page “BLOOM at 6” by kim517.

This page is so bold and beautiful! The pink paper is perfect for the large title and the sweet butterfly in the middle makes my day! The flowers are perfectly matched to the background paper and colors, and the shadows are very realistic. More than anything else, her daughter is adorable!!!!

We have come to the end of our journey for today! I’ll catch you next time. And please, take the time to give these ladies some kudos!!! They deserve them!


Finger Pointing ~ March 17, 2022

Hello my friends!! Are you sipping on green beer and chowing down on pastrami? Kissing the Blarney Stone? St. Patrick’s Day is a big day in my family as we are 50% Irish, and my mom’s name was Patricia, and she always celebrated it as her Saint day! In honor of St. Patty’s Day, I am choosing all my layouts with TWO criteria: gorgeous artistic layouts, and Predominantly the color GREEN!! As I was browsing through, I noticed that green is not actually a very popular color to use besides foliage and grass!

So, here we go down that green road…

First up: Veer “Love Saves the World”

First of all, the picture in the middle just drew me in. I wanted to know the conversation going on! I like that she used a white stroke around it to make it stand out, and used white flowers to tie in the color scheme. I love the texture that the different layers of paint and text make, and the added brown makes a wonderful contrast and color palette.

Let’s follow the bag pipes around the Loch and see what’s at the next pub:

It’s  CoriK’s “This is Love” 

The verdant pastures of green matches the beautiful box of succulents that Cori has in her wonderful page “This is Love”. I really felt the love reading her journaling about her husband knowing her so well and bringing this plant home to her. So Sweet!! I like the way she used the paint in the corner and below the photo, and used a mask so that it all blended beautifully. I love the teeny attention to detail with the small hearts in the mask.

Oh wow – I think I saw the Loch Ness monster! No wait – Nessie is in Scotland. What was that???  Let’s run around the Loch and see what we can find on the other side!! It’s a pub and they’re serving

wvsandy’s “Irish Kisses and Shamrock Wishes”!!

YUMMY! I’m tasting that corned beef!!! I love the beautifully presented food, and the fun alpha she used for her title! What a fun way to commemorate a fun holiday! I like the use of the bottle caps too! Erin Go Bragh!

Hey girls – RUN! I see that darned leprechaun, and he’s holding the pot of gold!! Let’s get him!!! But first – let’s look at

Marnel’s “Lucky” 

What a colorful and full of interest page!! The huge lettering is perfectly filled with an amazing background paper! I love the little shamrocks all around and the sweet pictures of her family. And look – we found the pot of gold on her page!!!!!!

Right next door to the pub is a small little art exhibit! Let’s go see what we can find!

Nibylandia-11 “Fresh as Spring Time”

I’m paused in front of the display of this cute little lassie in green! The pictures are so sweet, and I really am pulled into the photos by the green and gold ray background. The cluster is absolutely amazing and shadowed so realistically. I love the bird cage and the fact that the bird is on it and not in it. The paint splashes and text for texture is the perfect denouement for this lovely page!

We’re getting to that time of getting back on the ferry to take us home to the other side of the Loch. We have just one more beauty to share!

Dalis “Soar”

I was pulled in by the simple “Finding my voice” journaling. This art journaling type page really tugged at my heart.  I am working through the same issues. My voice has been silenced for too long, and I’m ready to be me! But – this is about Dalis – sorry! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sketch of the face and those butterflies flying from her mouth. The paint hair and the sweet flowers make a wonderful crown for her.

And now, my friends, we must bid each other adieu.  I hope you enjoyed your Irish jaunt with me! See you around the boards!!

Finger Pointing – February 15, 2022

I still can’t believe it. I’m in shock that we are already in the second month of the year 2022!! Time is just flying by!

Welcome to today’s version of Finger Pointing! I hope you enjoy the layouts I have for you, and please, click on through (either on the picture or the name of the layout) and leave some loving to the ladies who created these pages! It’s always a beautiful day for me when I see I have comments on any of my pages!

So, first up: “Nothing to Do”, by Tiffany Scraps! 

I think that we can all relate to the feelings in this layout from The Digital Press!

I saw the picture (which by the way, that hexagon shape is TDF!!) and had to see what the topic was! I have always loved the pink and green color palette, so that fabulous ribbon brought my eyes in as well. This page is a perfect way to chronicle one of the fears of digital scrapbook life!!!!

Welcome” by CathyS is the next layout page I want to share with you.

I saw that amazing door and I had to see what this page was all about! The color scheme is perfect and the way she highlighted the door was so perfect. The triangle on the bottom pointing to the title, the verse, and then the door made it feel like the page itself was a door opening itself up to us coming in! The flowers are beautiful, and the paint behind it all just makes the entire page pop.

Meeting the Great” by Blackkathy

This page just made my ovaries ache! What a gorgeous page!

I saw the amazing title work and had to see what else it said. Then, that photo. Oh my – my heart just lept. The baby looking at his great gramps is just so sweet! I love the simple stitching around the page, and the Bible quote with the cute little birdies placed so perfectly around it. I also. like the symbolism of the key under the title.

Defî AnnaLift” by cyanne22

I must really like this layout because I chose 5 layouts to decide between over at OScraps, and they were ALL scraplifts of another layout!!  I finally honed in on this one because of the texture. I was fascinated by how many paint items are actually on this page, and how they create such texture. And yes, you KNOW I was pulled in by the beautiful butterfly.  I just love the way all the elements together give such movement to the page, and they make me want to zoom in and see it all!!!

Autumn” by AZK is next up!

Newsprint backgrounds are such fun to use, but you have to be careful how you use them or they take over the page.  AZK did such a wonderful job of blending and adding paints to the print that it becomes textural, and really supports the photo and the amazing autumn trees! Her blending is perfect, and she really left the photo to shine by having just that little banner pile.

Closing out our choices for today from The Lily Pad:

LOVE” by Armygrl

I can’t even begin to describe how awesome Lisa’s shadows are!!! I Just wanted to take that “O” especially, and see if it was real!!! She does such a great job with everything, but her shadow work takes the cake in this beautiful tribute to love. The other unique thing that I like about this page is that she has journaling but she broke it up into three easy to read points. I love that.

Well my friends, that’s all for today! Again, leave some lovin’ to all these ladies and their beautiful pages!! We’ll see you soon!!


Finger Pointing – February 3, 2022

Welcome to February!!! I can’t believe how fast the days are flying by! I think doing the Month of Challenges over at The Lily Pad really made the days go by so fast. The creativity it brings up in me is so satisfying!

I hope you’re ready to see some wonderful layouts!!! If you have a moment, give them all love in their galleries because they deserve it!!  I am so enamored with these!!!

First up, Little Tiger, by Sylvia

The adorable photo of her son just pulled me in, but it’s all the information that she got into this page that amazes me even more! It’s colorful, it’s informative, and it’s cute as heck!! I especially like the movement in this layout. My eye is just brought through the page. 5 Stars for you!!!

Next we have “Ten Things About Me” by Kristinkristin. I love the way she made her list, and how her photos are thin and long like ribbons. The pictures perfectly fit her journaling, and I just love how much information she shared. I feel like I know her after looking at and reading her page!


“Beach Solitude” by Sweet Talker is perfect for right now. In this cold of winter, isn’t it wonderful to get a beach page?? Even though it’s obvious they are in warm clothes, I just feel warm with the colors of this layout. The brown perfectly matches the sand and the blue is so beautiful and matches the ocean! The photos are warm and engaging too!


Grethel, by bcazzell is next. Don’t you just want to know more about this wonderfully fashionable lady from this kit? She looks so much like my paternal grandmother with her pearls, cat eye glass and the beautiful dress! I love the locket and the ribbons and I so wish that I could read her journaling! She has a talent for beautiful blending of the picture too!!

In the same blendy type mold, take a look at this beauty by CarolWenxin, Rosaline.  The blended kiss photo is just so wonderful with the rose blended near the feet. The beautifully shadowed rose cluster is amazing, and the photo in the middle is just so happy and infectious! The muted tones and the sepia treatment of the photo works perfectly together.

Finally, we have Week 4 2022 by bred1269

I was fascinated by this pocket page today. I love the way she journaled and used different colors of the day names. The photos are so beautiful! The brown frame makes the blue and the snow just pop. I love the adorable picture of her boy with the snowballs! It’s sparsely “elemented”, but it doesn’t need any more. The pictures shine!!

Thank you for taking another trip around digital-land with me, and I will see you in a few weeks with some more top notch 5 star layouts!!

Finger Pointing – January 14, 2022

Hello my friends!! I hope that the New Year finds you happy and ready to go for life!! I know it’s been a hard few years, but focusing on the good and the little things help so much!  That’s why I love scrapbooking so much, and why I dive into the galleries when I’m feeling blue. There is so much beauty in the galleries!!! So let’s not waste time…let’s dive in!

As always, take some time to give some loving to these wonderful ladies. I know it means a lot to see the comments – especially when they aren’t our friends but strangers! Both the names of the pages and the pages themselves are linked so you can click right onto them in the gallery I got them from.

Our first entry comes from The Sweet Shoppe community

Don’t Count the Days, by Romajo

When I first saw this, the unimaginable date of 2022 hit me square in the face. How can it be 2022??? Time is moving so fast, I can’t keep up! The flower pile is so wonderfully placed with just the right amount of colors of the flowers and the quote underneath makes this a perfect page for a cover of a year book! I’m a sucker for butterflies – so I loved the sweet blue guys fluttering around on the page too.  She has just enough paint to add visual interest without taking over the page.


Next up is Grazyna Wrzask’s “Music” from Pickleberry Pop.

Oh gosh, what to say about this?? I saw this in the gallery and I actually squealed a little bit. (Okay, a lot!) The photo is absolutely precious and wonderful, and the photo treatment she did on it is amazing! Then you have the layers of spongey paint and music notes behind her. Then, it’s so cool to see the guitar girl jumping out of the frame! The ghosted guitar, old fashioned microphone and the teal headphones just round out this musical genius of a page!!!

Next up: Katie Pertiet Designs, and Jana, with her “Winter” page!

Ok, so you’ve known me here about 6 months – what can I NEVER pass up in a gallery?? Yep, a fat cute little birdie!!!! Jana caught me with this amazing looking bird, but it’s not only the bird that caught my eye. It’s the textured paper, the text background, the pen circles that oh so slightly keep your attention on the bird!! It’s the paint and dabs underneath the photo, and the wonderful font work for her title.

Rounding the corner, we find GingerScraps, and this cozy page by Dkane called “Family Memories“.

This warm and cozy page is just breathtaking. The flower clusters are well shadowed and the color combination of the kit could not be more perfect for these adorable shots of her children! I am always amazed when people can find the exact perfect kit and colors for the photos they are highlighting. I also like the way she gave a photo stroke to the picture in front, yet blended the top of the back picture into the background. It felt like melting snow!

At Oscraps, I found this gem “A Day at Work” by Norma.

Steam punk has always fascinated me. The way that people can make what looks like old rusty metal look like art is just so awesome! I sat with this picture and the intricate details and hidden, blended items is astonishing: the blended diamond plate, gears, and fun rusty colors all blended together to make the background. The photo of the men working are so perfect, and I like the newspaper, the bird, and the frosted clock as well.

As all tours must end eventually, we come to the end of our time together today. However, I’m leaving you with a bang!!!

SeattleSheri’s “2021 – Year in Review

I saw this in the gallery at The Lily Pad a few days ago, and I KNEW this was going to be one of my fingerprinting’s for today!! I was gobsmacked to learn that she did this on her own, and did not use a template!! This page just jumped out at me for so many reasons: the wheel shape with cut out pictures, the month ring, picture ring, date ring, and the the middle explaining her page. I felt like I could pick this thing up and spin it like a spinner. Her color choice, pictures, and slight use of just enough elements make this a definite winner in my book!!

Thank you all for joining me on this short jaunt through digi-land, and keep your chin up. Take time to be grateful for the little things in life that we do have, and always look to a brighter day tomorrow!!

Finger Pointing ~ December 5, 2021

Good Morning Scrap-land!!! I hope this morning finds you cozy, warm, and ready to see some gorgeous pages! I have been really enjoying all of the galleries as they are filled with the cutest pictures of Christmases past, and Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I have my tree ready to decorate and our creché is out.  I am hopeful that this year will be much better than the last two years as we get back to normal. Let’s talk about a few pages here!!!

As always, if you would, take some time, click through either the title or the photo, and leave some love for our artists!

First up is this beautiful piece of art!

Ana Santos “The Magic of Christmas”


I was drawn to the wonderful watercolor effect on the page, and that fabulous picture turned to a painting! Her title is wonderful and the blending and shadowing is amazing! I can almost smell the hot chocolate she MUST be drinking!

Staying with the Christmas theme:

Maggie Mae “Radio Flyer”

I was completely entranced by the nostalgic goodness of this page. I had a radio flyer wagon when I was little so that helped me to feel this most wonderful moment in their lives. There is so much visual interest in this page – from old-fashioned ephemera to the photo, to the little holly berries and paint splashes in the back, this page is top-notch!

This next one is so bold and bright!

Seattle Sheri  “Thankful” 

The bold contrast of the dark green and the gold ornaments and flowers is amazing! I have always been in awe of Sheri’s shadowing talent! There are so many beautiful elements used, but they don’t take over the photo and the memory! I love the sparkly background too!!

TrishD “This Life”

I think sometimes that I am drawn to the pages that show techniques that I wish I knew how to do! I have never been able to perfect or even slightly accomplish the watercolor/painting blending and backgrounds! I just look at the blended watercolor background and am amazed at her talent. I love how she uses the rectangles to bring attention to the main elements of the page.

We’re still in a Christmas mood, and this one is just TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Lisa Campbell “Not Amused”

I could not pass up this adorable page! The picture of her cat is just perfect for the title. I have a few ‘not amused’ photos of our dogs, but this cat really has the face down perfectly!!!! I love that she used old-fashioned colors and prints and surrounded this unhappy cat with happy beautiful elements. What a juxtaposition – and it works “purr” fectly!!!

And our last Christmas page is this beauty!

Iowan “2021 This Had to be the Best Christmas”

This fun little page by Iowan is full of layery goodness!! It looks like they had a lot of fun taking their family Christmas card. She has done so well with the pile of elements on the left side. I thought her use of a stitched-down border to contain her journaling was so perfect – and the little stapled tag is a wonderful addition.

We’re heading to warmer weather for our last page!

Katell “A World of Wonder”

I’m not exactly sure where they are as I don’t read French (I think). It looks like it might be Egypt as I see a little sphinx! I love the way she used a drop cap for her journaling and a smaller title that didn’t take away from the photos. The blending of the photo of the building is perfect and I like how she used just enough elements without muddying up the vacation photos!

And oops – I picked 7 today! Oh well – sometimes it’s really hard to cut down the choices!!!

And here’s where our tour ends for the day! Have a wonderful week, and be kind! Life is hard lately!

Finger Pointing – November 22, 2021

Brrrr!! My toes and fingers are little icicles right now. Hopefully, I can still type well. I know, I know – people living in colder areas are laughing at this right now, but the 40’s is COLD for Las Vegas and living in the desert!! Anyways…searching for some gorgeous layouts is helping me keep warm and happy. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a wonderful time this week! I can’t believe the holidays are here so quickly!

So…here we go!!

My Travel Journey by Lady22

I really love all the little artsy touches in this layout! Using the paint brush of Big Ben next to a picture of the real thing was great – and I love the way she put a travel journal on the page as well. You don’t have to have any journaling to know that she really enjoyed this trip!!!

Rich’s Remembrance by Adrianita

This layout really touched my heart as my father has been gone for many years and I still miss him terribly. What I love about this page is that it has such heart, and the journaling is so perfect! I have a hard time scrapping with a lot of journaling and her tasteful use of a palette card on the right and a gorgeous picture of Dad on the left is perfect. I like the very thin line that is accentuating the picture with its clump of flowers. Beautiful job!!

Festive Market Finds by Geek_Girl

Ho ho ho!! I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I’m seeing so many pages appearing in the galleries! I loved this one especially because she used the tag for the photo! I love the sweet little piles around it, but that photo is so perfect for this! I feel like her shadowing is so great that I could pick this up and it would be real!

Winter Romance by Regina Falango

Ok, so WOW!! The artistry that Regina shows in this gorgeous layout is spectacular!! From the blended backgrounds, to the amazing photo and everything in between, this layout screams “BEAUTY!!” I love the sweet little birdie, and the artistry of the pink and dark pink flowers surrounding the picture. The twigs being used as a frame is a really artful touch! I don’t know how some of you artistry scrappers get pages like this done! Achingly beautiful!!

Let it Snow by Beaute

This was the very first layout I saw at Gingerscraps this week – and it went straight into the Gallery Favorites file. I’m telling you, I squealed when I saw this. I just LOVE IT!! Maybe it’s my love affair with the kid’s movie “Cars”, but those little beetle bugs captured my heart.  I can just about write a story about this! The bug on the left is the girly bug coming home from college for Christmas.  Or it could be the yellow bug dreaming of when she was young and fashionable. Yeah, I’m weird. Sorry – The artistry in this page is stunning! I love the texture of the background, that fat little birdie, the watercolor paint, and the title.  I think I have found me another artist to follow!!

Believe in the Magic by Iowan

When you see music notes as a background of a page, do you try to sing it like I do, or am I just a weirdo? LMAO. I absolutely love the way this page just screams of the holidays! The picture of the young girl with the big grin on her face is so perfect for Christmas. I like how she put the stamps together in a clump with the title and then highlighted the picture with journaling prompts, circle scribbles, strings and a wonderful snowflake pile!

Well fellow scrap artist lovers, that’s it for me!! Have an amazing day – and scrap an amazing memory today!!