Finger Pointing ~ July 6, 2022

Hello everyone out there in digi-land!!! I hope all is well with you on this fine but very hot day here in Las Vegas. I’m hiding out in the air conditioning and surfing the galleries for some fine pages to share with you today!

Bring Your Own Sunshine ~ Ozegirl

I just want to dive into that ocean (after checking for Jaws, of course!). I love the large photo and using the sunset sky for her quote. Have you ever seen a flower cluster so beautifully shadowed?? It looks like I can pluck it right off the page!!! LOVE THIS!

Ameno ~ Jam-on-toast

I am always drawn to the vertical page, and I love that this is smack down the middle of the page. The ghosted lettering is beautiful and the fact that she used a faux Latin cracks me up. It looks like an amazingly gorgeous wedding invitation. I love the black and white photo and the splashes of color in the super cute cluster!

Scraplift Challenge ~ mcurtt

I was drawn to this page right away. I loved the varied strips and the fun sepia-toned photo. I also think she did a great job with her tasteful clusters and fun background.

Family 4th Fireworks ~ Stacia

This page reminded me of the times when we would pack up the family and go see the fireworks each Independence Day. I was sad to see so many NOT celebrating this year, and ours and our next-door neighbor’s house were the only ones with the flag out! All the layouts in the galleries made me feel a little better. I love the blended flags, and the blue and white paper behind the photos. Her title work was wonderful as well!

Family ~ 01lousmith

What a precious, precious photo!!!! The shadows, the brightness of the sky, the poses of the little family all make for a great photo! I love the large cluster above it and the corresponding smaller cluster at the bottom, with the word “FAMILY” holding it all together. Beautiful page!

Strawberry Crush ~ Scrap-Therapy

OOOOOO those luscious strawberries!!! I want to take a munch out of those beauties!!!  There is just so much to look at here – the adorable strawberry girl, the wood background with the paint circles, The clusters are so cute and perfectly placed!! OOOO and I just noticed the raspberries!!!! YUM!!

I hope you enjoyed this trip through the galleries with me, and I do hope that you will take some time to give some loving to these ladies – they deserve it!

Finger Pointing ~ June 16, 2022

Hello Everyone!! How is your June going?  One more week and it will be officially summer, but most of us have already hit the summer heat! I know we have. We are having more 100+ degrees weather than NOT lately!

I was surfing through the galleries and I had such a hard time narrowing it down to one per gallery! There are so many beautiful and inventive pages out there!! Here are the ones I really wanted you to pay attention to! As always, leave them some love if you get a chance! Every artist, no matter how long they’ve been around, LOVES to see comments!!!

You are not a Stranger Here by Spinefusion

I am fascinated by the blending of the face with the pattern and the background! It reminds me of a cyborg! I love the photo treatment on the background buildings and the dictionary page as texture!

Emu Wren by Tamsin

I’m always drawn in by cute puppies, butterflies, babies, and fat little birdies!! Such a sweet picture! I love the minimal elements and the sweet butterfly. The blending of the watercolor paper behind the photos is perfect! Great color choices and I love the font for “Stay”.

Lighthouse by *gina*

My Mom was part Danish, so I loved seeing this picture of a Danish lighthouse. The fun thing about this page is that Gina almost made two pages, yet the paint and the journaling tied the two together. The large multi-font title and the blending of the watercolors on the background are perfect!

Remember When by Marnel

Ok, you had me at Butterflies! I was pulled in by them and the beautiful bright colors! The title “Remember When” is perfectly blended into the background. The layered ripped paper makes a great background, and the plain one on the top helps the beautiful cluster at the top pop out at you.

Ducklings by Jcaruth910

What an absolutely gorgeous page!! I love the layers of watercolor, a map underneath, and text as texture! The photo of the cute duck is such a wonderful photo. I didn’t notice the ducklings at first – I was drawn to the reflection of the Momma Duck! The dragonfly and postage stamp is a perfect topping for a great page.


Love by Cinderella

Just about everything Cinderella does is love in my book!! This one called to me and I was not surprised! Her blending is top-notch, and there is always some surprise to me. The surprise this time was the paint drips underneath the lace. I love the way she uses gesso as well. I feel like I could reach out and touch the monitor and I would feel the textures!

Well, that’s it for today!!! Enjoy!

Finger Pointing ~ June 9, 2022

Hello, my digi-friends!!!

I am pleased to be bringing you a new batch of lovely scrap pages today!  Browsing through the galleries, I am caught by the amount of color that people are using lately! The pastels and especially the teals and pinks have me wanting to buy all the kits – but I would go broke if I bought all the kits I liked!! I’ll just have to point them out and enjoy the pages that all you digi-scrappers make!

Mother Bear “Inner Peace”

Mother Bear’s “Inner Peace” layout includes so many techniques that I work on to learn. I love her duo tone type large photo, and the photo treatment she put on it. The splashes of pink flowers just bring my eyes around the page, and making her photos black and white really makes them stand out in all the teal and pink beauty around them! Her shadowing is amazing. and I love how she used her text behind her actual journaling, and the ghost of the pink flower under the title is so perfect!

Next up, ajm’s “Focus”

Keeping in theme with pastel pink flowers, here is my next lovely entry: ajm’s Focus!! I. love how the flower gives a focus and pulls your eye into the middle of the page, and then that gorgeous butterfly is a perfect thought! She is a master of blending many background items. I love the gesso and the coffee rings and the textural paper pieces! Lovely!!

LorMW is next with her “Wanderlust” page.

Wow, Lor. WOW!! The extraction on this is so perfect! I love that your background paper makes it look like he’s standing on the map. Oh, and then her cutout with the Grand Canyon inside.  Her elements were perfect for the theme, and the shadowing is amazing. I love the envelope tie too!

yorkiemom  “Green as in Nature”

Oh, what a romantic page! The sketch of the woman is so beautiful and thoughtful and the bouquet of flowers in the middle is just gorgeous!  If you look closely, you can see a green-lipped woman peeking out of the flowers! The text in the background makes for great visual interest and the way it’s covered in a few places with gesso really brings attention again to that fabulous bunch of greenery. Oh, and did I mention that adorable birdie???

BlackKathy “Forever”

Lookie here: More pink!! I guess pink was on my mind tonight. This picture just touched my Mommy’s heart so much! What an adorable photo! Tying the pink of the shirt with the word art and the butterfly and flair is a perfect touch to tie in all the elements of the page. The shape of the picture and the corresponding shape of the text is very unique and eye-catching!  She anchors it to the page with that adorable hummingbird and the paint splashes underneath.  She uses the scribbles perfectly – they’re a little messy, but their messiness contains the other paint and elements she has used on this page.

marijke’s “Live for This” ends our trip today.

I have tried, and I just can’t replicate this technique: yet!!! I adore how she took her photo and made it look like a painting! Not only that, but her background choice was so perfectly painted that it looked like the sky! Even though she did a lot of modifying the picture, you can still see the reflection of the red boat in the water! No embellishments are really needed at all on this page! This is a work of art that I would display on my wall!!

Well, that’s it for today! Have an amazing day – and try to scrap something you’ve never done before! Also, please give these ladies some love at their galleries – it’s well deserved!!

Finger Pointing ~ May 26, 2022

Hello Digi-friends!!!

This month has been quite a whirlwind!!! So much going on with graduations, and end of the school year, and just the crazy things happening in our world today. Let’s all take a break for a moment and just enjoy some beauty that has been created in the galleries!!

First up is Birds of a Feather by nibylandia

That baby!!! Oh, my ovaries ache just looking at that precious bundle! I love the heart cardboard and the fantastic shadowing on the flower clusters!! The dark background makes that adorable face just stand out!!!

Hamer Lodge is next with “Precious Memories”

I am really entranced by this vintage photo, and I want to know this lady’s story!! I love the paper pile and it’s fun intricate details, and the cluster of flowers give a nice splash of color to make this heritage page shine!

“Hey You”, by Jak is up next!

Uh oh – butterflies!!! You had me at butterflies!!!! Jak’s color sense is absolutely spot on. The teal and yellow together is stunning!!! Her shadowing is very realistic, and I like the way she piled all different types of papers underneath that fantastic photo to make the depth amazing!! The interesting paint on the background makes for a wonderful texture as well.

Oh, Paula Kesselring…your “Seriously” caught my eye so fast!!!!

I saw the lawn gnome and I was hooked!!! He is seriously so cute and perfect for this page!! The felt grass, and all the “NO’s” are so fun and whimsical! I adore Paula’s designs, and I love seeing her scrap too!! I laughed at her journaling and I want to know who thought this was a good gift to give her!!!

“Enjoy the Moment” by Mother Bear

These photos are positively fantastic!!! I love how she blended the larger photo with sponge paint and the flower pile is gorgeously shadowed. The entire layout screams exactly what the title says: “Enjoy the Moment”. This is wall worthy!

And rounding out our picks for today, “Sunny Days” by agoymerac.

These photos of plants are so very lovely, and I was entranced by the beautiful tree. I want to find out what kind of tree that is! The deer are so cute and I like that she put the picture in a stamp frame. The stitching and foliage underneath the pictures are a perfect touch, and I love the sweet little butterfly holding down the picture is a perfect touch.

Well, there you have it! Just a brief reprieve from the world…until next time!

Finger Pointing ~ May 23, 20022

Hello Digi-fans!!! I hope this day finds you all well and having fun with the greatest hobby around! I have been searching the galleries to find you some gems to take a look at, and I think I’ve found a group of wonderful pages!! After I hit post, I’m off to plan our Memorial Day weekend menu.  So many people to thank for the good things in our lives. Their sacrifices are never gone unnoticed.

Let’s get to the pages!!!!

First up, we have Sylvia’s oh so artsy “Right Now”

Sylvia never fails to surprise and delight me with her artsy pages. She has the knack of finding the perfect elements to go with the perfect paint splashes! Her photo treatment is spot on, and I love the little camera cluster on the bottom right. She really knows how to use the paint and little artsy touches that make just about every one of her pages a knockout!

Next up is Digi361’s “Prom April 22”.

I was immediately drawn to the bold and colorful stamps making the “L” shape that frames and surrounds her subject! The pastel tones that she uses are perfect to complement her daughter’s bright pink dress! I think the spider web like background and the colorful patches of paint perfectly pair with her photo. Good Times, indeed!

On the other end of the color spectrum is Katy’s “Strong”

Strong indeed, is the composition of this page! I love that she left everything black and white, but had just a strip of gold to accentuate that adorable photo!! The inky stamps really make this page jump out, even though it really has little color, which is a lot of what first glances take in. It takes talent to make a black and white page really shine, and she sure did it!

This next one is the adorable “Sleep, My Baby”, by Dady

Oh, does this one touch my Mama heart. My daughter is 19 now, so the baby time is so far in the past and I miss it. The photo of Mama holding the baby’s hand just touches me. I love the way the larger photo is framed so that it looks like the layout is actually a blanket covering the baby!! The little stamp birdie is a perfect touch.

Lizr has made this fabulous tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

I was drawn in by the Queen’s fabulous yellow suit, and then I saw the ghosted young Queen in the background. What a beautiful tribute to a very strong lady! The colors of the background and the ghosted text is perfect!

Finally, we have cfile’s fabulous “Perfect Together” page!

From the vintage look of the photo, I’m assuming this might be her parent’s wedding, but I’m not sure.  Whenever and whoever it was, the photo is amazing, and I think she did a fantastic job making this feel vintage, yet is fresh and new. Her shadowing is always spot on, and I like the way the canvas becomes the photo with her spectacular skill at blending! This page is named “Perfect Together”, but I say that this entire layout is just Perfect!!

Well, that’s it for today!!! Please take the time to give these beautiful pages a second look in the galleries they came from, and take a sec to give them a shout out too. They all deserve it!!

Finger Pointing ~May 12, 2022

Good Morning Digi-land!!!

I hope you all are enjoying the last vestiges of cool weather. I’m a Spring gal myself, so I am not looking forward to the heat of summer. I am really enjoying all the summer pages though! It’s nice to see us all get out of the house and start doing fun outside activities. As I was browsing through the galleries, I saw a pattern: travel pages! So, here are some travel pages I thought were especially awesome!!!

OKate “San Francisco Cable Car Museum” 

I really love how the photos are stacked upon each other with wonderful shadowing, but more than that, I love the way she chose different parts of the cable cars to showcase. They aren’t just a picture of the cable cars – but the signs, the numbers, the building, and extreme closeups! I also like the way she left it very clean and simple so that the photos are the star!

Mocamom “Eiffel Tower” 

Aren’t these photos fabulous?? I love how they aren’t just the normal posed photos, but more candid. The block layout is perfect to get so many pictures in it, and I love the way she blended the photos into the background, and used little elements. I also ADORE the picture of the feet!! Amazing indeed!

Cfile “HRBT”

The artsy treatment on this page is phenomenal!! I love how the entire layout is the photo and whatever treatment she did on that photo is just perfect for this grungy layout. I really like the cute little camera and her journaling in the corner so we know what is going on, but it doesn’t take away from the glorious photo!

Dady “On the Road to a New Adventure”

I just thought this page was so sweet! The first thing I saw was that adorable doggie in the basket!! I really like the way she used circles to accentuate the pair of bikers on the left, and had the biker on the right slowly melting into the background. The string wending it’s way to the title is also a wonderful technique to show movement! Lastly, I love the ghosted text on the background!

Marnel “Ma”

Marnel’s “MA” is so full of yummy texture and colors!! The photos just blend right into the background so one is not quite sure where one photo ends and the other begins. The flower piles are perfect to show the beauty feel of the photos. The letters falling off the page are wonderful, as Is the little artistic touches all over. Take some time and really look deeply into this page; you’ll find so much to ogle!!

LidiaG “May I Spy Challenge” 

And last, but certainly not least, is the “I Spy Challenge” from Lidia. I saw that VW Van and HAD to click in and see the page more clearly! It is so cute!!! I love how using the brown near the bottom and the orange seaweed makes it feel like the van is underwater, but then you see a butterfly and the lighthouse, which makes it feel NEAR the water. I love the blue textured background to mimic either the ocean or the sky! Great job!!

So there’s our travel pages for now! Please do visit the pages and give some loving to the layout artist! It will make her day. I guarantee it.

Au Revoir!

Finger Pointing ~ April 28, 2022

Hello all! Can you believe that the year 2022 is nearly half over? Time is flying by at breakneck speed, isn’t it? For us here in the desert, things are heating up and Summer temps will be here by the end of May, so I’m preparing myself for the onslaught of Summer. I’m not a lover of the heat, so I won’t be going out as much. Fall and Spring are my favorite months!

Since I’m going to be in hiding soon, I thought my theme of the day would be travel, or destinations. I found so many that it was hard to narrow them down, but here are 6 from different galleries across digi-land. As always, please take some time to give these artists some lovin’ on their pages. They work so hard and it means so much to be noticed!!!

TrishD Some Kind of Wonderful

I was drawn to this page because of the bright contrast of the white building and I had to click to find out more about this building. I didn’t find out about the building, but I was treated to a wonderfully blended page. I like how she made the edges of the photo be as if it were gesso paint. Her title work is beautiful, and the text stamp is perfect for the page.

*gina* Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life

This page by Gina just screams life!! The joy in the pictures, and the beautiful photo treatment makes my heart glad! Her little splashes of paint, the very tasteful elements, and the star of the show, the photos, make this a fantastic page!

Oldenmeade Impressions of Cyprus

What a fantastic way to remember the trip to Cyprus. The sepia and golden colors are perfect for the main photo of the ship, and to blend it into a paint splotch is wonderfully creative. I love the font choice of “Cyprus” and the artfully chosen few photos to tell a story of ancient times. The autumn leaves are a perfect touch – and yes, I spotted that adorable butterfly!

OKate Photography 1

This page is deceptively simple. It may be just one photo, but the angle in which it was taken just draws one into the story. The treatment of high contrast makes it warm and inviting, and the text ghosted around the page is perfect to bring texture into the page. I love the ghosted photo frame as well!

Stormchaser Mesa Arch

What a beautifully scrapped page about our world! The Mesa Arch is a beautiful place and The photo angle was absolutely PERFECT! They captured the scenery in the opening under the arch. The flowers are wonderfully shadowed, and the photos are just enough to show the story. I love the sweet little blue butterfly that ties in the flowers so beautifully! On thing I noticed that maybe others won’t is the rickety ladder. I climbed one of those in Mesa Verde National Park, and I wonder if they had a spot where they climbed one too.

LynnG Route 66

Lynn chose the perfect colored background to showcase these fabulous photos of the famous Route 66! The photos are really fun, and they show the joy of vacation stops! I really like that she left the photos to tell the story, and has just enough elements to complement the photos. I like also how she made the Route 66 photo in the middle look like a stamp!

Well, looks like I’m through living vicariously through all of these amazing layouts! I hope you enjoyed the little trip around the world with me too!

Until next time,