Finger Pointing – November 22, 2021

Brrrr!! My toes and fingers are little icicles right now. Hopefully, I can still type well. I know, I know – people living in colder areas are laughing at this right now, but the 40’s is COLD for Las Vegas and living in the desert!! Anyways…searching for some gorgeous layouts is helping me keep warm and happy. I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a wonderful time this week! I can’t believe the holidays are here so quickly!

So…here we go!!

My Travel Journey by Lady22

I really love all the little artsy touches in this layout! Using the paint brush of Big Ben next to a picture of the real thing was great – and I love the way she put a travel journal on the page as well. You don’t have to have any journaling to know that she really enjoyed this trip!!!

Rich’s Remembrance by Adrianita

This layout really touched my heart as my father has been gone for many years and I still miss him terribly. What I love about this page is that it has such heart, and the journaling is so perfect! I have a hard time scrapping with a lot of journaling and her tasteful use of a palette card on the right and a gorgeous picture of Dad on the left is perfect. I like the very thin line that is accentuating the picture with its clump of flowers. Beautiful job!!

Festive Market Finds by Geek_Girl

Ho ho ho!! I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I’m seeing so many pages appearing in the galleries! I loved this one especially because she used the tag for the photo! I love the sweet little piles around it, but that photo is so perfect for this! I feel like her shadowing is so great that I could pick this up and it would be real!

Winter Romance by Regina Falango

Ok, so WOW!! The artistry that Regina shows in this gorgeous layout is spectacular!! From the blended backgrounds, to the amazing photo and everything in between, this layout screams “BEAUTY!!” I love the sweet little birdie, and the artistry of the pink and dark pink flowers surrounding the picture. The twigs being used as a frame is a really artful touch! I don’t know how some of you artistry scrappers get pages like this done! Achingly beautiful!!

Let it Snow by Beaute

This was the very first layout I saw at Gingerscraps this week – and it went straight into the Gallery Favorites file. I’m telling you, I squealed when I saw this. I just LOVE IT!! Maybe it’s my love affair with the kid’s movie “Cars”, but those little beetle bugs captured my heart.  I can just about write a story about this! The bug on the left is the girly bug coming home from college for Christmas.  Or it could be the yellow bug dreaming of when she was young and fashionable. Yeah, I’m weird. Sorry – The artistry in this page is stunning! I love the texture of the background, that fat little birdie, the watercolor paint, and the title.  I think I have found me another artist to follow!!

Believe in the Magic by Iowan

When you see music notes as a background of a page, do you try to sing it like I do, or am I just a weirdo? LMAO. I absolutely love the way this page just screams of the holidays! The picture of the young girl with the big grin on her face is so perfect for Christmas. I like how she put the stamps together in a clump with the title and then highlighted the picture with journaling prompts, circle scribbles, strings and a wonderful snowflake pile!

Well fellow scrap artist lovers, that’s it for me!! Have an amazing day – and scrap an amazing memory today!!

Finger Pointing – November 11, 2021

Good morning, Scrap Land!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day and that the lure of the holiday season is starting to get you excited for Pumpkin Spice everything, turkey, and colder weather. I am really starting to see pages with winter themes in the galleries, and It’s so wonderful to see. Fall is my very favorite color palette that nature serves up to us. Here are just a few of way too many wonderful layouts to share with you!

Reflections by JenEm

As I was browsing The LilyPad, I was stopped in my tracks with this page. First of all, the plain background and the beautiful nighttime photo of the carousel were such a contrast to each other. I was drawn to it, and I had to see what the journaling was all about. It wasn’t until I looked deeper that I saw the silhouette of a young man. The journaling touched me deeply as I have a young girl on the precipice of College and leaving home.  Jen really created the mood with the lighting in the picture and the sparse sprinkling of flowers around it. The true jewel is the heartfelt journaling, which makes this page an A+!!!!!

Grateful by mrivas

I was drawn to this page from GingerScraps because of the beautiful background papers. Once I looked, I was so entranced by the sweet picture (especially the youngest!!) and very touched by the journaling. The nearly invisible background helps to make the elements pop out. The flowers are perfectly placed and shadowed, and the elements are just perfect. I also like the gingham pocket and pocket card with more special journaling!

Hard to Forget by Dorci

Dorci has made a page that is very hard to forget! Where do I start? I love how she has merged different layers of papers so flawlessly. The title is perfect and the preserved pressed flower helps keep the nostalgia theme. The picture is precious, and the branches and leaves are perfect decorations. The lone colorful little flower with the button holding down the branch is just perfect. Finally, the light paints and the textural text is a perfect base with which to work over.

Snow Much Fun by norton94

Ok, so raise your hands: who can NOT pass up a doggie nose?? No one? Yep – me included!! All I want to do is boop that adorable nose!!! What a PERFECT photo!! How did she capture the most perfect winter doggy picture??!! I love the placement of the photo in the middle, and all the cute pictures of him/her playing in the snow! The flowers just make the layout more colorful! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

Oh, My Heart by Katie Pertiet

I can’t even. Just can’t. This achingly beautiful and sweet page just opens my heart and spills out its contents! The picture, first of all, is so beautiful. I know I keep using that word, but it’s so true. The dress makes it feel so feminine, yet the style of the dress gives it a timeless ethereal feeling.  The pop of color of the flower arrangement is perfect. The layering of ephemera and the delicate elements just top this off perfectly.

Autumn Stories by Rochelle86

And lastly, but most certainly not the least, is this adorable page by Rochelle.  I was drawn in by the large photo of the little girl playing in the leaves. Then I saw all the cute adorable cartoon figures and I had to look more! The flowers and the leaves cluster is shadowed beautifully. What I was especially drawn to was the creativeness of using the strips of paper and photos and how the word “NOVEMBER” is cut out of those strips. Very cool!!

So, that’s our journey for today! Until next time,

Finger Pointing – October 25, 2021

Hello, everyone out there in digi-land!! I hope all is well! I just got back from a really quick turn around trip to my hometown for my husband’s God daughter’s wedding, and I’m still a bit road worn, but I had to get into the digi pages and pick some fun ones to share with you. As always, the pages are linked and you can either click the name of the page or the page itself! Take some time to give them love if you have a moment. It really makes people’s day to see people taking time to do that. I know I float high for the day when I get sweet comments!!!!

First up – the artsy and always eclectic gallery of Katie Pertiet Designs!

All the Colors of Autumn by Mielz

I was very surprised by this wonderful page! I have the hardest time using banners, and Mielz used them as the main focus of the layout!!! I love the safety pins, the layers, and the cute butterflies flying out of the page. The soft, muted, almost neutral palette just makes me want to look deeply into the page and see what other goodies I could find!!!!

And now we turn the corner to PickleBerry Pop and find some more goodies!

Never Leave by RollinChen

This year, for the first time, I understood about Dia de los Muertos, so I guess I’m drawn to pages that are celebrating it. This is such a wonderful way to show just what it is: celebrating life, both those who are gone, and those who remain here on earth. This page is perfectly titled, and the photo is amazing! I love the journaling explaining what it is, and the paint on the background and the sugar skull is just perfect.

GingerScraps is the next stop on our tour!

Scaredy Night by Zanthia

Who can resist Halloween AND doggies??? Not me!   Zanthia picked the most adorable photo of her dogs! Three little barking ghosts! I love the angles, and the cute pumpkin pile surrounded by the pretty foliage. The cute little ghosts floating up the page are a perfect topping to the “Boo”tiful page!

Next up: The Sweet Shoppe!

Not a Friend by MamaB

This page is SO beautifully shadowed, element-ed, and well documented. I absolutely HAD to read the journaling. My daughter is going through some of the same things, so it was quite heartbreaking to read of another good kid’s pain. Great advice from a Mama who loves her boy, and a wonderful way to chronicle some of the “not so good” days. MamaB is a master at shadowing!

Two more to go! This one comes from The Lily Pad – my home away from home in the digital world!  We need to find some art journal-y goodness for this post!

Trust Your Inner Instinct by mcurtt

Oh Lordy, is this page wonderful or what?? I absolutely could not pass this one up!! The bird heads, the human bodies…I just can’t!!! I love the way she used washi tape as a walking surface, and all the little details in the back of the Mallard man. A+ number 1 art journaling page!! Marilyn – you hit this one out of the creative park!!!!

As all good things do – our time together is up for the week. After this last one, I will bid you au revoir!

Our last goodie is from OScraps.

You are not Forgotten by lkdavis

What an absolutely touching and beautiful tribute to what sounds like an amazing woman. I love how she used a plain background and just added a few neutral leaves and gesso/paint sections to create texture in the background, and then used the word YOU boldly. The splash of gold and red are just perfect to complement the ribbon. The journaling is perfectly placed on the page.

And now…we reach the end of our travels for this day. I hope you enjoyed the pages, and again, leave them some love if you have the time!!

Finger Pointing – October 11, 2021

I can’t believe that it’s already October – and it’s finally FALL!! This is my favorite time of the year, and my very favorite color palette to scrap with as well!! I’m having a ball scouring galleries, and I tell you – it was hard to pick just 6 to share with you. Let’s go!!!

I’ve got a hankering for candy, so I think it’s time to stop at The Sweet Shoppe for some sweets!! 

Hello Fall from the Park by mywisecrafts

What a gorgeous page!!! The pictures are surrounded by so much piley goodness! The shadowing is just perfect, and the little flowers, newspaper, and frames peeking through are perfect to draw your eye to the photos! The monarch butterfly drew me in as I am a total sucker for any butterfly anywhere!! 

Next stop in digi-land is Katie Pertiet Designs. There were so many to choose from, but this one stood out to me. 

Tracermajig’s Tag Album

I am always in awe of people who can make pages that look like I could just grab them off the screen!! I love her journaling and I never would have thought to scrap about tomatoes. The shadowing makes the page just pop. I love how each element is hanging off the edge, which contributes to it looking like it’s a photo of a real album. 

I think it’s time for some cookies…so I’m cruising GingerScrap’s Gallery to find a yummy page to share with you!

Tuvok, by dotcomkari

Ok, so it’s not yummy and good to eat, but it sure is cute and adorable! I love the sweet photo of her cat, and then all these fun kitties all over the page! The shadowing is wonderful, and the teeny flowers bring a pop of color to this whimsical page! 

Hopping down the digital freeway, let’s go ahead and stop at the Lily pad and see what Froggy Favorite we can find to showcase!!

Work Day by Roxanna

I am always fascinated by how people can do all these paint piles!! I love the way that the newspaper looks like papier maché and how she’s blended all these paper and paint elements to make a very visually interesting background. Keeping the photo in black and white actually makes it stand out more. The pops of yellow and blue are perfect to make it a cohesive work of art! 

Our next stop is Pickleberry Pop. One of the things I love about this gallery is that it is full of the most beautiful flowers and foliage! Add Fall to it and I’m spending hours drooling! 

Cami by Glori2

Ok, so I saw little Cami and that was it. This little red-headed tot just warmed my heart! Glori used her elements and paints sparingly, and it was just perfect for this page. I love the dotted paint and the cluster of flowers. The background is perfect and it feels like everything she did frames this adorable photo!

Well, here we are at our last stop. I hope you have enjoyed our jumping through digi land. Let’s see what the Digital Scrapbooking Studio has to offer us on our last stop: 

Nature’s Heart by Olivia24


Doesn’t this picture just make you want to giggle and grab that cute little face and kiss his cheeks? And pet that doggie??? Oh – what a perfect picture and it’s showcased so beautifully!! The green mask surrounds the photo, and the green leaves in the piley collage ties everything in. I love the quote, and the splashes of paint. GREAT JOB!!!

Ok – that’s it for me!! I hope you enjoyed the trip through digiland with me! 

Finger Pointing – September 4, 2021

Hello everyone!! I hope all is well on this fine Labor Day here in the United States! I plan on a nice steak and potato dinner this weekend! I live in the desert, so I am one of the people who are happy to see the summer fade into fall!

Without further ado – let’s get to the pages!!!!

Ellen T Golden Season

I got that special chill that only fall/winter brings when I saw this page. It’s like Lorelai Gilmore smelling snow…

Sometimes when there are numerous elements, the photo gets lost, but not here. The shape of the tree, the fabulous shadowing, the piles are all superbly placed. Her color sense is also very good – the teal and the mustardy green are perfect contrasts of each other!

Kayleigh Happy Days

I was just pulled into this page hard!!! How inventive is this??!!! I love the way she separated each adorable photo by the colors and made a big rainbow out of her page! There are so many visually interesting elements that you can spend a lot of time viewing this one! I think the stacking of the elements along a color way is perfect! The topper is the swaths of paint behind each color.

Galactic Scrappinnewbie

Ok, so sorry. I can never pass up anything “Star Wars”, and an entire page of Storm Troopers was too much for me! Keeping the one photo large helps to know what’s going on in the smaller pictures, and the juxtaposition of the Bad A$$ Troopers having flowers around them is just too perfect!

Explore ScrappyMara

Oh, to explore our world is such an amazing thing! My family was planning to go to Arches this summer, but the road was washed out and we couldn’t get there. Oh well…we’re going to try for next Spring.  Mara did so well choosing those amazing orange, green, and browns to complement her amazing picture of desert blooms and rock formations! The Huge lettering (and the adorable pair of hiking boots hidden in it) for the title is also perfect to use complementary patterned backgrounds. Finally – I love the inked edges. They were really big in the early 2000’s and I love that they are coming back.

Feel the Moments Jirsev

This page is achingly beautiful! The pictures are an absolute treasure, and the flowers are just amazing. I think they’re heather? I like how the title is hidden within the flowers and the sentiment is so very true! I think my favorite part of the elements is how they highlight, but don’t overtake the photo, and the hidden paint and text under the cluster gives the background a beautiful texture.

Past, Present, Future Justagirl

I have always loved then and now pages, but this one is phenomenal!  The paintwork behind all the pictures is wonderful enough, but then add those adorable pictures, and the paper piles that separate the photos and you’ve got yourself an award-winning page!!! I loved her journaling, and I think she should print this out and frame it on the wall. Hurrah!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it! Another day of amazing pages!!! Enjoy, and see you soon!!


Finger Pointing – August 29, 2021

Hello again, my friends! Susan here with another batch of amazing pages to share with you today! I don’t know about you, but summer isn’t my favorite time of the year. I live in the desert, so it’s over 100 every day. I cannot wait for fall and its cozy sweaters and beautiful fall colors. When the seasons change, I am so happy to scrap with fall kits! It’s almost here!!!

Mother Bear – My Best Friend

Ohhhh the autumn colors are coming!! I cannot pass up a doggy, let alone a beagle!!  Mother Bear brings us this absolutely adorable page commemorating an equally adorable doggy! I love the circle around the photos, and that fabulous photo of him/her swimming in the middle. That IS pure joy!  The flower piles are beautifully shadowed and I love the interesting textured background.

Zotova – So Happy

I was surfing over at The Lily Pad and this artistic page caught my attention. I wasn’t sure if it was a hybrid page or not. That tulle skirt looked so real! I loved how she showed the small piece of the beautiful wedding dress, and accented it with that wonderful paint frame. The use of the tulle, the flower, and the foliage with the sketched body was so ingenious! What a fabulous page!!!

BCGal00 – Beach Explorer

BCGal really knocked it out of the park with this one. That fantabulous photo of the bird on a limb is framed perfectly by the flower clusters. The picture of Orchard Park in the middle and backed by the paint is so perfect. I couldn’t think of a better way to scrap this wonderful picture.

Anke – You Captured My Heart

I told you that I could not pass up a doggie!!!!! I think what first caught my attention was the diamond shape of the photos up top. The beautiful transfer underneath is a perfect color and the name is just too perfect. Dogs sure do capture our hearts!!  Then I looked deeper and that little cluster with the adorable little deer was just perfect. The dotted line showing the path of the butterfly helped to tie the entire page together!

Blackkl1545 – New York

I think this is actually one of the most beautiful pages I’ve seen of the Statue of Liberty! I love the paint being subtle behind everything and the words being used as texture. Using photo strips to show the skyscrapers is ingenious as well! I’m really taken by this most artsy page!

Neverland Scraps – Brother Sister Love

Where do I start with this one??? I was intrigued enough to click in when I saw the view master slide and the map background because I wondered if it would be a travel page.  Once I looked closer, I was amazed at how many little pieces and elements she has on this page!! The shadowing is amazing, and the layering looks so very realistic! Even though there is a lot going on around it, it still doesn’t take away from the wonderful picture!

So, there you have it! Another installment of Gallery Standouts!! Have an amazing day, and

Finger Pointing – August 9, 2021

Hello again!! It’s Susan, here to bring you six new goodies to finger-point and highlight for you today!  It has been such a crazy summer. I hope this day finds you healthy and well, and if your kids have gone back to school already, I hope you enjoy a little quiet time for yourself!!

I took a few minutes (okay hours) scouring the galleries around town, and here are some exceptional pages that I found. You can go to the page by clicking on the photo or the name of the page. Please go give these ladies props!! They deserve them!

Over at Pickleberry Pop, I saw these pictures and I was DONE!! I had to click and see these adorable pictures of the Pandas.  Liz0704 did an amazing job capturing the fun, playful side of that adorable panda – and the title “Happy” was perfect. I loved the soft colors she chose, a long with the ancient feel of the blended paint background!

Happy by Liz0704

My next stop in digi-land was Katie Pertiet Designs. What a treat I had in store for me today. It was really hard to choose just one!!  But just one I did, and it’s FAB!!

Blackkathy posted this page and oh, those eyes!!! Those little girl eyes pulled me right in and I had to see the rest of it. The sweet little butterflies around that photo are a wonderful layer to the paints that she used. Flowers, leaves, text, splats – all perfect to contrast her photo. I loved the singular string and the simple “loved” bottle cap.

Favorite  by Blackkathy

I rounded the corner and stopped off at The Sweet Shoppe for some delicacies to feast my eyes on. I found this bright and cheery layout, and I’m always a sucker for lemons. Get it? Sucker? LOL

Oh, that FACE!!! I just want to pinch those cheeks!! I don’t know what it is about babies, but they all seem to be entranced by lemons, and even though they don’t like it, they many times grab for more!! I have some pictures that would be perfect for this kit!!! I love the double background, the piling of the lemons, and the cute little pile for the title. This is perfection!!

Lemonade Season  Scrappy Penguin

Next stop: Scrapbook dot com! This is a huge site and a huge busy gallery. After searching and enjoying so many pages, the one I picked is actually from the first one!  Margje posted this amazing layout with so much character! I love the photo with the old-fashioned flying cap and I think what I like most about this page is the TEXTURE!!! I wanted to run my fingers over the screen to see if it was real! The cracked paper, the paint, the scratches – all of them make this page such a treat for the eyes!

Let’s Fly Today  Margje

I’m getting a little hungry with all my visiting of galleries, so I bet it’s time to have some cookies and tea with the GingerScraps Gals!! I sat down to take a bite of my gingerbread cookie when this delight came into view.  Mother Bear has captured the beauty and the femininity of a twirly dress and a little girl! I love the way she made the picture frame into a window that she is dancing in front of. The flower bunches are beautifully shadowed and perfectly placed. I absolutely LOVE the quote “There are two gifts we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings. ” As a parent, I sure have that wish for my daughter as well!

Aviary Collection  Mother Bear

Alas, my travels have taken me to my last destination of the day: The Lily Pad.  I was surfing and saw a big ole “LOL!!!!!” and had to click in. The layout was made to showcase Cinderella’s favorite joke! I have never seen this – what an original idea! All her paper stacks, laughing elements, and fun blended background are perfect for this “funny” layout!

My Favorite Joke   Cinderella