Finger Pointing – October 7th

Hello!! My name is Trace and I am so excited and beyond thrilled to be a part of the GSO blog team. I am guesting for the month of October and happy to do so as October is one of my favourite times of the year. I have been scrapping for a long time and was a published paper scrapper before switching to digital in late Dec of 2012. I love digital layouts and am amazed time and time again at the level of artistry and creativity that digital scrappers can bring. Here are my picks for today. I hope you love them as much as I do.

This layout by AngiePangie caught my eye immediately in the gallery. I love the stitches and the lines of string that draw your eye across the layout. The AMAZING cluster on the diagonal is so well done. The shadowing is outstanding and I love the mixed media feel but it’s still a traditional scrappy page. I also love the scattering of the sequins all over and those adorable little arrow elements. All in all, a fantastic page.


This layout is so beautiful and Caylynn did an exceptional job with this photo. I love how the smaller photo intersects and fits perfectly into the large blended background photo. The tree limbs coming out of the blend into the photo is just outstanding and gives the photo so much movement. The clusters are so fabulous. I love the colour scheme. The blues and silvers with the white is so stunning; and the title says it all. It just all fits together so well!


Next up is a perfect example of what I call artsy/traditional layout. Dotcomkari is a master at this type of art. The background screams art journal and grunge while the photo and elements in the middle are so “traditional” scrapping. Mixed together, they are a brilliant combination and just wonderful! The photo is adorable and playful and it is a great compliment to the messy and fun background. A winner for sure!


One of my favourite scrappers is this lady — Ellen T. She is a standout and so is this layout. Her use of wordstrips down the side with the little arrows is genius! I love the partial photo that tells the story so well without words. Her use of elements always compliment her photos without overpowering them. This one is no exception. The staples down the side haphazardly, the string with the rivets, the brush behind the photo…all brilliant! I always look forward to seeing Ellen’s work and this one was a beauty.


Another of my favourite scrappers who has an amazing design style and is a cluster queen is Mother Bear. She is well known for her use of colour and beautiful composition. This layout is art to me. I would hang this on my wall. The use of the stars and the monochromatic theme are just gorgeous. The photos are stunning and I love how they are tucked under the little paper squares. The blend is so subtle, it looks like it was a part of the background papers. Julie is so great at showing off a kit, no wonder designers love her on their teams.


Last, but certainly not least, is this fun and whimsical layout by pagefrocks. My smile was so big when I came across this WOW layout in the gallery. I absolutely adore this. The paper strips cut to look like waves are so creative and the scatter at the top is so well placed and doesn’t overwhelm the page. The little girl standing on the quote is so fun and to me, it looks like this could be a page out of a treasured children’s book. The texture of the waves in the back done with paint are just brilliant and this layout makes me want to be a better scrapper myself! Fantastic!!!



Those are my FIRST ever picks on the GSO blog. I hope you enjoy them!!! I’m so happy to be here and to be able to showcase the amazing and incredible talent in the galleries all over the web. Until next time….keep scrapping!