Finger Pointing – September 8th

Hello everyone! It’s Vicky here today with my 6 Gallery Standout picks! It was great to be able to indulge myself with looking through the galleries today! My little man went back to school last Thursday, I miss him like crazy, but its nice to get back into routine, especially seeing as I have to ensure I pace myself to avoid a flare up of my chronic illnesses.(which I wasn’t very successful at during the holidays! Oh dear!) I’m feeling a lot better than I did though, and having a quite morning, and lunch with friends today, sure helped me relax and smile a lot! Back to the task at hand now though, I hope you love these pages as much as I do, so here goes…….


Drop In by Katydid



This popped in the gallery for me, I love how the photo is split over 2 photo prints, the splash of colour coming from the paint also caught my eye! I really *heart* the overall composition of the layout too! How cool is the subject matter as well and  what a brave girl! Love the date placement and journaling here too xx


Ready for school by Margje


WOW!! Can I say that again? I’m going to anyway…..”WOW”

The edit to this photograph is super fun and super awesome! I Love the out of bounds work here too and I really like the shadows in the edited photo! Such a artsy, original, fun and imaginative page! I also *heart* the notebook paper background with ink splotches and the bold title work xx


berry cute by karbolik


This really captured my attention in the gallery, the dark background with the stamping, brush work and texture to the page is fabulous! The almost chalk like quotes are a great touch too. I love the clustering and layering in the corner and I seriously *heart* the super cute photo! xx


i love this by KayTeaPea


At first the bold colours, sharp angles, stripes and stitching caught my eye in the gallery. Then when I read the journaling and took a closer look at the photos, I really fell in love with this page! How adorable, and what a wonderful memory keeping page this is! xx


Office Manager by Kacy


Who can resist a cute kitty cat page right?! I *heart* the paper stacking and cute sticker elements here, and also the cute and funny story behind the photo! The doodles and title work are a fab addition to the page, along with the kitty cats new glasses! xx


Week 35 Left & Week 35 Right by SirScrapalot

Now I’m not one for usually posting both sides to a Project Life Style page, I usually pick my favourite and link you to its counterpart, but today I couldn’t choose a fav from the 2, so you are getting both sides LOL xx





First of all, the galleries are FULL of back to school pages, but this one has a twist! There is no picture of a child in front of the door/fireplace etc. getting ready to head off to school for the first time, or heading into a new year group, maybe even heading off to college. This is a back to school page from the other side of the coin! Preparing the school and classrooms ready  for the arrival of the teachers and students! How cool!

I *heart* the painted title words here and the use of bold colours, The different angles and crops to the photos themselves is fab too! The little added details like the pencil and books, along with the word strips was the perfect touch to complete the page! xx


Well that’s all from me today, Thank you for stopping by the blog to see my picks! Please, if you have time, head on over to the galleries and leave some love for these wonderful scrapbookers, memory keepers and artists!! xx Thank you xx


Finger Pointing – August 10th

Hi everyone! It feels like some time since I have had the pleasure to browse the galleries! We returned from our holiday (vacation) last week, the 10 days we spent in Turkey were marvellous! The weather was reaching 42 degrees some days! WOW! My little lad enjoyed every second, he had a ton of fun in the pool practically every day. We enjoyed a stunning boat trip, where we had great swim stops in the bays around Marmaris. The people of Turkey are lovely, the food was great, we found a fab Turkish restaurant for a lovely and plentiful family meal one evening, before heading to the marina to see the fountain show. I have a ton of memories and photos to scrap, but before I get to doing that, here are my Gallery Standout picks for today!! xx

MPM August Visual Challenge by MelanieB

I often find myself admiring Melanie’s Pocket style Hybrid projects, they really POP in the gallery! I love this one for many reasons, the photos were the first thing to catch my eye, I *heart* the sun flare and vibrant greens showcased in these images! The paint and stamping directly on the photos is a wonderful touch too! I also love the fact Melanie included a screen shot of the weather forecast and the use of the wood feel pocket card. xx




Love Today by SanVHM

I really love the softness to this page, with the light grey and gentle pops of pink and turquoise, this page really stood out for me! I also *heart*  the photo, a capture of everyday life, which is simply wonderful memory keeping of a moment in time to treasure. The layering here is gorgeous, the mix of patterns and shapes so pleasing to the eyes. I also really love the splats of paint, stamping, stitching and quote! xx



Flip Flops (take two challenge) by cfile

Oh my, this page is super fun and it immediately reminded me of my holiday! Not just for the fact I lived in flip flops (my fav type of footwear ever!) for 10 days, but the blues and greens took me back to the wonderful warm sea! The selfie here in this page is gorgeous, and the photo of the matching toe rings are great! I simply LOVE the quote on this page! I also *heart* the borders and edging to the photos and papers & the stamping directly on the photo, blended into the wood! xx



On This Day by ptabbert

I fell in love first with the large photo making up the background of this gorgeous layout, its something I forget to do enough of in my own projects! Then just look at those super fun and cute family snaps dotting along the page, such wonderful memory keeping! I *heart* the staples pinning down the photos, the added paint here and there, as well as the journaling! Such a clean & simple page, but such a standout in the gallery! Fabulous! xx



Better Together by gonewiththewind

WOW!! I just love the stunning cluster work and layering showcased so beautifully on this page! The colours from the fun selfie photo have been pulled into the page so perfectly! I*heart* the mix of elements here, from the flowers to varied papers, the acrylic number, paint, stamping and glitter, there is so much to find and admire! I also really love the word strips, word arts and quotes scattered around the page! xx



happyhappy by lingovise

This page made me happy! It just jumped out of the gallery! I love an art journal page! The wonderful use of layering paints, brushes and stamps and blending those together into this piece of art is fantastic! I *heart* all the added elements, like the torn paper, butterfly, metal star and the sticker. The quote is perfect too “Choose Happy” – How can you not, looking at this bright and full of life page! xx



Well those are my 6 picks for today, I hope you enjoyed them, if you wish to leave these pages some “love” just click on the links to take you to the galleries xx Thank you for stopping by the blog today xx

Finger Pointing – July 14th

Hi! I’m here to help our Vicky as her computer broke down when she was writing the post! unfortunately, the system only saved on page, so I will be finishing the post for her- ere is the page she had picked and blogged:

Hello! Vicky here with my Gallery Standout Picks! This will be my last blog post before my holiday, I haven’t even began to start on our packing, but I have been researching my holiday destination for places to visit, things to do, excursions for all the family and some places to eat traditional Turkish cuisine! I can’t wait to jump on that plane! I’m trying to forget about the ironing and packing I’m going to have to do before hand hahaha xx Well while I delay the chores even more, I’ve been browsing the gallery this morning, and here are only 6 of the wonderful pages I came across xx

2015 Project Life Week 28 (Left Side) by Barbara Unzen

This is such a fun, bright and cheerful Pocket style page! This is part of a double page spread, you can find the other side *Here*. This side caught my attention with the girls new hairstyles! What fabulous changes, that really suit them both! I love the taped and  angled frames with their new looks along with the before and after shots at the salon. The colors here scream summer fun! I *heart* the pops of red and yellow too. Great memory keeping! xx


and here are my picks: F is for FUn a la piscine by Ga_L : I’m sure you have worked out this is fun at the swimming pool…and how fun is the page!!!! love the format, the paint playing in the background, the feel of the water present…I love Gaelle’s ability to make gorgeous pages with amazing blank space, love the photo editing!!!! All put together, a total stand out today!!!


Another super talented girl in the mostly clean and blank spacey style, this page called me for the background texture, and when I looked closer it just made my heart smile… those smiles, the happiness coming through the photo, the feeling of forest so well represented, LOVE her shadows and how this has actually quiet a lot when you look closer…another super skill sometimes I wish I had: making cleaner pages still using enough elements to create a “back up” for the story….LOVE this page!!!! Ancient Forest Falls by bcnatty


If you regularly read our posts, you would know by now how much I love a designer who scraps, and this lady, I think, needs not much of an introduction…. her work as a designer is amazing and every page I see of hers shows me how much talent she has ….in this case even more so as she is also the one who created the template and the kit… the template super original as hers always are, and her tale on this so beautiful, perfect in every way you look at it! The perfection with which she has combined the patterned papers, the tittle work and all those amazingly perfect shadows! A stunner!!! You are Perfect by Akizo


Next page is a jewel by someone whom I’m sure you know, as she is often featured here, only bot much by me… so it makes me happy to be on the gallery rounds when I find something from her that I can pick!!! (we have rules, you know, as I am always telling you! LOL) Ona is one of my most favorite artsy scrappers who can do any & everything….. and will give it a master quality. Her art is so amazing, I could make posters/prints and hang them on my wall and never tire to look!! The blending & layering here are so wonderful, a jewel!!!! The Simple Life by wombat146


This next page is the kind that made me want to do art journal…. I remember a few years back finding these dolls, the collaged parts of the body, those huge eyes, so much fun expressed and so many possibilities…. Love how this one is so vibrating with the reds and the contrast with the black in the background… thanks for reminding me of this …gorgeous, up-lifting page, you are so right, it does make us happy!!!! Be by Melissa Kaye


and with this I’ll say good night (as it’s early hours of Wednesday for me here!) Please do spare a minute or two to find these awesome artists’ galleries, just click on the high- lit name of the LO and author and it will take you to the original galleries… thanks so much, have a great day!!!

Finger Pointing – July 7th

Hi everyone, Vicky here for another round of Gallery Standouts! I’ve really enjoyed spending some time today curled up in the corner of my sofa, browsing through the galleries. I have quite a busy weekend ahead, so taking some time out to relax during this week is going to be much needed. I am so excited to be visiting Cynthia (MrsPeel) on Saturday! *Happy Dance* It has been a few months since we last saw each other, and I cant wait to give her a big hug this weekend! While I’m counting down the days, let me get on with showing you my choices for today xx

But First Coffee by Miranda Barten

Coffee, ahhhhh yes! On my list of favourite things! What morning is complete without a nice mug of coffee! I am always drawn to pages about this subject matter, the title of the page caught my eye along with the wonderful layering and stacking of papers, journal cards and diverse selection of elements. I *heart* the paint! I’m a real fan of paint, ink and stamps on a page! I also love the pops of colour, the blue, pink, green and orange work so well together here on the neutral background. The shadows are also fabulous xx



shenanigans by AmberR 

WOW just look at the fabulous blended background, how fun is the mix of papers here, the paint and stamps just perfectly showcased! I love the speech bubbles for the journaling and definition of “shenanigans” on this page! With an 8 year old son of my own, I really appreciate how difficult it is to get “nice” photos, however, crazy, funny, goofy and often blurred from movement photos are caught in abundance! They are still worthy of documenting though, just like Amber has here, its a moment in time to treasure and remember. I *heart* the edits to her photos too xx



Playing all day by Margje

I have a soft spot for “boy” pages, I’m always on the hunt for inspiration to scrap photos of my little man, this page is just so “boy”! The grungy paint, the tire tracks the pops of colour amongst the navy blue, I *heart* it all! I’m not a great white space scrapper, it is something I struggle to achieve, but I sure do admire those that can pull it off, and  I believe Margje has done just that here! Such a cute photo of a boy and his truck too xx



We Love Books by Joelsgirl

Another thing on my list of favourite things is…… books! I simply LOVE to read! Seeing children find a love of reading is just amazing, the worlds it opens up their imagination to and the joy they find is just heart warming. I love how Joelsgirl not only shares photos here of her boys reading, but also documents what their favourite books are right now in this moment in time, such awesome memory keeping! I love the blocking to the page, the banners and ribbons, the typewriter font is perfect for the theme, and I *heart* the alphabet paper background! xx



Teamwork by ScrappinRae

The wooden background on this page is what first grabbed my attention in the gallery, then I was drawn in by the wonderful clusters and layers, the fun bright colours too! I *heart* the pine cones and camping elements and also the great group photo! Another page with paint in the background, that really seems to just finish off the page nicely, along with the cluster just to the side of the layout xx



Party time by Maja

Oh my, those photos are just super FUN! I love the photo booth style pics with the crazy wig and sparkly hat! What wonderful memories of a birthday. I *heart* the watercolour balloons and the stamped numbers which I presume to be the ages of the girls? The layers of banners and the shadows on those are great! The placement of the text and scatters falling down the page really draws your eye around the page perfectly xx



Well that’s my 6 picks for today, please feel free to leave some love on these pages in the gallery if you have time, just click on the link of the title of each page xx

Thank you for stopping by the Gallery Standout blog today, hope you all have a marvellous week, Vicky xx







Finger Pointing – July 4th

Hi everyone! Vicky here with my Gallery Standout post for today, July 4th! Happy Independence Day to all our friends in the USA, hope you all have a wonderful time celebrating! xx It seems my picks for today may have been influenced by the occasion, and you should see or find some red white or  blue, either prominent or subtle, displayed here in my picks. Even being from the UK, July 4th holds a special place in my heart, I have family that live in America and have visited them a few times over the years, on one occasion my Aunt & Uncle took me and my husband to Colonial Williamsburg, where we spent some time learning all about the revolution and the journey of  Americas independence. I really should dig out those photos, scan them and get those memories documented in pages! For now, I’ll just get on with sharing todays Gallery Standouts! xx


land free home brave by Keela I love the triangles scattered on this page, the inclusion of so many patterns and colours, yet so subtle and easy on the eye! The photo and accompanying journaling is wonderful memory keeping of a time and place. I also *heart* the paint, stamping  and stitching on this layout. The pops of red, white and blue, along with the patriotic ribbon bow, really completes the page xx



USA by carollee WOW! The gorgeous blending here is amazing, and those banners are perfectly placed to showcase this beautiful “selfie”! I love the layered effect of the framed photo, the patriotic colours and the delicate grunge to the edges of the page. The story behind this page is fab, I *heart* a page with journaling, what lovely memories to treasure. Awesome memory keeping xx


Delight by NancyBeck How I wish I was splashing around in a pool or sea of water right now, doesn’t this young man look like he is having such a fun time! The subtle watercolour in the background and the spray of ink really sings on this page. I *heart* the pops of yellow mixed in with the nautical red white and blue! The scattered stars and the stapled down sequins really add that finishing touch to the page xx



Lookin’ Good in Sunnyside by dvhoward Awww I love this photo! The line of journaling tells you all you need to know about the story behind it, a simple everyday event that will become a cherished memory as little Vivi grows! I *heart* the torn paper, the paper strips, the large title and the stitching here, all on a gentle yet bold patterned paper. The pops of red and blue look fabulous with the yellow and I always have a soft spot for butterflies xx



Drop anchor with the one you love by MissK

Oh my, just look at that embossed background paper! I love it! Then there is the gorgeous family photo, so adorable! I love the simple, off centre, blocked design of this layout. The pop of gold in the seahorse element on that dark blue journal card really stands out and draws you into the page. I *heart* the subtle splat of paint and the seagulls flying from the page too xx



California by Kacy

I couldn’t resist finding a pocket page for you today, and this one is simply stunning! I love the block of white framed photos, with room left for layers of paper and journaling. I really *heart* the edits to these photos, they look so soft, and they draw you in to examine each one, I also like how Kacy labelled the photos, directly popping the text on each of them! The mix of elements scattered around really is a great finishing touch!



I really hope you enjoyed my selections for todays Gallery Standouts! I had a great time browsing the galleries and leaving these wonderful artists some love, if you’d like to leave them a comment, just click on the title of each page to take you to the galleries xx

I’m off to get some food ready for a BBQ today, whatever you find yourself doing this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful time xx



Finger Pointing – 22nd June

Good morning! Vicky here with my picks for todays Gallery Standouts! Where has the last week gone? It’s great to be back with you all again xx  Here in the UK the weather is playing tricks on us, we go from sunny and very warm days, to grey skies, cooler temperatures and rain, sometimes it changes within the same day!  I’m counting down the days to our family holiday/vacation where we will have 10 days of sunshine and warmth in Turkey! I am excited to experience a Turkish Bath & also enjoy a massage or 2! My little man says he just wants to spend all day, every day, in the pool! This is the 1st year he will be swimming without water aids on holiday, all those swimming lessons have paid off! Well enough about my holiday, its still a few weeks away! I’ll get on with showing you the wonderful pages I found for you today in the galleries xx


Happy Fathers Day by mimisgirl

So yesterday was Fathers Day, I hope all the Dads in your life had a great day, and for those that have fathers no longer earth side, that you managed to celebrate the cherished memories of your loved ones xx I just had to feature a “Dad” page today, this was the first one I spotted and I fell in love! The black and white edits along with the colour photos are fabulous! The “Random facts” is such a neat touch, I think my husband would be in awe of this Dad’s hobby of brewing his own beer! How fun! What a great way to document memories, and a time in some ones life! I also  *heart* the colour scheme of blues with grey and orange too, those are colours that always call to me in a male themed kit! xx



Me and Jake by jackieclayton

Oh my, look at all the gorgeous layers right here! The patterns and colours all working so seamlessly together! It takes a real eye for design and an artistic mind to create such a beautiful eye-catching page, that is not too overbearing, with all these patterns, colours, textures and elements! I *heart* the tucked in string, tape and foliage, as well as the little word art snippets! I also love the small line of journaling that tells us everything we need to know about this page! An absolutely gorgeous photo too! The paint and stamping in the background is such a perfect finishing touch, there is so much to admire, praise and find in this incredible page xx



Worlds Greatest by sucali

Awww how cute is this little fella! I admire how sucali has drawn out the blue eyes of this little boy with the blue papers, paint and elements on the page, mixed with a little lime green and yellow, the page really pops in the gallery! Again I *heart* the tucked in elements, and the shadows are fabulous! I love the mixed types of elements, from a  doodled flower to realistic foliage, along with ribbon and metal, this has quite a eclectic mix of details! I’m a huge fan of adding stamping and paint to a page, and the touches of it here is striking. xx



Do The Crazy Thing by ptabbert

WOW! I’m sure you can see how this page drew me in, it stood bold and proud in the gallery, and rightfully so! Its stunning! So eye catching and high spirited! It really is a piece of artwork! I love the pops of red and blue, on a black background, also the rhythmic feel to the floating of the dress, like this should be a cover for an album or a poster for a west end show! I *heart* the message in the statements, reminding us to e a little crazy sometime, go out a seize the day, try our best, don’t be afraid, take that leap of faith! It can speak to us all, in many ways, in many times of our lives! Simply stunning! xx



Melbourne Open House pg16  by esther_a

I simply love how this page so beautifully reflects the subject matter in those stunning photos, see the watercolour paint, and washed paper background! How perfect is that with the photo of the umbrellas and the story behind the day documented! This project is such wonderful memory keeping! I *heart* the clean lines of the photos that are stapled to the page, the blue umbrella with stamped script work layered behind! If you visit Esther’s gallery, you will find a selection of pages from this trip to the city with her camera club. If you scroll down into the credits of each page, you will see each double page in all its glory! The other side showcasing extraordinary photography, in one large photo! Seriously, go look! WOW xx



Good Thorts – Sunbeam – Lovely by purlz76

This page by Agnes (purlz76) caught my eye in the gallery due to all that painty goodness! The colours working so well together. I really *heart* getting messy digitally and scattering around doodles, paint and stamps on a blank canvas! This page is fun, inviting and inspiring! Never be afraid to try this arty style, it can be so therapeutic! The bold stitching, layered papers and small cluster is all so very perfect on this page. The quote really finishes and suits this page so well, and I love the selfie!!  I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting Agnes, face to face, and believe me, sunbeams really do shine from her, she is such a beautiful lady inside and out! xx



Well that’s my 6 picks for today! I hope you enjoy and *heart* them as much as I do! If you have a few moments please click on the links and visit the pages to leave these wonderful artists some love in the galleries xx Hope you all have an amazing week ahead xx





Finger Pointing – June 15th

Hi xx It’s Vicky here on this bright and breezy Monday morning! I always find it  a pleasure to be able to pop by the Gallery Standout Blog and share a few minutes with you all, admiring and being inspired by so many wonderful pages and projects! After getting my little man to school, coming home and putting a load of washing in the machine, its wonderful to be curled up on the sofa with a coffee and browsing the galleries for todays picks! I hope you love them all as much as I do! xx


Into The Wood Camping Invite : By Oscaralley

I just had to start this weeks picks off with this wonderful Hybrid project by Tanya! It really grabbed my attention in the gallery with the bright pops of green – I absolutely love all  the layered elements, the depth to the card, and the natural card stock that works so well with the theme! Just look at the starry sky too! Isn’t it fabulous?! xx



td : By marnel

Next up is this bright, bold and fun pocket style page! I simply *heart* the red and blue used here with the B&W photos! the clusters are fab, I love the use of paint/ink and the  quotes and word art! This page really speaks to me as a mother, to see the smiling happy faces of mother and son, and the love shining from the page, reminds me to scrap about me and my little man! I often scrap father and son pages, but there is also a special relationship between Mums and their boys, and that is something that I need to document! xx



Letting Go : By JenEvang

This page first captured me and drew me into the gallery with the neutral background, pops of colour, the use of angles and shapes, upon clicking on the thumbnail, a whole new perspective was given within this stunning page! The story captured with just 1 photo and a few simple lines of journaling! Oh my! I *heart* memory keeping! I also love the use of stamps, stitching and the metal fasteners, there is so much to admire and discover here! xx



Walking Through The World : By mommy2boyz

Oh just look at the B&W photo here, not all photos have to be posed or taken face on to tell a story or document a time in life! Those candid shots are just as wonderful! I love the creative style of journaling on this page, and the actual words are so…. *sigh* …. Perfect! The paint/ink and the doodles work so well on this page, I also love the texture, the paper strip borders and the little details like staples and stitching, and the shadows here too. xx



2015 Week 22 – left side : by Lynnette

I found another eye catching pocket style page in the galleries today, I try not to feature more than one pocket page in  each post, but this is more of a tradition style than the previous one! I love the clean lines and the use of the page protector here! The selection of photos are beautiful, The scenery captured so well, I would love to be there amongst the water, greenery and mountains! I can imagine the smell of the fire/bbq and my mouth is watering LOL! This is part of a double page spread, to see the other side which is just as stunning “Click Here”  – Such wonderful memory keeping across both pages! xx



This Is Home : By KBlack

This page showcases stunning photography an amazing technique of “Out of Bounds” as well as simply beautiful blending! I was in awe of the skills and patience this project/page would have taken! Its elegant and pretty with a clam and serene feel to the page. I love the softness of the colours and the added details of stamps/brushes, the blended title and the sweet butterfly! xx




Well, that’s it from me today, I really hope you love my 6 picks as much as I do! If you could spare a minute or 2 to leave these wonderful pages and projects some love in the gallery it would be appreciated, we all love the warm fuzzies we get when people take the time to comment on our work, you can reach each page by clicking on its title xx