Finger Pointing – March 26

Happy Sunday, I hope everyone had a great week and weekend. I’ve enjoyed having my oldest son home from college over the past week for his spring break. I’m also very much enjoying the transition to spring, the longer and lighter days make me happy. 

A Surprise Retirement Party by grantlaurensmom

Love to the moon and back by omlialie

Moments by kayleigh

PCOS Life by littlekiwi

Finding Peace by HeatherH

Tamsin by Applechick

Wishing you all a great week to come. Please leaves these amazing artists some love by clicking on the hyperlinked titles. 

xoxo SeattleSheri (Sheri)

Finger Pointing – March 24th –

Hello hello!!! Cynthia/MrsPeel here with a heart full of joy tonight, despite the freezing cold and the devastating energy bills, I have been so delighted to feel a bit better health wise and able to get around the galleries a bit more…I know I need to catch up with many, many of you still, bear with me, I promise I am determined and will be, just pacing myself so I wont need to be away from all again! I have a bunch of gorgeous pages to inspire you, let’s get to it!

Starting with Oh Heavens! by gonewiththewind. I know here we are all about the scrapper and the page, but when you get people like Cheryl, who is the full package, a fabulous scrapper, an amazing designer of templates that can rock any style, and a person so inspiring in any level….(I’m sure I am not the only one who has been lifted by her many, many times!!!!) who has created an equally beautiful and talented daughter that is following her steps and is rocking the designs, and you get a combo of mother and daughter talents in a page…..well, this NEEDS to be highlighted. The marvellous combo of patterns, the choices of elements beautifully put together in perfection layering, killer shadows and the presence of her beautiful self in an awesome black & white portrait to balance the whole thing….well… PURE AWESOME!

Another favorite lady of mine, Lynette here with April Fools, a super gorgeous, elegantly clean template take that is so very beautiful and sweet, love the amazing shadows that create a dimension so perfect it could be a photo of a paper layout, the colors are great and the mixture of textures brings all together in perfection!

Pizza Pizza by Christa aka cfile is wonderful! I maybe a bit biased here as I adore this lady with all my heart, but as she is often featured by my sisters here too, I know I am not alone in loving every page of hers. She brings memory keeping together with elegance, her style adapts to anything but always keeping that clean, pristine look and the most emotional stories…. LOVE the way she scraps everyday moments like big events, and this one specially, as we share a lot of what we eat and I have incorporated many of her & hubby choices to our own menu…. delightful food, amazing composition, the outstanding beauty of those shadows, the grungy feel of the background, that amazing alpha that gives an impact….all together hyper fabulous!!!



A magnificent art journal composition by one of the most amazing and versatile ladies I know, sharonb with Paula Kesselring MessyMix 1.  The ability to compose a marvel on a red background is amazing, the crazy wonderful layering of all the bits, the gorgeous pieces of torn paper, here again a mixture of textures that lift the page’s dimension…. all over beauty!!!!!

XOXO by Saar is the absolute marvel of parenthood in a page!!!! I could be here for hours, days even, talking about the talent that Sarah shares with us daily, for years I have been falling in love with the perfection of her creations, and motherhood has brought even more love poured in them, here the wonderful elements galore shine, the perfection of those shadows, sweet choice of card, the beauty of mum & dad’s expression and their handsome baby boy, all together makes my heart sing!!!!

Time to Recharge by mrsashbaugh, another awesome lady who has been inspiring us for years, a great clustering masterclass, a marvellous layering of the background papers, so much to discover here, brilliant use of patterns, gorgeous shadows and the beauty of herself in the wonderful portraits, the black and white creating a light that perfectly shines with all those colors in the composition….absolutely amazing!

Another favorite of mine, Carina aka cinna with Slay All the Way, a page so amazing I was impressed big time from the thumbnail and closer look left me in total delight (as she does always!) The deep, blood red in the background with an elegant page border that lends elegance which is continued in her gorgeous design to share with us a number of shows which I can’t really say I agree on loving all, but some of them have been marked as my favourites of the past few months. Then there is an element of fun in her gorgeous cluster of tree and cascading elements, then the addition of that gorgeous composed title (THAT alpha!!! I need!!!) it makes for a superb standout!!!!

Next I have a couple of beyond awesome art journal pages to delight the heart all the way.

Blow the Cobwebs Away by Poppy is the most beautiful, sweetest combination of pieces with magnificent shadows, linked by two perfectly fitting quotes, the addition of the doodled big arrow gives even more movement to the marvel here!!!!

Last, but in NO WAY least… ScrapaholicSherry with March 2023 Mix & Match. This is a kind of emotional thing for me, as she was one of the very first scrappers who made me fall in love with the art….  I met her a bit over 15 years ago in the first place where I learned about scrapbooking, was a site with an online program that was on beta testing…. for over 2 years I kept being marvelled by her, then the program was sold and we went different places, never completely lost the communication, occasionally supported each other in social media, but lately I find myself seeing her more often and still blown away by her creativity. The page not only is a marvel of a piece, but she made this with a freebie mini for a challenge which I also did…and the results of her page show her talent, her ability to make every kit hers, the explosion of color and the perfection of the mixing and matching the pieces giving it all her very own personality, which is awesome. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

This is all from me tonight! hope you are inspired and delighted by the awesome talent shared as much as I am, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!

Finger Pointing – March 23rd

Good day everyone! An early post for me today as I’m working later. It’s such a grey, miserable and wet day here in the UK but journeying through the galleries lifted my spirits! Let’s take a look at some amazing pieces of work I found…

Opening up with Growing Up by taxed4ever, I love the riot of colour and carefree feeling of this page. Bold background brushwork with a statement black stamp, delicate florals and pretty butterflies add spice to this layout and the perspective of the photo adds to the fun element of this project. Love this!

One of my favourite things is to add some foliage to my own pages and I love how Cristina has incorporated some pretty greens on her page entitled Somehow . Again, some nice background brushwork adds interest and the soft yellow and peach colour combination works beautifully with the photo. Finished off with the understated title work, this page is a winner!

And now for something really fun! Cartoon Grandkids by carollee is just priceless! I love the ‘noticeboard’ design with the series of images nicely pinned while carefully chosen elements and terrific journaling round off the page nicely. What a fun way to record the faces of little ones that will be awesome to look back on in years to come – I can only imagine how they all loved seeing their cartoon images! Wonderful!

This Girl by Blackkathy is a feast for the eyes with layer upon layer, perfectly shadowed and placed, providing a great spot for the pretty image. Nicely balanced with florals and ribbon detail top right and bottom left corners, I love the monotones of this project while the tilt of the stitched frame and the retro title font add that girly glamour to the beautiful photo. Stunning!

Another fun and carefree page is Inner Child by Mother Bear. Blended backdrop images always work well with an off-centre, vertical design and I love the colour palette that makes this page so easy on the eye. Once again, pretty florals have been used to anchor the framed images and the mix of word art and word strips makes the page flow beautifully. An amazing, feel-good page!

Rounding up this post is So Much Love by JenEm. Scenic pages are amongst some of my very favourites, I just don’t do them as well as this myself! Terrific blending overall and the texture at the bottom of this project make is so wall worthy and the minimalistic elements are just the right touch. A calming and delightful piece of work!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices for today and that they inspire you to create a page of your own. When you have a moment, click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they will appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – March 22nd

Hi y’all! I am excited to be back and sharing just a few of the gorgeous creations inhabiting digital scrapbooking galleries. There is so much talent out there and I am excited to be sharing a glimpse of it with y’all.

Treasure This by EllenT

This layout from EllenT is just such a gorgeous Spring/Easter page. Beautiful photos combined with wonderful element clustering. The element choices just go so well with the photos. This is just a great page to celebrate the upcoming season.

Lost in Her Secret Garden by jlholden15

I love a great fantasy page and Lost in her Secret Garden is just that. The colors are gorgeous and the page has great element clustering. I love the large art doll and Jana did a great job with the composition.  I am really impressed by this page.

Joy to Everything from nibylandia-11

This page from nibylandia-11 is another gorgeous Spring page. The colors she used are beautiful and go so well with the photo. The page contains wonderful element clustering. I especially like how she used the flowers with the sketched women’s face. I also love the use of patterned papers for the background of the page.

One Lucky Baby from Olivia24

I love this St. Patrick’s Day page from Olivia24. Such great use of patterned papers. Plus the page contains wonderful element clustering that really helps bring focus to the most important part of the page, the photo. Such fun element choices too. What a great page to celebrate the holiday.

Smell the Flowers by Tineke

This page by Tineke is another gorgeous Spring page. The happy colors go so well with the photo. I really like the element clustering around the base of the photo. She did such great work with photo blending as well.

All in the Attitude by tlowe

I absolutely love the bright colors of this page by tlowe. Such beautiful element clustering above the photos and I really like the use of that banner. I also really like her use of scatters and paint on the page. And the patterned paper works so well here. Such a fun page for such happy photos.

Happy, springy colors were definitely my jam today. I hope y’all enjoyed my choices and are inspired for your next creations. Until next time, remember that today is a great day to capture your memories.

Cindy (scribler)


Finger Pointing ~ March 21, 2023

Hello my friends!!! I hope this day finds you happy and ready to view some beautiful pages with me!! I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen an uptick in talent coming out of the galleries lately!! The pages are just SO GOOD!! It’s hard to choose just 6 each time!! Let’s get right to it!! And as always, please take the time to give some love to the artists who created these pages!! It comes from their heart and it feels SO GOOD to be featured here, and so good to have people notice!

ArmyGirl “PostCard”

I am always blown away when people can make a digital page look so real that you have to check the credits and see if it’s digi, hybrid, or paper!! Lisa is great with this! Her shadows are SPOT ON and I love the way she can pick just the right elements for a page! I love the happy photos and the wonderful layering!

SeattleSheri “Daily Love”

I was drawn to this page by her son’s beautiful eyes and had to see what this page was about! I love the de-saturated look of the page – there’s still a hint of color, but it’s also very neutral. Her butterfly cluster is uh-MA-zing!!I love the piley goodness and the different layers of paint, gesso, and stitches underneath it.

Shawnbear “Grouch on the Couch”

What can I say about this?? I laughed when I saw the title and had to see what it was all about. I have a Grouch on the Couch too, so it hit home with me!! I love the art journaling style with paint splatters and scribbly lines – perfect for a grumpy teen.  Love the word art, and the young grungy feel to everything!

bbe “Just Be You”

I’m sensing a theme here that I didn’t see while picking my pages: muted color palettes and kids! I guess I’m in a muted mood! LOL! I love the way she piled the background papers so that we could see them. They are beautifully shadowed, and the pretty cluster behind the earthy butterfly is perfect. A great finishing touch is the film strip that she faded into the background!

Miki “Embrace the Difference” 

And here I am again with a muted tone and kids! However, I could NOT pass this one up. The originality of this is fantastic! I love the split screen, the birth picture of each kid, and a new picture of them. The blending is superb – especially the layers of text, paint, and the background! The ghosted butterfly is a perfect touch of color!

Bubby “Pop Up Challenge”

Hey – how did this color layout get in my post?? I saw this in the gallery, and it was the very first one I saw. I could NOT let this one pass on by! It is so inventive; so colorful; so interesting to look at!! I love the different art dolls and the adorable little birdie at the top. The angles and triangles, surrounded by the white stroke, gives this layout a lot of power!!

So there you have it! Six pages to drool over!! I hope you enjoyed this quick trip through digi land. Catch ya next time!

Finger Pointing – March 20

Hi all and happy Monday!! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and your week is starting off great! I’m going to get right to it tonight without rambling lol. I hope you enjoy these amazing pages I’ve found around the galleries!

Down the Rabbit Hole by LisaMT
How fabulous is this page! I am absolutely in love with her amazing design and all her fabulous cluster work!! The title and border are so perfectly done and how fun are the legs!! This is just such a wonderfully creative page and I just can’t stop staring at it!! Perfection!


Believe in Yourself by cherrygutz
Another stunner of a page! I just love the angel of the photo and that big floral is so gorgeous!! I love the beautiful paint and the more dimensional cluster next to the photo! Fabulous title work as well!! The scattered hearts and butterfly are perfect touches!! Wonderfully scrapped!!


Little Guitar Man – Charley by lmaggs
This is just the sweetest page!! I am in love with that adorable photo and I adore those gorgeous patterns! The stitched down word strips are so fun and so creative, and I also love that border! This is just a beautifully scrapped layout!


Harper by triplejdesigns
How sweet is that photo! It makes me smile just looking at it! And what a fantastic layout!! I love the big circle and beautiful floral embellishments! Her use of the thread, paint, and stamped elements is just fabulous! This is so beautifully creative!


Princess Lucille 2022 by Lori Ann
This one caught my eye right away! How beautiful is her photo and how stunning is the whole layout! The little pops of color are absolutely amazing and work so perfectly with the black and white. I love her work around the edges as well! Fabulous work!!


Perfect | Ed Sheeran by Ozegirl
Another fabulously creative page!! I just keep staring at it! How amazing is all her work with the lyrics and her cluster work is beyond phenomenal!! I keep finding more and more things to love about this one! The colors are beautiful and the whole page is such a stunner!


And that will do it for me tonight! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing | March 19th

The first day of Spring is tomorrow. And its 20F / -6.7C where I am.  Sunshine, flowers and warm weather…. where are you???  Oh well, here are some lovely layouts full of flowers or spring colors.  That will have to do for now.

He Makes My Heart Happy by mocamom

I adore the color matching between the paper, flower, and color of the shirt in the photos.  The pops of paper-bag brown are wonderful neutral compliments to the bold blue-greens.

Road Trip by ctmm4

The use of tags popped from the gallery!  I’m loving the super soft colors that go so well with the photos.  There is so much to look at here with each tag being unique.

Collage by Thuria

My heart is happy to see such a marvelous collage piece in the galleries today.  This page is dominated by neutral tones.  The pops of blue are a perfect example of how to draw eyes to certain areas in a layout.

In My Garden by carolwenxin

Gosh, I wish my first day of spring was looking like this layout. This is incredibly pretty with the flower focal point and the additional flowers that blend into the background.

Poppy by Jayne

I LOVE the flower hat!  I love the mix of the bold, bright red against grey.  The red absolutely POPS.

Best Friend by conniemiles

What a heart melter!  There is so much to love here… from the journaling to the use of multiple photos and the lovely clusters in between.  Yes, life is short… spoil your fur babies!

Until next time, have a fantastic week and Happy Spring!

Lisa (Armygrl)