Finger Pointing – June 24th

Summer has struck my neck of the woods with temperatures in the high 90’s and humidity to boot.  I think that’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to my first pick of this Monday evening…

Hidden in plain sight by Kakleidesigns

What an amazing scene and digital painting!  I swear I can smell salty air coming through my computer and feel the refreshing coolness of the misty sea air!  Ah, to be near the sea would be such a delight.

June – Finish The Sentence Challenge by Bubby

Ha!  This digital mastery is fun and creative!  And those frog socks are a riot! I may complain about the heat, but I love the frog songs in summer.  And this layout captures what I imagine the frogs to be doing!  Ha!

Vintage Soul by Jirsev

This layout has such lovely vintage charm!  The sepia tones are perfectly complimented with the touches of white, green, and purple hues.

Barefoot Summer by Chaos Lounge

Here we have a smorgasbord of color and fun!  I think this layout perfectly captures the essence of sun and summer magic.

At the Aquarium by Lidia G

It is easy to get swept up in this layout’s “Underwater Wonders.”  In addition to precious photos that capture the wonder and amazement of children enjoying an aquarium trip, this layout has fantastic flow.

Caedy and Elsa by Lorigaud

How cool to be a leap day baby!  And what an awesome way to celebrate one’s first birthday….errrr….4thbirthday! This layout is cute and whimsical and perfectly captures the birthday magic.

Wow!  The galleries were seriously rocking summer fun and magic tonight! They help make this sweltering heat a bit more bearable. At least I can take a mental break and enjoy the summer fun and whimsy in the galleries.

Till next time,

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – June 23rd

It’s Good Evening for us here in London, hope everyone is doing well!  I’m delighted to be back around, not just scraping but getting around the galleries is amazing for me especially this season, so much beauty and so many inspiring pages!!! Sharing just a few:

Journaling : Rebuild by nfenchack

Always love stopping at her gallery , not only her visuals are great, but always there is a story that captures me, and this one is wonderful!!!! Getting to know little bits of other scrapper’s lives is one of the sides of the industry  that I enjoy the most, and in this case, we get a bit of history of doll houses trends along the years! I didn’t have one as a child, but we put together one for our daughter, so reading the journaling brought back beautiful memories of my own… how wonderful to have a present with such emotional value, the page is gorgeously clean cut,  the photos together with a few elements enhance the journaling, love those deep shadows too!

Double Exposure by bjc

Love how she always documents her family’s life, I feel like I have seen her grandchildren grow up, and all through awesome pages like this… what a marvellous way to do the technique, the photo is beautiful, perfect that the embellishing is kept at minimum, some paint accent to concentrate on the effect, wonderful fun with colors on the double exposure working well with the background paper to created light, great page!

My Heart by Saar

Here is one of my most loved, favourite layout artists in the whole industry….. I am so so glad to be back and able to be around the galleries to follow her baby’s progress, difficult task to pick just one page from Sarah, each and everyone of them is fabulous, choosing this that I feel represents her the most, a wonderful result on putting together all neutral tones, not an easy feat, but her talent brings a perfect composition,  superb choice of papers, so  beautiful clusters and the (once again) perfection of those shadows…as if this wasn’t enough, a quick glance at her credits list makes me love the page even more!!!!! this is total elegance!!!!!

It Comes in Waves by Cherylny

Another sister so dear to my heart, here with a super fabulous blending that puts together fun and amazing artsy elements, there is a feel of hand made with those messy threads and the doodles,  the play with all blues, the mix of textures and movement  with the side circles, the choice off background paper mixed with other pieces and the light she created on the blending all around is fantastic!!!!!

Sunny Days by pagefrocks

Her pages are always gorgeous, but when I find her in the page it becomes a diamond! Warm summer photos, smiles that radiate the screen, a marvellous mix of colours that jump with the patterns, awesome layering with equally awesome shadows, all coming together for a fabulous page!!!!!

Balance by zippyoh

Appropriate  title for this, wonderful  balance in every detail, the movement the clusters create, the muted tones and the adventure of finding something new every time we think we saw it all, the perfection of those shadows, love the word art used for the title, and how the balance is again present with elements that feel vintage and the modern happy photo, gorgeous all together!!!!!

This is all from me tonight, hope you love these as much as I do…!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!