Finger Pointing ~ May 23, 20022

Hello Digi-fans!!! I hope this day finds you all well and having fun with the greatest hobby around! I have been searching the galleries to find you some gems to take a look at, and I think I’ve found a group of wonderful pages!! After I hit post, I’m off to plan our Memorial Day weekend menu.  So many people to thank for the good things in our lives. Their sacrifices are never gone unnoticed.

Let’s get to the pages!!!!

First up, we have Sylvia’s oh so artsy “Right Now”

Sylvia never fails to surprise and delight me with her artsy pages. She has the knack of finding the perfect elements to go with the perfect paint splashes! Her photo treatment is spot on, and I love the little camera cluster on the bottom right. She really knows how to use the paint and little artsy touches that make just about every one of her pages a knockout!

Next up is Kayleigh’s “In The Moment”.

I was immediately drawn to the bold and colorful stamps making the “L” shape that frames and surrounds her subject! The pastel tones that she uses are perfect to complement her daughter’s bright pink dress! I think the spider web like background and the colorful patches of paint perfectly pair with her photo. Good Times, indeed!

On the other end of the color spectrum is Katy’s “Strong”

Strong indeed, is the composition of this page! I love that she left everything black and white, but had just a strip of gold to accentuate that adorable photo!! The inky stamps really make this page jump out, even though it really has little color, which is a lot of what first glances take in. It takes talent to make a black and white page really shine, and she sure did it!

This next one is the adorable “Sleep, My Baby”, by Dady

Oh, does this one touch my Mama heart. My daughter is 19 now, so the baby time is so far in the past and I miss it. The photo of Mama holding the baby’s hand just touches me. I love the way the larger photo is framed so that it looks like the layout is actually a blanket covering the baby!! The little stamp birdie is a perfect touch.

Lizr has made this fabulous tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

I was drawn in by the Queen’s fabulous yellow suit, and then I saw the ghosted young Queen in the background. What a beautiful tribute to a very strong lady! The colors of the background and the ghosted text is perfect!

Finally, we have cfile’s fabulous “Perfect Together” page!

From the vintage look of the photo, I’m assuming this might be her parent’s wedding, but I’m not sure.  Whenever and whoever it was, the photo is amazing, and I think she did a fantastic job making this feel vintage, yet is fresh and new. Her shadowing is always spot on, and I like the way the canvas becomes the photo with her spectacular skill at blending! This page is named “Perfect Together”, but I say that this entire layout is just Perfect!!

Well, that’s it for today!!! Please take the time to give these beautiful pages a second look in the galleries they came from, and take a sec to give them a shout out too. They all deserve it!!

Finger Pointing- May 21st

Hi everyone!

Hope all is well. The weather here is so unpredictable. It’s been raining the whole time in Tokyo and next thing you know it’s sunny. But I can’t complain as long as we’re all together. Have a great relaxing weekend. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s amazing standouts.

Here are my top 6 for today:

mfsd by Marnel 
I can’t wait to go to the beach. This is sooo inviting and beautiful in every way. Love how she used the kit and all the flower arrangements and the papers used in the “Chimba” word. What great memories to scrap.

Hello by Janedee
Amazing capture of these beautiful species. Very good composition, love the designs on both sides giving way to her subject. This is simply beautiful. The red patterned strip on the left side adds beauty to the page.

Color my World by Bbe
Could this be any cuter? All the fabulous details are just wow! Beautiful circular design using stitches that looks like it is holding everything. The brushworks and splash of colors plus just about everything is perfectly done. And look at that adorable photo. Wow!

Why by Pachimac
What a beautiful layout, so touchy! What an amazing photo to scrap. Love how she made the page with all the word strips, the vintage look, and how she expressed her emotions.

Heart You by Kayleigh
Fabulous clean design, love the splash of colors and use of elements. It looks amazing in every way. The background color works perfectly with the elements. Beautiful photos too.

Time fore a new Adventure by marijke
That big photo with all the brushworks and word strips are gorgeously done! Love the splats on the floor and the drama it creates. Love her composition on the photo. Great job!

That is all for today sweeties! Should you have time, it would be amazing to give them some well deserved love in the digiland. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

Xoxo ^-^

Beth [kewl_jive]

Finger Pointing- May 19, 2022

Hello all! It’s Addie (agoymerac) here with today’s shout outs! It is always such a pleasure to look through the galleries–so many amazing layouts out there!!

The first page that caught my eye was “Focus on the good” by Katie Pertiet.  There is so much goodness here….from the color scheme (my favorite) to the gorgeous photos, to the elements and design. I love it all!

Next, “Huey Dewey & Louie” by AmandaJ drew me in with the amazing photo and design. I just love the title and the journaling in the triangle shape!

Next, “Little Things” by adrianita is a real show stopper. The colors, the design, the adorable photo….all just perfection!

Next, “Plant Love” by Dalis immediately caught my eye because I am a plant lady myself. I love the photos, the design (particularly the title over the photo) and all the cool elements. Fantastic!

Next, “Baby Sweetness” by nana_vg is so darling! The photos and the circles and the lovely elements…all so wonderful! Valerie said she lifted a page by Liz Toms, so this is also a shout out to her original page!

And finally, “The Merry Month of May” by vickyday is one of my favorite types of pages….everyday life being celebrated in a beautiful way! Fantastic page!

Thanks so much for reading. Please pop into the galleries and give my shout outs some love! Have a wonderful day. -Addie

Finger Pointing May 17th

Happy Tuesday Scrappers!  The blog was acting up yesterday and I had an oopsie – so let’s try this again.  I swear, there were “gremlins” running around in here yesterday.  Haha  Okay, here we go – for real.

Botanical Bay 3 by RubyGirl

I love trees and really love big, old trees!  Combine that with my love for black and white photography and you have my first pick!  If you look closely, you’ll see a figure walking in there.  The paper around the photograph even looks like wood grain. Simple perfection!

Ocean by amdastra

I love the large picture of the ocean as well as the smaller photos at the bottom of the page.  The fact that the three small photos are on an angle brings an extra punch to this page.  The papers and nautical elements really put the icing on the cake.

Climb by SweetChar

What sweet pictures – I love the shot from behind.  This page is so full of lovely clustering, stunning border work and what a great large title.  I adore all of the flowers, buttons and bows – they add perfection to this page!

Obsolete by Miki

Really soak up this page!  There’s so much to look at!  This page, so uniquely and cleverly, shows us the devices (some we still love) that are now obsolete.  My beloved iPod is even on there!  That thing was state of the art when I got it!  (But I digress.) How fun is the fact that the “heads” are replaced by the devices?  A winner for sure!

Ollie by Susan – s3Js

This page literally made me say “Awwwwwww).  It brought back a flood of memories of taking my grandson to visit The Easter Bunny.  This big picture of the little one sitting in front of the big bunny stole my heart.  I also love the smaller pictures that are in front – at the bottom of the page.  Just SO, SO sweet!

Morning Coffee by SanVHM

I should have led off with this, but hey, I do enjoy my afternoon coffee!  This is so striking because the circles are perfection and they go right down the center of the page.  Very eye catching!  There’s even journaling in one of the circles.  The waffles, paints and some grunge  are great additions, too.

Well, that’s a wrap for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks.  If you have some time, you can click on the name of the page and it will take you to their gallery – where you can leave some love.

Until next time,


Finger Pointing-May 16th

Hello my friends!

I got a little derailed browsing the galleries and then some shopping, sometimes I’m really like a squirrel!  I finally reined myself in and I’m bringing you my picks from my gallery browsing!

The Human Condition by ShannaMay

I love this tone on tone with the pops of black and green.  What I really love, is all the personality demonstrated in this layout.  The curved text is perfect and just adds to the impact of the whole layout!

Show What You’re Made of by GonewiththeWind

I love the predominantly neutral background as it makes the all the layers and colors just pop.  This is another layout that captures some great personality!  Love the use of the black and white photo!


and if you haven’t noticed…. I was drawn to layouts with a little bit of a dramatic flair….(probably because its been nothing but a dramatic flair from my own daughter in our house these past few days). Next up we have,

No Drama by Chaos Lounge

Love the bold black background with all the sparkly goodies just scattered all over the page.  The placement of the photos enhance “the drama” being portrayed.

Lost and Found in Japan by Sharonb

Love the paint/stamping at the top with the gorgeous cluster that is just the perfect accent to the linear vertical design of this page.    I love how the stitching is used down the right side of the layout.

Tonight I wrap up with this fabulously artsy 

2012 Summer’s End by Iowan

Loving all the layers of goodness happening here.  Check out the blended photo in the background and it’s the same photo used in the cluster on the right side of the page.  I love the stamp used in the background of this cluster as well.  Check out the cluster on the left that is predominantly a painted effect.  The placement is perfect and give the appearance of mom just watching over to make sure all things are good!


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the evening!  If you get a chance, swing by and leave these fabulous artists some love!


Until next time!

Esther (aka mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing – May 15th

Hello all you wonderful scrappers!! I honestly had intentions of getting this post up much earlier, but I had to run my son to urgent care with an earache. It’s been a much busier weekend than I anticipated, but I have had some great quality time to spend in the galleries admiring all the amazing talent. I hope you all enjoy my picks for today!

Too Much by angels
I am such a fan of photoless pages, but I never feel like I can pull them off as well as the ones I see in the galleries! This one is so fabulous and I can so relate! I love the stacked papers and the notebook element! Her cluster work is amazing and her shadows are wonderfully done!! This is just a perfectly scrapped page!!


Egg Hunting 2022 by Kay Tea Pea
How sweet is that photo?! And what a beautifully scrapped page! I love her beautiful use of the paints and stamps! The stacked bits of ephemera and the thread elements are perfectly done! Such a lovely layout!!


In the Background by scrapbyirre
This is such a stunning page!! The florals are so perfectly done and I adore the strips through the middle! Her blending work is absolutely gorgeous and I am in love with the title work!! This layout is so lovely!!


To My Gals by AmaneseFe
I absolutely love the happy, bright, fun colors of this page! Such a great photo and the b/w looks fantastic!! I adore the gorgeous patterned strips and scallops! Her cluster work is fabulous and she has created the most beautiful depth with her shadow work!! I love the quote as well!!


Kuta Beach Bali by JodyT
I’m dreaming of the beach and what a fabulous beach page this is!! I just love that beautiful photo and all those amazing “under the sea” elements and just perfection!! The surf board and VW Bus are such great touches!! This is just a fantastic layout!!


We Tried by tracermajig
How incredibly stunning is this page!! Wow! The b/w photos are so great and look amazing with those absolutely gorgeous colors!! The paint, doodles, and stamps are so perfectly done and the added bits of lace are perfection!! I love the stitched down title as well! This is so creative and so so beautiful!!


And that will do it for me tonight! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and will leave a little love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – May 14th

Hello from St. Louis, Missouri!

I apologize for any misspelling or grammar errors as I spent a glorious day out in the sun at Bellefontaine Cemetery and Arboretum.  This girl is tired…but never too tired to Finger Point!

Sweet Treats by Fruitysuet

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!  Haha! Suzanne took a walk down memory lane and created a such a fabulous layout in memory of times gone by.  While the soft-serve colors, layout and design are superb, the journaling is my favorite part!

Chasing Rainbows by KingsQueen82

This is perfection in my book…awesome page design, outstanding clusters, gorgeous photo, and my favorite color…Rainbow!  What a work of art by Cassie!

Bloom by AmieN1

Let us tip toe through the tulips!  What marvelous fields of flowers and I adore the snapshots of the little ones from different views.  I bet reliving this moment made Amie feel happy and alive!  This pocket styled layout sure makes me feel happy.

Sunshine by isDK

What a marvelous two-page spread!  I love how the mixed media element in the upper left mirrors the photograph of the yellow bird of paradise flower.  And the little sprinkles of joy blowing across the page are such a treat.  The grey background is perfect for the pinks and yellows.

Stickyweed by Corrin

I have to say, this lovely layout gave me quite the chuckle when I read the journaling.  As a person who currently has a jacket covered with sticky weeds, I lean towards “curse.” Regardless, super fan of the arty elements that remind me of watercolor paints.  Corrin made great use of horizontal flow, soft colors and white space.

Orange by AJK

I am a great admirer of introspection and creating art that has deep meaning to one’s self.  Orange by Amanda is just that.  Sometimes, when the rooster crows, she is transported back to Honduras.  The images are reflections, memories, of times gone by.  Although a still shot, what Amanda created is like a movie in my mind. It is like I can see her hearing the rooster…and being transported somewhere else.

I hope you all do not mind that I share of picture of today’s adventure.  I learned a bit of Missouri history, burial culture and enjoyed the magic of the gardens.

I hope your weekend is as blessed as mine!

Take care my fellow artists and memory keepers.

Lisa (Armygrl)