Finger Pointing- Oct 27th

Kari here, long time no see. I have been missing in action. A lot of busy things happening in my life. It is peak season at the photo studio in which I work. And a few weeks ago I was shocked by electricity while trying to change out some equipement at work! So my left hand has been “asleep” and basically out of use! I am waiting on an EMG from the hospital to see if their is nerve damage and until than my hand has been all braced up and basically useless, which really sucks because I am left handed! (sigh).


Today’s first pick is that of

We are Twins by Zotova

I love the colors of her design here and how she split the page into two. And flipped the image. Almost like a mirror. So well done.


Licking the Bowl by bkasko

Is my second pick of the night. How cute are these little ones? and come on who doesn’t love chocolate? I love her cluster work here and that title work is just amazing!

Right now We love by tanyiadeskins

Is my third pick of the night. I am so in love with this unique design! I LOVE how she used the tags. It just jumped right out at me in the gallery. It is on my future scrap-lift list that is for sure!


Flower Dream By Beth

Is my final pick tonight. I love the soft pastels and that super adorable photo she chose to highlight. Such amazing floral clusters as well.


Good night everyone until next time.


October 26, 2021

Good evening and Happy Tuesday!

My first pick of the evening is Faded Days by Adryane.  This is such a lovely style, full of blending and soft colors.  The elements are expertly clustered and shadowed, allowing the beautiful black and white photo to shine.   Days may fade, but this layout will last forever.

Faded Days

Next up we have Alyssa by our very own Cherylndesigns.  Like me, Cheryl is one of the newest members of the GSO Blog Team.  If you are familiar with Cheryl’s layouts, you know her gorgeous granddaughters are often featured in them.  Here, I love the big photo format and Alyssa’s gorgeous smile!  The yellow paint and elements are wonderful complements, as is the whimsical pumpkin for October.


It is no secret; I love digital art and I love it when digital scrapbooking kits are used to make gorgeous works of pure art.  In Scandinavian Folklore, Peppapig has created such a beautiful digital illustration – I love her cut out digital flowers, the rhythmic patterns, and gorgeous colors!

Scandinavian Folklore

October Beauty by KayTeaPea has lots of wow-power.  The design is superb with lots of flow from the tree photo to the leaf, journaling, and paint splatters. This layout is wonderfully arty yet clean and simple at the same time – what a combo!

October Beauty

“Eeek!” is right! Lol.  Michele’s journaling in her Arachnophobia! layout made me giggle. I love her mailbox picture and giant spider too! Plus, I like the creative use of all those fabric tags. Michele’s layout is a perfect mix of visual and written storytelling.

Michele Hillam

Last but not least, the last pick for the evening is Cozy by Aussiegirl.  Can you say “mega-clusters?”  Holy smokes, aren’t they gorgeous? I love the sweet fall vibes mixed with the monarchs.  Unfortunately, I have not seen many monarchs this year – they typically migrate through Texas mid-October.  However, I will enjoy their beauty in Aussiegirl’s layout.


My dear digi-friends and community – I hope you enjoyed this evening’s picks as much as I did.  Please have a good night and enjoy the remainder of your week. If you have a few moments to spare, please leave some love in the galleries!  Each title is hyperlinked for convenience.

Lisa – aka – Armygrl

Finger Pointing – October 25, 2021

Hello, everyone out there in digi-land!! I hope all is well! I just got back from a really quick turn around trip to my hometown for my husband’s God daughter’s wedding, and I’m still a bit road worn, but I had to get into the digi pages and pick some fun ones to share with you. As always, the pages are linked and you can either click the name of the page or the page itself! Take some time to give them love if you have a moment. It really makes people’s day to see people taking time to do that. I know I float high for the day when I get sweet comments!!!!

First up – the artsy and always eclectic gallery of Katie Pertiet Designs!

All the Colors of Autumn by Mielz

I was very surprised by this wonderful page! I have the hardest time using banners, and Mielz used them as the main focus of the layout!!! I love the safety pins, the layers, and the cute butterflies flying out of the page. The soft, muted, almost neutral palette just makes me want to look deeply into the page and see what other goodies I could find!!!!

And now we turn the corner to PickleBerry Pop and find some more goodies!

Never Leave by RollinChen

This year, for the first time, I understood about Dia de los Muertos, so I guess I’m drawn to pages that are celebrating it. This is such a wonderful way to show just what it is: celebrating life, both those who are gone, and those who remain here on earth. This page is perfectly titled, and the photo is amazing! I love the journaling explaining what it is, and the paint on the background and the sugar skull is just perfect.

GingerScraps is the next stop on our tour!

Scaredy Night by Zanthia

Who can resist Halloween AND doggies??? Not me!   Zanthia picked the most adorable photo of her dogs! Three little barking ghosts! I love the angles, and the cute pumpkin pile surrounded by the pretty foliage. The cute little ghosts floating up the page are a perfect topping to the “Boo”tiful page!

Next up: The Sweet Shoppe!

Not a Friend by MamaB

This page is SO beautifully shadowed, element-ed, and well documented. I absolutely HAD to read the journaling. My daughter is going through some of the same things, so it was quite heartbreaking to read of another good kid’s pain. Great advice from a Mama who loves her boy, and a wonderful way to chronicle some of the “not so good” days. MamaB is a master at shadowing!

Two more to go! This one comes from The Lily Pad – my home away from home in the digital world!  We need to find some art journal-y goodness for this post!

Trust Your Inner Instinct by mcurtt

Oh Lordy, is this page wonderful or what?? I absolutely could not pass this one up!! The bird heads, the human bodies…I just can’t!!! I love the way she used washi tape as a walking surface, and all the little details in the back of the Mallard man. A+ number 1 art journaling page!! Marilyn – you hit this one out of the creative park!!!!

As all good things do – our time together is up for the week. After this last one, I will bid you au revoir!

Our last goodie is from OScraps.

You are not Forgotten by lkdavis

What an absolutely touching and beautiful tribute to what sounds like an amazing woman. I love how she used a plain background and just added a few neutral leaves and gesso/paint sections to create texture in the background, and then used the word YOU boldly. The splash of gold and red are just perfect to complement the ribbon. The journaling is perfectly placed on the page.

And now…we reach the end of our travels for this day. I hope you enjoyed the pages, and again, leave them some love if you have the time!!

Finger Pointing – October 23rd

Busy work weeks really take it out of me these days. By Friday, my energy is drained, my ability to think straight is questionable and my creativity has left the building. So it’s been really good therapy for me to trawl the galleries tonight and admire the artwork of those that have not had this problem this past week!

I absolutely adore how dreamy Artsy Texture #2 chall by Norma is. Soft, pale yellows make this page super easy on the eye and the brushwork is appropriately delicate. So romantically beautiful!

I always enjoy seeing a cluster of photo’s and the action shots on wvfan04’s page titled Play Hard are perfect for this kind of page design and the title work is fabulously eclectic. All in all, a wonderfully balanced layout!

Bold brushwork forms the base for City Girl by artgalstyle and the mix of black and white and colour images adds interest.The banner to the bottom finishes the page of nicely and journaling directly on an image always changes up a page. Love how edgy this is!

I’ve never been to Paris nor have I ever really had the inclination until recently when I added it to my bucket list. Paris by bjthomas has confirmed my belief that I HAVE to go! Love how the vertical gallery of images mirrors the height of the Eiffel Tower… a truly classic piece of work!

A sweet photo on a page always catch my eye and I enjoyed reading about Beef Week on pmjames’ page of the same name. Amazing blending of the photo to the bottom of the layout and another fine example of some great title work. Delightful!

This wouldn’t be an October post without a pumpkin page! Autumn Blessings by 01lousmith hosts a great display and the tumbling leaves and seasonal cluster compliment the photo beautifully. A terrific seasonal page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and that you’re inspired to document a story of your own. When you get chance, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they will appreciate it. Till next time, take care, stay safe and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing -October 21st

It’s almost Friday in my part of the world!!! Wohoo!!!  So in celebration of Friday Eve, I grabbed a glass of wine and went gallery browsing and came across all kinds of fabulousness!

Here are a few layouts I wanted to highlight!!

Display of Beauty by anke

I love the whole white space but artsy vibe happening here. The color choices made here, accent the gorgeous photo perfectly. I love the transfer that is used in the cluster on the left and then layered just slightly on the photo.  How about the 2 tone word art? Simply stunning!

Dia de los Muertos by Pachimac

It’s no secret, I’m a huge artsy style and art journaling fan.  I absolutely love a layout that can pull off a dark background beautifully and this artist combined some of my top scrapbooking skills into one layout.  The layout by itself is gorgeous and the journaling is the icing on the cake.  This layout “Nailed it.”

Too Cool for Scool by Nickel

Check out this amazing artsy layout.  I love the tone on tone, it makes the silhouette just jump out and gives the whole layout extra movement. The elements used to layer in and create this layout add to the movement.  I really do feel like we should be jumping right along as we are all too cool for school!

Amy’s Wedding Day by Danesa

Not only am I in love with this collection…. it’s like it was made for this wedding photo.  I love how the shutter is used to perfectly frame the photo.  The clustering and placement of elements add to the softness and stunning beauty of this masterpiece!

November Rain by akizo

I don’t know which I love more, these photos that just make my heart stop and melt…. or this layout. You combine them together and you get this stunningly gorgeous layout that just warms any mama’s heart.  I love the color combination, just soft enough to give the endearing warmth and just masculine enough to use in a gorgeous layout like this!

Touch of Autumn by Olivia123

Wrapping up my stroll through the galleries is this gorgeous fall layout.  The fantastic masking and the clustering draw you in and give the sense of being in the meadow with this gorgeous young lady.


Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave these fantastic artists some love!

Catch you around the galleries!


Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing – October 20th

Good evening, friends!  Heidi Nicole here, enjoying a nice cool evening in Northern Kentucky.  My husband and I had the day off and we enjoyed the afternoon at the Cincinnati Zoo.  I don’t know about you, but being around animals… any animals… is good for the soul.  I was especially excited to see Fiona the Hippo, who is kind of a big deal.  If you have some time, her story is on YouTube and it’s absolutely worth your time.  But, I know you aren’t here to talk about zoo animals… so here’s some magic I found in the galleries this evening!

Seriously?1? by clucaswvu04

This is a super cute layout!  I’m a huge fan of sarcasm, so I totally fell in love with this fun piece as soon as I saw it.  First of all, those masks are absolutely hysterical.  I love the art journaling feel of the page.  All the layers of paper and elements, as well as the paints in the background, come together to create an interesting and intriguing feel.  The messy thread lends to this feeling.  I adore the paper strips with the journaling and the arrow pointing to the title.  All in all, fab page!

Persistence by LisaMT

Wow, the layers in this layout are blowing me away!  They are perfectly shadowed and perfectly placed.  The photos are so great… and persistence truly does pay off.  The use of the alpha to make the title with the journaling under it completes the page.  The little word strips that are poked in here and there connect the journaling and title to the photos.  Well done, friend.  Well done!

Note to Self by RhondaB

Well, first of all… those photos.  Am I right?  How CUTE are they?!  That sweet face with that precious kitty… take my money!  Moving on… LOL…  I ADORE how the white space of the layout contrasts so beautifully with the lovely colors and layers.  The vertical strips of paper with the photos tucked in at an angle add balance and interest at the same time.  The clusters are beautifully created and shadowed perfectly.  All in all…  gorgeous layout!!

Think Big by Ana_Santos

This is a show stopper.  The photo treatment and the beautiful way it’s the focal point, is absolutely stunning.  I love the small elements that add that yummy depth, and the super cool stamps that frame the photo are gorgeous design choices.  The title is the icing on the cake…  just a crazy beautiful layout!

2 Cute 2 Spook by weaselwatchr

Truly tooooo cute!  This Halloween layout is super cute and of course, beautifully designed.  The spider web really adds the anchor to all the adorable layers and elements.  The dark background really makes the photo and little characters stand out.  The title on the banner is a perfect choice!  Happy Halloween!

Witch Please by huyentrang43

This fun layout has all the ‘stuff’ I LOVE!  That background is super awesome, and I LOVE the centered photo.  The stripes of the paper framing the photo coordinates so well with the polkadots in the background.  The sweet little clusters that are framing the photo are the perfect amount.  This is amazing and I adore it!

Well friends… after you go leave some love on all these beauties… go watch the Fiona story!  Be well!

Heidi Nicole


Finger Pointing – October 19th

Happy Tuesday, everyone!! Hope you all are having a wonderful week! I am running a bit late this evening, just one thing after another, so I won’t waste any time and get right to my picks for today!!

All About Me by Kimberly27
How cool is this page! If you’ve seen my posts before, you know I love an amazing photoless page, and this one is so fun and so creative! I love how she used all the different word art and fun big title in the middle! I adore the bokeh background and her lovely cluster in the corner! Such a great page!


os-2-four-mile-hike-berries by mary-lynne
This is just such a lovely page! The misty paint on the background is so beautifully done! I love the leaf and string elements with the berries, so perfect for that gorgeous photo! I am in love with her fabulous title work as well!


Pamper O by sucalli
I absolutely love the gorgeous simplicity of this page!! Her use of the soft pattern at the top and sweet little element touch is so perfectly done! I adore all the gold scatters! Such a lovely layout, and makes me want to go to the spa!


digital crop by littlekiwi
I could not pass by all these fun patterned strips!! This is such a standout page! I love that she used the black and white photos with all those gorgeous bright colors!! Super fun title work and the mouse element is so perfect!


Falling For You by KarenDiamond
This is such a stunning page! Such a gorgeous photo with the sunlight! I love how she used the paints and stamps over the photo and her cluster work is just beautiful!! Her use of the stitching and ribbon is perfection as well!! Lovely layout!


a little batty by Mother Bear
I am so loving this Halloween layout!! How fun are those webs and all the bats flying around the page! I am especially in love with that adorable ghost peeking out between the photos! Super fun use of the elements and fantastic title work!! This is an amazing page!


And that will do it for me today! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!