Finger Pointing – May 13th

Friday May 13th… hope it’s not unlucky for any of you! I feel so organised today, we’re off to celebrate our daughter-in-laws’ 40th birthday tonight, hence I’m posting earlier than I would normally and here’s some eye candy that I found in the galleries today!

First up is Adventure Ahead by kaklei. Love the photo treatment and how all the elements form the perfect base for the page design. Wonderful!

My Boy by LilachO is a fine example of a young masculine page with its urban tones and linear design. Love that the photo cluster spans the page while the little red elements add a little pop! Gorgeous!

Layouts with black and white images are always a win and Not Perfect by roxanat is no exception. Love the horizontal design that meets the vertical strip of patterned paper and how the pretty florals add feminine softness. Lovely!

Love the chunky layers of SWL Designer Challenge – unlimited by bellbird… they’re bold and add great depth against the painted and textured backdrop and the quote is perfect. Love this!

Repetition on a page always works well and I love how mosbaskets has used a variety of circle shapes to create a cascading layout entitled Oh Deer. Little buttons add interest while the pegged labels keep the images in check. A fabulous winter page!

Lilac is not a shade that I normally scrap with but I love how it’s paired with black on The Black Sheep by dotcomkari. The split design works well with the candid journaling and all the little detail is eye catching. Awesome page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post today and that some of the pages above inspire you to document some of your own stories or memories. Remember to click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists when you get a chance. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing ~May 12, 2022

Good Morning Digi-land!!!

I hope you all are enjoying the last vestiges of cool weather. I’m a Spring gal myself, so I am not looking forward to the heat of summer. I am really enjoying all the summer pages though! It’s nice to see us all get out of the house and start doing fun outside activities. As I was browsing through the galleries, I saw a pattern: travel pages! So, here are some travel pages I thought were especially awesome!!!

OKate “San Francisco Cable Car Museum” 

I really love how the photos are stacked upon each other with wonderful shadowing, but more than that, I love the way she chose different parts of the cable cars to showcase. They aren’t just a picture of the cable cars – but the signs, the numbers, the building, and extreme closeups! I also like the way she left it very clean and simple so that the photos are the star!

Mocamom “Eiffel Tower” 

Aren’t these photos fabulous?? I love how they aren’t just the normal posed photos, but more candid. The block layout is perfect to get so many pictures in it, and I love the way she blended the photos into the background, and used little elements. I also ADORE the picture of the feet!! Amazing indeed!

Cfile “HRBT”

The artsy treatment on this page is phenomenal!! I love how the entire layout is the photo and whatever treatment she did on that photo is just perfect for this grungy layout. I really like the cute little camera and her journaling in the corner so we know what is going on, but it doesn’t take away from the glorious photo!

Dady “On the Road to a New Adventure”

I just thought this page was so sweet! The first thing I saw was that adorable doggie in the basket!! I really like the way she used circles to accentuate the pair of bikers on the left, and had the biker on the right slowly melting into the background. The string wending it’s way to the title is also a wonderful technique to show movement! Lastly, I love the ghosted text on the background!

Marnel “Ma”

Marnel’s “MA” is so full of yummy texture and colors!! The photos just blend right into the background so one is not quite sure where one photo ends and the other begins. The flower piles are perfect to show the beauty feel of the photos. The letters falling off the page are wonderful, as Is the little artistic touches all over. Take some time and really look deeply into this page; you’ll find so much to ogle!!

LidiaG “May I Spy Challenge” 

And last, but certainly not least, is the “I Spy Challenge” from Lidia. I saw that VW Van and HAD to click in and see the page more clearly! It is so cute!!! I love how using the brown near the bottom and the orange seaweed makes it feel like the van is underwater, but then you see a butterfly and the lighthouse, which makes it feel NEAR the water. I love the blue textured background to mimic either the ocean or the sky! Great job!!

So there’s our travel pages for now! Please do visit the pages and give some loving to the layout artist! It will make her day. I guarantee it.

Au Revoir!

Finger Pointing – May 9th

To all the mothers, sisters, aunties, and grandmas out there, I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day.  And to all our scrappers, organic and digital, I hope you enjoyed iNSD festivities and filled your hard drives and/or craft rooms with boat loads of goodies (I know I did!).

Flower Love by ksacry

My first pick for the evening is based on a flower bouquet from daughter to mother.  And what a lovely bouquet and resulting work of art we have.  I am always impressed with those who have the skill to blend photos into art so seamlessly, as if the photo is paint.

leçon d’équitation N°1 copie by myla

And my second pick once again employs the blending technique where the photo merges with paints and transfers.  Here I adore the ponies as well as the blue skies and green grasses.  What a marvelous scrapbook layout.

wild heart by huyentrang43

Despite wearing a mask, the beauty and cheer of this little girl shines through.  Her eyes smile.  The pink, white and green color palette is lovely and mixed with wood there is a bit of country sheek vibe (even with the Spiderman shirt).  The clusters are lovely and the paint is a delightful arty touch.

Capricorn by Angels

As a Capricorn, of course I am drawn to this layout!  Like a moth to the flame, haha!  Upon closer look, I absolutely adore the zodiac paper blended with a photomask.  This layout is fun and whimsical.  There is so much to see and admire.

You are magic by Angels

Yes, this evening I pick a second layout from Angels.  Here she created a bit of magic with the bold colors!

ThinkSayDo by Janedee

What a marvelous piece of art!  The rich colors are superb and the layer upon layer invites the viewer to keep looking deeper and deeper into the layout.

Road less traveled by JanikN

I tend to be a sucker for large photo layouts; and here we have the large photo mixed with additional photos that tell the hiking story. The colors and tones of the elements compliment the gorgeous greens. And look at the cute squirrel wanting to join the adventure.

15a by Shellbyj

What a gorgeous layout, full of fun colors and elements.  The pops of red lead the eyes around the layout.  And not to mention, the boys are adorable and so cute in their bright red-orange shirts.

Intuition by Dalis

What draws me in is how photorealistic this digital layout looks.  What magic!  The characters are cute and whimsical, and all the paint and mark-making makes me happy!

2022 Week 17 Left by Mrivas

What awesome photos and cropping.  That tall photo with the Apple symbol – wow! This pocket page uses white to the greatest advantage.  It brings out the text and patterned papers.

I hope you have a lovely week and I look forward to seeing our galleries rock with all the iNSD goodies you stocked up on.

Take care!

Lisa (Armygrl)


Finger Pointing – May 7th

Hey all and Happy iNSD!! I hope you are all having a fabulous time, doing lots of shopping, and getting lots of creative time this weekend! There is so much fun to be had all over digi-land, and oh my gosh at all the amazing layouts that are being posted!! I am in awe and overwhelmed with all the goodness!! Choosing just 6 layouts to feature today was extremely difficult! You are all so very talented! I hope you enjoy these fabulous creations!

Start Your Day with A Smile by EmStafrace
How gorgeous is this?!! Her cluster work is beyond amazing and those frames are just stunning!! I love the fabulous b/w photos and how they pop with the colors of the it!! The netting peeking from under the torn paper is such a great touch!! This is just fantastic


Bloom by ScrappyHappy82
I just love the beautiful stacked papers and the soft leaf stamped background with the gorgeous pops of color in the flowers and greenery! Her photo is jus the sweetest and her title work is perfect! Lovely shadow work as well!! So beautifully scrapped!!


Remember This by bcgal00
Isn’t this just so lovely!! Such a wonderful photo and the clustering around it is so perfectly done! I love the bits of lace and sweet roses! The camera and ribbon are beautiful touches! This is just such a sweet wonderful page!


Heck! Yes by RJMJ
How beautiful and fun!! Oh my goodness, all that gorgeous yellow! It’s one of my favorites!! I adore the photos with her wonderful blending and fun creative framing!! Everywhere I look on this page I see beauty!! I love addition of the little gnomes and lovely butterflies! Such a wonderful page!


Kayak Fishing by ChristyHC
I was really drawn to the lovely colors of this page!! I adore those great photos and the split background is fantastic!! Her cluster at the bottom is just perfectly done and I am in love with her title work! Such a beautifully scrapped page!


Hey Handsome by basketladyaudrey
I am a sucker for a fabulous “guy” page and this one is just that…fabulous!! I love the big photo with the two smaller b/w photos!! Her element clusters are just perfection and her title work is fantastic!! Such great senior photos and perfectly scrapped page!


And that will do it for me tonight! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will leave some love for these amazing artists!! Enjoy the rest of iNSD and until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – May 6th- iNSD Edition!

Hello Hello!!! Happy iNSD everyone! Hope you are all having a great time, shopping, playing, scrapping… I know I am running around like a headless chicken (I wonder if chickens can actually run around without their heads? LOL) trying to do all I need to do and at the same time do what I would love to do!!!!! As I am late already, will try make this a bit shorter than usual, but bringing you the same inspiration as we do every day, enjoy!!!

One of my most wonderful Queens of Elegance to start, Sucali with Girl Time. The minimalist composition that gives the star spot to the photo is brilliant, the big word art feels fun and modern, and the whole thing is beyond awesome!!!

Another super fabulous artist, cfile with Autumn Play. The whole thing is perfection, love the old photos and the way they reflect light (I happen to know these are family photos …what a treasure to have!!!) those borders with shadows that add volume, gorgeous layering and framing, absolutely wonderful!!!

Next is Pachimac with  Star Jasmine is Home. All her pages have that star quality, memory keeping with the most amazing show of talent for every style, and this one is just the kind that grabs any heart…a full page with such elegance, the lower opacity for the photo in the background, the use of different textures and the perfect shadows, all coming together awesomely, and when I look at the credits list, then it becomes even more of an inspiration! Gorgeous!

I’m going to share with you something we don’t usually do, this is Cherylindesigns iNSD Signature, and is so beautiful, so different to what I’m used to make and see around, the giving the graphics the attention spot, beautiful pieces combined by her talented hand making it a total star!

More marvellous artists, next is Iowan with 2022 Handsome Dude. Again the fabulous giving the photo a star spot, and the magic of creating this awesome graffitti like composition in the background, with that bike blended and made with accents to come into strength in the page, fabulous choice of papers, and lots of super gorgeous elements clustered shine all together!

So happy to come across this, SeattleSheri’s Bloom & Grow. As always, she brings together so much in total elegance, her beautiful boy’s smile and laughter, almost can hear it, all surrounded by so many of the beautiful pieces of the kit, a perfect take on the template, that dynamic introduced by the stitching in the background and the colourful choices, bringing together the whole feeling…. brilliant as she always does!!!

Another one of my most favorite ladies, one that makes even the greyest day of mine better with her talent, cutiejo1 with Soar High Dream Big. This is so amazing, so beautifully put together with precise technique and the most wonderful heart to freeze moments in time. The photos are gorgeous, that extraction is so marvellous, so amazingly done, the addition of the wings element seamlessly becoming part of it, the framing of the core of the page, gorgeous choices and the beautiful shades of blue with flashes of orange, all coming together for that light that is all around the page. Fabulous title work and shadows….pure awesome!

More gorgeousness in blues, more elegance beautifully composed by another of our favorite ladies, Marijke with Lets Go Together is a marvellous example of photo blend with an awesome paper, I’m amazed here as how perfectly she has added many elements of the kit into the composition that they look like part of the photo, the border she composed with  mixed media from it is perfection, and also perfect the shadows for the more corporeal elements. Fabulous!

Next is Wildflowers by Madi. I just can’t resist a full page photo, here wonderfully scrapped, love the vertical border that at first glance looks like part of the photo, the paint border and title adding to the beauty and all coming together awesomely!

Last but absolutely not least is Model by Marleen, here with another show of her creative talent, the use of brushes and paints, the perfection put together here feels like it could be at home in a fine art gallery and I very much would hang it in my walls!!! Just perfect!

This is all from me today, hope you find inspiration as we do with these marvellous creative, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make! Happy iNSD once again, enjoy the weekend!!!!





Finger Pointing, May 5th

Hello all you gorgeous scrappers! Joanna (cutiejo1) here on the blog today to bring you a few gallery standouts from all your posted layouts recently. Here we go….


Life is better with you by Scrap by Irre

This vintage touched page is so beautiful. What fabulous clustering behind the photo. The curled frame and title on top is such a nice touch.


Creativity and Imagination by cinderella

This page snagged my attention in the gallery today. I’m really impressed with the creativity of this page. From the extracted hand holding the light bulb to the mixed alpha title, it’s all just so eclectic and unique.


May flowers by franlk

The blending on this layout is really well done. The brushes and splatters surrounding the photos pulls it all together beautifully. 


Adjust that Crown by ClaireG

This fun page by Claire, one of our own GSO bloggers, is a good reminder that sometimes we just need to carry on even if things seem bleak. The extraction work is phenomenal. I love the addition of the crown and title to back it up.


What Defines You? By MrsPeel

What a gorgeous page by Cynthia, another one of our very own bloggers. I just love everything about this scrap lifted layout. The layering and colors here are so very eye catching. I really enjoyed reading the journaling and seeing Cynthia’s smiling face.


Crazy by ponytails

I’m a huge fan of pages with large titles, such as this one. Speaking of the title, I adore the sitiching around the outside of the multi-colored alpha. The photos are so cute and the clustering is drool worthy.


That’s all from me today, folks. I hope you enjoyed my picks and that you’ll be able to browse the gallery for some inspiration of your own. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing-May 4th, 2022

Hello all my friends and special “hello” to my Star War Fans and friends.  I cannot lie, I was quite excited that it was turn to do shoutouts today. I was even more excited to start off my shout outs with this fabulous and most fitting layout for today!

May-the-Fourth-be-with-You- by AmandaJ

How fantastic is this large photo??  I love that this page is beautifully scrapped to enhance these amazing photos!

Waiting by TamsinMcAtee

OMG, how precious is this layout.  I love how this photo just captures the love of this mommy-in-waiting.  The black and white photo is perfect for this layout.

Smiles are Contagious by KarenDiamond

Yes they are!  Love the use of the paints and the clusters are perfectly placed.  That layered circle in the middle is fantastic.  I always struggle with circles in my layouts and always drawn to layouts when they are absolute perfection like this one!

You Can Fly by Faerywings

Man, I sure do love a good art journaling page and this one is gorgeous.  That dark background, just makes everything pop.  Look to the right, isn’t that blended lace amazing?

Layers of Life by AJM

These layers are fantastic.  My jaw dropped when I first saw this layout and every time I look at it, I’m in complete awe.  The use of all the mixed media is perfectly placed and just makes you want to hang out here a bit longer.

Bittersweet by armygrl

This artist never disappoints in her layouts.  I’m always amazed at her creativity and I love this wonderful artsy/art journal layout that makes my senses and thought process go in 2 different directions and then I come back to fully comprehend the profoundness and truth to this layout.

I hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love…..wait for it, you know it’s coming……and here it is…..May the Fourth be With YOU!!!



Esther (mywisecrafts)