Finger Pointing – June 12th

Happy Sunday, I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend! My oldest son is graduating from high school in a couple days, so I’m mostly consumed with that right now. I also flew for the first time since the pandemic earlier this week (for work), so I haven’t had much time to scrap myself, but I was easily able to find some eye-candy in digiland! 

Do something green today by margje

No stomach for cancer by djp332

Monochromatic Layout June 2022 by KatL

Boho Summer by AnaSantos

everyday moments by alinalove

A quiet man by NAdams

You can leave these amazing artists some love by following the hyperlinked titles to their respective galleries. I hope everyone has a fabulous week! Until next time!

xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

Finger Pointing – June 10th-

Hello!!! Hope everyone is doing as well as humanly possible and starting to enjoy the weekend! We are here (as usual) dealing with some health issues, some complicated financial ones, with everything not just going up on prices but disappearing from the shelves, at least here in the UK…. but lets leave the troubles behind, and I do so with one of the most amazing, effective pain relief therapies I have: enjoying and getting inspired by all of your creativity…. as always, it is also difficult to get to a minimum amount of pages, but better I stop talking and share with you these gems!!!

Starting with always awesome EllenT’s Be Cool, a fabulous minimalist fun, gorgeous, vibrant perfection….! I have to admit I am torn with the pages she posted today, not an easy task to pick just one, but you can go look at her gallery, inspiration for every style!!!

Another marvel with Flowers Lift the Spirit by JenEm, the beauty of those flowers captured in amazing photography, an awesome composition with some delightful layering, the blending in the background and oh my…those shadows!!!!!!! Perfection all over!!!!!

My jaw dropped and am still amazed with the incredible gorgeous composition in Simple Pleasures 2022 by Aerobigir! SO so amazingly creative! all the work displayed here is awesome: the blend, the cutting of the sections and the layered bits, all made into perfection with the strong shadows and, of course…a photo that speaks a thousand words… most definitely stands out!!!!

Another fabulous photo placed in a gorgeous composition, this one appeals to my soul as I know that feeling, had it many years when moving from the tropics to England… Summer, Are You There? by Kim B (Jak) is so very beautiful, starting with the photo capture that tells the story to perfection, then colors that seem to be calling it in, the impact of that electric blue with the yellows, the different textures and the circles ….all over awesomeness!!!

I swear I do try to find new people to be featured in our posts….but…what can I say, there are some people who just are impossible to resist!!!!! Especially in cases as prolific and talented like this … is Marilyn aka mcurt with One Strange Summer.  The cute cutouts of themselves in the photo turned into stickers marvellously, all those collors that can lift my mood when paired with her talent, those tiny details (her shoes are actually an element from the kit?) every time I look up I find something new, the mixing pieces of word art and paints, crayon, all in a perfectly clean mess…..LOVE love LOVE this with all my heart!!!!!

and yet another one of these ladies, impossible to resist, another one who makes my heart sing,  here is Rhonda, RJMJ with My Summer to Shine….a very, very appropriate name for her journey… it seems like finally everyone is discovering the wonderful talent of Rhonda’s creativity, that ability to share her soul, not just with the visuals but going the extra mile and sharing her creative thoughts for the page….here a fabulous explosion of color, the placement of the dream catchers to make a curve to fit the doll’s position and …well, magic indeed!!!!! I know she will keep shining beyond the summer!!!!!!!!!

Last but, of course, in no way least, a favorite of us all, I’m sure, Lisa aka ArmyGrl with True And Free. The magic is present here too, with shadows so perfect that this could be a proper travel notebook in a photo, the photography completed by the pieces of nature, the beauty of paint and doodles extending the image, the layering and, again, those shadows…. then she adds some impressive lyrics ….and all around my heart starts singing again!!!!

This is all from me today,I hope you find as much and as intense inspiration as I do here, have a great weekend!

Remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Happy Summer!







Finger Pointing ~ June 9, 2022

Hello, my digi-friends!!!

I am pleased to be bringing you a new batch of lovely scrap pages today!  Browsing through the galleries, I am caught by the amount of color that people are using lately! The pastels and especially the teals and pinks have me wanting to buy all the kits – but I would go broke if I bought all the kits I liked!! I’ll just have to point them out and enjoy the pages that all you digi-scrappers make!

Mother Bear “Inner Peace”

Mother Bear’s “Inner Peace” layout includes so many techniques that I work on to learn. I love her duo tone type large photo, and the photo treatment she put on it. The splashes of pink flowers just bring my eyes around the page, and making her photos black and white really makes them stand out in all the teal and pink beauty around them! Her shadowing is amazing. and I love how she used her text behind her actual journaling, and the ghost of the pink flower under the title is so perfect!

Next up, ajm’s “Focus”

Keeping in theme with pastel pink flowers, here is my next lovely entry: ajm’s Focus!! I. love how the flower gives a focus and pulls your eye into the middle of the page, and then that gorgeous butterfly is a perfect thought! She is a master of blending many background items. I love the gesso and the coffee rings and the textural paper pieces! Lovely!!

LorMW is next with her “Wanderlust” page.

Wow, Lor. WOW!! The extraction on this is so perfect! I love that your background paper makes it look like he’s standing on the map. Oh, and then her cutout with the Grand Canyon inside.  Her elements were perfect for the theme, and the shadowing is amazing. I love the envelope tie too!

yorkiemom  “Green as in Nature”

Oh, what a romantic page! The sketch of the woman is so beautiful and thoughtful and the bouquet of flowers in the middle is just gorgeous!  If you look closely, you can see a green-lipped woman peeking out of the flowers! The text in the background makes for great visual interest and the way it’s covered in a few places with gesso really brings attention again to that fabulous bunch of greenery. Oh, and did I mention that adorable birdie???

BlackKathy “Forever”

Lookie here: More pink!! I guess pink was on my mind tonight. This picture just touched my Mommy’s heart so much! What an adorable photo! Tying the pink of the shirt with the word art and the butterfly and flair is a perfect touch to tie in all the elements of the page. The shape of the picture and the corresponding shape of the text is very unique and eye-catching!  She anchors it to the page with that adorable hummingbird and the paint splashes underneath.  She uses the scribbles perfectly – they’re a little messy, but their messiness contains the other paint and elements she has used on this page.

marijke’s “Live for This” ends our trip today.

I have tried, and I just can’t replicate this technique: yet!!! I adore how she took her photo and made it look like a painting! Not only that, but her background choice was so perfectly painted that it looked like the sky! Even though she did a lot of modifying the picture, you can still see the reflection of the red boat in the water! No embellishments are really needed at all on this page! This is a work of art that I would display on my wall!!

Well, that’s it for today! Have an amazing day – and try to scrap something you’ve never done before! Also, please give these ladies some love at their galleries – it’s well deserved!!

Finger Pointing, June 8th

Hello, hello all you beautiful scrappers. Welcome to today’s edition of finger pointing. I’m Joanna (cutiejo1) bringing you a few pages I found today in the galleries that were a standout.


To Do by sylvia

I loved this page as soon as I saw it in the gallery. Sylvia is so creative and has done a phenomenal job with this one. The extraction is exceptional and the clustering ‘expanding’ from her head is superb. I also love the little details like the sheriff badge pinned on her shirt.


My Favorite Place by KarenDiamond

I was attracted to this page because of the bright colors on the white background. The clustering is just so well done. The chosen elements really pair well with the photos.


You Got This by scrappydonna

Oh, I love this background paper…so very eclectic. I also love the open book with all the beautiful elements layered within. The black and white photo goes along well with the colors on the page; and what a sweet photo it is.


Quiet by caapmun

This is such a marvelous page. The blending is gorgeous. And it’s accentuated perfectly with a few well-placed elements.


Grace by christellevandyk

What a darling page and photos! The clustering is excellent. And the shadowing is perfection.


2022 June Template Challenge by Thuria

Wow, such an awesome page…all those delicious layers caught my attention in the gallery.  I love how all the papers, tags and epherma are stitched down at the top and the corners of the tags are raised. Cute beach photos too.


That’s it for me today. I hope you enjoyed my picks. If you have a few moments, go browse the galleries for some inspiration of your own. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – June 7th

It’s been an unusually warm Winter’s day here in Cape Town and we took a glorious road trip to Cape Point today. I’d forgotten how beautiful is down that way and it’s certainly a great place to soak up nature and the ocean. I’m now on baby duty for Ayla (8 week old granddaughter) for the night and so far she’s been as good as gold… so good that she’s even afforded me the time to check out the galleries so I can bring you some lovely eye candy for the day!

I love all the mixed media that makes up Wisdom by beszteri. The muted tones coordinate perfectly with the black and white image while the placing of the spectacles is perfect and adds so much interest. Terrific!

The central design of C & R 2022 by lmaggs makes for a lovely clean look and I love the comic style photo treatment. Overall, the page is nicely balanced with the pretty clusters to the left and right and the Summer colour palette is fresh. A wonderful, fun page!

Things to Try This Year by Cherylny reminds me of a “note to self” style notice board. I love all the detail, the reminders and the positive affirmations while the element mix and textures make me want to reach out and touch it… love this!

You by Dady is a page of sophistication with its repetitive paper strips of antique colours, blends and brushwork. I especially love the split-detail design while the image makes for an intriguing layout and a stunning “yesteryear” page!

Love, love, love the simplicity and colour palette of Good Vibes by Ga_L … I never underestimate the art of creating a page like this, I know many a scrapper who will confess to starting out with a simple page in mind but not being able to stop adding elements! This is just fabulous!

I’m totally in awe of Sunset by magnolia. The horizontal design and framing is perfect and I love how the image appears to span the entire page. Again, a great choice of complimentary elements are beautifully placed and I love that the couple are popping out of the camera… a gorgeous, enchanting page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the artwork I’ve showcased and that you’re inspired to document a story or two of your own. When you get a spare moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists – I know they will appreciate it. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – June 5th

Well – apparently this round of GSO picks I am going slightly monochromatic with all the white background layouts.  There is something about nicely textured digital papers that mimic the organic look of canvas, sketchpads and “real” paper, like you can reach through your computer screen and feel how rough or smooth the paper is.  It also amazing how starting with a simple blank canvas can result in such unique layouts.

The Church T by Heather Prins

The blending is superb and the story is extra cute!  The “Church T” – gives me the giggles.  The minds of wee-little ones are too cute.

Masks by Marleen

I am blown away by Marleen’s amazing artistry and creativity.  This is a piece to ponder.  Do the masks represent all the pieces of one’s true self?  Or the masks one wears to hide the true self?

Alpaca Picnic by Sucali

Again, I have the giggles, “Alpaca Picnic” – cute title!  And here I am blown away by the use of a Christmas Template in a non-Christmas layout.  Bravo!   The stars are the star of the show.

Cat Grass by ClaireG

Claire is one of our bloggers and tonight I feature a layout by her.  Aside from the beautiful, cheerful colors, the storytelling is so fun!  Maybe Claire will get Clint Catwood some cat nip.

Progress by Bcnatty

Much love for the vertical flow of the photos and elements (and all the little ink dots and music notes on the paper).  But the story, so special and sweet, melts my heart.

May by Golya

Oh wow – what an awesome way to look back on the following month and document events.  I adore the inchie photos clipped a top corner to reveal the date.


My fellow scrappers, story tellers and art lovers – please have yourself a lovely and blessed week.

Take care,

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – June 4th

Happy Saturday everyone!

I was absent in May, due to so much traveling, but I am back and excited to be here with all the gorgeousness that I am seeing in the galleries to kickstart the month.

Bellbird – What goes up doesn’t always come down!

This made me LOL. I love it, Justine’s journaling is superb and I can just imagine how naughty Steve is! I love all the wordart totally telling a story and the photo of Steve is priceless, I can feel him saying ‘Whatever!’. A storytelling page done to perfection.

Hillary – The Pier

I have a thing for Piers! I think it is because I spent so much time as a child at the seaside with my family, fond memories. Hillary’s photography here is stunning and superbly showcased with the wonderfully striking floral and yellow striped papers. The cute little cluster is great and I love that wordstrip, I am here for all of this page! The big cutout title is wonderful and I am a big fan of adding a subtitle using a scripty font if you use an alpha!

bcgal00 – Soulmates

WOW!! You know I love pattern mixing and Rae has done an amazing job here. This is so artsy with the grungy background and the cutout/sticker style embellishments. I also love the gender-neutral colours. The wordarts are perfect, no journaling needed. And look how happy they are in the photo, making me feel all smooshy.

Trish – Daddy’s Girl

As a Daddy’s girl 😉 I am loving this page. I am 48 and he is still Daddy to me! I love all the great photos that Trish has used, he looks so proud and happy in all of them, and that is lovely to see. I love the pattern mixing of the papers used in the word art and the cute scattered ellies. But really the photos are the hero of this page.

Geek Girl – Small Steps

I am always in awe of layouts that use a pocket page idea to create a kind of art journal-style page. This is fabulous, the messy stitches and different kinds of papers, tickets, and flowers, it’s fabulous. AND it’s all about treating herself to new shoes a huge YAASSS in my book.

Carmel Munro – Berry Happy

How pretty and yummy is this page! Loving the repeated photos and having just got a waffle maker, I am loving how good this looks! I really like the little strawberry ellie on the flower, such a nice touch. All the paint in the background is perfect and helps to anchor the central cluster.

That’s all from me today! I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous pages from these talented scrappers and will go and show them some love.

Have a wonderful weekend, I will see you in a couple of weeks.

Claire x