Finger Pointing – August 15th

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s hard to believe summer is coming to a close (for those of us in the northern hemisphere). I’ve had the pleasure to take a few trips over the summer, all within driving distance. I always mourn the long days and warmer weather as fall approaches (not that fall doesn’t have its own appeal). 

Car Peugeot by zotova

My Happy Place by wombat146

Mariposa by Iowan

A perfect day by Scrap by Irre

Summer Memories by gonewiththewind

Touch The Sky by jak

Wishing everyone a fabulous week to come! Please feel free to leave these ladies some love by clicking on the hyperlinked layout titles.

xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

Finger Pointing – August 9, 2021

Hello again!! It’s Susan, here to bring you six new goodies to finger-point and highlight for you today!  It has been such a crazy summer. I hope this day finds you healthy and well, and if your kids have gone back to school already, I hope you enjoy a little quiet time for yourself!!

I took a few minutes (okay hours) scouring the galleries around town, and here are some exceptional pages that I found. You can go to the page by clicking on the photo or the name of the page. Please go give these ladies props!! They deserve them!

Over at Pickleberry Pop, I saw these pictures and I was DONE!! I had to click and see these adorable pictures of the Pandas.  Liz0704 did an amazing job capturing the fun, playful side of that adorable panda – and the title “Happy” was perfect. I loved the soft colors she chose, a long with the ancient feel of the blended paint background!

Happy by Liz0704

My next stop in digi-land was Katie Pertiet Designs. What a treat I had in store for me today. It was really hard to choose just one!!  But just one I did, and it’s FAB!!

Blackkathy posted this page and oh, those eyes!!! Those little girl eyes pulled me right in and I had to see the rest of it. The sweet little butterflies around that photo are a wonderful layer to the paints that she used. Flowers, leaves, text, splats – all perfect to contrast her photo. I loved the singular string and the simple “loved” bottle cap.

Favorite  by Blackkathy

I rounded the corner and stopped off at The Sweet Shoppe for some delicacies to feast my eyes on. I found this bright and cheery layout, and I’m always a sucker for lemons. Get it? Sucker? LOL

Oh, that FACE!!! I just want to pinch those cheeks!! I don’t know what it is about babies, but they all seem to be entranced by lemons, and even though they don’t like it, they many times grab for more!! I have some pictures that would be perfect for this kit!!! I love the double background, the piling of the lemons, and the cute little pile for the title. This is perfection!!

Lemonade Season  Scrappy Penguin

Next stop: Scrapbook dot com! This is a huge site and a huge busy gallery. After searching and enjoying so many pages, the one I picked is actually from the first one!  Margje posted this amazing layout with so much character! I love the photo with the old-fashioned flying cap and I think what I like most about this page is the TEXTURE!!! I wanted to run my fingers over the screen to see if it was real! The cracked paper, the paint, the scratches – all of them make this page such a treat for the eyes!

Let’s Fly Today  Margje

I’m getting a little hungry with all my visiting of galleries, so I bet it’s time to have some cookies and tea with the GingerScraps Gals!! I sat down to take a bite of my gingerbread cookie when this delight came into view.  Mother Bear has captured the beauty and the femininity of a twirly dress and a little girl! I love the way she made the picture frame into a window that she is dancing in front of. The flower bunches are beautifully shadowed and perfectly placed. I absolutely LOVE the quote “There are two gifts we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings. ” As a parent, I sure have that wish for my daughter as well!

Aviary Collection  Mother Bear

Alas, my travels have taken me to my last destination of the day: The Lily Pad.  I was surfing and saw a big ole “LOL!!!!!” and had to click in. The layout was made to showcase Cinderella’s favorite joke! I have never seen this – what an original idea! All her paper stacks, laughing elements, and fun blended background are perfect for this “funny” layout!

My Favorite Joke   Cinderella

Finger Pointing – Aug 7th

Well hello there!!

It has been a while for me! A lot has happened since I was last here! I managed to go to London and see my friends and family, it was super emotional (I cry at EVERYTHING). AND now Hubby and I are in the midst of the chaotic hell on wheels that is us packing up our apartment for our move to Tampa – EEEP and YAY all at once.

During this busy period, I have found the galleries and my digi friends a great source of comfort and inspiration.

Umyesh – Braids

This just leapt out at me! Firstly I am a huge pattern mixing fan and so I love the mix here. Also, doesn’t the template just look like braids to you?! I love that trick of the eye! I also love the large eye-catching title and the fact that the full-length photo is b&W. Another fave thing of mine, is use of a dark background and it’s great here, that it’s a dark textured grey, making all the colours pop.

Amandaresende – This is Who I am

I love a celebration of ‘me’ layout. As scrappers sometimes we are so busy celebrating our people that we forget about ourselves!! I love absolutely everything about this, the messy painty stack is wonderful. I love that the bulk of the layout is b&w with all the little elements and some of the paint adding little pops of colour. I really love the use of all the different bits of wordart, I really would love to be able to do this and have it not look like I tried too hard, here it looks and feels effortless (obviously it wasn’t..).

Romajo – I Sure Do Love You

The soft, gentle feel of this page really spoke to me. I love the colour palette. Again another wonderful use of multiple pieces of wordart, they complement each other so well. I am also a big fan of a mini cluster, it has added so much detail to this page, but in a really small space, which I love. The happy Dad & Daughter photo just made me glad that I recently got to spend a lot of qt with my Dad, who I sure do love.

Sylvia – Today

I am a HUGE fan of Sylvia’s work. Her clean elegant style always serves as great inspiration for me and I love just scrolling through her galleries. This page made me smile – the joy at being at school in the photo – I do believe that was me when I was a child! It is purely accidental, but the majority of my chosen layouts today appear to have an abundance of wordart, perfectly used to complement each other. The way Sylvia has used them here is perfection and I love that teeny tiny little school bus brad anchoring that top left cluster! The circle wordart and paint, really finish of this page nicely and the subtlely striped background was a great choice.

Eve11ne – Sweet Smiles

This page was so appropriately named! It made me smile the instant I saw it. I love the layering here and all the glorious pattern mixing and AGAIN me and my love of multiple pieces of wordart – I promise it has all been accidental. I love the bright happy colour palette, toned done with some softer colours. The thing that caught my eye was all the little elements scattered throughout, the camera, heart, star to name a few, they are perfect and suit the happy smiley theme of the page. Can we also just take a moment to rejoice in the scatter at the bottom of the page – it’s a thing of joy for me!

Cathquillscrap – Happy Camping

I am not a camper, but I can appreciate the joy of getting to go on vacation again! And I love that Cath’s page feels so outdoorsy. I love that she has blended out a piece of scripty paper to add a little accent to her page. The central clustering of the photo, elements and journaling is really lovely and makes the page feel so fresh and clean. Another wonderful example of pattern mixing going on here and I love it.

Thanks for joining me this time, please show these talented scrappers some love and take some time to browse through the galleries. I’ll be back next month FROM TAMPA!! WHOOP. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Claire x

Finger Pointing – August 6th

Hey everyone!  Deborrah here today with some simply gorgeous layouts from around the galleries.  We recently “moved” our blog from one host to another, so things were kind of glitchy over the past few days, but we are finally up and running again.  YAY!  So grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or beverage of choice and let’s look at some lovely layouts.

Rear View Mirror by FLKaren

This layout made me laugh out loud!  What a beautiful blending job of such a great shot, and perfect journaling!  Gorgeous clusters, too.

I Made It Myself by carolwenxin

I love the crafty look of this gorgeous layout.  The paint brush clusters and newspaper flowers are fabulous!

Delaware River by jk703

I adore the vellum letters in the title of this layout, and that’s some fabulous color brushwork behind the photo!

Magic Things by Ana Santos

This layout is just plain beautiful!  I love the brush work and the ripped papers.  Beautiful!

Visiting the Sunflowers by lmaggs

Gorgeous masking and cluster work here.  I love the black and white papers she chose and the adorable framed photo on top of the blended one.

BFF’s Forever by RJMJ

Beautiful, beautiful blending!  I love the bright happy color of this layout, and the layered title work.  So creative!

That’s it today.  Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – August 3rd

Hello you lovely people. Not sure if you noticed, but I posted on the blog on Tuesday and it disappeared after we moved servers to a new host. So sorry about that mix up. So, here I am again to post my original info and layouts that were selected then. Deborrah will be on the blog either later today or tomorrow to show more of your beautiful creations. Here we go with my original post…


Follow the Sun by Scrappie Irene

From the top to the bottom, this is so lovely and delicate. The clusters really help draw your eye around the page. The shadowing is perfectly done.


Olympic Peninsula by dj_w

I’m loving the colors and fun template on this one. Those gorgeous photos within the large title are really spectacular.


That Smile by SweetChar

Oh, this is an awesome page!  That clustering and layering is phenomenal.


Tangerine Dream by Svetlanka

This layout just stuck right out at me as I was browsing the gallery with the bright colors and gorgeous clusters.


You at 12 by shunnstergirl

Such a fantastic idea and page. I adore all the speech bubbles with questions and answers from the artist’s favorite 12 year old.


You can do it by 01lousmith

Great page! And what a fantastic way to stay on track…record it in a fun and creative way!


That’s it for me today. Hope you have time to go browse the galleries to find some inspiration of your own. Until next time, happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – August 1st

Happy August, everyone!! Hope you all are starting off the month in grand fashion! I’m starting it off running really behind haha! I almost didn’t make it on the first and I know it’s not for some of you! I won’t dilly dally and get right to my picks for today! I hope you enjoy!

August_style_chall by MiekSter
How amazing is this page! I am so in love with all those amazing paper strips and the beautiful depth she has created!! All the different textures are stunning and her shadow work is perfection!! This is such a beautifully scrapped page!


It’s About Time by MDiane
I am such a fan of beautiful photoless layouts, mostly because I feel like I don’t pull them off very well at all. This one is sch a stunner!! I love the combination of colors and all those amazing layers! The doily pieces are so beautiful and I adore the addition of the watch! Beautiful work!


SSL 07/31/21 by OKate
I seriously love that long photo and what an amazing looking place! Her use of the paint and the paper strips is the perfect addition to the gorgeous vertical design!! Beautiful title work as well!! Gorgeous page!


Noah and Gianna by Jodiii
How stunning is this page!! I just keep looking and finding more and more beautiful layers!! The depth she has created is fabulous and the design is so creative!! I am in awe of all her amazing cluster work!! This one is fantastic and the photo is just the sweetest!


Mermaid @ Heart by christellvandyk
How fun and beautifully creative is this page!! Oh my goodness, all those clustered elements are absolutely fabulous!! I simply adore the mermaids and the amazing scene she has created!! Absolutely gorgeous design and such a stunning layout!!


Follow the Sun by KarenDiamond
What an absolutely gorgeous big photo!! I love how it fills the whole page so perfectly!! Her cluster work along the side could not be more perfect! Each element is just beautifully place!! I adore her title work as well! This is such a beautifully scrapped page!!


And that will do it for me today!! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing -July 28th

Good Morning!  Dropping in a little bit earlier than I normally do from my part of the world.  I had to make a last minute and very fast road trip to visit my Dad.  With trying to get my son dually enrolled in High School and in College, it’s been a tad crazy so these past few days were the  ONLY time I could do this trip before school starts.  In the past 2 days, we have  already been in/through 6 different states.  In honor of all that road trip craziness, we are going to travel through 6 different galleries today.  Here are my picks for the day (fingers crossed I don’t use connection from rural America).

I want to ride my bicycle by Nickel

How awesome is the?  I love how the bicycle wheel is a stamp and it just jumps out and grabs your attention.  The subtly of the word art framing the bicycle wheel is the perfect approach to help document but not take away from the fun and amazing composition.

Wonder AJMuse4July2021 by AJK

Look at these amazing extractions for starters.  I absolutely love extractions and these were extracted perfectly.  Then there is placement of the girl in proximity of the light bulb with perfect shadowing. And how about that awesome ocean/beach scene spilling out of the light bulb?  I’m in awe!

Strat by Kjersti

I love a jam packed layout that is perfectly executed and this one does that!  This dark background makes all the pinks  really pop off the page. Take a look at all that amazing clustering with the small accents placed here and there to really give this page a beautiful polished look!

This is Life by bryanna

The grunginess of this background with the photo blended is amazing.  I love that the same photo was used in this gorgeous cluster and that this cluster has so much to see.

Best Summer by Kat Hansen

Oh these photos tell the story for sure.  It does look the best summer is being hand.  Love the bold summery colors and the photos are blended in with the background to make it look like it’s own perfect mixed media background paper.  

SSL July 24th by frani_54

How amazing is this?  I’m not sure what I love most, the monochromatic theme with the subtle pops of color or if it’s the way the painted circle is highlighting this beautiful circle of friends.  The messaging is definitely on point so I end my picks for the day with the reminder to all to “Embrace all that is You!”

Dont’t forget to swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love.  Enjoy your day and I’ll see you around the galleries until next time!



Esther (mywisecrafts)