Finger Pointing – November 12th

Hi, sorry I am a bit late today. I have been prepping for my trip home to London next week.

Christmas has exploded in my craftroom lol.

Surfing the galleries gave me a nice break from that chaos..

Keepscrappin – Deck the Halls

I absolutely love the bright candy colours used here. The cluster is amazing, I love the limited colour palette, it makes the flowers pop. Even though the cluster is large and central, the gorgeous photo still shines. I love the little peek of twine throughout the cluster. I am a sucker for twine.

Alinalove – Found Here

WOW!! This is stunning. Another limited colour palette, that works really well. I love that it picks up all the colours in the photo. The paint/brushwork behind the photo is wonderful and really anchors everything. The giant bow has me swooning.

Cfile – Up on the Mountain

I love everything about this page by Christa! It is gorgeous. The layers under the photo are composed of mainly neutral colours, so it all lifts off of the darker background. To me, the background looks a bit like a frosted windshield. I really love seeing alphas used as part of a title, it is done so well here.

sucali – Make it Happen

I think I might have a thing for limited colour palette use today! Another fabulous example of it here. I love the use of the same photo too and the muted tones of them. The paint and the tiny little converse cluster anchor the images so well. The large scribble is such a nice touch, leading your eye to the main sentiment of the page.

Dady – Good Day

The blending here just blew me away! The colour alteration of the photo and the blending it into the frame and the paper is just so very creative and gives a stunning focal point to the page. Teeny tiny pops of colour add a bit more interest, as do the carefully placed word arts. Again a limited colour palette used so effectively.

Armygrl – Memories Past

Our very own Lisa! I could not pass this by! It is such a stunning Day 1 page for DYD. I love the tight central layering here and the huge 1 is perfection.  The big red banner gives it all a nice anchor point. I really like the mix of twine and ribbon in the bow that secures the journaling strip. And last but not least, the photo of Lisa and Maggie is so cute.

I hope you will go and leave these talented scrappers some love. I am heading back to my Christmas chaos. See you in a few weeks (maybe from London!!).

Claire x

Finger Pointing: Nov 9th, 2022

Kari here. How is everyone? It has been awhile since I last posted. Since than a lot has changed in my life, I became a Mrs. and got a new name! and gained a husband! We had been together 10 years but now that we are married it seems so unreal. I am still adjusting to life as a Mrs. and remembering to use my new last name. And of course coming up with a fancy way to sign it.

On top of everything else I start a new job tomorrow! Which I am super duper excited about! Going to be working part time at Sam’s Club. Since I got hurt last year at my old job, I had to quit my previous job earlier this year. (it was not an easy choice). Finding new work that worked with my restrictions wasn’t easy. But I am hoping I have found a good fit. To tell you the truth down deep I am a tad bit nervous!

I can not believe it is November already! Fall is here and all around me in Wisconsin the leaves have fallen off the trees. (which my dog Neelix loves!). He thinks the trees shake off their leaves just for him. A special crunchy buffet of color all over the ground just for him to scoop up and eat. But seriously I love this time of year! The beautiful colors, the weather not too warm nor to cold, the apple cider, boots, walks with loved ones and cuddling under warm blankets watching movies! Who could ask for anything more? What is your favorite fall activity?

Now on to my picks

My first pick of the night is that of

Just Because by AJM 

I am a huge fan of her work and this one is just perfect! I love the simple-ness of it and all the white space. It is so elegantly done. What isn’t there to love?

My second pick of the night screams autumn to me!

Autumn Splendor by mywisecrafts

I am so in love with this layout by Esther! The colors are just stunning and I love her use of the butterflies and vines.

this third pick blew me away. I found this beauty at Oscraps

Forbidden Seas by Adryane

I love the blend work here and the color choices reminds me of the ocean. And I love her how title work just seems to blend right into the image. Such amazing work!

My final pick for the night I traveled over the Pickle Berry Pop and found this masterpiece:

Busy Days by NHDesignz

I am a sucker for a bunch of paint and this one really grabbed at the messy paint heart strings. I mean just look at all that wonderful painty mess! And I love the photo flitter she chose also! What a great design!

That is all for tonight! I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week! Keep scrapping your memories! and take care! Until next time!

Kari signing off! 🙂



Finger Pointing – November 8th

Hello from a damp and cold UK! Temperatures have really dropped around here and we’ve had quite a bit of rain which makes for that “chilled to the bone” feeling which I think is a little premature for early November but hey ho… all I can do is wrap up warm while I scrap and take a meander through the galleries. Win-win! Here are some fine pieces of work I found while on that meander!

Paris by sylvia has me wishing I could have seen how this page came to be. It is wonderfully unusual in composition and I so wish my creative brain worked in this way! Simply delightful!

Favorite Friends in the City by Jana is a luscious creation with it’s pinks and soft lilacs and I love how the page design is brought together with the pretty little cluster in the centre. So, so pretty!

Bear Hugs by mom2jackaia is a playful page with patterned papers and sweet little elements that anchor both images nicely. I love the flow and the use of colour on this page. Super cute!

SSL 11/05/22 by OKate is beautifully elegant in its vertical design and I love the trio of photo’s… or is it one image over the three frames? Hmmmm…. not sure but either way this page is exquisite!

Salad – Eating Healthy by bonnenuit is another cleverly constructed page. I love the green masking, the use of circles and the papers used have lovely texture. That “vegetable paper is gorgeous! An amazing piece of creativity!

Hello Fall by Bellisae is a beautiful mix of muted tones and shadowed layers, creating a perfect Autumnal page. I love the mixed media type leaves and how the brushwork reminds me of falling leaves. An eye catching page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and that they leave you inspired to create a page of your own. When you have a moment, click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, it will be appreciated. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – November 7th

Our “manic Monday” is almost over.  And the best thing…in the wee hours of the morning we’ll have a total Lunar Eclipse.  Maybe because the clocks turned back and its full-on darkness by 6pm. Maybe it’s my excitement for the coming lunar eclipse.  Regardless, it seems most of the layouts I picked for today’s GSO are on the dark side with deep tones and earthy hues.

November Bricolage Society by Mcurtt

First up is a sultry piece by Marilyn that leaves one feeling, well, a little bit exposed.  I am especially intrigued by the face in the lower right corner with the eyes covered up.

In The Woods by Seahorsefan

Next, is a piece full of awesome blending and such powerful spirit animals.  I enjoy looking deeper and deeper, into the woods.

Moonlight Oasis by Moemc

Wow!  What an awesome find for this Lunar Eclipse eve!  Those photos have me super excited for the morning!  I enjoy the choice of grunged up papers too…there is such marvelous textures here.

Statue Liberty by Zinzilah

Aww…While the foggy picture is delightful in a mysterious sort of way, I do feel bad their first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty and the New York shoreline was through thick fog.  This is a remarkable and wonderfully unique layout none-the-less.

Chill in the Air by Electra

Okay, Electra’s choice in journal cards has me giggling!  And I very much enjoy her “mood board” that has an American west and prairie land vibe. I feel like I’m saddling up to hit the Oregon Trail!

I Remember This by Carrie1977

Carrie’s layout is such a wonderful design with the corner clusters and thin frames surrounding the piece.  There is remarkable “white space” yet the layout still seems “full.”


I truly enjoy the Earthy vibes of today’s picks…I hope you do too!

Till next time – have a fantastic week!

Lisa (Armygrl)


Finger Pointing – November 6th

Hello scrappers and Happy Sunday to you!  I hope you’re all having a good weekend.  I had so much fun surfing the galleries, looking for my picks for today.  I know you’re ready to see what they are.

First up is A Magical Season by bbe

This close-up photograph of the young girl grabbed my attention first of all.  You can tell that she’s entranced by something, like children are with sometimes simple things.   When I read the description, I discovered that she is looking through a one dollar magnifying glass!  It’s the little things in life, isn’t it? The whole page is simply “magical”.

Next up is Faces of M J by mary-lynne

This page is just full of joy!  I love the big photo and that look of sheer happiness.  The additional photos, at the top and the overlapping photo strips at the bottom, are a beautiful balance. The blending modes tie everything up perfectly!

Next up is Jubilee by Applechick

I’m just blown away by this page!  The detail is amazing – take a close look- even the jewelry on the grandmother’s hand is wonderful!  The interaction between the grandmother and granddaughter is so special and really comes through in this absolutely wonderful page!

Next up is In Print by Poppy

I could truly hang this on one of my walls!  First of all, I love cityscapes, which is so wonderfully captured here.  It definitely has the rainy day feel even if the people weren’t walking around with umbrellas. I’m not sure where this is, but it reminds me of Paris on a rainy day.

Next up is Too Cute To Spook by Ernie88

This little one, in the costume with the floppy ears, just had to be one of my picks.  I don’t think I’ve had my fill of Halloween yet.   I love the stacked layers underneath the photograph and all of the spooky elements, including the spooky bats flying around. This truly is “too cute to spook”.

And lastly, Follow Your Dreams by Blackthorne

The detail on this page is just amazing!  There’s a LOT of work on here – the flowers in her hair are just wonderful and take this whole image in – there so much detail – so much to look at.  I adore all of the word strips across the shoulders and the back!  This page is so unique and creative.


That’s it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve chosen for your viewing pleasure.  Click on the name of the page and you can go to their respective galleries and leave some love for these artists.


Finger Pointing- November 5th

Hi everyone!

It’s been awhile. Hope all is well. Autumn has finally arrived and I am loving all the layouts in the digiland. Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s amazing pages.

Here are my top six for today.

Moments by Myssp
WOW! Just wow! I just adore everything here. The photo is as stunning as the page. Love how she framed the photo and the acrylic type on top of it. Just gorgeous!

Glimpse of the Past by Scrap Genie
What a great tribute to her great-great-grandmother. She did justice to the page, beautifully done. Love the shadows too, feels like I can touch it. Love the brushworks, paints and the balance the page has.

Be Good to Yourself by Cinderella
What a constant reminder to “be good to ourself,” oftentimes we don’t think about it. Love the shadow photo. Wonderful composition. Nice work with the art paper and the doillies add spice to the page.

Autumn Snapshots by Mother Bear
Love layout like this, I’m an Autumn person too. There’s something about changing leaves and colors. Just divine! Great cluster works on the leaves. Amazing photos and lists along with the patterned papers laid fabulously.

Automne by DomiD
Just breathtaking! Love the white space and the simple yet elegant design.

Thanks with a grateful heart by Ksacry
What an awesome work on the turkey. Beautiful blending and details. Love the touch of colors and splash of inks/splats. Great job on the page!

Thank you for taking the time to browse my top six for today. It would be awesome to give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Beth <3

Finger Pointing – November 04th-

Hello hello!!!! Cynthia/MrsPeel here, back after a few months and (nothing new, really LOL) late in my first day back…should’ve made this post last night, but DD was admitted in hospital a few days ago, things are complicated enough, then my mum arrived early hours of the morning from a 14 hours flight yesterday…I’m grateful for the chosen family we have that allowed all to be fine, many of you here are that family, so thank to you guys! I’m so very pleased to get back to highlight the awesome talent we have in this industry! As always, my heart breaks having to pick just a few… (so I added one more!!!) But enough of me, here they are, enjoy & get inspired!!!

Starting with one of industry’s most favorite artists, personally mine too, is Ona aka wombat146 with Rainbow of Autumn colors.  As she does, the whole thing is a marvel, from the depth of field focused as a main star in the page, to the fabulousness of the cluster and it’s shadows, the wonderfully blend of the photo with a patterned background….Pure.Awesome!

Following the fall feeling is always awesome SeattleSheri with Autumn Smile. She is a professor on clustering and general perfection no matter what style, shining in this one with a mixture of textures, layering delight, a super cute photo and shadows I wish I could emulate… more awesomeness!!!!

Another piece of great art and memory keeping from Melidy in this page she calls Together, love this girl always, and this is a perfect example of why: beautiful. composition, amazing elegance, a so so very sweet photo, and (something extremely important to me) the fact that she transcribed her journaling for us to read, taking the page to a higher level, even more so when you read it…  the power we have with our pages to make amazingly beautiful pieces of not so beautiful, even ugly, events in our lives… LOVE this!!!!!!

Next is Memories by Saar. I would have to write extensible to express my love for Sarah and her pages, but I reckon you know and, more than likely, feel the same way, so I will just bring you the page…. a brilliant composition, a new mum’s pride shining here with the baby’s sweet photo, gorgeous blank space, a mixture of stamps and brushes in a marvellous background, the doodles and perfect shadows, absolutely amazing elegance!!!!

Another one of my most treasured scrapping Queens, Krista aka norton94 with Skate Date, a wonderfully put together double pager. Happy photos, fantastic take on the template, the clusters which play with colors making all sync perfectly, adding the shadows that give dimension so beautifully… makes my heart sing! You can see the whole double pager bellow this one in her gallery, and the other page is HERE. All together awesome!

My heart sings so happily finding her pages, and she never ever fails to amaze! This is As Above So Bellow by faerywings, an image so striking as is the journey she shares of how it was build, marvellously bringing together different pieces and achieving a master piece!

Last but not least, Life Is by Madi, a happy, bright and fun art journal page that closes the amazingly talented list for today!

Hope you get inspired as much as I am, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the name of the page and author ( not the actual image) Please do spare a minute or two to leave some love, we all know how much of a difference it can make, always, even more so in these crazy times we are living! Have a great weekend!!!