Finger Pointing -September 26th 2021

Happy Sunday!!!  Everybody gearing up for all the DSD festivities?  I know I sure am.  I can’t wait to play some of the games and of course go SHOPPING!  Now is a great time to build those wishlists….and I’m here to help provide creative and wish list inspiration!

Check out these fabulous layouts I spotted today as I was strolling through the galleries!

birds of a feather by bellbird

Absolutely love the composition of this layout.  It has a soft approach yet it is still masculine in nature.  This type of look isn’t necessarily the easiest look to pull off and here it was executed beautifully.  I also loved how this artist mixed several kits together to create this beautiful look!

Blending-Challenge-Sept24_2021 by frani_54

I love this gorgeous fall photo.  I love how the light just draws you in to this forest scene. I’m also wowed by the texture and the blending approach taken here and then it is perfectly accented by the color swatch recolored to match the layout and that beautiful cluster is perfect!

Fall in Love by Tina1978

How adorable is this photo?  I love the use of the stamps/masks in the background and the photo perfectly framed with the vine frame and that amazing cluster.

Bountiful by MeaghanPryor

I love vintage layouts and this on is so drool worthy. The blending is fantastic and the slightly darker sepia and muted green tone elements are the perfect complement to this gorgeous layout.

hello Fall by beaute

Can I say wow!!! I LOVE this photo treatment and the way the artsist used the overlays/paints from this collection to accent the the different angles in the photo treatment is genius.  This approach just highlights the different hues of autumn and the gorgeous cluster at the neck adds a delicate touch to the overall layout.

Shine of Splendor by bryanna

How amazing is this?  I love the dark bold colors and the blended photo in the background.    The frame for the smaller photo is eclectic and fun and the softer overlays used int he floral cluster adds a magical touch.

Hope you enjoyed my picks for the day.  If you have a moment, please swing the galleries and leave these fabulous artists some love (clicking on the title above the layout will take you right to the gallery post).

See ya around the galleries!



Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing – September 24th 2021

Hi everyone!

I had a bit of a break as Hubby and I have relocated from NYC to Tampa!! We are settling into our new home (finally) and honestly permanently being in shorts is making me constantly happy!

Let’s jump straight in..

Thuria – L & Pumba

This just leapt out at me!! I love everything about it. The treatment of the photos and how they are cascading across the centre of the page creating this wonderful focal point. There is even a little scrap of paper snuck in amongst the photos!! The anchoring cluster is just so clever, beautiful, and functional all at once. Finally, the colour palette is so soft, it just allows the fab photo(s) to shine.

Gonewiththewind – I Heart You

Ok, so I am a BIG fan of Cheryl’s templates and her layouts always make me gasp with delight. I just LOVE the layering here and how it is essentially monochrome with red highlights. The use of multiple labels to hold the small amount of journaling is a lovely idea. The shadow work on the heart is just so perfect! I am a fan of big titles and the one here a fantastic use of alphas, especially as it keeps to the monochrome theme.

Sylvia – Inspired Creative

Sylvia’s work is just so impactful. And honestly, this leapt out at me because if I could be bothered to be a hair girl, this is what my hair would look like! I love the simple background, with the explosion of colour and elements underneath the photo. I love how the colour palette tones perfectly with the photo and the whole page feels alive with movement.

Lidia G – Mantra

This is a spectacular piece of digital art journaling. The shadow work is so good, I had to check where I was and make sure it was digital! I love the positive affirmations added to the large pinwheel, so good! I really love the shabby chic feel and the background has so much detail but doesn’t overpower the mantra.

ChristyHC – Pumpkin Photo

I’m such an engineer at heart! I LOVE clean lines and this is just such a great way to use all the rectangles! The Pumpkin picture is awesome, look at all the joy in their faces, it is making me smile so much. Perfect colour palette for the photo and I love all the leaf and pumpkin elements scattered and clustered. So clean and fun all at once.

Carmel Munro – Good Friends

I just love the photo here and the clean background. All the paint, stamps, brushes just under the photo anchor the flowers and foilage perfectly. I like the fact that tonally it all works together so well and the simple wordstrip for a title is a really nice, elegant touch.

Thanks for joining me this time, please show these talented scrappers some love and take some time to browse through the galleries. I’ll be spending the weekend celebrating my birthday (it’s the 28th) and I have 2 days off to recover hahaha. Have a fabulous weekend everyone.


Finger Pointing – September 22nd

Hey creative fam!  Heidi Nicole here on a chilly, rainy fall evening… enjoying some decaf and beautiful galleries.  Hope this finds you all healthy and happy!

Here’s my picks for today…

I Hope You Always by SuzannaL

This is actually a paper layout… but I was absolutely stunned by it!  I was immediately drawn to the huge title with all the different backgrounds.  It appears as though she used digital cut files and she truly hit it out of the park.  Such a lovely summer layout!

autumn beauty by keepscrappin

This is a beautiful example of using a large photo, and complimenting it so expertly by the perfect color palette and lovely clusters.  The decision to use the white color on the bottom truly balances the layout due to the light sky of the photo.  The sweet stamps and the leaves falling tie it all together.  I’m just in love with this!

Thankful by Ana_Santos

I love this wonderful mix of graphic design and shadowed dimensional pieces.  The graphic affects of the photo are just stunning.  The cluster at the bottom and the sweet leaves on the edge complete the dimensional look.  I truly can’t even explain how much I love this.  It’s unbelievably creative!

It Didn’t All Suck by tanyiadeskins

This is such a fun layout!  The title immediately grabbed my attention and drew me in.  This layout documents so much using journal cards, the title itself, the photos, and the journaling.  It all comes together in such a cohesive way.  And let’s be honest, we all need to see the good that may have come out of this pandemic, and what a fun way to document it!

12-Decisions by bienejen

The composition here is just awesome!  Love the triangle feel and the background paper was an amazing choice; it adds dimension and interest.  I think the use of all the signs and journal cards tell the story, and the little details she included are spot on.  Such a fun layout!

Buzz by DownHome

There is so much to love about this layout.  First of all, that photo…  oh my gosh how stinkin’ cute!  He’s so intense!  Second, the actual composition of the piece is just delightful.  The angled patterned papers and that dark paper makes all the elements stand out.  The shadowing adds depth and interest, as well as all the fun stamps and ink.  LOVE this!

Please take a minute to go leave some love on these beauties!


Heidi Nicole

Finger Pointing – September 20th

I made it!” she yells as she skids in sideways on her office chair at break-neck speed! I’m on nursing duties at the moment as my husband has had spinal surgery and it’s been his first day home from hospital which is turning out to be an adjustment for us both. So please excuse me keeping this post brief and to the point today while my to-do list is standing with its hands on its hips with a frown that says “where are you???” So let’s go…

Love Grows Here by zwyck – so beautiful with the soft, blended tones and super cute photo. Just adorable!

Pumpkins Glory by Scrapbxl – so pretty with the watercolour florals and foliage. Gorgeous!

You Can’t Stop Time by Shannamay – a wonderful colour palette and lovely, chunky layers. Beautiful!

School Life by Mediterranka – you can’t beat a linear design for a super neat page. Love this!

Autumn is Best by tracermajig – different shades of similar colours always make for a cohesive page. Stunning!

At the Beach by jana – the ocean is always, always, always good for the soul. Wonderful!

I hope these pages inspire you to scrap a memory or story of your own and when you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing- September 18th

Hi everyone!

Hope you are having a nice weekend! It’s been a crazy month for us but Thank God all is well in my side of the world. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s awesome gallery standouts.

Here are my top six for today 😉

Pumpkins Glory by Magnolia
I love the soft feel of the page not to mention the sweet photo. Love how they captured this sweet moment. The photo treatment goes well with the entire page. Love the centered design with minimal elements. Great work!

Strong and Courageous by JanisT
This is gorgeous! I love how she made the page, it looks like a modern day heritage page! The color blends perfectly with everything, simply superb. I love the flow of the flowers that lead my eyes right to the subject.

Fall Season by A J M
This is so full of energy!  Totally loving this page. I was immediately drawn to this page the moment I saw it in the gallery. Great composition, I love how she filled the photo with brush works plus all the details are making me happy.  I love fall season and truly miss it. Great work on the page!

Happy Days by Kayleigh
Fall is here! Beautiful way to showcase fall season. Love the clean design and all the wonderful bits and pieces. The elements are way adorable. Love fall season as always!

Still Life by Dorci
Another stunner! Love the great texture, feels like I can touch the leaves. Love how it’s done. It looks amazing! That little button adds beauty to the page.

We learn from each other by Mcurtt
Wow! Another gem in the digiland. I truly miss digiscrapping and seeing all these pages makes me want to scrap again. I love her composition here. I admire her mix of flowers, her clustering is nicely done. The shadows work perfectly, what a great quote and a reminder that we can learn from each other. Love mixed media art!

I hope you love the layouts I picked for you today. If you’ve got a moment, I’m sure the artists would appreciate it if you’d leave them some love.

Keep safe guys!

Finger Pointing – September 16th

Hi all, and happy Friday eve!! I don’t know about you, but I am really looking forward to some down time this weekend!! I also really need to catch up on some scrapping! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me, but I have spent a good deal of time in the galleries finding so much inspiration! I hope you enjoy my picks for tonight!

Autumn by alannabanana
This is such a beautiful layout! I just love the soft colors and scatter of flowers and leaves across the page! Her sweet cluster work is fabulous and that photo is the cutest! I adore her beautiful title work and use of the word strips!! Lovely work!!


Pop Culture – Just the Way I Am by Jan Merkley
I so totally adore this page! Her design is just so creative and beautifully executed! All of the journaling in different spots is wonderful and I can relate to all of it! Wonderful documentation of life right now and perfectly scrapped!


Autumn is Calling by bbe
I am loving all the autumn pages! It may not be my favorite season, but the colors are stunning! I adore the blues and pops of green in this one! Absolutely gorgeous photo and I love her creative framing and out of bounds work! So very lovely!!


Stay Awhile by Norma
How beautiful is this page!! The notebook design and gorgeous photo look amazing!! I love her beautiful floral clusters spilling over the pages and that sweet girl with her cat!! Such a wonderfully creative layout!


Avoiding Death by Stench by Wvufan04
This one jumped out at me right away! Not only the title, which made me giggle a little, but the amazing use of elements and gorgeous depth she created! Her shadows are so perfect! I absolutely adore her fantastic journaling, such awesome story telling. I could almost smell the cleats haha. Wonderful page!!


Momentum by Roxana
Such an absolutely beautifully scrapped page!! I simply love how she has scrapped the corners!! Perfect use of the stamps and elements, and the title work in the center is fantastic!! Wonderful layout!!


And that will do it for me today!! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!


Finger Pointing – September 12th

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekends thus far. Mine has been super busy, which is both good and bad. I got a lot done, but I definitely wish I had another day to relax!  Anyway, I hope you enjoy my picks.

Never Forget by NAdams

Blue Jay by Charlene Mitchell

Today’s Favorite Moments by dotcomkari

A Winding Road by Angelwings33

Just September by Beth

Week 36 by IntenseMagic

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Don’t forget to leave these artists some love by clicking on the hyperlinked titles! 

xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)