Finger Pointing – August 16th

Happy Tuesday Scrappers!  It’s just beginning to cool down a little bit where we live.  It’s been a very hot summer and we’ll take any break we can get.  We also got some much-needed rain, which perked up all of our flowers and plants.  I hope, wherever you are, that the weather is getting better.  It’s the middle of August, so we should start to see some relief.  I had a great time looking through the galleries to find today’s Standouts.  You want to see them?  Of course, you do – here we go.

Best Life Lessons by Dr. Who by Iowan

How amazing is this page?  There’s SO much to look at.  First of all, I love the background paper with those horizontal rays coming across the page!  It reminds me of a sunburst.  I love the way the “lessons” are itemized on the strips of paper and the title work is stunning!  It takes a while to absorb all of the wonderful details.

Cuteness by Betty Jo

This beautiful image stopped me in my tracks!  This page was created for a photo editing challenge, and I loved reading about the process.  The lighting on the face is so soft and beautiful and the pretty, delicate borders, the flowers on the side of her head and the one-word journaling make this a standout page!

Evening Ritual by Mingo08

Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset?  This big picture is pure gorgeousness!  The addition of the smaller, framed shots adds to the dimension of the page and even more interest, if that’s possible.  This page has just the right amount of journaling to explain the “evening ritual” and the perfect number of elements.  What an outstanding page!

Simplette Never Ending Summer by Lana Beber

The lovely photograph grabbed my attention, first of all.  I love all of the wonderful clustering on both sides of the photograph.  The blended background makes a simple and elegant statement, maintaining a somewhat clean and simple style, making it a winning combination!

Family Morning River by Shelby

Just look at this little darlin’ sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun. The big photo sets the stage, and the smaller photos just add to it.  The sweet elements around the edges are just the perfect touches to this absolutely adorable page.

Just Hangin’ Out by Grandma Lynnie

Last, but certainly not least, and a “cuteness overload” warning – a baby and fuzzy dogs.  Look at the priceless expression on the baby’s face.  This is truly a magical moment captured on camera.  The doggie ribbon, torn paper and cute little bone add to the perfection of this page.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today.  If you get a minute, please stop by and leave some love for these artists.  You can go straight to the page by clicking on the name of each one.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on scrapping.  You never know when one of your pages might show up on our blog.



Finger Pointing – August 16th

Happy Sunday!!! So today is both a very important and sad day for me. My middle son turns 16 and I’m so proud of the young man he’s become …. but I’m super sad that I don’t get to spend it celebrating with him because COVID finally caught up with me. I’m on day 5 of symptoms and per my rapid test am still very infectious, sigh. I’m thankful my symptoms have thus far been mild and that no one else in my household has tested positive, but it’s very isolating and lonely. 

nv by marnel

Missing You by caapmum

Seriously [Not] by RJMJ

Seaside Charm by Chaos Lounge

Trees Twilight by ksacry

you by lovely1m

Please leave these amazing artists some love by following their pages to the galleries by clicking on the hyperlinked page titles. I hope you all have a really fabulous weekend and week to come!

xoxo Sheri (SeattleSheri)

Finger Pointing – August 13th

Happy Saturday, everyone!! I hop that your weekend is full of fun, excitement, or just relaxation…whatever is your favorite! I’ve been on the move all day today, trying to cram in some last minute fun before I head back to work on Monday. The summer just seemed to fly by! But I do have to say that it will be kind of nice to have a little routine and structure back in my days. Maybe I will find some time to get more scrapping done with less chaos! Being in the galleries really inspires me and gives me the itch to be scrapping regularly again! We have such an amazingly talented community and I hope you enjoy the layouts I’ve chosen as standouts today!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun by EllenT
And how fun is this page!! Her photo is absolutely precious and I am in love with all the gorgeous patterned pieces and her amazing cluster work! I adore how she included the lacey bits and the different greenery!! Fabulous shadow work as well!! Such a stunning page!!


Shine by SanVHM
How lovely is this layout!! Such a lovely photo, and all the beautiful florals and greenery behind it couldn’t be more perfect!! I just love the birds and her sweet cluster work!! The torn papers along the edge so beautifully balance the page!! This is so so gorgeous!!!


Cool by *sylvia*
This page is just absolutely precious!! That photo makes me smile so big!! I love the beautiful stamped bits and the fun school elements! The border and her use of white space is so perfect!! So fun and so adorable!! This is such a creative page!!


Enjoy Autumn by CathQuiltScrap
I am not the biggest fan of Autumn, but as far as scrapping, I am a fan of the gorgeous fall colors!! This is such a beautiful page! I love that big photo and the fun leafy background paper!! Her use of the smaller photos is just fantastic and I adore those sweet clusters! This is such a pretty page!


Just Like the Sea by andastra
How gorgeous are those photos!! I adore the beautiful reflections in the water!! The way she has split the page is so creative and her little clusters are just gorgeous!! The ships wheel is so cool and I love the word strips!! This is just a stunning layout!


New Backyard by andrianita
This is an absolutely gorgeous page!! I adore her use of the paints and stamps, and how fun is that pocket full of lovely photos!! I really love the little pops of color against the greens and browns, and that stunning word art!! This is so creative and so perfectly scrapped!!


And that will do it for me tonight! I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – August 12th


Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have fun plans for the weekend. Hubby and I are hitting the beach for a little staycation. The galleries are fun right now, with everyone documenting their travels, it’s probably the first time since Covid arrived that we have all moved around so freely!

armygrl – My Space

I know Lisa is one of the GSO crew and I try not to shout us out, BUT sometimes, you just cannot pass up a page! The title work here is AMAZING. I love her shadow work and all the little ellies added to the title. For me, the title panel, feels like a curtain, like it is part of the room that is shown. Just wonderful work as always by Lisa.

Sucali – A Mother’s Love

This is so beautiful. I love how elegant it is. The newsprint paper on top of the wood background is such a nice touch, it should feel busy, but it really doesn’t. I love her shadow work and the limited amount of colour that draws the eye to the stunning photo.

Jak – Just Eat The Cake

As a person that is not allowed the cake 99.9% of the time, I totally loved the message here. The cluster around the photo and under it is wonderful, so full of colour and extra little ellies tucked in. Again, another wonderful example of amazing shadow work. I love how the papers have been blended to give a clean bottom half, so the cluster and the words can shine.

zakirahzakaria – Prayers for my Baby

The wonderful cluster caught my eye and then it all just made my heart melt. What a wonderful keepsake for her. I loved the prayer and the idea of something so very personal being shared. The cluster and stacked layers around the photo are stunning and I really love the brushwork used on the page, to tie it all together. Gorgeous.

Ferdy – Beach

This is just so fun, I love the bright colours and the different elements used. The flow of the page, the happy photo and the colours just convey the joy Ferdy clearly feels about being at the beach (I echo this). Wonderful shadows and I really like the splatter that feels like it is holding all the pieces together.

helenedubois – Family

Another page where I feel like the joy of the moment is radiating out of the photo. Such a pretty page, I really like the little pops of pink and that all the interest is not just in the area around the photo, but spread out over the page. The torn / blended layers are great and this feels like it could be a physical art journal page.

That is all for me today, I hope you enjoyed my picks and will show these talented scrappers some love. See you in a couple of weeks, have a wonderful weekend and keep scrapping.




Finger Pointing ~ August 11, 2022

Hello, all my friends in digi-land!! I hope that all is going well for you on this fine August 11th!! I have another group of wonderful pages for you to drool over and get inspiration from!  Let’s get right to it!

Enjoy Every Mile by mywisecrafts

When I first saw this page, I just let out a “WHOAH!!!!”. I just love it!! She did so well with the extraction, and placing him on the railroad tracks was so perfect for a layout showing an up-and-coming young man! The ephemera and stitching and just the all-around movement in this page makes for a perfect page to shout about to you!!

Youth… by Jam-on-Toast

I saw this first on Instagram and I was instantly pulled in. I love how she really used this template of a Traveler’s Notebook so well! Her font choice is excellent for a journal, and the pictures are all well placed and tell a beloved story about a beloved man. I spent a lot of time looking at all the little pieces of word art and each carefully chosen element.

Upside Down by roxnat

What a perfect page, don’t you think?? The black and white photo and its flip perfectly tie all the pieces onto the page, and the pile of flowers and paper pieces are just perfect to frame this page. I love the shadowing work, and the quote is so apropos right now in our world. I think we all feel a little lost with everything going on.

Week 30 PL by Anke

I am always drawn to Project Life pages, but this one is very unique. I have never seen one done in a grid form. I love the font choice, and the slices of life that the photos show! I especially like the ghosted words “HOT” AND “SIZZLING”. The photos are a perfect way to showcase her week!

Ocean Girl by *gina*

This page just screams “FREEDOM!!!” to me! I love the pile of sand, the gesso over the net, and the sassy attitude that the picture portrays! I love the text stamp and the very simple “Ocean Girl” title. Her blending is perfect as well!

Lara by Anja_77

This page was another of those “Freedom/attitude” pages that I love so much! The picture is just so fun, and I love that she put 1/2 of the cluster pile on the photo. Usually, I like leaving the photo alone, but this works! I love the stamp of the butterfly, and all the fun paintwork she has used!  And yes, she is SO RIGHT!!! Happiness IS an inside job!

Well, there you have it – a trip into my favorite pages of the day! Have an awesome day, and I’ll catch you again in a few weeks!!

Finger Pointing – August 8th

It’s just another manic Monday! But here is an eclectic blend of inspirational layouts in our community galleries…to help you get over those Monday blues.

EarthMeetsSky  by Janedee

Earth Meets Sky – What a fantastic aerial view!  In addition to the blues and browns, which I find to be soothing colors, I adore the depth of blending in Jane’s layout.  I keep looking deeper and deeper at all the wonderful, arty pieces along the edges.

Family Time by Mocamom

Less is MORE in this layout.  The super clean background is the perfect vessel to highlight the pops of blue and yellow.  The scale of this grid-style layout is delightful as is the overall clean and modern look.

4th of July Travelers Notebook – Freedom by Marikoegelenberg

I love catching hybrid projects in the galleries.  There is something so delightful seeing “organic” works of art.  Here, I love the addition of sea foam green to a traditional red, white, and blue theme.  That green helps tie the two sides together with a fresh new look and the red pops off the pages.

Mysterious Lights by Foxeysquirrel

Wow!  Talk about color pops and blending.  This work of art is pure eye-candy!  I love the way Foxeysquirrel blended an analogous color scheme, working in bits of violet and red to compliment the magenta. Although bursting with bright colors, I find the piece to be moody and atmospheric.

It’s All in Your Head by Miki

Where to begin?  There is much to see and ponder in the imagery and message presented by Miki.  What makes humans uniquely human is our thinking ability…yet the thoughts often turn sour.  But the light colors, the whimsy, and especially for me, the gal with the flowers on her head, keep the heaviness of this layout light and hopeful.

Finally Legal by Bcnatty

An American rite of passage – turning 21!  I adore the “finally legal” alphas, the bold colors on the neutral background, and how this layout is bursting with energy!!!

Happy Monday!   If you like a layout, please click the title and leave some love in the galleries!  Have a blessed week my lovelies.

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – August 7th

Hi all!! I hope that the first week of the new month has been good to you! We have been out of town on vacation for the last week, so I’m running a little behind tonight. I spent some time before we hit the road this morning browsing all the galleries so I’d be ready for this when I got home! I hope you enjoy my picks!!

School Supplies Shopping by Karen_
I am just in awe at all the fabulous journaling here. I am also taking notes as I will be doing the same thing next year!! This is such an awesome page!! I adore the cluster of photos and the absolutely perfect element clusters!! The little buttons on the side are such a great touch and I just love the title work!! Wonderfully done!


Quiet Times by Vrilinkie
I am so in love with the beautiful and peaceful color scheme of this layout! The yellows are so pretty!! Her photos are absolutely lovely and so serene!! Beautiful cluster work across the page and fabulous shadow work!! I just love everything about this page!! It makes me feel so calm!


Wordart chall Aug 2022 by Norma
What a fabulous photo and such a stunning page!! I adore her work with the framing and the water spilling out like it is coming from the photo! So very creative!! I also love her beautiful cluster of sea elements and the lovely wordart! Such a wonderful layout!!


Hello Ocean by Alta2014
Another breathtaking photo! What a beautiful capture and the layout is just absolutely perfect for it! I love the soft bits of white and the lace piece is so lovely!! Her beautiful cluster with the subtle pops of color is stunning!! This is just gorgeous!!


Gypsy Soul by marnie4two
How gorgeous is this page!! I am so in love with these stunning colors! Her brush work and use of the paints is absolute perfection!! Such a sweet photo and the clustering around it is so lovely!! I adore the balance se created with the flowers on the opposite side! Gorgeous shadow work as well!! Amazing layout!


Summer Memories by Ann-Sofie
I just had to include this super cute hybrid project!! I love this so much and always look at these pages with awe!! Th photos with accompanying speech bubbles is so fun and creative! I adore all the little cut out flowers as well!! This is such a wonderful project!!


And that will do it for me today!! I hope you enjoy my picks and will take some time to leave a little love for these very talented artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!