Fingerpointing – June 7

Hi everybody–I’m featuring birds tonight, because my big unfeeling mechanical driving device killed one this afternoon, and it made me soooo sad. So here’s an echo of its tiny little beauty!

KathyScraps starts us off with her little hidden Tufted Titmouse. I love how the photo itself is kind of hiding in that big, bold background. I also really like the diagonal line drawing your eye up into the photo from that big, yellow flower:

Here’s a gorgeous (not-quite-a-bird) flying critter, Dragonfly Totem by jaye. The lacy background gives the page a delightfully airy feel, and the mix of 3D and painted flowers is very beguiling.

Joanne (gcaruth910) gives us a cheeky little hummingbird. Love how the neutral gray makes everything pop, and the way the photo is stapled over the stamp frame really makes it stand out from the rest of the cluster.

Anja77 in her Dream gives us this fabulously intense seagull directing its attention to the central, framed subject–but I also love how everything is rays–splashes, words, ropes, shells, even the fishheads. What a wonderful way to bring in the sun!

JillW gives us a wonderful page, Bird Watching–pretty appropriate. It’s such a great retro style, with all those flat colors and cutouts–but really popped by that zing-y striped background paper. And of course, that yellow birdie just sings (there’s some really great color conversation going on just around the photo, with the bright yellow against the darks, but also between the complementary yellow/purple contrast and the split complementary orange/green/purple–lots of fun)!

Finally, I was really delighted by scrapbxl’s Natural Symbiosis. I love the wonderful clustering (again, spilling along a diagonal), and the superb shadowing that creates so much depth on this page. I also love how many different types of elements there are–and also how the bird and the woman are looking in different diagonals! So fun! =)


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little flights of fancy as I expiate my technology-based sin… ♥