Finger Pointing – February 7

Hello and happy thursday everyone!!! It´s a rainy day here and it´s make me soooooo happy (I´m weird, I know!!!) So let´s share some beautiful pages!!


Courage to dream by misslovescraps First to share is this amazing artsy page! I love this style and admire everyone who knows how do it – because I  can´t do anything like this LOL ! Congrats dear!!!


Today Always Forever by gonewiththewind I don´t know what I love more here because there´s so much to see! Perfect photos and details and perfect colors! Love the word arts and arrows!!


Fly sweet angel by hondachicc  Linda has the power to amaze me every time and this page is a perfect example! Look how everything looks perfect together and this cutie cutie photo!!! Love the tittle work too!!


Space invaders by stampin rachel Other thing that I love is white space and splatters! And totally fall in love when saw this page! Stunning composition as always!!


Fly by sokee Wow and Wow!!! This page is so freakin cool that made me stare for a very long time and every time I like it more and more! Love all the layers, ink and stitches work! And of course the way she did the  journaling!!


Thats all for today!!! Hope you all have a great and special day!!!!!!

Finger Pointing – January 24

Hellooooooooooo everyone!!! I´m back after a long time, but I really love here so – I´m back \0/ And now I want to share some precious pages with you! Let´s start!!



Christmas eve by pebbles girl I love these photos and perfect colors! Gray and red are always a great combination! And all the little details!!LOVE!!!!!

Hitch your wagon by whatannaloves I´m a fan of Anna´s pages – always sooooooo artsy and messy and cool!! And this one is STUNNING!!! So much to see – amazing dear!!


pssst by JanaM AWESOME photoless page! Love the brown and a little of blue and yellow, perfect touch!!Love everything aboit this page!!


Bobby and kate by scrapsandsass  – wowwwww look this dogs!!!!!! So cutiee!!!! And all the composition is so COOL!!!!!!! Amazing page!!


simplicity by janet1949 So beautiful page- love all the scribbles and artsy feeling! and a great WOW for this photo!!


And that´s it for now!!! Happy thursday!!!!!!!!

Finger Pointing – January 20

Happy happy friday !!!!!!!! Ana here to share some amazing pages with you!


ouch by 4noisyboys –  it´s so so funny!! love this photo and all the composition here…. just perfect!


through out the year by flohbock  simple and stunning!! I love love love white space and everything here is so precious!

august 28 by Cristina AWESOME!!!!! I Love  everything about this page – SO COOL!!!

life is good by lingovise ohhhhhhh how cutie and sweet is it?! love the design here and all the details!!

being 1 by karen perry WOWWWWWWWW this photo is precious!!! All the composition here is perfect and adorable, love the colors too, but this photo…. melted my heart!


and to finish my post today, one hybrid project

baby sleeping door hanger by sandypie  adorable baby gift! And soooooo well done – LOVE!!

That´s it! Have a great weekend 🙂




Finger Pointing – January 13

Hello hello!!! Happy Friday 🙂 Ana here to share some awesome pages with you!

So, let´s do it!!!

Hello:one little word by EHStudios Ilooooove pages like this… perfect composition!


[undisturbed] autumn by teeshoom

AWESOME page…  I LOVE everything here, all the details… PERFECT!

Lua de Mel by janyellemayara – i love her pages, always sooooo crazy and full of energy!

Flight by domad – love the colors here and the brushs… and this pic is soooooo precious!!

your love by Angie4b1g –  I fall in love for this page and specially for this photo… it´s a simple and perfect composition and the tittle and journaling is soooooo beautiful!


and to finish this cutie cutieeeee hybrid project Camera mini book by sarahbhb


That´s all for today!! Have a great weekend!!!!



Finger Pointing – December 14

Helloooooooo!!!! Ana Paula here to share some AWESOME pages with you!

art by stampim_rachel  ohhhhh look this page… it´s PERFECTION!! and soooooo real! love every detail here Rachel!


december by zwick it´s precious!!!  amazing pics and so so sweet page!Fantastic design!


juju by rgimusa WOW!!! AMAZING pic here and all the page is so happy!!lovely details and cutie work in the tittle!!


a day together by mommy2boyz first of all – love the colors and crazy here!!!!!! It´s a perfect mix and awesome way to remember this day!! So cooooooooooooooooll page Jordan!


siblings by mrsski07 clean and stunning page!! Amazing photo and sooooooooo beautiful colors! LOVE 🙂


wishlist by amandaresende another perfect page from Amanda! everything is in the perfect place- and looks AWESOME together!!


That´s all for today!! Happy scrap 🙂

Finger Pointing – December 9

Hi everybody!!!!!! Ana.Paula here to share some beautiful and stunning pages with you 🙂


Snow miracle by Mabel I´m a super super fan of all Mabel´s pages…. her shadows are perfect – ALWAYS!!! And this page is amazing!!


Be Merry by Ferdy it´s soooooo fun!!!! and I love the mix and crazy here, and looooooove this colors…!!! Fantastic Fe!!!!!

8 things to do in the morning by amadaresende SOOOOOOOO cool!!!! Creative and AWESOME!!! perfect composition…. like always!! Love your pages Amanda!

sweet moment by vany qualtieri ohhhhhh it´s soooooooooo sweet!!! melted my heart…  and I remember the firts days with my little boy… great composition, soooo full of love! Thanks for sharing this precious moment with us 🙂

melt away by stampin_rachel  Simple and perfect!!!! This pic is so sooooo beautiful !!! Caught my eye in the moment I saw this page!

season of joy by sucali ohhhhh another precious pics!!! and all the composition here looks perfect in every little detail….. STUNNING page!!


Thats all !!! Happy friday 🙂

Finger Pointing – December 1st

Hellooooooooooo December and Hello everybody!!! This is my favorite time of the year!!! Love all the  red / green around and jingle bells… jingle bells. hahhaha ok ok  let´s share some beautiful pages!!! 🙂


I have reason to be thankful…by cherpea ohhhhhhh it´s totally caught my eye !! It´s so simple and perfect and we all need to remember this…


surprise snowfall by mommatrish WOW!!!! it´s sooooooooooooo awesome!!! love your composition and all the mix here!!! PERFECT pic too, so cutieeeeee!


poser by Lele Sordili love love love this page!!! the colors , all the details and this beautiful pics….. stunning!!

Santa is coming to town by frillySpaghetti I LOOOOOOOOOOVE photo-less pages and this is amazing!!! love the clean look hereand that little red ribbon!


c’est vraiment toi by faby33 WOW!!WOW!! and WOW!!!!!!!!!!! stunning clean page!!!!!!!!!!!!! it´s fantastic!!! And the photo treatment is amazing!!

this much by morgana Loooooooooove this page – the purple and gray + white BG + black and white photo = PERFECTION!!!!!! love the little details too!!!So creative!!!!


and now one hybrid project sooooooooooooooo cutie gift box by akizo it´s soooooooooo yummy!!!!! LOVE 🙂

ok!! that´s all!!!

Happy scrapping 🙂