Hello!!!Me again my friends!!!!Can you believe we are at the begin of March? It’s so crazy that it went this fast! Soon in a little while it will be Easter and I love to eat chocolate eggs..and most of all…. I love the spirit !!!
Well, without further ado here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

This Moment by sucali

Oh my sweetness!! How precious! Absolutely love this color scheme she used with the sweet photo! Also love the clean and simple here! And the feather on here is the perfect touch!


I need a cup of coffee! by readstoomuch

OMG! Fantastic! I love yellow so….The blended selfie is so cool and everything looks so fun yet elegant. The photo effect works so well with all the mess here. Love to read about the history that is behind the photo…Ohh..I love start the day with a cup of coffee too!


Heavy heart by thimbleberrie

I fell immediately in love with this page right away when I saw it. It’s my kind of page! Like I already said : Not all pages are happy,…The darkness totally grabbed me! So powerful. Striking. It would look awesome framed and hang on a wall…


focus by margje

I love this poster styled Layout, all of those awesome textures, the words and mess! And the pink behind the photo keeps the focus on it.


Calms His Child by jencropable

God is powerful! “Sometimes He calms the storm and other times He calms His child.” With this stunning page Jen can pass the exact message that “When God calm the storm inside us all around can look like chaos but we can be able to stand still in the midst of it.” Love the greens here, the figure mirrored, the different fonts used at the quote and the littel water drops.


Reluctant bridesmaid by Applechick

It’s a good theme she approaches here: The Smile in old photos. People may have believed that serious expressions suited these special occassions. For most people having photographs taken was not a common activity, but a rare luxury. They might only have their pictures taken a few in their lives so I think the seriousness of formal occasions and the desire to be seen as upper class and as a person of good character were the reason behind it: Don’t smile!! Love her mom’s pic blended with the background and the little touches of blues and pinks. This is a priceless photo and history!!!


9 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 2nd

  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much Paula for mentioning my layout here!
    And congrats to all others – beautiful pages!

    ~Susanne~ (sucali)

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