I have to admit that I intended to have this post done a lot earlier in the day.  But, as things usually go, I got entangled in putting together a reindeer and sleigh for our front lawn and time slipped away from me.  But, it’s done, and now I can do my gallery browsing knowing that there’s nothing else looming over my head!  It’s feeling a lot more like Christmas here in Florida – it’s 54 degrees F right now and the projected low for tonight is 38.  So a cup of hot chocolate, some beautiful art, and a – hopefully – awesome blog post are what’s on my mind now.

Create Your Magic by frani_54 is definitely magical!  When I saw the thumbnail in the gallery, I just went “WOW!”.  What a beautiful mix of a grid style page and an artsy page.  Love the background and the title.  And her photos are so beautiful.  Everything has been chosen and placed so beautifully. And the color scheme … gorgeous!  This is just such a totally elegant page.  Love, love, love it!

Love the blended photo on The happiest time by zwyck.  The background paper and the added watery trees make the blend seamless.  The multimedia trees are a perfect addition to add depth to the page.  Absolutely gorgeous!

There were so many gorgeous pages in the galleries today that incorporated a white or cream background.  Brr by myla stood out among those and caught my eye immediately in the gallery.  Love the textured background and the way everything seems to melt into it.  Perfect choices for embellishing the page and keeping it clean and classy.  I would be proud to hang this piece of art on my wall!

While technically probably not a layout, karlimarie’s December 2017 Signature, is indeed a tiny piece of art.  Love how she’s added depth by sandwiching those sweet photos between the leaves below and the cluster above.  The font choice for the signature is perfect.    I must admit that I am quite a bit “signature challenged” so that is probably why I really love seeing these creative signatures in the galleries and forums.

I’m really loving the composition of immaculeah’s Winter Wonderland page.  The dark background makes the white on the page just pop!  Love the photo cluster and the addition of the light purple/pink colors.  The use of large fonts/wordart for the WINTER and Wonderland adds an awesome impact.   A gorgeous winter wonderland for sure!

Comfort and Joy by Keely-B is a gorgeous Christmas page.  What beautiful clusters she’s included on this page.  Love the clipboard with the Christmas Wishlist.  The addition of the gold as a border and stamped below the cluster add a touch of Christmas glitter.  Awesome page!

Hope you have enjoyed my picks today.  As usual, the title and image are both linked so you can visit the gallery and leave a little love for the artist.  This will be my last post until next year, so I want to wish everyone a wonderful end to 2017 and a beautiful start for 2018.








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