Hello everyone! This is a special post…it will be my last post for the GSO blog. I am stepping back from blogging and  I will move on doing other things. Like preparing on my retirement in a few years, scrap the old fashioned way with paper, scissors and glue, artjournal with paint and all kinds of other stuff. No digiscrapping anymore in the years to come. Maybe I will pick it up again after my travels through Europe, who nows? I will find you again if I feel the need to get back to the digiworld! Well let’s see what I’ve found tonight! I’ll keep my comments short (try to), it is late again in Holland…;)

Life is short by weaselwatchr  The first thing that caught my attention was the title, I love these hand drawn and slightly messy colored alpha’s! And then the message, don’t postpone what you want to do today! Jus do it! Love the girl and the messy black stamped borders and how weaselwatchr used the differnet papers in the background.

Jailhouse Rock by clindoeil A very creative take on Elvis, the King of Rock indeed! Looks like Elvis was part of triplets ;). Love the blending of the pictures and the touches of colors in the corners here!

New Specs by kittyY  The attention is totally drawn to the specs here and I love it! Very cleverly done! Love how Kitty incorporated the sheet opticians use.

Set Your Mind on Things Above by dvhoward At first I thought this was an abstact layout, later I saw the face. What a beautiful page this is! Love how the text surrounds the head and shoulders and is part of the hair. The birdstamp and the few elements finsh this page of in a wonderful way!

AnnaColor Challenge 09.22.2017-10.05.2017 by ouisiekelly  Another almost abstract page. Great use of textures here and the very subtile use of colors gives me the feel of a misty early morning. I love it!

Another Year by carrie1977 And to finish I found a lovely page about aging. Happy birthday! I love how Carrie used the same picture three times in such a way I didn’t see it at first. Great how the splatters, title and elements move a kind of forward! Great 40 st birtday page!

Well it’s time to say goodbye now. Thank you for coming over here to read the blog and hopefully find some inspiration in what I showed you. Please don’t stop coming over, the other ‘GSO girls will continue blogging and showing you what is going on in the digiscrapworld! I loved to bring you a variety of pages over the years and I hope you will keep being creative and keep scrapping! Bye!

9 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – September 27th

  1. Thank you so much for everything, Jeanine, for always brightening my days with your beautiful picks, for sharing your beautiful designs with me in the past, for your inspiration and chatter (gezellig geklets!) on several fora we shared.
    I wish you a lot of luck on your future analogue and travel adventures.

    Groetjes, Sonja

  2. I will sure miss your posts! I wish you good luck! But I’m sure we will meet and speak eachother in the future! Hugs!

  3. It always has been my pleasure to pick your gorgeous pages girls! You deserve to shine with your works of art!
    Before I became a GSO blogger I was a daily reader here. The pages shown on the blog inspired me to stretch my own borders and try new and exciting things. I hope that will be the reason a lot of girls and some boys will keep coming here too. To see the variety and possibilities to scrap your memories and discover other ways to preserve your precious moments. I wish you all the best! And maybe we’ll meet again in the future!

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