Finger Pointing – September 27th

Hello everyone! This is a special post…it will be my last post for the GSO blog. I am stepping back from blogging and  I will move on doing other things. Like preparing on my retirement in a few years, scrap the old fashioned way with paper, scissors and glue, artjournal with paint and all kinds of other stuff. No digiscrapping anymore in the years to come. Maybe I will pick it up again after my travels through Europe, who nows? I will find you again if I feel the need to get back to the digiworld! Well let’s see what I’ve found tonight! I’ll keep my comments short (try to), it is late again in Holland…;)

Life is short by weaselwatchr  The first thing that caught my attention was the title, I love these hand drawn and slightly messy colored alpha’s! And then the message, don’t postpone what you want to do today! Jus do it! Love the girl and the messy black stamped borders and how weaselwatchr used the differnet papers in the background.

Jailhouse Rock by clindoeil A very creative take on Elvis, the King of Rock indeed! Looks like Elvis was part of triplets ;). Love the blending of the pictures and the touches of colors in the corners here!

New Specs by kittyY  The attention is totally drawn to the specs here and I love it! Very cleverly done! Love how Kitty incorporated the sheet opticians use.

Set Your Mind on Things Above by dvhoward At first I thought this was an abstact layout, later I saw the face. What a beautiful page this is! Love how the text surrounds the head and shoulders and is part of the hair. The birdstamp and the few elements finsh this page of in a wonderful way!

AnnaColor Challenge 09.22.2017-10.05.2017 by ouisiekelly  Another almost abstract page. Great use of textures here and the very subtile use of colors gives me the feel of a misty early morning. I love it!

Another Year by carrie1977 And to finish I found a lovely page about aging. Happy birthday! I love how Carrie used the same picture three times in such a way I didn’t see it at first. Great how the splatters, title and elements move a kind of forward! Great 40 st birtday page!

Well it’s time to say goodbye now. Thank you for coming over here to read the blog and hopefully find some inspiration in what I showed you. Please don’t stop coming over, the other ‘GSO girls will continue blogging and showing you what is going on in the digiscrapworld! I loved to bring you a variety of pages over the years and I hope you will keep being creative and keep scrapping! Bye!

Finger Pointing – September 5th

Hi everyone! Jeanine here, bringing you some inspiration and eyecandy from the galleries I visited today. I am enjoying  my third day off after working eleven nights in a row. Normally I work seven nights. It was a tough period, a lot of things going on at work and at home socially there’s not much happening when working nightshifts. You can imagine I think! Well let’s see what I found for you to enjoy!

Shine bright by margje This one caught my attention a few days ago and I think it’s another wonderful piece of art by Margje. She’s the best when it comes to blendwork and treating pictures in an artsy way. I particulairly love the colors, the treatment of the girls photo and how the title fits the picture perfect! Amazing piece!

New York City by Dvhoward Another great page and skillful blendwork too! I love the bits and pieces of the city popping out of the cloudbrushes. And great titlework also! Love how the brushes and placement of the words and alpha add to the energy of the city and this page.

Bulles by zizazzi  I love this double spread with gorgeous pictures! Love also how zizazzi kept the left page clean and how she used some messy stitching and splatters on the right one, a very nice contrast I think! Lovely!

Remember me by ouisiekelly Wow, what a great tribute page of the King of Rock! Great blendwork here also and love all the colors and brushes here. An then this look in his eye combined with the songtitle….who could resist that? Very cool page!

Oh, Snap by Squeak Caught in the act LOL! Funny picture and a lot of humor in the story wich you should read! The little camera is placed spot on! 😉

A STORM HAD PASSED by sbpoet A striking page, almost like a painting. Love all the little scribbles and black touches on the ‘watercolory’ houses and on the people seeking shelter. The banner gives the page a lovely depth.

These were my choices, I hope you like them and maybe, if you visit the galleries, you could leave the artists some love. Have a great wednesday!

Finger Pointing – August 22

Hello everyone! Jeanine here with a late post as I was working where I was free from work at first. A colleague got sick and I took her nightshifts. Someone has to do it right? Well I was strolling through the galleries and I found some beauties to hopefully inspire and amaze you! I’ll try to keep my comments short, because I have to get some sleep when I’m done typing 😉

Say Hello by TrishD  Trish did a wonderful artistic job here combining all these different elements, pictures/drawings and a beautiful backgroundsketch. Love all the splashing colors wich make this page very dynamic and interesting to look at!

Black and White by Poppy  Oh, I love the diagonals here! The necks of the sheep following the same direction as the parts of the paper. And I love sheep! Made some sheeppages myself a while ago. Great idea for this B&W challenge!

Muse 4 Aug 17 by caapmun  Wow, this is beautiful! Love the treatment of the left picture and all the textures in this page. Great quote also!

Dunes by sokee  Seapages always draw my attention and this one did also, although I am not sure if there’s a sea on the picture, could be sand in the foreground. The background for sure shows the sea! Love the blending here and the beautiful blues!

Beach Day by crystalbella77    Another seapage! This could easily be a bookcover or a painting. Love the soft touch here and the dreamyness of the page. And did you see that curious seagull? Reminds me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, everyone should read that book!

Sweetness by tanpopo   Oh yes! This is Sweetness with a Capital! The pastel colors, the look of the girl, her smile, her soft pink hat, the backgroundpage. Great (and sweet) cluster too with all these lovely flowers. Wonderful!

Well, I’ve come to the end of my post, I hope you like my picks! And don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! See you next time.

Finger Pointing – August 9th

Hi everyone! I’m back from my vacation month and I am late with my August 9th post, because I was reorganising my craftspace. It was (and still is) a huge mess in the corner where I work usually. Didn’t have any space left to put my laptop last night. So I moved some things this morning and now I can work 😉 With no further ado lets see what I found in the galleries! I’ll keep is short, have still a lot of things to move and clean!

looking for that great escape…by 3littleks is the first AJ page I want to show you, it is so delicate and the journaling suggests a whole lot of emotions behind it! I love this soft colored page! Can keep looking at it for a long time!

Contour by mystampin2003 Wow, I love these vintage ladies used here! Takes you back to the roaring 30’s and 40’s, don’t they? And I love how mystampin2003 designed the bacground with all the textures, splatters, stamps and a few colors.

The Cane by grandma Lynnie is so recognizable! And very funny written! I am at the end of my fifties, facing more physical inconvieniences in the future also! I hope to stay healthy and I hope my body works with me for a long time, not causing me too much trouble! I love this page! And the colorful floral cane is wonderful!!

Explore by katell A very pretty and clean explore page with all kinds of little creatures. Love how playful the frames are placed here and love that piece of ‘bugpaper’ behind them. A lovely C&S page!

Boy by anita This is an awesome page, Anita ‘nailed’ it with all the pieces she used here to show the picture of the boy and how clever she used the ‘Oh Boy’ as a kind of background. Wonderful treatment of the picture also! I love it!

LondonLondon by MrsPeel Ahhh…London, the city where our MrsPeel lives! I immediately fell for this AJ page and for the black and red here! London truly is a wonderful city to spend some days! I wonder if Cynthia spotted a flying saucer…;). Love all the arrows, different fonts and black square and circled stamps used here. Great background too!

Well. dear visitors, these are my picks, I hope you like them as much as I do! Wishing you a lovely thursday!


Finger Pointing – June 23rd

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing fine, enjoying the weather and having a good time with your loved ones. Over here in Assen, we are enjoying the TT week. For the city it is a big thing, a lot of people from all over Europe come over and have fun in the city, a lot of them intend to see the racing on Sunday if they are not too drunk or too tired 😉 and there are bands playing all over on stages in town. But let’s see the picks I found for you to inspire and enjoy! I picked a lot af artsy pages today, it was a real joy to scroll through the galleries! There were a lot of challenges going on in digiland, maybe you want to participate in one also! It’s great fun!

Photophilters challenge by KarenK Karen doesn’t say wich filters she used, but it turned out wonderful! The picture of the girl looks like it is messy stitched. I love it! Also like the vibrant colors very much. And isn’t the word ‘Alive’ great? Great AJ page!

Artsy Challenge by OKate Well, artsy this is indeed! Love how Kate blended the picture and how she used the wordartbrush on the side. Great quote too! A truly artistic page!

life is sweet by chigirl This page drew my attention because of all the lovely colors fitting so well with the theme and the M&M/icecream picture used on this page. Love how chigirl filled all the arrows with all kinds of patterns and the wordartsticker with the icecream on it is lovely!

Nautical by tiramisu A piece of ART we have here, look at the frame and how tiramisu blended it with the picture, very skilled! Love that beautiful seacluster on the right side and love the empty space on the rest of the page! A true standout!

Wallart challenge by Migueline WOW, wow, wow! An almost pictureless monochromatic page and it is so powerfull! Love the feel of fog and suspence I get looking at this one. Could be the start of a horrormovie or the bookcover of a thriller. Love the pops of dark dots and schmiers. They lift up the page in a great way. Wonderfull!!!

A GOOD THING by sbpoet Last but not least another beautiful AJ page! Love the soft approach here, all the shapes on the background, the colors, the hinch of closed eyes I see in it and the sweet wordart. An amazing page!

These were my picks for today. I hope you like them as much as I do and if you intend to visit the galleries (just click on the links), please leave the artists some love! They deserve it! Have a good day/evening/night!

Finger Pointing – June 6th

Hi everyone! From a partly wet and partly sunny Holland I bring you my picks of today found in the galleries I visited.

Lavande by Dady  What a beautiful clean page this is! These wonderful pictures make me want to pack my bags and drive to France right away! I can almost smell the lavender and hear the bees buzz seeking for honey

Paris by Weaselwatchr Another ‘French’ page and a totally different approach! Love the blended background here and how all the colors mix so well together with the colors of the picture. Love how Weaselwatchr composed the cluster as if it is a bunch of picked wildflowers

Snapshot by MlleTerraMoka What a gorgeous picture this is and another great clean page!Isn’t the kid adorable, peacefully sitting by the water, enjoying the ducks in the pond, not even noticing a picture is taken. And the drawn succulents are so very pretty! (Don’t know what happened here with the typething…)

Marijkes 52 Inspiration challenge page for June 2017 is one my attention was drawn to immediately as I scrolled through the gallery. I love large picture pages and here I particulairly love the blending, the subtile words in the background and the summer colors!

You Got This by Jacqueline What a happy girl! Love everything here, the drawn elements, the sweet soft colors, the slightly diagonal placement of the B&W picture behind the frame. All adding to a wonderful memory page!

Promise by Dalis My last page, but not the least one! I love messy pages and this one I adore! Love the colors, love the tiny picture, love the story and of course love all the brushes, paints, washitapes, splatters and the bikes! I want to see a picture of you cycling next year Dalis! 😉

These are my picks for tonight! I hope you like them as much as I do and get some inspiration looking at them and please leave the artists some love when you visit the galleries. They deserve it!

Finger Pointing – May 16th

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing fine tonight! I had a wonderful Italian dinner with my youngest son, his girlfriend and my ant. The weather was awesome today, so we could sit outside and enjoy our delicious meals. It was yummie! After we got home I dived into the galleries and as always there are so many gorgeous pages to pick, I had a hard time chosing wich ones I wanted to post. But I managed to pick six! I hope they will inspire you to scrap outside your box!

TrishD’s Shadow Dancing Wow, I love everything about this page, the picture and the kind of cartoonish effect Trish managed to give it, the grunge background wich fits perfect to the type of girl and how she’s dressed and the title with that gorgeous shadow effect. What a wonderful page!

You only live once by amandaresende I am so glad Amanda is back! I really missed her pages for the time she was away. This page is so playful and it looks so real! Like I could just touch these little cups of waterpaint and take them from the page. Love the message also and love how Amanda used the different fonts here.

My Inner Beauty by pattyanne I always have to take a look in the Mischiefcircus gallery when it’s my turn to post and I find the most gorgous and sometimes funny pages there. This time it’s a serious one, the quote is for sure! I love this strange combination, the large head, peacock feathers, the colorcombination and the leaves as a hairpiece. I love it all! It is so different, I can’t keep my eyes off of it!

The Aviator by Traumelfe And another stunning page! The plane, the grey aviatorpicture, the brush, the background paper, it all adds to the vintage feel. Even the wordstrips do. Wonderful piece of work!

Oslo by Applechick I love the graphic feel and the perspective here! Love how the building appears like a bridge and how Applechick blended it all to a beautiful piece of art!

Happy by Gracielou Oh…I love girly pages and particulairly these lovely colors! Love the diagonal setup of the page and the piece of lace behind the pictures, love the drawn ‘be happy’ and love all the stamps and brushes making a great background for the pictures.

Well, these were my picks, I hope you like them and I hope even more you get inspired by these wonderful pages! See you next time!