Hello everyone! Jeanine here with a late post as I was working where I was free from work at first. A colleague got sick and I took her nightshifts. Someone has to do it right? Well I was strolling through the galleries and I found some beauties to hopefully inspire and amaze you! I’ll try to keep my comments short, because I have to get some sleep when I’m done typing 😉

Say Hello by TrishD  Trish did a wonderful artistic job here combining all these different elements, pictures/drawings and a beautiful backgroundsketch. Love all the splashing colors wich make this page very dynamic and interesting to look at!

Black and White by Poppy  Oh, I love the diagonals here! The necks of the sheep following the same direction as the parts of the paper. And I love sheep! Made some sheeppages myself a while ago. Great idea for this B&W challenge!

Muse 4 Aug 17 by caapmun  Wow, this is beautiful! Love the treatment of the left picture and all the textures in this page. Great quote also!

Dunes by sokee  Seapages always draw my attention and this one did also, although I am not sure if there’s a sea on the picture, could be sand in the foreground. The background for sure shows the sea! Love the blending here and the beautiful blues!

Beach Day by crystalbella77    Another seapage! This could easily be a bookcover or a painting. Love the soft touch here and the dreamyness of the page. And did you see that curious seagull? Reminds me of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, everyone should read that book!

Sweetness by tanpopo   Oh yes! This is Sweetness with a Capital! The pastel colors, the look of the girl, her smile, her soft pink hat, the backgroundpage. Great (and sweet) cluster too with all these lovely flowers. Wonderful!

Well, I’ve come to the end of my post, I hope you like my picks! And don’t forget to leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! See you next time.

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    1. You are very welcome Trish! No, I didn’t get enough sleep today, had to get up early for work again 🙁

  1. Soooo excited to see this today!!! Thank you so much for choosing my page!! It was so fun to create and such an honor to be chosen!!

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