Finger Pointing – May 10th

Hello everyone! After a day full of sunshine and all kinds of events happening I want to keep it short tonight. I am tired and have to get up very early tomorrow to get my son in time to his new job. So let’s see what I found to hopefully inspire you today!

I could not agree more with cinderella’s Paris is always a good idea! If you ever come to Europe you should visit Paris! It is truly the city of love! And I love the page cinderella made! Love all the scribbles, the drawn elements and the almost grafiti feel here. A wonderful piece of artjournaling!

Margjes I’ll guide you is as always a masterpiece! Love how the lighthouse comes back in the background as a stamp or brush. And love all the lush greens Margje used here! And love what she did with the text here, the font she used and the placement of her words and journaling. They are just perfect!

Time By The Shore by Tracermajig Another seapage and also a stunning page! The colorcombination here does the trick I think, different blues and sandcolors always work so well together and give that instant summer feel! Love that little heart! Very well done and a great memory!

What I love about PLM’s Selfie time Seeing this checkered background in the gallery made me want to take a closer look and I was surprised by the amount of splatters and tiny ellies that are on the page. All the colors work so well on the black and white background! Love it!

DivaMom96 did a great job with her The Beauty is in the Memory What a dreamy page this is! Love the light on the water here and the stitched sun is so wonderful. It doesn’t even bother me it doesn’t shine by itself.

Me Time by HeyJude And last but not least anoher AJ page with very bold neoncolors.  The combination with the geometric shapes works very well! Love everything on this page, there’s so much to see!

These are my choices! I hope to see you next time! Have a great evening!

Finger Pointing – April 26th

Hi everyone! Jeanine here on the night half Holland celebrates Kingsnight in the bars and pubs and even in the cold outside. Tomorrow king Willem Alexander celebrates his 50th birthday and the streets of the villages and cities will be filled with people who want to make a little money with their garage sales, it’s a tradition to have garage sails on Kingsday. Others stroll through the stalls and stands to find something they maybe weren’t even looking for to find a bargain or two. I found something too! I found six gorgeous pages to hopefully inspire you and be a delight for your eyes!

Monthly Muse by AmandaJ This is so awsome and creative! A sweet tribute to a mom! And it looks so real also! Like you could pick one of the branches and put it somewhere else. This is a wonderful tribute to Amanda’s mom!

Robolivers Granny Mae Another touching tribute to a wonderful and sweet woman, Granny Mae! I love the use of colors and bold paintstrokes here. Everything on this page in my opinion is carefully chosen and placed to honor this granny. Love it how all the elements and words surround and embrace her.

Your Classic Photobook vol13 by Skripka  Wow, these pictures are stunning!! And the colorcombination is too! The turqoise, pink and orange work so well together and it makes me want to join the party! Must be great fun with that clown too! Love the clean approach here, it needs nothing more to dress it up!

Tatiana by Maxi B As far as I’m concerned this could be a Renaissance painting from an old master! Beautiful blended with the leaves on the back of the girl. Love the dreamyness and her look downwards. Is she expecting someone? I can look for ages at this one, making up a story in my mind.

Kellygirl made this beautiful AJ page Keeping a Diary! I love everything about this page, the bold colors, the funny pink ‘glasses’, the scribbles, the quote, the stamps, the messy black frame and the big wasp on her head. This kind of pages inspire me to make pages out of my comfort zone!

Butterfly by Madi Another wow! The frames are used so clever, following the shape of the wings of the butterfly. Love how Madi brightened the center of the butterfly and softened the tips of the wings. Very creative and very beautiful!! And I love that quote, it gives hope, something we all need sometimes.

These were my choices. I hope you like them and hopefully inspire you too! Wishing you a wonderfull end of the day and see you next time!

Finger Pointing – April 9th

Hello everyone, what a lovely day it was over here in the Netherlands! A 22 degrees Celsius we enjoyed, it felt almost like summer! I have a wonderful selection of beautiful pages to show you! The galleries were overloaded with yummie layouts! I guess because it’s Sunday, everyone has time to scrap 😉 Let me wait no longer, here we go!

I am starting off with this gorgeous page 4theLoveOfOurKitchen by our own MrsPeel! I hope to be able to visit her one day (I have plans to travel through Europe when I retire in about 5 years), to sit in her kitchen and chat and drink coffee and a little wine maybe till the morning hours! Love how Cynthia decorated the page, how she left a part pretty empty and totally adore how she journaled in three sections.the big title, the red and the partly B&W picture and of course the splatters! A kitchen without them is not a real kitchen! 😉

And here we have a very artsy work that drew my attention immediate as I entered the gallery. It’s called My Friends Mom by lindarobin and it is gorgeous! Great blendwork here and a good sense of colors. Love all the words all over the page. I am sure the mom will love it!

Ahhh…look at these cute little  Shoes…. by readstoomuch! Great dr Seus quote! I love the stars that reflect the sparkles in the adorable shoes! This is really a very fun page!

Light in the Heart by sweeet, love how sweeet used the picture as a background and complemented it with all these beautiful Chinese elements and characters. And in this case, beauty is also in the face and in the heart! What a gorgeous page!

Another wonderful fun page! Watching You by gerli shows so much humor! And that picture is hilarious! What a luck to catch a child like this! And look at that background! Isn’t it a beauty!! Love all the soft pastel splatters and dots here!

And my last page, a wonderful piece of art! G&T designs by Networka! Love the picture of the girl and the butterfly on her nose. Love the netting too, it gives me a sense of seeing a little mermaid dreaming about her life and what she wants to do when she is grown up.

These are my choices for today! I hope you like them as much as I do. Have a great evening and see you next time!

Finger Pointing – March 28th

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a nice day! Over here in the Netherlands the sun was shining all day and it was a nice 20 degrees Celsius! Almost summer temperatures and it still is March! I have to work tonight and I don’t know how busy it will be and if I have time to get my blog done, so I thought I’ll go and pick my choices early today. Here they are!

Rainy-Days by Pallavi01 The minute I saw this London bus I had to take a closer look at this page! I love London, even when it’s raining, so no better combination to scrap about! ;). I love being outside in the twilight and I love what Pallovi01 did with here page. The tiny stars at the bottom are too cute and the additional bokeh picture next to the journaling is one I could have made myself.

Chihuly cover by Kathie02 Well, I had no clue what or who Chihuly was, so I googled it and it appeared to be a glass artist. Never heard of him, but he makes the most gorgeous glasssculptures and installations. You should take a look at his website! Kathie made a wonderful C&S bookvcover with his art. It speaks for itself and it made me curious enough to take a look and I’m sure once her book is finished, her visitors will pick it up and take a look in it!

Currently Watching by biancka A traditional page with wonderful clustering and shadowing! Love the series, love the B&W picture between all these lovely colors! I always have to think of the Kill Bill movies (wich I love) when I see pictures of Lucy Liu 😉

No Need to Sparkle by bockel24 I always take a look at the MCC gallery when searcing for GSO pages, they are often funny with a serious touch and today I found this one. This is so true, no need to sparkle and hurry, just be yourself, that is and should be enough! I love the faithful look in the eyes of the bear and look at his ears! And his body….are these pictures of a very hairy male skin??

but by Adryane This is a very complex page and is shows the creativity of Adryane! The button with the word ‘but’ on it refers to the butterflywings wich the girl is carrying and maybe also to the red ‘buttons’ between the duplicated picture of the girl. Love everything about this page, the blending, the picture, the rectangles and how this grew to become this piece of ART! Wonderful!

2007 DuckTour-Riverview by bestcee This page is mostly in black and white and still it looks very colorful. As you all know by now, I love messy pages and this one is messy and a kind of neat at the same time. The composition is great with the pictures just below the center of the page. Love the bold map parts and of course all the scribbles, drawings, splatters and messy borders. Well done!

Well ladies and gentlemen, these were my picks for today! I hope you like them as much as I do! I can head of to work with a calm heart, not worrying if I have time to post my blogpost. Wishing you all a nice evening and see you next time!

Finger Pointing – March 22

Good evening everyone! It has been a while since I’ve posted. I have been watching TV this afternoon and again a drama has hit London today! Let’s hope this was just a madman and not IS who killed 4 people and injured many more. My thoughts are with the families of the victims; amongst them some schoolkids from France I understood.       But I had to scroll through the galleries also and that’s what I did tonight. There were so many gorgeous pages out there and I even picked one scrapper who has been picked before this week. I couldn’t resist to show her page, so I hope you forgive me! She will, I’m sure! 😉

J&M by mcurtt I could not resist to pick this one, I totally love messy pages with lots of stamps, brushes, splatters, paint and handwritten text or titles! The way mcurtt placed the brushes drew my eye to the gorgeous blended picture. Love how she used the orange in the jacket of the man for the ‘ladder’brush. Delicious artsy page!

BLOOM by sbpoet Another artsy page we have here! How delicate and dreamy is this one! As if the flowers would fall apart when touching them! Also love the splatters here, they give the page a bit more ‘body’ and connect the foreground with the background.

Remember this by chigirl This is almost a C&S page. Wonderful how chigirl preserves this old picture! The lady element fits perfect with the timeperiod the picture is taken. Very sweet and delicate treatment of the page.

Winter Dream – The Trance by LindaA Oh look at this veil! There are so many colors in it and yet is is a true winter page! This could easily be a bookcover or a poster for a play! Beautiful!!

Save the drama… by Hollie And here the humor comes in! Where would we be without a good laughter! Isn’t this one hilarious? I love what Hollie did! Dressing up a lama in such a funny way! And again love the drips and crosses and dots on the background.

Week 20-10 RIGHT by Destiny1 Wow, such a wonderful pocketpage! There is so much to see here, I can’t stop looking and discovering new things! This is great memory keeping! Love the part where all the classroomitems are!

So these were my choices for today. My thoughts are with the people in London and France and maybe other countries. I hope the injured people recover soon and for the families who lost someone I will burn a candle. I’m sure the visitors of the blog with religious backgrounds will say a prayer…let’s hope this meaningless violence will stop soon!!

Finger Pointing – February 2nd

Hello everyone, Jeanine here with a late, late post! I am at work and work had to be done first right? So after I did what I had to do I had time to scroll through the galleries and boy did I find some wonderful pages! I’ll keep it short, because after posting this, I have some more work to do.

Be free by Dale This could easily be a movieposter or a thriller bookcover! Great composition of the page, wonderful touches of black and scribbles and text. I love the sense of suspence.

Snow day by zlemon Ahh, a C&S  page and a very strong one in all its simplicity! All you need is the right frame, the right picture and a quote! Beautiful!! Love the touch of red (cardinal)!

Moc29 Photoless Style Challenge by Squirrely A wonderful AJ page!! Love the colors used here and how the face is incorporated in the page. The touches of white are spot on to let the words shine. Also love the stripes and pieces of textpaper together with the colorful brushes.

Valentines Day card for my husband by carollee Oh, this is such a sweet message and card! And such an unusual choice for a Valentines card. I had to pick it! Love the graphic approach with circles and lines. Love the huge title and how the attention is drawn to the picture

Happy by zwyck Yes, this is a true piece of ART! Zwyck is a wonderful talented scrapper and with this one, she nailed it again! Love the artistic approach and feel of this page. I am in ahwwwww! Need I say more?

Walter by dvhoward And last but not least a traditional page about a sweet, sweet puppy! This is a stinking cute page I think! Love everything here, the stitches, the doodled lines, the little flowers and buttons all over and did you see the drawn puppy at the bottom? Owhhh….

Well sweets, these were my choices for tonight! I hope you love them as much as I do! See you next time, I am back to work now!

Finger Pointing – January 12th

Hello everyone! Happy 2017 to you all! I wish you a very creative and wonderful year filled with sweet memories. Today is my first day of this year to scoll through the galleries and I hope you like what I’ve found!

Moc9 your new guitar by pitiscrap Love this C&S page and look how concentrated the little boy is practicing! The extraction is very well done and the touches of green around the frame draw the attention to the picture in a very lovely way.

A New Beginning by Ren This is a totally happy page! I adore the happiness this on this page and it is very clear the girl is starting a new episode in her life! Love how Ren surrounded her daughter with all those happy colors. Almost looks like she is in a carribean surrounding. Wonderful!

Camel by AnikA68 What a sweet and soft page! Love how AnikA used the hexagonal brushes here and the black stamp behind the dried flower branch is great!

Vintage Dreams by chrystalferreira Great blendwork here and the vintage athmosphere is almost touchable! The mesh softens the face of the woman in the back just enough to let the woman in the front shine! A lovely piece of art!

Forever Thinking by debby todd Wow, this is a stunning, dreamy and GORGEOUS winter page! I love everything about it! The colors, the feel, the use of brushes. Almost want to scream to the girl to go home, it is too cold outside!!

The Arms by EHStudios BE-AU-TI-FUL!! This is some AJ page, don’t you agree? The wild scribbles and doodles, the placement of the words, the quote, all is perfect! I love it!! A true standout!

Well people, these are my picks for today! Have a nice evening and I hope to see you here next time!