Hello my friends!! I hope that the New Year finds you happy and ready to go for life!! I know it’s been a hard few years, but focusing on the good and the little things help so much!  That’s why I love scrapbooking so much, and why I dive into the galleries when I’m feeling blue. There is so much beauty in the galleries!!! So let’s not waste time…let’s dive in!

As always, take some time to give some loving to these wonderful ladies. I know it means a lot to see the comments – especially when they aren’t our friends but strangers! Both the names of the pages and the pages themselves are linked so you can click right onto them in the gallery I got them from.

Our first entry comes from The Sweet Shoppe community

Don’t Count the Days, by Romajo

When I first saw this, the unimaginable date of 2022 hit me square in the face. How can it be 2022??? Time is moving so fast, I can’t keep up! The flower pile is so wonderfully placed with just the right amount of colors of the flowers and the quote underneath makes this a perfect page for a cover of a year book! I’m a sucker for butterflies – so I loved the sweet blue guys fluttering around on the page too.  She has just enough paint to add visual interest without taking over the page.


Next up is Grazyna Wrzask’s “Music” from Pickleberry Pop.

Oh gosh, what to say about this?? I saw this in the gallery and I actually squealed a little bit. (Okay, a lot!) The photo is absolutely precious and wonderful, and the photo treatment she did on it is amazing! Then you have the layers of spongey paint and music notes behind her. Then, it’s so cool to see the guitar girl jumping out of the frame! The ghosted guitar, old fashioned microphone and the teal headphones just round out this musical genius of a page!!!

Next up: Katie Pertiet Designs, and Jana, with her “Winter” page!

Ok, so you’ve known me here about 6 months – what can I NEVER pass up in a gallery?? Yep, a fat cute little birdie!!!! Jana caught me with this amazing looking bird, but it’s not only the bird that caught my eye. It’s the textured paper, the text background, the pen circles that oh so slightly keep your attention on the bird!! It’s the paint and dabs underneath the photo, and the wonderful font work for her title.

Rounding the corner, we find GingerScraps, and this cozy page by Dkane called “Family Memories“.

This warm and cozy page is just breathtaking. The flower clusters are well shadowed and the color combination of the kit could not be more perfect for these adorable shots of her children! I am always amazed when people can find the exact perfect kit and colors for the photos they are highlighting. I also like the way she gave a photo stroke to the picture in front, yet blended the top of the back picture into the background. It felt like melting snow!

At Oscraps, I found this gem “A Day at Work” by Norma.

Steam punk has always fascinated me. The way that people can make what looks like old rusty metal look like art is just so awesome! I sat with this picture and the intricate details and hidden, blended items is astonishing: the blended diamond plate, gears, and fun rusty colors all blended together to make the background. The photo of the men working are so perfect, and I like the newspaper, the bird, and the frosted clock as well.

As all tours must end eventually, we come to the end of our time together today. However, I’m leaving you with a bang!!!

SeattleSheri’s “2021 – Year in Review

I saw this in the gallery at The Lily Pad a few days ago, and I KNEW this was going to be one of my fingerprinting’s for today!! I was gobsmacked to learn that she did this on her own, and did not use a template!! This page just jumped out at me for so many reasons: the wheel shape with cut out pictures, the month ring, picture ring, date ring, and the the middle explaining her page. I felt like I could pick this thing up and spin it like a spinner. Her color choice, pictures, and slight use of just enough elements make this a definite winner in my book!!

Thank you all for joining me on this short jaunt through digi-land, and keep your chin up. Take time to be grateful for the little things in life that we do have, and always look to a brighter day tomorrow!!

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