Finger pointing ~ March 7, 2024

Hello my friends!! I hope this new month is treating you well!! I have some really fun layouts to share with you today!! And they all have a bird but one – hmmm, a spring theme??

Pretty in Pink by beaute 

I was enchanted to see this beautiful kitty!! The artsy background and the beautiful spaces of pink are so perfect to frame this kitty, and complement its blue eyes. And then I saw it: The cute birdie tied up in the flowers!!!!

Robin by Yvonne55

Uh oh…I see another birdie!!!! The photo is so beautiful, and the hexagons surrounding the photo gives a lot of visual interest, as does the flowers and the butterflies! I like the cute dotted lines to show movement as well!

Sashay by Shutterbug5 

This Spoonbill bird is fantastic!!! I love how she drew out the pink with the flowers and the splashes of light pink in the background.  I can’t tell if the branch was an element or in the picture – she is that good at extractions!!!!

Winter Day by wvsandy

I was caught by the cute little red cardinal. I am a SUCKER for red cardinals and I just have never figured out why!! Soooo, I had to click in!! The red berries are a perfect touch to complement the bird’s color, and the wonderful icy trees are so perfect to convey the feeling of winter!

Grampa by stephc777

And Page 2 of Grandpa

I couldn’t Post the first page without its companion page!!! I just love the way she tied in these two pages together with the black and white stripes. The clusters are beautiful and the journaling is just perfect! I especially love the pops of yellow and how everything just works together!!

Blue Bird in Holla Bend by oldbag165

This is such a beautiful way to showcase this amazing bird. The journaling words are so wonderful and the blending of the photo into the background works so well! I love the textural feel of the background and the somewhat hidden butterfly.

Well that’s it for me this week! I hope you enjoy them, and please do “Fly” over and give all these fabulous pages some loving!!!

Finger Pointing ~ February 22, 2024

Hello Friends!!! I hope today finds you well and happy and scrapping to your heart’s content!!! I love scouring the galleries for goodies to show you, so let’s get right to it!! And a reminder that if you have a few moments, give these ladies a comment on their pages! The page and their name are linked to the galleries they reside in!

Aiken-Rett by Anke

This is such a beautiful page done in wonderful neutrals so that you can really see these photos! I adore the blending of the building in the background and the imposed map as well. The title is perfect, and the stitched down polaroid camera photos are perfection! I want to go there!!!

February Quote Challenge by Cath Voisin

I’m a sucker for art journal type pages, and I found this beauty over at Just Art Scrapbooking. I love the way all the elements are blended so perfectly and there is so much to see! My eye keeps wandering all around the page to make sure I drink in all the artsy goodness!! I especially love the pile of books and the blended King. The wonderful touch is the bird cage with the birds flying out on top of her head. It makes me think that the birds are thoughts escaping!

Life is Beautiful by 01lousmith

Oh, isn’t this just so soft and romantic?? I adore that photo of the happy bride peeking over her groom’s shoulder and turning the photo sepia is perfect to blend into the fun ephemera on the bottom of the page. The blossoms are in gorgeous clusters, and the text blending into the background and the red paint tie it all together.

Small Victories by HeatherH

I was reeled in by the fat little bee, and kept looking with all the fantastic elements blending together so seemingly effortless!! The word quotes were great, and the butterfly papers all around are a perfect choice!!  I loved getting surprised seeing your photo tucked in with the rest of the fabulous items!!

Imagine That by PINCEMIN

I was pulled in by that wonderful photo treatment, and then I saw the cluster! WOW!!! So beautiful, and the entire page is just dreamy! Love the “Dream” in the corner – tells me that the page is about the older woman dreaming of either her as a child or a child of her own. Am I right?  LOVE THIS!

Simply Sparkle by pmjames

Sparkle is right!!! These photos just sparkle with life and fun! I love the way everything just explodes out of the background and having the two smaller photos just add to the fun! The title work is wonderful and I love the cluster of the 2 photos based on top of the textural background and cute elements.

SO there you have it – another peek into the galleries of digi scrapping! I hope you enjoyed this trip and I’ll see you in March!

Finger Pointing ~ January 30, 2024

Hello everyone! I hope all is well in your corner of the world. Susie here bringing you 6 of the many wonderful layouts that I have seen this week! They are linked to the galleries, so click through and give them some lovin’! We all need that reinforcement and love!

Vitality by sarkavka

Who can pass up a delighted child?? I know I can’t! I really love all the movement in this page! The clustering is fantastic and the colors she chose match her fabulous pictures so well!!

Believe by Kjersti

I really like the block style of this layout. The colors are joyful and fun and the photos are fantastic! She used just enough elements to be fancier than just the blocks, but let the pictures shine!! Wonderful keepsake!!

Stuck in the Middle With You by elseepe

I have got this song firmly ensconced in my head now – but I love it as well! She was ingenious by picking a very 70’s font and colors! I love the journaling and it reminded me of the times when I made mix tapes as well.  Excellent memory to scrap!

The Abbey by profolly

The large photo in this page just draws one in!! I want to walk down that corridor and discover what’s at the end!! The way she blended that photo into the background is superb and difficult to see where the background starts and the photo ends!! The extra photos piled on top are wonderful and tell the story of a great site.

Joys of Winter by Migueline

I am in love with this beautiful little girl!!! Such an awesome photo and I love how her face just SHINES through this page. The paint trees give a nice mood and the cluster is beautifully shadowed and the perfect size not to overwhelm the photo.

Imagination by zippyoh

I must have kiddos on the brain today! Here’s another adorable child just enjoying life!! The cluster is absolutely fantastic – the shadowing, the placement of the items, and that sweet photo really make this layout fantastic. The spray of flowers at the top is a cute touch!

Well, there you have it! 6 of the many pages that I fell in love with today! Enjoy and I’ll catch you again soon!

Fingerpointing ~ January 16th!

Can you even believe that it’s 2024?? I am having SUCH a hard time remembering to write 2024! I hope that everyone’s holidays and end of the year celebrations went well and 2024 finds you well and happy! I was so happy to get back to surfing the galleries…

Remember, comments make people’s days!! If you get a chance, leave some lovin’! I have linked both the names and the images to their galleries.

Mother Bear ~ This is Love

I think Mother Bear has to be one of the best beautiful scrappers around. Her pages are always such works of art! The ghosted photo in the background is so cute, and the photo pile on top is breathtaking. Her title work is amazing and her clusters are so well thought out and shadowed beautifully!

CherylnDesigns ~ Little Explorer

Cheryl’s pages are always full of fun elements and the perfect picture to go with them! That little Batman just steals my heart, and the word art is just perfect! There are so many interesting things for one’s eye to stop at and enjoy!

jam-on-toast ~ Connections Through Time

Isn’t this a spectacular vintage page?? I love the blended and masked photo in the background and it’s so wonderful that she has these photos to learn about her ancestors with. The journaling is a great way for readers to get to know this man, and the elements she chose are perfectly matched!

Scrapaholic Sherry ~ Days of Gold

This delightfully golden page is definitely a winner in my book!!! I love the way she textured the background to look like it was actually a painting! The butterfly is beautifully shadowed and I like the use of the branches and button.

Caro ~ Just Me

Wow!! So much to see in this page! I love the photo she used in the middle, and all the elements around it just tell a wonderful story! I’m in love with her use of the butterflies and her creative use of font for her title works really well!

lmaggs ~ BoothBay, 2023

Don’t you just want to dive into this photo? I sure do! I love how she used the blending mask to carefully and easily meld the photo into the background, and then using the photo frame for emphasis on part of the picture. I like her use of strings and the postage stamps to hold down the photo!

Well, there we are until next time!



Finger Pointing ~ December 12, 2023

Hello everyone!! I hope that you are enjoying the ramp up to the holidays! Whatever holiday you celebrate – whether it’s Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or even Festivus, I hope it finds you happy and full of good cheer!  Going through the galleries, I see quite a variety of kits, colors, and themes – so I had a hard time picking pages!! Here are 6 of them. I could have chosen all day long…

First up, gmae with The Tinsel

My heart was tugged and a memory was brought up seeing this page. You see, my Momma was EXACTLY like she described. Our Christmas decorating went exactly like this. Dad put up the lights, my Momma instructed us where to put the ornaments, and then the tinsel came, and yes, it was put on one strand at a time. Gosh, my eyes are misty remembering our Christmases…

Anyways – besides the obvious subject, I love the woodsy colors that she chose, and the way the photos were laid out to show just how much tinsel her Mama wanted!!! I love the little clusters here and there and the delicate lace under the flower up top.

Next up, jcaruth910 with “Holiday Spirit”

I saw this sweet bird and had to click in! We have a family joke about red cardinals and this page brought a big smile to my face! My IL’s used to have a bird cage with a fake Red Cardinal inside and you wound it up and it would chirp and walk around. When our daughter was about 2 she took it out of the cage, and it disappeared. No one ever found it again. Years later I found one in a holiday store and I replaced it.

What I love about this page so much is it’s cohesiveness in its color scheme. There is nothing that stands out as a mistake that shouldn’t be there! I love how it takes your eye around the photo and you see the little word art strips, the tiny elements, the lights, the ghosted stars and snowflakes, and the title. Such a wonderful layout with many layers!

This next one caught me by surprise and I laughed out loud at the title:

Toast to Christmas by Norma

I really adore the amazing clusters! She really did well with the shadowing. The Title is HILAROUS and so very true in my family. Holidays always include a fight or two, and alcohol is recommended. I prefer white myself. Anyway, the photo is adorable and I love how she blended it into the background, and the lovely texture all around on the background makes it feel like a wonderful curtain being pulled back so we can see what’s going on.

Next we have this fantastic travel page!!!

Historic Castle by romajo

I have always been fascinated by history, so this page grabbed my attention quite quickly. I wish I could read the journaling, but the photos chosen certainly tell the story of this fantastic castle! The photos show the most important parts of the Castle, and the angles at which they were taken are wonderful! I especially love the way the clusters just meld into the page!  Super perfect pick of a kit to chronicle this fabulous castle!

And then, this wonderfully artsy page came to my attention:

My New Life by Sucali

I don’t know how these ladies make these artsy pages look so good!! When I use all the marks, it just feels messy to me! However, she chose just the right amount of stamps and paint to make a fun texture, but not so much as to take over her photo that is small, but can easily be seen. The red flower draws one’s eyes directly to the photo and the journaling inside the other part of the slide frame! I’m always happy to see butterflies, and I love her placement of all the fun little things to look at.

And as December starts to come to the middle of the last month of the year, let’s end up on a beautiful page of reflection.

A Time to Reflect by ~Karen~

December is a time to reflect on the year we just had, and this page is so calm and serene, and something that you can just stare into and find some peace! I love the sweet little paper pile with the leaves peeking out from behind the lone flower, and the title placement is perfect. All the elements make a triangle leading to the phrase. The star is a perfect touch!

So there you have it: six layouts that I thought deserved people to see!! I hope you enjoyed them, and have a wonderful week!


Finger Pointing ~ November 17, 2023

As I started to browse the gallery, I kept clicking on pages that I liked and they all had to do with dogs! Every single one of them! I guess I was meant to have a theme to this week, eh?

As always, if you have some time, please leave the ladies some lovin’ on their pages! I know it will mean a lot to them!

Feb Getaway by CoriK

I just fell in love with all these adorable photos of her doggie! She sure did get the money shot with that one on the bottom! I like how she used a lot of photos of her dog to show what she did on her vacation. I love the word art at the bottom and the way she stapled the journaling onto the page.

Sweetie by scrappinnewbie

One of my favorite doggies are King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, so you KNOW I had to click in! I really love the piles of paper strips and the color scheme is so beautiful! Her clusters are perfectly shadowed and placed in wonderful alignment with each other.

Autumn Dogs by KAPOH

What a gorgeous color palette she chose for this page!! I love the beautiful trees in the background and the adorable photos in a perfect cluster of three. The hanging leaves are a perfect touch. I just want to walk into this picture!!

Challenge 6 by Veer

Charlie is one of the most adorable doggies I have ever seen!!!!!! I adore beagles, and I was giggling as I looked at this photo! I like the out of bounds feel with the frame placed on top of the blended photo of Charlie, and the cute tiny photo in the midst of the gorgeous purple flowers! I love the textural feel of her background too – with the text and the lines.

One of the Family by MugShotMomma

This page is so full of delicious dogginess!!! I really love the way she made a wreath of dog products and word art that are so perfect for this page! The paw prints around it are a perfect touch, and Riley is one handsome boy!!

Best Friend by jillianutrup

Oh boy, don’t you just want to get your hands on this gorgeous pup’s neck and just give him all the kisses you have??? What an adorable huggable doggie!!! I really like that she left this photo very large and just let us see the cuteness! The background paper is perfect and I like that she used the flowers to separate the two parts. Also, the little photo peeking out and the paw prints are adorable too!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this walk down digi-doggy lane!! I hope you liked it as much as I did posting it for you!! I’ll catch you in another week or so!

Finger Pointing ~ November 6, 2023

Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year? Here in the states we are getting ready for Thanksgiving, and before you know it, the holidays will be here!! I’m really enjoying all the autumn/fall themed layouts. I never grow tired of the subject matter or the color palette!!

Let’s dive on in!!

“Find Peace” by pam p

I just can’t get enough of these types of pages. They fascinate me, and elude me. I have yet to accomplish this style. I love the photo treatment on the silos and barn, and the way it’s blended into the ripped and exposed part of the background. The shadowing of the ripped part is fantastic, and I love the little pops of color, and the small piece of the doily/lace hanging out. The title is “Find Peace” and the page certainly accomplishes that!

“24/7” by Mother Bear

I have always been a fan of Julie’s layouts, and this one is no different. I really like that she chose the yellow background and then tied it with the contrasting pink items, and turning the photos to black and white was an amazing choice. I also like the theme used throughout of the circles – the papers underneath, and the circles around the flowers on the bottom and the top of the page! The ghosted text and honeycomb pattern paint behind the cluster is amzing.

“Shadows of the Past” by Poppy

Isn’t the photo treatment just wonderful? I really like that she ghosted/blended text into her hair, and all the fun paint and blending all around the page. The quote is wonderful, and she surrounded the girl with flowers, just like the quote. The pop of cor that the pink/purple flowers bring in is a perfect touch.

“This Perfect Beautiful Day” by DotComKari

Kari is another of my favorite scrappers. This page is a perfect example why she is. Her background is beautifully blended with stamps and messy marks, yet they create texture – and they are not distracting to the eye. She always has some little thing that is cute like her little bird stuffed in the clusters. The use of the beige/tan papers behind the clusters make them stand out so much more!

“Her Knowing Ears” by bbe

That adorable picture caught my eye and I had to click in and see what this fantastic layout is all about. I read the journaling which made it even cuter!!! I love all the paper piles and the way she made this template her own!  The conversation you had with your granddaughter was so cute!!!!!!

“Thankful” by Keepscrappin

This page is so beautiful and has a lot of movement to it. I really like diagonal pages because they flow really well. The paint foundation and then the splashes and foliage stickers give this a great base to pile on her papers, strings, and photos!

And as I wind up this post, I realize that I picked all neutral pages with pops of color. I’m nothing but consistent, eh?? Have a wonderful day!