Finger Pointing ~ July 17, 2024

Hello there, fellow scrappers!!! I hope today finds you in good spirits with lots of mojo to scrap your memories, or just make some beautiful art! I found six pages in different styles from my surfing around the ‘net to share with you. As always, if you like what you see or are inspired by these works of art, please click on either the name or the photo and give these artists props for their pages. You will make their day. Comments really are important to hear.

Friend of the Earth by Annsofie

This hybrid page is just so striking! I really love the way she made the page on book pages. I am thinking this is a junk journal, because of the stitching for the binding! I really love the happy butterfly and all the drawn circles, making the page feel like it’s bubbles going up the page! Fabulous hybrid page!!!!

Must Be Captured by 1lousmith

This page blends the beauty of paint and inking of art journaling, and the wonderful simplicity of a clean and simple template type page! This is the type of page that really touches the artist in me – maker marks, piles of foliage and an amazing focus picture. It’s a formula that really works and actually, looks easier than it is to make such a balanced and beautiful page!

All This Independence by kabrak1207

This page is what scrapbooking *to me* is all about: chronicling memories and stories for the future generations to know who we were. Being the mom of an only, my scrapping is for her – so she has pieces of our little family when we are gone. I love the lilac color scheme and the way she made the journaling blocks all different sizes to create variety. She took the time to make a couple of beautifully shaded clusters, and her title work is superb.

King Parrots by Amson

This page is a fabulous example of a fun technique that I have seen in our digi-world: mashing up two or more templates! I think she made a fantastic choice to leave the background white so that the amazing birds will be the stars of this page!!! She chose the type of foliage well by using tropical plant fronds and flowers. The shadowing is superb and I love the arrows on the top and bottom of the page!

This Page is by Im44west

Steam punk is one of my fascinations. I really love all the industrial pieces and rust colors. I would never have the nerve to actually do it in person, but something about it draws me in. The drawing of the lady is perfect at the large size she used, and I love the combination of the rust/brown color and the addition of the teal/green color! The dog is adorable! I also relate to the title quote! LOL

Project Life Week 1 2022 by memorykeeper_doreen

Finally, we have Doreen’s Project Life page. I really admire the people who do these pages. They’re always interesting and fun to read. She has done a great job of making all of the boxes feel cohesive and I really like the fun little “stickers” she has all around the page. I really like her use of the movie posters to chronicle what they did that week!

So, there you have it: 6 pages that I hope inspire and excite you as much as they did me!

Until next time,

Fingerpointing ~ July 3, 2024

Hello everyone out in digi-land!! I hope this moment finds you happy and content!! I have just spent a wonderful afternoon surfing the galleries for some fun eye candy for you!! I hope I have picked some pages that give you joy as they have given me!

Lifting Stacia by myssp

I absolutely adore this page! I really like the way she used a pinking sheers edging on the photos, and those amazing photos just really make me smile! The cute little cluster is perfectly placed down the side of the page, and it’s a great surprise to see it down the right side of the page. It works so well!

Art Box 16  by Beth

I really need to learn how to do the sketch effect she uses on this page! It is so striking! I was pulled into the page by it, and then found so much more to love! The title work is visually interesting and I reallly like the cluster, again on the right!B I also fully realize that I was taken by this layout because of that amazing blue jay card!!

Reinvent Yourself by GraceJ

I was really drawn to this page because of the quote, but her clustering around it was really what makes this page shine! I love the bold splashes of red, and the complementary color of green.  Her shadowing is wonderful and the background is deliciously textured.

White Space Challenge by Wilma Ali

AI is really becoming popular in scrapbooking circles, and this page blends this perfectly with traditionally/artsy journaling style. The splash of purple is so perfect, and I love the textural background and the paint splashes!

Dreams are Free by Annsofie

I really admire people who can do paper scrapping, and even moreso people who can do hybrid, and do it well. She really did this kit and designer proud!! I love the strings, and the paint splashes and the piling of the paper pieces.  The title work is wonderful!

Let Freedom Ring by MirandaB

And in honor of Independence Day, here is a beauty to honor that day and those who lost their lives to make our country free.I adore the journal card, and all the wonderful flags and delicious layering.

As always, it would be really great if you could click on through to the galleries and leave these wonderful scrappers some lovin’!! It’s always exciting to get chosen and get comments!!

That’s all for now!! I hope for all of you who are in America, to have a wonderful and safe Independence Day tomorrow, and for the rest of the world – have a fantastic day too!!