Finger Pointing ~ September 20, 2023

Hello out there in Digi-scrap land!! I hope this post finds you well and enjoying the change of seasons from Summer to Fall! I know I am. Living in the desert, I have grown to appreciate that first breeze of Autumn that brings the cooler weather!

Without further ado – the picks for the day!!

Priceless – by myssp

Is this not the most fun picture??? I love the color scheme, and that fabulous photo just shines!! The paint and ghosted text and cute little elements complement the pictures so well!! I especially love the butterflies flitting around the page! Oh – and that adorable Lady Bug!

Me Dreaming in Technicolor by mirjam

This “About Me” page is fantastic! I love all the interesting textures and the title of the page is so wonderful! I love the photo treatment that made her face melt into the background – and OH what a great way to use the lace as a collar!!! The butterfly in the corner is a great touch too!

Hiding by Anita

Here, kitty kitty!!!! What a sweet little face this kitty has! I really like the way she used the dark background to accentuate the light colored kitty and paint. Wonderful use of textures and shapes!

by new2this

I’m noticing a pattern with the pages I have chosen today – neutral beigy colors!!!  I was entranced by this picture of the two stuffed bears and had to click in to see what they were all about!! I love the meandering text and the sweet butterflies. And the layout artist made those bears!! I’m so impressed!!!

Walk by Miki

I am so impressed with this page!!!! First of all – that deliciously crackly background is a perfect plate to add the wonderfully blended photo and the swoosh where the text goes is perfectly used. I love how she punched up the contrast on the clock and left the band of red from the McDonald’s sign!

Love by Dady

I really enjoyed the photo treatment she used to blend the photo of the lady and the horse into the background paper, which is deliciously crackly!! The stitching is a perfect choice to set the flower cluster apart from the rest of the page.

Well, here we are at the end again! These trips go by so fast!!! I hope you have enjoyed this trip with me, and as always, leave some love for these fantastic pages! Both the title and the photo are linked to the galleries they reside in!!

Until next time!

Finger Pointing ~ August 10, 2023

Hello my friends!!

I hope today finds you well and enjoying your day! I was browsing the galleries and I am just awed at all the talent that is out there!!! I tried to pick something from the different styles that are out there and popular right now. Enjoy!

Life in the Country – Lindsay

This is a wonderful example of two styles that are very popular: White space (or negative space) and masking with out of bounds photos. I really enjoy both of these styles, and Lindsay did a great job of really showing off that wonderful country scene. I enjoy the sketch technique she used on the photo and the mask is perfect. I like that she made the top of the oil rig come out of the photo!

Family: I Love Us ~ Dotcomkari

Kari did wonderfully with showcasing those amazing photos of her wedding. The red pops of color are magnified by the elements that she chose. I really like the way she left the background and the white paper plain so that our eyes are drawn to the photos and the elements. She is a master at shadowing as well!

Magic ~ Ana_Santos

This is a style that I am seeing more and more. Art is coming to play and many people are not simply scrapping memories with personal photos. This one by Ana is out of this world!! The beautifully extracted woman is just an amazing pop of color. Then the gorgeous unicorn brings magic into the page. Finally, the small bits of flowers and the dragon fly just make this page so visually interesting! I love the artistry of it!

Aces. ~ MusicMom3

This page is an artsy style with a lot of blending and texture. The Ana Lift Challenges over at Oscraps is where this came from, and the challenges there are always this type of scrapping. You should come over and try them out!  I love the lone playing card and the way she duplicated the photo to bring attention to it. The textures and layers are amazing. I adore the pop of color of red. The lone leave with red splotches on it is really cool too!

Everything ~ Chunlin

This page is a mix of styles that I love. Most of all, I feel like this is a great example of a way to art journal!! We have 4  art journaling challenges each month at Oscraps, and I think this would fit perfectly in those challenges!  The Lilypad also has 4 art journaling challenges monthly.  The sketch of the girl, layered with texture and blending and paint is just fantastic. I love the text background and how she used a variety of colors of paint to tie the entire page together. Finally, her title work is wonderful – using the same blending of colors!!

Natural Beauty ~ Adrianita

Rounding out the choices is this beauty by Adrianita! It is more of a classic scrapbook design, and it has some really great artsy touches!! I love the stitched down triangles! (I have to get this kit – I LOVE small fat straight stitches and they are hard to find lately!!) The photo is adorable, and I like the torn edge on the bottom. The foliage behind the photo gives a wonderful pop of color, and the title work with the sweet butterfly is perfect! I also really like the text behind the photo and the paint that grounds the photo into the page.

Well, there you have it!! I hope you enjoyed the mix up of styles I brought to you today!

Finger Pointing ~ July 4, 2023 Independence Day!!!

Hello Everyone!!! A very happy Independence Day to all our American digi-scrappers!!! I thought I’d pick a red, white, and blue or patriotic page from each of the galleries that I frequent!!!

Okate ~ Red, White, and Blue in the Garden

This is such a beautiful page!! The red, white, and blue theme is very patriotic and the gorgeous flowers just make this page so awesome!! I love the tryptic pattern and the wonderful paint behind the photos.

SherryD – Red, White, Blue ATC

I have always wanted to do ATC cards, but when I sit down and to it, nothing comes! This one is so cute!! I love the wonderful swimmer girl and how she had her sitting on the date blocks! The balloons are really cute and I love the fireworks!

Oh My Stars ~ familyhistoryscrapper

And here are some adorable stars all over a wonderful page!  love the layers of different colors with the star cut outs and the cute pictures of the kids! I especially like how she used the toothpick flags as a cute cluster!

Kristalund ~ 2018 All American Boy

What adorable photos!!!!! I love the huge photo and then all of the wonderful photos down the left side. The piles and clusters all under and over those photos are perfectly placed and shadowed! I love the title work as well!

Staceysmiley ~ Fireworks

I adore the faded blended photo of the flag for the background. I think Uncle Sam peeking out is so cute, and I like that she made wonderful clusters all around the page. The word art is great, and the fireworks and flags all over make for one patriotic page!

Cherylndesigns ~ USA

There is NOTHING cuter than a little child in a sailor suit or dress! This little patriotic cutie won my heart!! The cluster is wonderful and the blending of the photo into the background is so perfect! The little flower field is so sweet!!

I hope this patriotic trip has been fun for you! For those who celebrate – Happy Independence Day, and May God Bless America!


Finger Pointing ~ June 27, 2023

Hello out there in Digi-Scrap land! I hope this summer is finding you well and full of mojo to scrap your memories!! I have seen so many summer photos and layouts in the galleries!! It makes me happy to see, yet also freaks me out because I know the heat of the Vegas sun is coming!

Dont Overthink It ~ wombat146

I love this!! I can totally relate to not being able to pick what elements or backgrounds to use! I love how she blended so many for the background and her word art is perfect!!

Next Level ~ Chunlin

The paint and blending on this page is super amazing! Her use of color, the splashes of those colors behind perfectly placed flowers make this page stand out! I love the message of the page! So uplifting!

Friendly Sun ~ Wilma Ali

I was immediately drawn to the feeling of this page! The amazingly peaceful photo is expertly blended into the background building, and the cluster is wonderful! It is large but doesn’t take your eye away from the fantastic photo!! All the fun marks and paint make a fabulous backdrop for this page!

Enough ~ Romajo

I saw these fantastically shadowed clusters and the bold black accents and had to click in and see what this page was all about! I really can relate to this page and its theme as I had a few dark years in my life where I just wanted to scream “ENOUGH!!!”. This page perfectly describes that feeling of darkness but that you know that some beauty is around the corner!

Waiting for my Love ~ Marleen

The page took my breath away! All brides look amazing on their wedding days, but this one just takes the cake! I love how the gesso blends into the hem of her dress, and the sole red flower as a pop of color is a haven in a sea of white! And don’t think I missed the strip of lace going down the side of her dress. Perfecto!!!! I also love the industrial buildings juxtaposed with the simple beauty of the bride.

Again ~ bbe

How can anyone resist this cute little face???!!! I loved the journaling and how the photo was blended into the background. I also really like the effect of the small color picture with the larger black and white picture. The title work is fantastic and the pink is a perfect splash of color for the page!

I hope you enjoyed this little trip down digi-lane, and I hope you take some time to give each of these ladies love on their beautiful pages!!

Until next time.

Fingerpointing ~ June 5, 2023

Hello everyone out there in Digi-land!!!  I hope this post finds you happy and full of mojo to make some beautiful pages!!! June is such a crazy month with graduations, end of school, and change of seasons that I know can make us frazzled. Take a few moments for yourself and come enjoy a few pages I have found in the galleries tonight!

Echoes of the Past ~ Mother Bear

Lately, I have really been drawn to vintage things, and this layout just jumped out at me when I saw that beautiful photo! I wanted to dive deeper and see what she was all about!!! She’s still a mystery woman, but I love the way Julie put all the fun ephemera in the envelope, and all the wonderful vintage-y elements like keys, lace, and the beautiful music notes paper! I love the tiny little sewn-down ribbon and flowers at the top!

Little Wartime Library ~ Kimberly27

I was drawn to the text background and the title of the page. I see that it’s a book and I really want to get that book and read it! I love the blended books in the background and the wonderful cluster of flowers and the arrow!

Colour Challenge (BLUE) ~ Poppy

This page combines my love of vintage (Audrey Hepburn is a QUEEN!!!!!!!) and my love of art journaling! The title is perfect and just that one blended eye is so striking, and the textural interest the blended text adds to the page! I love the way the drawing of Audrey is made of many papers and elements!

Younger Days ~ FlowersGal

When I saw this photo, I had to click in and see what this was all about!! Such a wonderful photo and I wonder what those young girls accomplished in their lives! I really like all the blended gesso and the sweet hearts around the page.

Be Brave Collage ~ OKate

I think I have a theme here in this post: Vintage clustery art journaling pages!!! This one is just so cool!! I love doing collage with real paper and elements, and this one looks so good that I wondered if it was paper at first! Her shadowing is superb and the paper/element pile is so realistic looking!  I love the blending in the background and, you know me by now… BUTTERFLIES!!!

Sunshine ~ marijke

Here I am again going for the vintage!!!  I just love how she matched the yellow of this fabulous kit to the bathing suits of the ladies! The pile of star fish and the sweet flowers make for a really fun artsy cluster. The quote is perfect and putting the shutters behind them is a perfect touch!

Well, we are at the end of our visit here! I hope you enjoyed seeing these pages as much as I did sharing them with you!



Finger Pointing ~ May 11, 2003

Hello All!! I hope that you have all recovered from iNSD and got some great goodies from around digiland!!! There have been so many new pages posted with all the goodies that it was really hard to pick out just six…but here goes!!!

MotherBear Love Always

It’s always a great day when I see a new page from Julie aka Mother Bear!! I adore her sense of style, her shadowing, and the perfect placement of every single element!!! These pictures are absolutely GEMS, and her clusters are so beautifully crafted and shadowed.

Nietis Mama

I saw this in the gallery and it really stood out to me. Probably the picture of a sleeping Momma with her baby on her chest! I’m a sucker for baby pictures!! She uses the cards and word art perfectly and the crowning touch to me is that she piled on all this wonderful goodness on an oven Rack!!!!

AppleChick – It’s a Nine! 

Anna Lifts in the challenges at oScraps never fails to wow me, and this page by AppleChick is no different!! I love the wonderfully blended papers and lacy things that give this page such visual interest and texture! I love that she included journaling!!!Her blending of the photo to the background is superb!

Beth – Hello May

I can’t even begin to describe how adorable this baby and page is!! I am just stunned by the beauty of it, and the wonderful title work blending into the background. The photo of the frog and birdie just make this whole page so visually interesting – but the baby is the star!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!!!

CaroRen – Stay Curious

Oh my. These photos are absolutely stunning – and the way she placed the flowers and pieces all around just make them pop out all the more!! The shadowing on the butterflies is especially wonderful!!! Such a wonderful keepsake!!

Jana – US

There is so much to look at in this fantastic page!! I love the way she shadowed it to look like a page out of a journal, and the piles on top of it are perfectly shadowed. The photos are wonderful and I love the pretty little tag tacked down with the heart shaped button in the bottom corner and the stamp on the page!

And there you have it! Six fabulous pages of so many more I could have chosen but you don’t have all day to visit!! Please click through and leave them love!!!!

Until next time,

Finger Pointing ~ April 21,2023


I can’t believe that it’s already nearly the end of April!! Time has been flying this year, as I guess it always seems to. I am so thrilled that here in the Western Hemisphere that it is getting warmer. I’m enjoying every second of it until it gets too hot to go outside for the Summer. I live in Las Vegas, and Summer is HOT!!!

Enough about me – that’s not what you came here for! On with the art show!!

Up first on the GSO Easel is “Believe” by elwaechter! 

I was HOOKED the minute I saw the title “Believe” in big capital letters! The butterfly complements the wonderful word art. Then I noticed that this page was made up of 3 tags!! So beautiful- the layering is spot on, and the paint and maker marks in the background add a lot of visual interest. Finally, if you notice on the credits, she used FIVE different designers, yet this looks so cohesive!!!  I’ll see you at the next easel!

Now we have “Remember This” by Cinna.

My first clue that I’d be stopping by and taking a look was being caught by the happy couple with the beautiful flowers surrounding their photo!!  Then upon taking a closer look, I see so much layery goodness on this page! We have corrugated cardboard circles, stitches. paint. gesso. and lots of paint splatters Her shadowing, especially on the string, is outstanding. I love the pops of color with the purple flowers all around the page!

And we round the corner and I see this beauty – “All My Soul” by Marleen.

The red pop of color in an otherwise monochromatic page is so very striking! I love all the beautiful goodies in this page! She has great blending of the elements she used and it’s a great mixed media page – with gesso, pain splatters, ripped papers, and text for background texture. Flawless!!

I realize I must be in the mixed media section of the art gallery. This entry is amazing!!

“Lost and Alone” by mmbstaley

I want to reach out and touch this one – as part of me KNOWS this must be a physical art piece, but I know it’s not. She is amazing! I love all the paper pieces placed all over. and the circles cut out of the text page is wonderful! I love the sweet little butterfly and the flower cluster near her. The stamp of the young woman is also a perfect touch! It makes me sad that the artist feels this way, but hopefully it wasn’t for long!!

In the just art section, I found this beauty:

As I sadly turn the last corner of this art show for today, I’m thrilled with the end offering!

“Journey” by TrussF

I love the blending of the older couple and the statue in the background, but I also ADORE the butterfly and the huge pop of turquoise colors that fill this page! The gesso and the paint are wonderful and the blending is top notch!!

“Best Day Ever” by nana_vg

There is NOTHING more adorable than an excited little girl!! I adore the photos, but more than that, I love the theme of the page! We should all live like it’s the “BEST DAY EVER!!” Oh no, now I’m singing the SpongeBob song in my head!!

Anyways, I love the fact that this is two templates mashed together, and it looks absolutely so cohesive! The vines are a perfect touch to frame the photos! This will be a treasure to this little girl when she grows up!!

Well, there you have it! Our April 21, 2023 GSO Art Gallery offerings. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did, and of course, leave them some love!!!