Finger Pointing ~ March 21, 2023

Hello my friends!!! I hope this day finds you happy and ready to view some beautiful pages with me!! I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen an uptick in talent coming out of the galleries lately!! The pages are just SO GOOD!! It’s hard to choose just 6 each time!! Let’s get right to it!! And as always, please take the time to give some love to the artists who created these pages!! It comes from their heart and it feels SO GOOD to be featured here, and so good to have people notice!

ArmyGirl “PostCard”

I am always blown away when people can make a digital page look so real that you have to check the credits and see if it’s digi, hybrid, or paper!! Lisa is great with this! Her shadows are SPOT ON and I love the way she can pick just the right elements for a page! I love the happy photos and the wonderful layering!

SeattleSheri “Daily Love”

I was drawn to this page by her son’s beautiful eyes and had to see what this page was about! I love the de-saturated look of the page – there’s still a hint of color, but it’s also very neutral. Her butterfly cluster is uh-MA-zing!!I love the piley goodness and the different layers of paint, gesso, and stitches underneath it.

Shawnbear “Grouch on the Couch”

What can I say about this?? I laughed when I saw the title and had to see what it was all about. I have a Grouch on the Couch too, so it hit home with me!! I love the art journaling style with paint splatters and scribbly lines – perfect for a grumpy teen.  Love the word art, and the young grungy feel to everything!

bbe “Just Be You”

I’m sensing a theme here that I didn’t see while picking my pages: muted color palettes and kids! I guess I’m in a muted mood! LOL! I love the way she piled the background papers so that we could see them. They are beautifully shadowed, and the pretty cluster behind the earthy butterfly is perfect. A great finishing touch is the film strip that she faded into the background!

Miki “Embrace the Difference” 

And here I am again with a muted tone and kids! However, I could NOT pass this one up. The originality of this is fantastic! I love the split screen, the birth picture of each kid, and a new picture of them. The blending is superb – especially the layers of text, paint, and the background! The ghosted butterfly is a perfect touch of color!

Bubby “Pop Up Challenge”

Hey – how did this color layout get in my post?? I saw this in the gallery, and it was the very first one I saw. I could NOT let this one pass on by! It is so inventive; so colorful; so interesting to look at!! I love the different art dolls and the adorable little birdie at the top. The angles and triangles, surrounded by the white stroke, gives this layout a lot of power!!

So there you have it! Six pages to drool over!! I hope you enjoyed this quick trip through digi land. Catch ya next time!

Finger Pointing ~ February 21, 2023

Hello everyone out in Digi-land!! I’m typing this on a very blustery day here in Las Vegas! Winds are supposed to get upwards of 60-70mph!! We’re holding down the dogs when we walk them – chihuahuas are not very heavy!

I am happy to bring these six pages to your attention. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Settle in, get a cup of coffee or tea, or whatever your choice is, and enjoy!!

svanderhaegen   “AJ Challenge – Sleep Deprivation”

Boy can I relate to this subject!! I was really drawn to this page because of the moon and the bird, but then all the fun little pieces drew my attention in – the butterflies, the branches the paint splashes – and that wonderful cluster!! Great job!!!

All Things Natural by Janik

This is a fantastic page, isn’t it? The photo is perfect for all the elements surrounding it, and Janik has these clusters shadowed so beautifully!! Every piece is placed perfectly! It took a moment for me to notice, but look at those cut out circles with the blue behind it. Aren’t they fabulous?????

Sowa by Grazyna Wrzask

I had to look twice to see if that adorable girl was actually holding the owl! Such a great job melding it with the photo! I love all the text in circles and the water color paint background! Such a beautiful page!!!

Wandering Mind by Nemla

How can you not love a page where butterflies exist???!! I was really drawn to the golden color of the background and the fun little stamps all around. I also relate to the wandering mind syndrome!!! I love the ghosted/blended leaves and the text tears at the edge of the page!

Time with Sandy by bcgal00

I couldn’t resist that doggy face!! Such a loving tribute to a beloved member of the family! I really like the textured background and all the fun little paper tags and flowers all around.  I like the way she used the journal card as well.

Laugh Out Loud Funny by wendymck

Ok so, who can pass up a page on laughter? We all need a little more of that in our lives, don’t we? I absolutely adore this page – how she used the worn photo edges and matched the kit perfectly to the clothes they are wearing! The stitching is a great way to bring attention to the photos and those two heart buttons are a perfect choice!

And this concludes our tour for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed the pages I brought to you, and please do leave some love for them if you have the time!!

Finger Pointing ~ February 6, 2023

February already??? How did that happen? I know for me that I was busy with challenges that it just flew by! Now that I’m browsing the galleries – I see that a lot of you were doing the challenges as well! I love the color changes in the galleries and the pages about love that are appearing for Valentine’s Day. Here are a few pages that caught my eye – I hope you like them too!! Both the name and the picture are linked to the gallery I found them in.  Please give them some loving! They deserve it!!

New Beginnings by Jane_Bond07

I was drawn to this page because of the large photo masked so beautifully. I had to click in to see what it was all about. This page has everything: artsy, great photo, meaningful journaling, and wonderful composition! I love how she captured her son “RIGHT NOW”.

Discover Who You Are by Mother Bear

I guess I was drawn to advice to young teens here, but really, this page is so lovely I had to click in and see it! The clusters are beautifully shadowed and crafted, and the photo is made to stand out by making it black and white in a sea of color! The word art is so uplifting and the presentation is flawless. The bokeh background is perfect for this kind of layout!

Nostalgia by Norma

Wow – I DID have a bit of a theme here – young people on their way to adulthood! I just love this page. The masked and blended music, the beautiful flower cluster and the photo all work seamlessly with each other. The colors enhance the photo and I love the touch of blue for a pop of color!

Just Enjoy by TrishD

I love how Trish used a wonderful photo of the cattle and made it still be visible, but slowly disappears behind the fabulous rider. As I continued to look at the page, I saw that she turned the cattle into a sketch near the end!!! What a FANTASTIC effect! Her cluster is simple but wonderfully shadowed and the simple title work is the crowning touch.

Together No More by KarenC

Ok, so I think I would die if I had to give up bread. It’s my comfort food! Karen scrapped this momentous event so wonderfully! The photo looks like it comes from a magazine and the simple cluster and tiny flowers give the page visual interest without overtaking the photo.

Two Scoops by Seniorgal

Have you EVER Seen a page like this?? I haven’t! I absolutely ADORE that she used a pair of perfectly shadowed sun glasses to be her photo frame! The cute sunshine elements on the bottom give it such a beachy feel!! Top notch, my dear!!!!!!!!!

So there you have it. Six pages that caught my eye that I believe deserve some lovin’!!! I’ll Catch you again in a few weeks!! Until then…





Fingerpointing ~ January 27, 2023

Hello all – and happy New Year! This is the first blog post I’ve done since we turned into 2023!! Can you believe it? I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning to a new year!

Let’s jump on in…

Our first stop is to oScraps…

Your Future by EvelynD2

The delicate beauty of this is outstanding!! I especially love the natural lines that the photographer captured to draw your eyes directly to the beautiful couple! I love the ghosted cursive text behind everything, and her collages are shadowed and placed so perfectly! What a treasure for this couple!

Next up, we have The Lily Pad – let’s see what they have to tantalize us with!

“Ray’s Wallet” by Mingo08

Oh my!! I saw this and didn’t surf any further. This is amazing!!!! What an inventive way to show the contents of this man’s wallet, and how much his family meant to him. I love the photos, the cards, and the way everything is so tucked into other pages. It just gives a feeling of such LOVE. I want to know this man, and this layout says worlds about him!

Over at Sweet Shoppe – I give you…

“Let’s Just Go!” by Ga_L

The second I saw this, I felt like traveling!! The Eiffel Tower is perfectly placed, and I l love the balloon – it makes me feel l like I’m taking off into the wild blue yonder – wondering when I’ll land! The triangle car stamp is so cute, and the collage paper background is perfect for this!

We can’t have a trip without stopping by at Katie Pertiet’s site!

“So Freezin'” by Kayleigh

I’m shivering just seeing the colors of this page, but it’s so perfect!! I love the neutral old fashioned feel to this, and the photos are so wonderful! Every inch of this page is full of visual interest – texture AND color!

We’re rounding the corner now to GingerScraps!

“Streets of Firenze” by Lilweb

I guess I’m in a traveling mood!! I saw all these amazing statues and photos of buildings and had to click in and see what she did! I love the fact that she let the photos talk, yet she still had a few well-placed elements that work perfectly!

Finally, we hit the last gallery at PickleBerry Pop.

“Smile”, by YorkieMom

What a fantastic photo!! It certainly looks like she is happy, and turning it black and white really brings attention to it. I adore the large butterfly and the color choices you made. Even the paint on the background paper matches the flowers perfectly!

Well, there you have it. 6 pages to show you that exude beauty, fun, joy, and the human experience! I hope you enjoyed this little trip with me!


Finger Pointing ~ December 6, 2022

Hello Digi Friends!!! It’s the first week of December, and boy am I seeing the most beautiful layouts and memories in the galleries!! It’s going to be hard to settle on just 6 of them!! This is my most favorite time of the year, and I love all the happy Christmas layouts I see around!  I know everyone’s busy, so I’ll keep my intro short!! Let’s dive in!


Alex Along the Shore by Iowan

This page most certainly glows along with Alex, the beautiful subject of the layout! I love the inventive way Carol uses the palette strips, and the wonderfully eclectic pieces of paper all around! The photo is perfect and the color choices are superb!

Annie, by Adryane

I was pulled into this page because of the vintage photo, and I was so happy to see that the story of Annie was in the credits! The blending on this page is amazing, and I think that the touches of gold just accent this beautiful page so wonderfully!

Christmas Magic by Outdoorry

The light in this photo reminds me of a Thomas Kincade painting!  The sparse elements allow the photo to shine, and the quote is so true about Christmas! I love the brush work and splashes of paint, and the ghosted bells and foliage are perfectly placed!

Frosty Morning, by bcgal00

You caught me – again entranced by the birds! You’d think I was an ornithologist or something!!! I just love the way Rae framed the birds in the wooden frames, but then the brushwork and paint behind them are just top-notch and perfectly placed!  The clusters are perfectly shadowed as well!

Christmas Blues, by eve11n3

I know not everyone enjoys the holidays, so this page was perfect for those times when you don’t feel so jolly. I know those feelings as my Mom died on Christmas Day. Sometimes it’s hard to be happy. She did a great job of making this sad fact beautiful though! I love the juxtaposition of the large and small fonts for the title, and her cluster is so beautiful. Her font choice for journaling makes it feel like an artsy part of the page! Hugs to all who find the season hard!

Twas the Night, by BlackKathy

Have you ever seen a more beautiful Christmas layout? The ghosted Santa looks like he’s hugging the sweet little child. Using the bell as a photo mask is brilliant! I love the tree and the reindeer coming out of it, and the way she varied the font size, spacing, and leading to make a wonderfully artsy page!

Well, that’s it for me today! I hope you enjoyed your stay with me and please do leave these ladies some wonderful comments on their pages. It means a lot.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

Finger Pointing ~ November 21, 2022

Good morning Digi-land!!!!! How are you all doing today? It’s the cusp of the holidays, so I’m sure that most of you are pretty busy as am I! Let’s all get our comfy fleece and flannel on, wrap our hands around a cup of warm hot chocolate, put on a Hallmark Christmas movie, and surf the galleries!! I’ve found 6 goodies for you to drool over today!

Brothers by NAdams

I was so in love with this page when I saw it in the galleries! I had to click through and see who made this and what it was all about! There is so much here to be amazed at: I love the ghosted text in the background, the dried bouquet of flowers, and the beautiful photos blended into the background. I can’t imagine another heritage page I’ve seen that rivals this! I even tried to scrap-lift it, but it was not nearly as amazing as this page!

Together by IntenseMagic

What a sweet pair of photos this has! I had to come in and see this more closely! I love the color scheme and the wonderfully shadowed clusters. I’m always in awe of Jan’s ability to take little pieces of a kit and arrange them so perfectly! When I use stitches, they just look messy, but hers are always in the exact perfect place!

Autumn Leaves by Josie

The wood background is a perfect backdrop to both that amazing photo and the wonderful elements she placed onto it. I love the triangles in a circle, and the papers she chose remind me of a wonderfully warm cozy quilt! Lovely shadows and just the perfect amount of color.

You Are A Gift by Adrianita

Isn’t this just fabulous?? It went directly into my scrap lift pile and I’m really going to try to do it justice! The wonderfully placed frames are so perfectly accented by the branch wreath! The paint underneath is just perfect to give a flavor of color, and the blended backgrounds are perfect to not take over the page. The sweet cluster on the left is also perfectly and tastefully done. I love the sewn-down ribbon and that beautiful butterfly helping to tie one side of the page to the other.

Back to  Nature by ConnieMiles

Ok, that’s it. I want to go here. This layout is fantastic! I love how she captured the beauty of the river and in the circle frame, she captured the buildings. It’s hard to know whether or not she took pictures of those fabulous flowers or if they’re part of the page! I’m always a sucker for butterflies, and she didn’t disappoint! The background blending gave wonderful texture.

Time For a Hike by Pizazz

And finally, but most certainly not the least of these pages, is this happy page by Pizazz. I adore the way she blended the photo of the bridge into the page and surrounded it by paint. The torn paper on the bottom is wonderful, and I love the clusters she created. The photos are fantastic and the whole layout and the way she placed everything just feels like I’m on the hike with her! I also enjoyed the cute little girl peeking out of the cluster on the bottom!

Well ladies, I hope you had time to finish your hot chocolate and enjoyed this brief respite. I’m off to the store to buy the fixings for Sweet Sausage Tortellini Soup!! If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I wish you a wonderful and blessed holiday!!

Finger Pointing ~ October 21, 2022

Hello,  my friends in Digi-land!!!! I can’t believe that the month of October is almost over! Halloween is just around the corner, then Thanksgiving, so I am seeing a lot of fall festivities showing up in our galleries. It was so hard to pick just 6 this week! There are so many fun, spooky, and gorgeous layouts to choose from. I spent all morning in the galleries!!

31 October by Mother Bear

There is so much going on in this page, yet it doesn’t look cluttered or overdone at all!! The black and white photo strip is complemented by the wonderful spider web, and that amazing cluster with the black pumpkin is filled with such layer-y goodness!! The photos are tremendous and there is so much to look at in this page!

Just Right by Kayleigh

I have never quite been able to master this type of layout! The layers of papers, and ink on the bottom make a perfect base for those cute pictures. Then the foliage and ribbons perfectly top the piles! The lace doily gives texture to the page, as does the film strip.

Cute and Spooky by Sylvia

I just giggled when I saw this adorable photo of the little girl! Perfectly blended and the way she made the blending come out of the spider web is perfect! The title is apropos, and the faded leaves and text into the background give a good base for everything else.

Venezia by Norma

I was immediately drawn in by the vintage postcard, and then all the little pieces kept my eye moving around the page to see it all!! The blending of the background is perfect and gives that slight touch of orange ties into the sketched woman and that fabulous mask!! The sunflower is a great touch too.

In October, We Wear Pink by Iowan

This is the most inventive and whimsical Breast Cancer Awareness page!! I love all the pumpkins and the adorable art dolls!! Everything is perfectly placed, as is the message. I have my appointment scheduled, do you?

October Whisper by tiramisu

Finally, we have this adorable little owl by Tiramisu!! The background has a great amount of texture, and the text work is perfection! I love the adorable owl and the beautiful hand painted flower pile!

I hope you have enjoyed this walk through the digi galleries!!! As always, leave some love for these artists – because that’s what they are – and they deserve to hear how their art touches your heart!