Finger Pointing – October 4th

Hello lovely scrappers!  I hope this Tuesday finds you all well. I’ve started doing my “leaf watch” every day to see if the trees are starting to turn and took a long drive yesterday but didn’t see much color yet.  I’m still on the lookout, though.

Let’s get started with the Finger-Pointing for today, what do you say?

Bewitched by Agoymerac

The photographs on this page really grabbed my attention and I love that they’re all in black and white!  The story to go along with the pictures is so well-documented and the cute orange elements make this page a total winner!

Calendar Fun by Jeannette

I simply adore the way this calendar elements kit is showcased on one page.  It really intrigues me, and I’m now inspired to play with a digital calendar of my own.  I love that so many of the different elements are displayed, with so much creativity!

JA5 by LiesB

I love everything about this page!  The beautiful, fall color hues are so rich and saturated and the blending is fantastic.  I also love the big circle with the pumpkin “scene” in the middle.  Pure fall deliciousness!

Fall Barn by ksacry

I just love seeing old barns when I’m driving through the countryside.  This barn scene is so beautiful and tranquil, and I can totally see is on the front of a greeting card.  The different blending modes used on this page are just wonderful, too.

Slow Scrap 9/30/22 by Janelle12

This page literally warms my heart – it’s all about family and how awesome would it be to find a home like this, with this amazing porch to line the whole family up for photos?  I fell in love with simply every detail of this page!

Friends Forever by EvelynD2

The vertical design of this page is what initially caught my eye.  I simply adore all of the lovely layering and clustering, too.  The photographs are wonderful and so is the addition of the clock.  Beautiful, eye-catching page!

Well, that’s it for me today.  I sure enjoyed going through the galleries and finding these picks for you.  Be sure to click on the name of the page and leave these artists some love.  Take care and keep on scrapping.


Finger Pointing – September 27th

Hello scrappers and Happy Tuesday.  I hope you’re all having a good week and I don’t know about you but I’m always happy when Monday is over.  I feel like I can make it now – haha.  How would you like to see the picks that I have for you today?  It’s never easy to choose six projects from all of the galleries around Digi-land, but here’s what I have for your viewing pleasure today.

Adorable by Ann06

This image is stunning!  The blending is wonderful, and I adore the different shades that are captured here.  The butterfly and the grunge along the side are the perfect touch to this beautiful page.

Spider Lilies by Carlaw

I love lilies of any kind.  The two different sized photographs are beautifully placed on the subtle blended background and the journaling is the perfect addition to this lovely page.

Birds of a Feather by Faerywings

This page is simply magical, and I was drawn to it, immediately.  The gold star, with the handing charm couldn’t be more perfect.  I love the touch of red on the page, too.  This is the perfect fantasy-style page.

Pumpkin Browsing by jmgesi

This page makes me want to run right out and buy my pumpkins.  I adore the white pumpkins and these photographs are so wonderfully arranged on the page.  The small, framed picture and the title make this page sheer perfection!

Macintosh Creek by mary-lynne

First of all, this photograph is just wonderful!  It’s set off, perfectly, by the beautifully blended background and the lovely leaves and fall elements frame the photograph perfectly!



Art Journal 101 by onaponakookt

This is the perfect example of an art journaling book page.  I love this book style, with the spirals and the layered edges showing.  The little elements at the side of the book are a perfect touch and the blending on the page is superb.

That will do it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my selections   I’ve tried to mix it up a bit and have chosen some different styles.  Be sure to take a minute and leave these artists some love by clicking on the name of the project.  That will take you directly to their project in the appropriate gallery.

Keep on scrapping and filling the galleries with beauty.



Finger Pointing- September 15, 2022

Hello scrappers and happy Thursday to all!  I hope you’re enjoying lovely weather wherever you are – it’s still hot where I live, but the evenings are starting to cool off.  I swear I’ve seen just a tiny hint of color on a couple of trees.  If you’re getting ready to usher in fall where you live, I’m sure you’re as excited about it as I am.  It’s been a long hot summer here and we’re all ready for the cool down.

Let’s get started with my picks for today because I know you’re all anxious to see them.

Dottie’s Doings by Okate

My first pick today is this delightful layout that just oozes black and white plaid.  I have a passion for any and all things plaid, so this page caught my eye immediately. How cute is Dottie, anyway???  What a perfect title for this perfect page!

Play Hard by vickyday

The blending on this page is just incredible!  I love this big, blended picture and the smaller, framed pictures are just the icing on the cake.  The clustering in the two upper corners is the perfect touch, too.  This page is a real showstopper!  I seriously love everything about it!

Me Right Now by Trekmom

I just love the whole design of this page.  The curves of colors and that face nestled right in the center.  The black background is sheer perfection and really makes the rest of the page pop.

End of Summer by cutiejo1

What a super happy layout this is!  Beautiful photographs, lovely clustering of flowers and bits of ribbons and creative framing.  This layout is absolutely picture perfect!

Better Together by Marijke

I simply love this page! The blending is superb; so soft and soothing and this picture is just the sweetest!  The subtle text on the page and the small clustering of elements at the bottom make this a perfect page!

The Queen by Paula Kesselring

Last, but certainly not least, I love it when our designers scrap!  This page is an absolutely perfect tribute to Her Majesty.  I adore the inverted bevel on the Queen’s face and the journaling inside.  Rest in Peace, Queen Elizabeth.

Well, that will do it for me today I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and if you get a minute, click on the title of each page and go leave these artists some love.  Until next time,


Finger Pointing – August 16th

Happy Tuesday Scrappers!  It’s just beginning to cool down a little bit where we live.  It’s been a very hot summer and we’ll take any break we can get.  We also got some much-needed rain, which perked up all of our flowers and plants.  I hope, wherever you are, that the weather is getting better.  It’s the middle of August, so we should start to see some relief.  I had a great time looking through the galleries to find today’s Standouts.  You want to see them?  Of course, you do – here we go.

Best Life Lessons by Dr. Who by Iowan

How amazing is this page?  There’s SO much to look at.  First of all, I love the background paper with those horizontal rays coming across the page!  It reminds me of a sunburst.  I love the way the “lessons” are itemized on the strips of paper and the title work is stunning!  It takes a while to absorb all of the wonderful details.

Cuteness by Betty Jo

This beautiful image stopped me in my tracks!  This page was created for a photo editing challenge, and I loved reading about the process.  The lighting on the face is so soft and beautiful and the pretty, delicate borders, the flowers on the side of her head and the one-word journaling make this a standout page!

Evening Ritual by Mingo08

Who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset?  This big picture is pure gorgeousness!  The addition of the smaller, framed shots adds to the dimension of the page and even more interest, if that’s possible.  This page has just the right amount of journaling to explain the “evening ritual” and the perfect number of elements.  What an outstanding page!

Simplette Never Ending Summer by Lana Beber

The lovely photograph grabbed my attention, first of all.  I love all of the wonderful clustering on both sides of the photograph.  The blended background makes a simple and elegant statement, maintaining a somewhat clean and simple style, making it a winning combination!

Family Morning River by Shelby

Just look at this little darlin’ sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun. The big photo sets the stage, and the smaller photos just add to it.  The sweet elements around the edges are just the perfect touches to this absolutely adorable page.

Just Hangin’ Out by Grandma Lynnie

Last, but certainly not least, and a “cuteness overload” warning – a baby and fuzzy dogs.  Look at the priceless expression on the baby’s face.  This is truly a magical moment captured on camera.  The doggie ribbon, torn paper and cute little bone add to the perfection of this page.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today.  If you get a minute, please stop by and leave some love for these artists.  You can go straight to the page by clicking on the name of each one.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on scrapping.  You never know when one of your pages might show up on our blog.



Finger Pointing – August 1st

Happy August 1st!  It’s also “Manic Monday” – who remembers that song?  I always think of it when Monday rolls around.  Want to see what my picks are for this Monday, August first?  I know you do so here we go.

That Summer Feeling by tceattle

This page just screams summer to me!  I love that sweet round photograph right in the center and the other circles around it are just yummy!  The summer colors, lace and other sweet elements surrounding the page all make it absolute perfection!

Black and White Anita by Elly D

This page is SO dramatic in its black and white coloring.  The other photo techniques used add to the drama and mystique of the page.  The shadowing and dimension are just wonderful and make this page a winner.

Shadows by Grace

I couldn’t stop looking at this page when I first saw it!  The longer I looked at it, the more I saw.  SO much depth and the feeling it evokes is full of wonder.  Maya Angelou is one of my favorites too, so the quote added volumes to this already spectacular page!

Sweet Memories by Elizabeth22

Look at these sweet beach pictures!  Brings back memories – those adorable, ruffled bathing suits and sun hats.  Kids, sand and water – what better and sweeter combinations are there?  This page is scrapped so wonderfully too, with all of the summer colors and beach elements – yummy summery perfection!

Moments of July by lilholmes6

This page just jumped out at me with the picture of the kiddo learning to ride a bike.  Don’t you just love that cool red helmet?  Looks like all the help was finally a success.  The smaller pictures at the side really add to the whole cuteness of this page.

Skate and Roll by mcurtt

Last, but certainly not least – are you ready for this – a rollerblading turkey!!!  Hahaha – I absolutely LOVE this page and this turkey is skating its little heart out.  What a clever page and all of the “skate and roll” word arts just add to the whole theme of the page.

Well, that does it for me for on this “Manic Monday”.  I hope you like my picks for today and stop by and leave some love for these artists if you can.  Just click on the name of the page and it will take you to their gallery.

See you next time and keep on scrapping!


Finger Pointing – July 21st

Hello Scrappers!  I hope you’re staying cool if you’re in this heat wave like the one we’re in.  Trying to stay cool?  Check out the amazing galleries around Digi Land.  Here are the Gallery Standouts that I’ve selected for you today.

Who Put The Bomp by taxed4ever

This layout had me singing for the longest time after I saw it.  How much fun is this page with the couple dancing and all of the Rock and Roll elements?  Really brings back memories to this “rock n roller”.  I love how the lyrics are also printed out on the page.  A real blast from the past!

BBD July Challenge by Scrapmevrouw

I love the photographs and the lovely florals that are surrounding them.  It’s such a lovely, happy page and the word art is the perfect, finishing touch.  The photo in the back of the page is the perfect anchor for this delightful layout.

Circle of Life by Lynne Anzelc

How moving is this layout?  I love seeing designer’s pages in the galleries and this one doesn’t disappoint.  The final picture really brings into perspective “the circle of life”.  Well done and beautifully executed.

Heads Up by grandma lynnie

Is this not the sweetest little face???  I absolutely fell in love with this baby and the lovely, minimalist layout really brings total focus to the image.  I adore the cute, bright border paper that really sets off this adorable page.

I Am by mom2jackaia

These photographs just scream “Summer” to me!  The multiple photos are so sweet, and I love all of the perfect elements and the journaling card!  This is just a wonderful, summery layout and just makes me happy.

Life is A Gift by keligirl!

One of my scrapping loves is Art Journaling and this page really fits the AJ bill for me.  SO much to look at and the layering – wonderful!!  You- can look deep into this page and I agree – Life REALLY IS a gift!

That does it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices.  If you get time, please click on the name of the page and leave these artists some love.

Til next time,


Finger Pointing – July 5th

Happy July 5th!  I hope, if you celebrated The 4th of July, that you had a happy celebration.  We stayed home because of the extreme heat we’re experiencing but didn’t miss the fireworks displays on TV.  I’ve had a good time perusing the galleries and I’m anxious to show you my picks for today.

Iwo Jima by Felicity61

This layout really moves me because I’ve been to the Iwo Jima Monument in Washington D.C. and it’s absolutely humbling to stand on the ground and look up at this depiction of one of the most important and iconic moments in our history.  I love the close-up of one of the faces, as well as the other patriotic photographs on this wonderful page!

Happy 4th by OKate

I just love the distressed flag in the center of this page! The blending around the edges is total perfection and makes the American flag stand out even more.  The page is completed by the white wood background and the red, white and blue elements.  Just a wonderful, patriotic page.

Summer by faerywings

I love everything about this page!  First of all, I love pocket scrapping, so that made this page really jump out of me.  I LOVE the big title “BOARDWALK” and what great summer pictures of a day spent at the beach.  There’s the perfect mix of photos, journal cards and elements to make this page complete.  This pocket page just screams “SUMMER” to me!

Strawberry-Lemonade by jagruti patel

This page also screams summer!  These absolutely yummy colors just exemplify summer to me.  The pictures are SO sweet and really stand out against the bold colors.  I love the mix of papers, too – I especially love the different polka dotted papers and all of that yummy fruit – just perfection!

I Believe by Ang

This page just intrigues me – there’s so much detail to look at and every time I look at it, I see something different.  I love the layering and the blending and the beautiful brush work.  There’s a little bit of grunge, which is always a winner for me, and I love the little twig at the bottom.  I just adore this very artsy page.

YOUniquelyMe by Armygrl

Last, but certainly not least, I HAD to pick Lisa’s Art Journaling page!  She’s one of our own bloggers and when I saw her page, I fell in love!  Her work is SO inspiring and especially if you’re a fan of Art Journaling – which I am.  This self-portrait is hauntingly beautiful and the photo effects she used are phenomenal!  All of the elements that she worked in around the photo in the center are just wonderful!  Please, keep inspiring me, Lisa!

That’s going to do it for me today – I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks.  If you can find a minute, click on the NAME of the page and leave these artists some love.

Until next time,