Finger Pointing – January 18th

Hello, lovely scrappers.  Cheryl here to bring you today’s Finger Pointing picks.  Can you even believe we’re in the middle of January of 2024?  Time goes by so quickly but as scrappers, we’re blessed to be able to capture many, many moments in time, aren’t we?  What a wonderful legacy we can leave to our loved ones as well as enjoying the moments ourselves.  I know you’re like me and also enjoy those moments over and over in the pages we create.  Speaking of creating, I know you all want to see the picks I have for you today.

Sweetest Little Cook by EvelynD is my first pick for today.  How bright, cheerful and colorful is this layout?  I was so taken by the red and white checkered paper, the banner, of pictures and all of the cute, artsy bits surrounding the big picture of the “little cook”.

My next pick is Finish The Sentence by Kim.  These candid shots are just priceless.  Candids are probably my favorite shots, and it’s amazing how many pictures are on this wonderful page.  What great memories are captured on this layout, and this will definitely be cherished for years to come.

Next up is Sunflowers by Aussiegirl.  Who doesn’t need some sunflowers right now, especially if you’re living in a frigid zone?  The photographs are beautiful and so are all of the sunflower elements and the coordinating strips of paper.

Next up is Limitless by scrappy donna.  I just love this sweet black and white photograph, surrounded by the perfect elements. The background paper, word art and artsy bits make this layout a winner!

Next is Winter Wonders by sterkeurs.  Oh, that gorgeous sunset, the ski lift that’s silhouetted, and the small photograph in the foreground – wow!  The title, word art and simple elements tie this page into the perfect package!

My last pick for today is Engaged by moenmc.  What a special moment is captured here and what a beautiful setting.  I love how the pictures are placed inside the circle and the flower elements set everything off so perfectly.

That will do it for me, and I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks the today.  If you’d like to see more, click on the title of each page and you’ll be taken directly to that page.

Keep on scrapping and capturing those memories.


Finger Pointing December 14th

Hello wonderful scrappers!  Cheryl here to bring you my picks from around Digi Land today.   Christmas and winter layouts abound and I had a difficult time picking my favorites because there were so many of them.  I finally was successful in pruning my list down to six layouts and here they are.

First up is Finish The Sentence Challenge by Bright Eyes

What a heartwarming page this is.  The beautiful home in the background surrounded by snow laden trees and the brightly dressed children playing in front – delightful!  The girl standing on the steps is the perfect touch and adds so much dimension to the page.   The wonderful blending and darker border really tie everything together and puts a bow on this present!

Drop Biscuits by cnewby makes my mouth water, as well as being a feast for the eyes.  What a festive cookbook effect with all of the clippings tucked under the page; which is exactly what I do in a cooking journal.  The picture of the drop biscuits is perfection and so are all of the brightly colored elements scattered all around the page.  I love the sweet little strand of lights, too.

Wonderful by crazycat1126 has the perfect title – it is “wonderful”.   Short for “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. I’m in love with the picture of the tree, along with the amazing bokeh!  The smaller picture is gorgeous, with the reflection of the room in it!  The rest of the page adds layers of delight, from the dark background to the sweet journal cards and Christmas elements.

Winter by Scrappie Irene is my next pick.  This caught my eye right away, with the sweet baby holding it’s own picture.  What a clever and unique page.  The greenery surrounding the picture, the plaid bow and the perfect collection of small elements make this page a winner for me.

Santa is Coming by little pixie is my next pick.  I think this page is absolutely magical.  The Christmas, snow scene that’s depicted on this page is beauty in itself.  It’s reminiscent of quieter, gentler times when people bundled up and took the sleigh “over the river and through the woods”.  What put the cherry on top for me is the large snow globe effect!  Just wonderful!

Last but certainly not least is  Little Things by bbe.  Is there anything much cuter than kids wearing Santa hats?  These pictures are priceless, and I can’t keep from smiling when I look at all of the expressions on this little face.  The two black and white pictures are a nice touch, too.  LOVE the torn paper behind the pictures and the dark background.  It’s the little things in life we cherish most, as the title reads.

That will do it for me today.  I won’t see you again until next year.  We’re going to take a little break so we can finish up our Christmas shopping, cooking, baking or just hanging with our families.  I’ll see you again after the holidays.  Wishing you and yours a blessed and peaceful Christmas.


Finger Pointing – November 16th

Hello lovely scrappers!  Cheryl here to bring you today’s picks, on this sixteenth day of November.  This year is just streaming along, isn’t it?  I can hardly believe that we’re in the middle of November.  I had a fine time visiting the different galleries and I hope you enjoy the picks that I have for you today.  Let’s get started, shall we?

My first pick for today is Sarapullka’s Thoughts by Su_sanne.  I just adore this black and white ATC (Artist’s Trading Card) and the big white flower really takes center stage for the artsy bits and the title.  Very beautiful and a great start to my post for today!

My next pick is November Music Challenge  by Jody.  Not only is this one of my favorite songs, it’s scrapped so beautifully!  I just love the “grunge” look, with the man in the background and the words in the foreground. The big plaid bow is such a nice added touch, too.

Next is Can You See Me? by one of our own bloggers, Pachimac (Susie).  I love the picture in the sunglasses and the word strips attached to it.  This page has so much meaning and the words “hide” are perfectly placed.  The blending, clustering and artsy bits all combine, with the pictures, to make this the perfect page.

Next is Above by Stefanie.  The old saying “less is more” definitely applies to this beautiful page.  The big photo scene is perfectly paired with the clustering of elements and word art up at the top of the page.  This page just works in every way for me.

Next is Cold and Frosty by Ranchcreations.  What wonderful photos and I love the way they’re arranged on the page.  The background, with the snowflakes, the wintery elements and the frosty border all make this such a wonderful winter page.

My last pick for today is All My Dogs and Cats by Yam.  I fell in love with this page the minute I saw it.  What a great idea to scrap so many pets on one page.  I love the individual pictures and the big green border really sets this page off.   What a great finish to my post for today.

That will be it for me today.  I sure enjoyed visiting the different galleries.  If you get a chance, you can leave some love for these artists.  Just click on the name of each project, to go to their gallery post.

Til next time,


Finger Pointing – October 2nd

Happy Monday, Scrappers.  Cheryl here  and I cannot believe it’s October 2nd!  I even  started to type September in the title.  Where has this year gone so far?  Time seems to be moving faster all the time.  I wish it would slow down just a tiny bit.  Yesterday, we went out to buy pumpkins and before we know it, we’ll be out buying Christmas decorations.   The galleries are just brimming with beauty and creativity, and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve picked out for today.

My first pick for today is Where Did She Go by Zlemon.  I love the almost stark simplicity of this layout with the face offset for added drama.  The blending, combined with the photo technique is so striking and the journaling is spot on perfection.  This page speaks volumes, while remaining beautifully minimalistic.

My second pick is Happy Moment by Ange.  What a stunning photograph and the headdress of flowers is exquisite!  The page also has a slight grunge like effect, which adds to the mysterious look of the woman.  The blending and artsy bits are pure perfection.

Next is Old Photo Challenge by mcurtt. This is one fantastic photo!  This picture just speaks of happy, carefree days, and all of the elements, the papers and artsy bits support the photograph so beautifully and I really like the comedy and tragedy masks.  The title and journaling make this page a total winner!

Next is Collection of Moments by Tiramisu.  These pictures are THE  best and this is one happy kid enjoying a treat! LOVE the big, blended photo with the smaller, framed pictures up at the top.  The double frame is a great touch.  What an adorable layout this is!

Next is Pretty as a Peacock by bbe.  This page is just delightful and I love peacocks.  The picture in the center is so cute with the little girl approaching the big bird.  I’m loving the two side pictures of the peacock fanning it’s tail and the blue butterflies scattered around the page are the perfect touch.

Last, but certainly not least is Quiet Roads by scrappinnewbie.  I adore the composition of this page!  It’s so beautifully balanced, with the big photo on the right and the clustering of smaller photos on the left.  The flowers and other artsy bits added in with the smaller pictures are such a great touch!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today.  Remember, if you’d like to take a closer look, click on the link under the title and you’ll be taken to that page in their respective gallery.  Keep on scrapping and capturing your memories and creativity.  I’ll see you next time,


Finger Pointing – September 21st

Happy Thursday to all of you lovely scrappers!  Cheryl here and I hope you’re ready to see what I’ve picked out for you today as I traveled around Digi Land.  So many galleries and so many wonderful pages!  What do you say we get this party started?

 Split Photo Template by TrishD is my first pick for today.  This page is just stunning!  I love the gorgeous image and the vertical pieces, which almost looks like a fence.  The background paper, with the blending and stamping and the fasteners makes this so unique and different, which I love.

Unmasking by caapmun is a wonderful example of an Art Journaling page!  Not only is the image mysterious and wonderful, the whole page has such a grungy look to it and could have come right out of an old book.  What a brilliant AJ page this is!  There’s so much to look at here!

1st Day of School by Shawnbear is my next pick.  I love “guy pages” and this one is a wonderful example for me.  Love the pictures, the pops of red, the word cloud, the colorful elements and the great school paper background.  Absolute perfection!

Every Woman by Sarkavka Is such a beauty!  The gorgeous image, set in the oval frame is the focal point for me.  The clustering around the frame really makes the image pop off the page.  The background paper, with the stamping and blending is so soft and adds to the feminine look of this page!

Fairhaven Park by Stacia is such a fun page all around!  It combines a big black and white photo, and I adore the smaller photos that are scattered around the page.  I also love the paper strips that are underneath the bottom row of pictures.  Just a winning page!

September Template Challenge by Bubby is my final pick for today.  These panoramic photos are breath taking and I love the way they’re arranged on the page.  All of the flowers, background and title bring this page together perfectly!

That will do it for me today and I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks.  If you’d like to take a closer look at any of these, just click on the link under the name of the page and it will take you to their page.

I’ll see you next time,


Finger Pointing – September 5th

Hello scrappers and welcome to the “day after Labor Day” if you live in the US.  It’s been a long weekend for us and we’ve had some fun, all hanging out together and I hope you did, too.  So, if you’re like me, today is not Monday – it’s Tuesday.  I’ll be confused all week.  Haha  Let’s get right to it on this Tuesday and let me show you my picks for today.

30th Anniversary Page 2 by OKate is my first pick for today.  What a wonderful anniversary this must have been!  These photographs are beautiful and I love how many of them are on this page.  Happy Anniversary and what a wonderful page – definitely a winner!

Birthday Girl by LynnZant is my next pick.  I just love this happy layout, with the larger picture surrounded by the smaller pictures.  The delicate elements, journaling and title work all tie this page together so beautifully!

Bonjour by Lynn Grieveson is my next pick.  I love it when our designers scrap and I see their lovely layouts in one of the galleries.  This page caught my eye with the single photo and the beautiful fall colors, the word art and journaling.

Glamour by Grace is just well, “glamorous”.  What a beautiful image and the blending on this page is superb.  The delicate flowers and the lovely quote all combine to make this a perfect layout.

Lazy Days by Ozegirl is a joy to the senses.  I adore these bright colorful pictures in the round frames and that close-up is beyond adorable!  What a perfect, beautiful seaside layout this is!

You Decide by *sylvia* is my last pick for today.  WOW!  What a spash of wonderful color and vibrance!  I love the grunge and the boldness plus the word art going down the page on different angles.  Great way to finish today’s picks!

That will do it for me today and I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks.  If you get a minute, you can click on the name of the page, and you’ll be taken to their gallery where you can leave some love.

See you soon,


Finger Pointing – August 23rd

Hello Scrappers!  Cheryl here, to bring you today’s Finger Pointing picks.  As I wrote the date for today’s post, it reminded me of how fast time goes.  I can hardly believe that it’s almost the end of August and we’ll soon be moving into fall.  We’ve had some really hot weather where I live and I’m ready for a little cool down.  But you didn’t come here to talk about the weather, did you?  So, without further ado, let’s get into my picks for today because I know that’s why you’re really here.

This first layout, Say Goodbye, by Amandajk is the perfect page to start off my post with.  I got such a chuckle out of this humorous Art Journaling page.  Just look at the faces on these kids.  I especially love the little one at the bottom.  They’re saying goodbye to summer and not very happy about it.  This is just a great Art Journaling page in every way.


My second pick is Sunsets by Ernie88.  I was attracted to this multiple picture layout and how the pictures all flow so beautifully together, to tell a story of sunset on the beach.  The big title on the side really sets this page off, beautifully, as does the netting around the edges.  The journaling and word art, as well as the cute flairs make this page a winner.

My next pick is Denver by Kindrawalter.  LOVE the pictures placed on the diagonal and what fun and happy pictures they are! The pictures are perfectly placed among the journal cards and block of journaling and small elements.  Finally, I was really drawn to the plaid background and how it so perfectly works with the picture strip.

My next pick is Good Times and Tan Lines by Lizziet5.  LOVE the big picture – it makes me smile.  The layering on this page is wonderful and the whole page just screams “paradise”.   The colors on this layout are perfect for the theme, too – all the colors that I associate with the beach.  There’s so much to look at; all of the word arts, the lush greenery, the flamingo and the tropical flowers – just perfection!

Redwood Forest by Felicity61 is my next pick.  This page is a joy to look at!  That big photo, and the angle is gorgeous – it really does show the majesty of these giant redwoods.   All of the smaller, supporting pictures are so perfect on this page and really tell the story of a visit to the Redwood Forest.  What a treasured memory captured on this layout!

Finally, Rejoice in Nature by Ria, is my last, but certainly not least, pick.  The beautiful horse, in the OOB frame really takes center stage on this page.  The blended background and the clustering of flowers really set the picture off and are perfect additions to this wonderful page.

That’s it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and if you get a moment, you can click on the name of the page to leave some love.  Keep scrapping your memories and remember, time goes so fast and as scrappers, we can capture some of it on our pages to enjoy for years to come.

See you next time,