Finger Pointing – May 30th

Happy May 30th scrappers!  Cheryl here and can you even believe that it’s the last day of May?  Time goes so fast and the beautiful thing about being memory keepers, as scrappers, is that we get to capture time and keep these memories alive!  I love looking back at my pages, some of them are very old, and re-living those memories all over again.  Many of us are also expressing our feelings through the wonderful world of Art Journaling, including me.  Let me show you the pages that I’ve chosen for you, and I think I have a pretty good mix of “styles”.

First up is Too Short by scrap-genie.  This Art Journaling page simply and beautifully speaks volumes and has a message that’s very powerful.  The blending on the page is wonderful, too and very symbolic looking.

Deep Purple by Anita is simply beauty in blending.   From the lovely woman’s face to the delicate beadwork and the wonderful flower clustering, this page is pure perfection.

Experience New Places by jana is a perfect example of blending and masking to transform a photograph into a magical scene.  The small elements and the beautiful title work makes this page complete.

Monthly Muse Lakes by Amandac is my next pick.  I love the beautiful big photograph and the journaling is so perfect for the theme of this layout.  The masking of the big photo is also very appealing to the eye, and so is the addition of the messy thread and small elements.

You + Me = Us by Akizo is my next pick.  I love big, bold templates and this page really fits that bill!  This page checks all the boxes for colors, patterned papers, amazing pictures and just plain fun!

I’m closing out today with Write Stories by Chaos Lounge.  I’m kind of a “fill up the page scrapper” so this page literally jumped out at me when I saw it in the gallery.  I love the two pictures of the women, surrounded by all sorts of elements, word art and a journal card.

That’s it for me today and I hope you enjoy the picks that’s I’ve brought you.  If you’d like to leave some love on any of these pages, or just see more information, click on the name of the page and you’ll be taken directly to their gallery page.

Til next time,


Finger Pointing – May 16th

Hello lovely scrappers.  Cheryl here to bring you today’s Finger Pointing blog post.  May is just zipping right along, isn’t it?  It’s been a busy time around here doing our spring yard work and our grandson graduates from high school this Friday, so we’ve been busy with plans for his Commencement Ceremony and party afterwards.

My first pick for today is Mom by eve11ne.  I absolutely love this lively, bold, colorful page with the wonderful pictures, word art and elements.  I adore the black and white plaid and the orange strips of patterned paper, too.  What a terrific page!

I picked this next layout, Huntington Plant Sale 2023 by Okate because I’d love to go to a plant sale like this.  I can just imagine all of the beautiful plants that were there.  The pictures really tell a story and the addition of the film strips and spring elements really set them off.

My next pick is Boy by Elizabeth22.  These four framed pictures, with the different expressions, are just too cute.  The blue background is the absolutely perfect color against the little boy’s red shirt.  Such a happy, bright page and the composition is just wonderful.

Jazz by terryb is just a wow page!  I love the blending on the full-sized figure of the dancer in the bright red costume!  The framed pictures wonderful and really capture the spirit of the dance!  This page is sheer perfection.

Just Art by lm44west is one of my picks because this page consists of five different photographs that are blended together!  Plus, I love horses, so this beautiful white horse, right in front, caught my eye immediately.  What amazing blending on this page!

My last pick for today is Spring Dancer by Skinospot.  This page is simply enchanting with the beautiful dancer, the pastel background and the wonderful sense of movement!  This is the perfect page to end my post for today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and if you’d like to take a closer look, or leave some love, just click on the name of the page and you’ll go to their page.

See you next time,





Finger Pointing – April 25th

Happy Tuesday, Scrappers.  Cheryl here to bring you my picks for today.  I had such a great time surfing the digital galleries to find these six layouts for today’s blog post.  I know I’ve said this before, but do you know how difficult it is to only pick six layouts from all of the galleries around the scrapping world?  It’s definitely not easy.  Here are my picks for today and I hope you enjoy them.

First up, is April Template Challenge by KimR.  I love the depth that is achieved on this page.  Not only is it an adorable Easter page, with the cute little ones hunting eggs and enjoying their goodies, but this layout has a 3D effect – that’s what caught my eye first.  I think this layout is absolutely “Egg-Cellent”!

Next up is Fantastic by Mom2jackaia.  The shape is stunning and so are the colors – all of them.  I love the dimension in the rays, too.  The sweet pictures in the center are perfect and the fact that they’re black and white really makes them really stand out. The journal card and all of the sweet elements make this page “fantastic”, like it’s title.

Speaking of color, I love this bright, sunny page that’s my next pick.  Let’s Cruise by JoCee, has so much to look at and the photographs are wonderful!  The extraction, front and center, as well as the wonderful title work brings the whole page together.  This page is just spilling over with colorful deliciousness!


Our First Date by krichardson2013 is my next pick.  First of all, I love the theme and the template is just perfect for showcasing these wonderful photographs of a first date.  How special is the journaling “It was love at first sight”?  What a beautiful page documenting this momentous occasion.

Somewhere Far Away by Grantlaurensmom really popped out of the gallery at me!  Talk about gorgeous color!  I love the red train against that blue, blue sky and really enjoyed reading the story behind the photograph.  This page will definitely be a perfect rememberance of a trip that is “somewhere far away”.

Last, but certainly not least, is Write A Great Story by NAdams.  I absolutely love the photo techniques/filters used on this unique page.  The photograph is so sweet, and so is the title work, as well as the elements that are so perfectly placed around the page.  I think this wonderful page is the perfect ending to my post for today.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for this Tuesday.  If you’d like to leave some love, just click on the name and you’ll be taken right to the page.  I’ll see you next time and keep on scrapping.


Finger Pointing – April 2nd

Happy Sunday to all of you lovely scrappers!  It’s the second day of April already – I just can’t wrap my head around that.  I’m so happy to be moving ever closer to spring and the lovely weather, though.  I hope, wherever you are in the world, that your weather is pleasant.  I can’t wait to show you my picks for today.

Sweet Dreams by Connection Keeping is my first pick.  I just love it when our designers scrap!  I saw this precious layout in one of the galleries and was thrilled to see that it was created by a designer.  How sweet is this little one all snuggled up in the crescent moon and just look at the beautiful clustering and the little twinkling bits scattered everywhere.  What a perfect layout to kick off my post for today!

Rainbow Face Collage by Angela Toucan is my second pick.  I love everything about this page, from the lovely, sculptured rainbow swirls to the beautiful woman’s profile with the lovely flowers in her hair.  The color contrasts are beautiful, too.  The bright colors at the top are perfect with the dark blue at the bottom.  The paler colors on the right side are just the perfect bridge and bring the page together, in a symphony of color.

Dreaming With Flowers by Grace is such an elegant page and makes such a bold statement.  The woman’s face is enchanting and the shadowing is so alluring.  I’m so intrigued by all of the detail on her eyes, too.  The beautiful collection of flowers, with their different sizes and colors, top this face off to perfection.

Pom is Life by cutiejo1 brings back so many memories of when my daughter was in pom.  This page is so dynamic, with the large, happy photos in the corners and can I just say “wow” to this fantastic “wheel” and the absolutely perfect photos of “pom life” in each section?  Every  picture looks like it was custom made for each section!  I’m loving the alpha around the wheel, too!

Quiet Time by milo is my next pick.  First of all, I love color and this page really delivers that!  The extraction is perfection and sets the tone for the color.  I love all of the bright colors in the background and how cute is that “happy face”?  The clustering, blending and word strips make this page an absolute winner!

Happy by digigrandma is my last (but not least) pick.  I love the big, blended photograph and the small photos add the perfect balance.  The frames around the small photos are so adorable, too.  The word strips, little elements and paint all work together so well and make this s truly “happy page”.

That’s it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for this Sunday.  Enjoy your day and I’ll see you next time.  If you get a chance, be sure to leave these artist’s some love.


Finger Pointing – March 16th

Hello lovely scrappers.  Cheryl here to bring you today’s post.  Can you believe it’s the middle of March already???  Where does the time go? Is it just me or does it seem like it was just Christmas?  Time flies by so scarily fast, doesn’t it?  That’s one reason I love to scrap and I’m sure I’m not alone.  We can magically capture a moment in time and isn’t that wonderful?  Now, who’s ready to see the “moments in time” I’ve captured for today’s Finger Pointing picks???

I’m kicking off my post for today with This View by jcaruth910.  Isn’t this layout majestic?  I’d love to be able to go to this location and see this with my own eyes!  I especially love it when a layout uses a “real” photograph!  I know we can’t always achieve that, but it’s a “wow” when we can!

Tones of Green by Scrapdolly is simply delightful.  The photograph is wonderful, and the couple looks so happy.  Being surrounded by nature always makes us happy, doesn’t it?  I really like the way “nature” is surrounding this couple in the beautiful blending.

Senior Pictures by Breoni is my next pick.  Talk about bolts of color – I absolutely love that and everything else about this layout!   The pictures are so handsome, and the torn paper and neon title work really add to the “guy feeling” of this page!  A winner, indeed!

Reverie by Zanthia is truly beauty on a page!  The wonderful image of the young woman, with the flowers in her hair, surrounded by the perfect elements.  The heart element hanging on the wall and the outside border add the perfect touches, too.

Colorful Sunset by Annsofia is simplicity at it’s finest.  The lone tree, surrounded by the beautiful pastel color wheel is really an eye catcher!  The subtleness of this layout speaks volumes’ and so does the title work.

Words as Petals by Ria makes me think of the lyric “flowers in her hair”.  I simply love the floral hair piece and the photo effects used on this page. The surrounding flowers and beautiful blending make this page so soft, but still dynamic.

That will do it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and if you have time, click on the name of the project and go leave these artists some love.  See you next time,


Finger Pointing – March 2nd

Oh my gosh, has March really slipped up on me!  I suppose it’s because February is such a short month,  Our weather is bouncing around where I live, but it’s mostly pretty warm – we hit the mid 70’s a couple of days ago, but it’s settled back into the high 60’s now and we’ll take that!  Let’s get started with my picks for today.

First up is Purple Rain by Cheesecake – This page literally takes my breath away!  I’m so moved by this gorgeous image, the “rain” and light coming from the top, left side of the page and what I can I say about that beautiful eye???  This page is a true showstopper, indeed!

Next up is Waiting for Spring by Oldbag 165 The stark beauty of this page is what drew me in.  I love the dark, heavy tree, with its branches, at the side and the lone bird sitting on it.  The middle of the page is so beautifully white and blends down into the light color along with the stamping, the minimal elements and the title.  Perfection!

Next up is  Life is a Dream by Rochelle 86 This page is so full of scrappy goodness that I hardly know where to start.  I’m loving the big photo in the center, with the sweet children, playing in the snow.  The smaller accent pictures add to that so wonderfully and are perfectly placed.  Add in the lovely borders, and you have a page that’s definitely a winner!

I Am Woman by *sylvia* is my next pick.  Can I just say “wow”???  That red hair jumped off the page at me and I adore the photo treatment!  The yellow and red circles are so happy and add to the energy of this fantastic page!  The word stamps and all of the great word art are just icing on the cake!

Always by amyjzac is up next.  I love big photo layouts and this one certainly ticks that box.  The added goodness is all of the “grunge” that is on top of and around the picture – I also love “grunge”, so this layout ticks two boxes. What a delightful layout!  I love everything about it!

Don’t Stop The Music by Chunlin is my last pick for today.  SO much Art Journaling goodness on this page!  The photo technique on the face of amazing – the face is doubly intriguing and doubly eye-catching.  LOVE the fabulous border work with all of the word art and perfect elements worked into it.

That will do it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks – I sure did enjoy surfing the galleries to bring them to you.  Be sure to click on the name of the page, and you can leave these artists some love.  See you next time.


Finger Pointing – February 19th

Happy Sunday, Scrappers!  I hope you’re having a good day wherever you live.  Spring is right around the corner where we are, and I even bought some things for my gardens, yesterday.  So, are you ready to see my picks for today?  Here we go.

Day Trip To Paris by EvelynD2 is simply charming!  Did you know there is a Paris, Tennessee?  I didn’t.  These red and white striped awnings really caught my eye – they’re SO clever, placed above  those pictures.  Like I said, this page is simply charming!

February Big Photo Challenge by Glyn is a breathtaking scenic view, plus we get the added beauty of the reflection – this is double delight – it’s like getting two pictures on one page!  I also love the very minimal addition of the title and the small elements, at the bottom..

February Music Challenge by Migueline is a feast for the eyes!  I absolutely love the brick wall background, with the music lyrics written on it plus the cute little Cupid.  The look on this woman’s face is priceless – but that handsome man, in the photograph, wraps this page up in a beautiful bow for me!  This is a “wow” page!

Selfie by Angels is just bursting with color and vibrance!  These big circles around the outside are so dynamic, and so is the white, circular printing!  This page literally jumped off the gallery wall at me – I love everything about this – totally stunning!

Escape – Sunj Beach, Croatia by grantLaurensmom

I love the big, blended photo on this beautiful page!  The wonderful addition of the smaller framed photos, at the bottom really complete the page and I’m loving the black frames!  The word art is pure perfection, too!

I’m ending my post today with this delightful beach layout – The Great Outdoors by Lizziet5 I adore the sweet pictures, the lovely clustering, the white space and the clever way the page title is added to that outside band!  Makes me want to head to the beach!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today and if you have a minute, click on the name of the page and you’ll be taken right to that page.

See you next time,