Finger Pointing – June 21st

Happy Tuesday lovely scrappers!  Cheryl here, wishing you a Happy First Day of Summer (to those in the Northern Hemisphere) and Happy Summer Solstice (as Astronomical Summer begins today) as the longest day of the year and the shortest night.  There you have your “summer update”.  How about a Finger Pointing “update”?  Here we go:

First up is Sunset Dinner by KayTeaPea

What wonderful ambiance with the city lights behind this sweet family and the little boy “dancing” to the live music.  I can almost hear the magical, outdoor summer music right now.  The large photo, banner and minimal amount of elements are just perfection!

Next up is One Way City by Anja

This page is just the epitome of “cool” – it’s sort of Steam Punk, (very funky) and unusual and it stopped me in my tracks when I saw it!  I love how she put the almost 3D looking glasses (with the spikes on them) on the woman in front.  Very grungy and other-worldly.

My next pick is Sun Kissed by robinsismai

Another big photo, which I love and this one is the background for the page.  These cute, wet kiddos look like they just came out of the water.   The picture looks like they’re standing in front of us and are having the best day!  The cute summery elements are so perfect for this sun kissed page!

Next up is Flower in Orange by Marleen

I love the minimalist look of this page!   The simplicity is perfection and the texture!  The orange petals on this flower look like fabric – I’m not sure how she achieved this look, but it’s just stunning!  The slight bits of markings are beautifully blended into the page for an added touch.

Next, is Raindrops by Maggiemae

I love the close-up shot of the raindrops on these leaves and they’re right in the center of the page.  The blending around this picture doesn’t take away any of the impact of the shot, but adds to the beauty of the entire page.  It’s just a wonderful and superbly blended page!

My last pick for today is Hero by AZK

What a wonderful tribute page and I personally want to thank Andy for his service.  Be sure to read the wonderful journaling.  This page is fairly minimalist, but has so much impact!  I really love the way the design is placed vertically, along the left side of the page – very dynamic and masculine!

Well, that’s it for me today.  If you get a chance, click on the name of the page and leave these artists some love.  Keep on scrapping and you might find your page on one of our posts.


Finger Pointing – June 2nd

Hello Scrappers – Cheryl here hoping you’re having a good start to June.  I know you hear this over and over, but HOW did it get to be June???  Without further adieu, let’s get started with my picks for today.

Scraplift Challenge by nemi

I went crazy when I saw this horse!  I’ve had a love affair with horses my whole life and what a fantastic horse this is!  I love everything about this page – the big photo and the word art and all of the elements that are part of the big photo/layout.

Hand Carved Bed at Restore by Trekmom

This page literally took my breath away!  The circular style of both the photo and the template absolutely work in unison and I love the description.  Trekmom apparently takes pictures of random things, like me, and then turns them into pages.  Superb!

Next up is The Bride by Renne.

I’m a sucker for great wedding pictures and this one certainly fits the bill.  I love the soft look and that vintage car is just a knockout – look at the happy faces of the bride and groom!

Be Kind by Scrapbyirre

How precious are these baby faces?  I just fell in love with these pictures and they’re each a little different and the blending is amazing.

Go For It by VWSandytoo

What a sweet and loving page of a granddaughter going to her middle school graduation.  I love the innocence of the pretty dress as well as the beautiful, feminine elements along the side of the page.  SO special!

My last, but certainly not least, pick is Kablam by Scrappaholicsherry

What I loved about this page is that the “portrait” is by Scrappaholicsherry’s daughter – and I love the photo technique used on the entire page.  That cityscape and the black and white wallpaper look just makes this page a winner for me.

Well, that will do it for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the picks that I’ve brought to you.  Be sure to click on the name of the page and that will take you to their gallery where you can leave some love.

Keep on scrapping and your page might be featured on here.  Until next time.


Finger Pointing May 17th

Happy Tuesday Scrappers!  The blog was acting up yesterday and I had an oopsie – so let’s try this again.  I swear, there were “gremlins” running around in here yesterday.  Haha  Okay, here we go – for real.

Botanical Bay 3 by RubyGirl

I love trees and really love big, old trees!  Combine that with my love for black and white photography and you have my first pick!  If you look closely, you’ll see a figure walking in there.  The paper around the photograph even looks like wood grain. Simple perfection!

Ocean by amdastra

I love the large picture of the ocean as well as the smaller photos at the bottom of the page.  The fact that the three small photos are on an angle brings an extra punch to this page.  The papers and nautical elements really put the icing on the cake.

Climb by SweetChar

What sweet pictures – I love the shot from behind.  This page is so full of lovely clustering, stunning border work and what a great large title.  I adore all of the flowers, buttons and bows – they add perfection to this page!

Obsolete by Miki

Really soak up this page!  There’s so much to look at!  This page, so uniquely and cleverly, shows us the devices (some we still love) that are now obsolete.  My beloved iPod is even on there!  That thing was state of the art when I got it!  (But I digress.) How fun is the fact that the “heads” are replaced by the devices?  A winner for sure!

Ollie by Susan – s3Js

This page literally made me say “Awwwwwww).  It brought back a flood of memories of taking my grandson to visit The Easter Bunny.  This big picture of the little one sitting in front of the big bunny stole my heart.  I also love the smaller pictures that are in front – at the bottom of the page.  Just SO, SO sweet!

Morning Coffee by SanVHM

I should have led off with this, but hey, I do enjoy my afternoon coffee!  This is so striking because the circles are perfection and they go right down the center of the page.  Very eye catching!  There’s even journaling in one of the circles.  The waffles, paints and some grunge  are great additions, too.

Well, that’s a wrap for me today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks.  If you have some time, you can click on the name of the page and it will take you to their gallery – where you can leave some love.

Until next time,


Finger Pointing May 2nd

Happy Monday lovely scrappers!  Cheryl here to bring you my Finger Pointing picks for today.  Can you even believe we’re into May already?  How in the world did that happen?

I had so much fun surfing the galleries and as I always say, “it’s so hard to only pick 6!”  The galleries are exploding with beauty, as they always are.  Here are my choices for today.

This is 10 by MommaTrish

I absolutely love this bold black and white background!  The patterned papers that are all used together are just fabulous – I love the variety, the dots, stripes, heart and plaids just pop and work so well together!  What a cute picture too – right down front and center of all that wonderful color.
I’m a “reflection nut” so this page caught my eye.  The palm tree scene and the angle is REALLY captured in these mirrored sunglasses!  The page is completed perfectly with tropical colors – just yummy!
Spring Madness by Monique
I just love the fantasy look of this page.  The black background and bold face are stunning, as are the elements on her head.  The bright red lipstick really tops off the dramatic face.   I’ve admired this style for so long, but definitely need to work on my skills.
The wonderful layers and all of the clustering of flowers really jumped out at me!  What a wonderful photo in the round frame and I love the added film strips and the great word art. The little camera charm in the corner is a sweet touch, too.
Childhood Stuff by pmjames
This is the sweetest layout!  I adore the big picture of the three girls and the blending is wonderful!  The smaller, stacked photos, in front, are the perfect addition to the big, blended background.  SO cute!
Quirky by Weaselwatchr
This layout just made me giggle – I love the sense of humor that comes through this page and how cute is that cat?  I just love cute animal pictures and the black and white cat really pops off this page!  I wonder if the cat really is quirky?  I know mine sure is.  Haha
I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for this Monday.  If you get a minute, I know these artists would be thrilled if you’d hop over and leave them some love.  All you have to do is click on the NAME of the layout and you’ll be taken to their layout in the gallery.
Until next time, have a good week and I’ll see you soon..

Finger Pointing – April 21st

Hello lovely scrappers and Happy Thursday!  Cheryl here, bringing you my Gallery Standout picks for today.  I hope the weather is pleasant wherever you are.  We finally hit 75 degrees today (after a cool spell) and I can’t wait to get out and work in my gardens!  I know you’re anxious to see what I’ve chosen for you today, so let’s get this party started.

First up, is Rainbow Child by Angela Toucan.  This sweet page is about hearing a baby’s first cry.  I love the precious newborn face and that rainbow, with all of the clusters around it, is the absolute perfect touch for this joyful page.

Next up is Wandering by Betty Jo.  I love the photo effects that she used on this page, as well as the artsy border around the image.  The big, white border around the outside really draws the eye in and adds impact!

Next up is Make Today Amazing by Ana Santos. This page just makes me happy!  That beautiful woman stepping right out of the background, huge smile on her face and all of the beautiful elements – “Amazing”!

My next pick is Storytelling Slow Scrap by flowersgal.  Boy, does this page bring back wonderful memories (especially Johnny Mathis – he was a heartthrob to my generation and he’s still around.) Music has such an impact on our lives, doesn’t it?  I love the wonderful, heartfelt journaling on this page, as well as the personal picture!

Next up is Happiness by wvsandytoo.  I love how the artist lives vicariously through her granddaughter’s adventures!  I have an adventurous granddaughter, too.  Wonderful photographs of Italy!  Just an awesome page, all around.

Last, by certainly not least, we have Progressive Scrap by Lella.  So much eye candy!  LOVE the gorgeous photograph, but also the many beautiful elements that support the picture, even a “graphic look” on the page.  Everything just works together for this beautiful page!

That’s it for me for this Thursday.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection for today because i sure enjoyed surfing the galleries to bring them to you.  Until next time,


Finger Pointing April 7

Hello lovely scrappers and Happy Thursday to you!  Cheryl here to bring you today’s Finger Pointing picks.  The galleries are just brimming with creativity and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve chosen for you today.  Let’s get started, shall we?

On My Way by AJM

My first pick of the day is using one of my favorite photo editing looks!  How cool is this cityscape with the brilliant oranges, yellows and the “wet look”?  You can almost feel the traffic moving on that highway in front.  I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it!

Lucas Big Photo by BJC

This layout literally made me say “WOW!”  I’ve always had a thing for reflections of any kind and they are REALLY captured in these goggles!  Not to mention, the brilliant blue of the helmet and the amazing close-up photograph!

Get Lost by Beth

This page is just so sweet – I love the picture of the little boy,  just being a child and the hot air balloon represents dreams to me.  The stitched framing and the borders along the edges just put the icing on this adorable page!

Napping Buddies by clucaswvu04

The first things that got my attention were the clouds on the strings.  Then I moved down to the pictures, expecting to see, maybe a baby.  This picture is SO precious – the tired husband and the puppy napping together.  Such a clever layout – be sure you read the journaling.

Family by myssp

Kids and puppies – who doesn’t love them? This photograph is so happy and priceless! I love the plain, slightly graphic background and the black film frames and the striped ribbons – I could go on and on. The plaid paper in the background is the perfect touch – a delightful page all around.

Rosie’s Mini Kit Challenge by WendyP

This layout makes me feel like I’m in my own little potting shed somewhere in Italy.  I’m a big dreamer, though.  Seriously, I love everything about the scene that’s created on this page!  I’m just beginning to plant and get my gardens ready, so this just whets my appetite to get to planting.  Just look at all of the amazing detail on this page!

Well, that will do it for me for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices and if you get some time, stop by and leave some love.  Just click on the name of the layout and you’ll be taken to that page.  In the meantime, keep scrapping and creating and I’ll see you next time.


Finger Pointing – March 15

Hello and happy Tuesday!  Cheryl here aka Cherylndesigns.  It’s almost spring and I know that we’re looking forward to warmer weather even though we’ve had a very mild winter.  Why don’t I just get started and show you the pages I’ve chosen for today’s Gallery Standouts?

Eileen by Adryane

This first page is so wonderfully unique!  What a perfect marriage of the old and the new.  A vintage photograph and a modern, almost graphic background.  It just works – and beautifully!

Imagine by Electra

I love crowns and these enamel crowns are just too cute.  The patchwork quilt look of the patterned paper is so bright and cheerful and so is the banner on top. This is just a totally adorable page!

Book Title by Elizabeth22

Book Title/Cover Challenges are such fun.  Look how the movement is represented around this running figure.  It really looks like she’s running for her life.  Very creative!

Big Photo Challenge by Lella

This large photograph is just “wow”!  Look at the detail on here – every drop of water on the wave shows and what a look of accomplishment on this surfer’s face.  The page is finished, beautifully, with the bird and some journaling.

This Kid by HeatherH

What a wonderful, inspiring story, first of all.  I love the large, blended photograph in the center and the columns of journaling on each side.  This is a beautiful, touching and perfectly symmetrical page.

Foxey Squirrel, Chocalaty… by Mary Davies

There’s so much to take in on this page.  The red stripes jumped out at me first, but it’s so unusual with the cherub on top, holding the umbrella.  The blending is superb, and I adore the shades of the blending.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pages that I’ve chosen for today.  If you get a minute, please swing by and leave these artists some love.

Until next time,