Finger Pointing – April 10

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of super gorgeous Standouts! It’s been a while since I last posted, been on somewhat of a hiatus, can’t deny it felt good to round through the galleries again. Anyway, I hope you are well pleased with my choices!

Starting us off this evening is this super lovely layout titled Embrace Me With Laughter by Margje. Really love the design and how the layout artist has framed that super adorable image with all that gorgeous brushwork. Love the show of color, too!

Next is this fabulous art journaling/photoless work of art by AnikA68 titled oh. I chose this one exclusively for the journaling/story telling. Seriously, I LOVE the journaling/story telling here!

I so adore well put together PL layouts and Mrivas2019 Week 14 Left and Right does not disappoint. The pairing of the black and white images with the color images is fabulous, and I LOVE all the text, it creates so much visual interest throughout the entire two page spread.

Up next is this fabulously adorable pet layout titled cats rule by mcurtt. Love the diagonal split in patterns, so eye-catching! And the yellow against the muted tone is quite striking! Not to mention that adorable little kitty!

I reallyyyy love the eclectic feel of Iowan’s work in 2008 Worth A Thousand Words. I love all the pops of color here, and that image is so precious!

Rounding out my choices this evening is this PL(like)beauty titled Peoplemover by tinkerbell1112. Really love the super fun vibe the layout artist has captured here. And just like the PL spread above, I really love the text and how much visual interest it creates. The color palette is pretty fabulous, too!

I hope that you all have found these gorgeous Standouts as inspirational as I have! Many blessings to you all! XXOO

Finger Pointing – January 16

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of super gorgeous Standouts! It has been quite some time since I posted last, I almost forgot how inspiring rounding through the galleries can be. Almost. I hope you are well pleased with my choices!

Starting us off this evening is this delightful white on white layout by Heidi Nicole titled 23 Degrees | January 2019. The design here is nothing short of fabulous, and the white on white works so well! The image and the text really stand out against the neutral tones!

I loved the white on white so much that I ended up choosing another one! LOL! Up next is this super STUNNING white on white layout titled 10 things about me by amandaresende. Like the layout above, the design here is nothing short of fabulous, and the black and white images and black text really create a ton of visual interest throughout the entire layout! Amanda’s shadow work is pretty stellar, too.

I have somewhat of a weak spot for PL layouts, and this one by Tracermajig titled Weeks 1 & 2, 2019 does not disappoint! The blocked design, all the wonderful images, the tonal palette with the pops of color here and there, and of course all the wonderful text really drew me in! And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I adore all the stitching, too!

Up next is this striking artsy layout titled DEAR DIARY by wombat146. The blending and masking is absolutely perfect here, and I LOVE the perspective on the image! The quote is pretty fabulous as well!

I fell head over heels for this next Standout by Margje titled Travel diary. The blending on the image is absolutely spectacular! I love all the grungey here, too, and the little cluster of elements just to the right of the image is the perfect complement!

Rounding out my choices this evening is this beauty titled Jona by Cherrylej. I was instantly drawn to this in the gallery. The design is fabulous, and that color palette with the blacks and browns with the pops of blue is so striking! Love all the messy everything!

I hope that you all have found these gorgeous Standouts as inspirational as I have! Until next time … stay warm!

Fingerpointing – June 30

Hello, everyone, and welcome! Katherine here with today’s round of GORGEOUS Standouts! I really hope you adore my picks!

I absolutely adore the uniqueness in the design in this first Standout by Kayleigh titled UnforgettableThe cut-out pattern here is super fabulous (reminds me of a spirograph), and I love how each one sports a different patterned paper. The tri-color palette in the papers and the embellishments is absolutely wonderful, too, pairs so well with the black and white images!

Love the Project Life-like feel to this next Standout titled Greenwich by kikimama. The tonal palette works perfectly with those images, and I love the layout artist’s selection of patterned papers. I also love how she has used one of the images as a background, too! Very creative!

Next up I have this beauty by Twinsmomflor titled Tell Me. The artsy here is incredible! The mastery in the processing of the image is pretty mind-blowing. Love how the majority of it has that sketch-y look to it, really creates a ton of visual interest. Placement of the stitching really works well to frame it all in, while the title acts as an anchor to it all. A really fabulous layout!

I really couldn’t decide between this next pair of layouts by Lizziet5, the first one titled Loving this Moment anndddd …

the second one, Priceless Memories (both count as one pick ;P). They both sport the same design, which I LOVE by the way, but what made it so hard decide was the images. I love the genuinely sweet smile on the handsome little guy’s face in the first one, but just could not resist the personality that shines through in the second. Soooo … I picked both. I’m certain none of you all mind, just more goodness to look at, right?! LOL!

Next up is this fabulous Project Life-like layout titled 2014 Legoland America by Iowan. Reallyyyy loving the patriotic feel to this one! The blocking is fantastic (the blocking pattern is what actually draws me to these types of layouts), and I reallyyyy like the stitching, works so well to give off the appearance of a traditional paper layout.

To round out my choices I have another pair by the same artist that I couldn’t choose between, LOL! Just when the caterpillar … (2) anndddd …

Just when the caterpillar (1) … by cinderella (again, both picks count as one ;P). The artistry displayed in both of these art journaling layouts is nothing short of brilliant! Seriously. Love every little detail that the artist has included in each one of her works of art! And the message is sheer perfection!

And that’s a wrap for me! I really hope you’ve found inspiration in the Standouts that I chose! I’ll see you all in the galleries again real soon! Blessings to all of you! XO

Finger Pointing – February 4

Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this cold and snowy Sunday with today’s round of Standouts! I hope you enjoy my picks!

Starting us off is this darling artsy layout titled Her Majesty by Applechick. l absolutely adore the design here, especially with the mix of blended and/or masked images paired with the more traditional framed photos. The color palette is nothing short of gorgeous, perfect for those precious captures (I so ADORE the ballerina one!). And I love how the journaling looks as though it is framing everything in. Such a beautiful layout!

I love the vertical design in this next Standout by Corrink titled bliss in a bottle. The pairing of the pinks, oranges, and greens, with the grays is so delightful! All of the little flower clusters, and other details, adds just the right touch to this beauty!

Next up is this black and white beauty titled happy by Veer. Really love the large photo! The blending and/or masking here is absolutely superb, and I am head over heels for all the brush-y goodness!

Being someone who detests the cold wintery months, I couldn’t agree more with this next Standout by Heidi Nicole titled It’s Freaking Cold. The tonal palette is the perfect backdrop to convey the message contained in this lovely work of art. The layering is wonderful, and the word bits and text, perfection!

I fell in love with the playfulness in the images in this next beauty titled Silly Selfie by Beatricemi. The combination of colors used here is so lovely, and the layering and clustering is superbly well done! LOVE the grunge-y in the border, too!

Rounding out my choices is this breathtaking work of art by CarolynMc titled Timeless Moments. The browns and blues in the color palette are just stunning! Love the use of the time pieces along the border on the right! I’d print this on canvas and display it on a wall where everyone could enjoy it if it were mine!

And that’s it for me this week! Hoping you all have a truly blessed week! XXOO

Finger Pointing – January 22

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with today’s round of super gorgeous Standouts! I hope you are well pleased with my choices!

First up this evening is this super delightful Project Life layout by Lizziet5 titled PL2017 Week 41. I so adore a well put together PL page, and this one certainly does not disappoint! The framed blocking is a wonderful twist on the traditional design of this type of layout. The images are absolutely gorgeous, and I especially love how the pops of color throughout this beauty jumps off the tonal background! Beautiful! Just beautiful!

The composition in this next work of art titled I did it by Ga_L is what had originally caught my eye when I came across it in the gallery! I so love a well executed split design, and this lovely work has accomplished that so well! Love the delicacy in the color palette, and the layering is fabulous! Love the grungey feel of the brushes/stamps and the ink splats, too!

Next up is this super adorable layout by bbe titled CHOCOLATE – MEET SPENCER! The combination of colors that the layout artist has used here is amazing! The greens and blues with the browns against the tonal background is pure deliciousness! I so love all the little details that have been included here, too, they create tons and tons of visual interest throughout the entire layout! And those photos … soooo PRECIOUS!

I chose this next Standout by esther_a titled Deborah’s 60th for pretty much the same reasons that I chose Lizziet5’s above. I really adore the fresh twist that the framed blocking lends to a pretty standard format of scrapbooking that you find in most Project Life projects. The muted palette is divinely perfect, and the images are all so delightfully charming! So beautiful, every bit of it!

Next I have this stunner titled Butteflies by Dady. I so adore all the artsy here! Love the monochromatic feel, and the masking is sheer perfection! Love the loop de loop, and the “movement” it provides in the work of art!

I have been completely love-struck by this next GORGEOUS Project Life-like spread by Veer titled love. The artsy-traditional look here is absolutely divine! LOVE the tonal color palette, and those images, so stinking precious! Just a wonderfully beautiful work of art!

I hope that you all have found inspiration in the Standouts that I have chosen! Have a FABULOUS week! See you in the galleries again real soon!

Finger Pointing – January 12

Hello, everyone! Katherine here with tonight’s super fabulous Standouts! Took me a while to make my way through the galleries, there were soooo many gorgeous layouts to choose from! However, after some very difficult pondering I finally managed to narrow my choices to the required six. I hope you like them!

Starting us off this evening is this beauty by timounette titled grotte, which translated means cave. Really adore the absolute simplicity in this gorgeous work of art. The tonal palette is perfection on its face, and I LoOoovVvvee how it looks as though the handsome young man is peeping right outta the page. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the brilliancy in the quotation … “wake up. rock the world. repeat.

I fell in love with the soft palette in this next work of art titled Pink by Lizziet5. The design here is super fabulous, and I LOVE all the layering beneath the focal image. The doodles and inky splatters are the perfect touch to complement this really lovely page.

I had two beauties selected by this next digital artist, Ga_L, and decided on this one titled Purpose, over the other simply for its message (not to minimize the beauty in the design, the gorgeous tonal palette, and the beautiful, subtle pops of color!) … “without purpose you have no direction in life.” #TRUTH

Next up is this lovely work of art titled 2018 Goals by Crystal. The design here is nothing short of brilliant, and I absolutely adore those gorgeous blues against the muted background. The mix of patterns really create a lot of visual interest in the work of art, and all the little details that the layout artist has included is nothing short of masterful!

I couldn’t help but grab up this next beauty by Chigirl titled courage. That super grungey background provides the perfect backdrop for all the gorgeousness that is in this beautiful art journaling layout. The color palette with that muted aqua and Kraft is utter divine as it contrasts with the black that seems to frame the embellishments and word bits. I would so LOVE to lift this!

Rounding out my choices is this beauty titled Setting Goals by hillalreyd. Absolutely FABULOUS design here! LOVE the color palette with the blues and pinks/peaches against the dark background, all the layering and clustering, every. little. bit. of. it. A really phenomenal layout!

And that would be a wrap for me this week! Hoping you all have a truly blessed week! XXOO

Finger Pointing – August 20

Hello, friends! Katherine here on this GORGEOUS Sunday evening with some real beauties for you! I hope you adore my picks!

Starting us off this evening is this super delightful work of art titled Speaking words of wisdom by margje. I absolutely adore the monotone palette here, and the masking and/or blending is really spectacular! Truly, an eye can sit here and feast on all the visual interest that makes up this super lovely layout for hours!

I so adore the ultra clean, crisp feel in IntenseMagics’ Right Now. The central design is perfect, and those reds against the kraft background really makes for a pleasantly striking combination! The image is pretty stellar, too!

Up next is this beauty titled 1st Anniversary by gonewiththewind. Absolutely LOVE the design and everything that is going on here! And like the layout above, I adore the kraft background. The painterly touches beneath everything really adds the perfect touch.

Next I have this wonderful Project Life layout by ScrappingwithLiz appropriately titled Week 32 {right}. This one I chose simply for the images, which are ALL nothing short of phenomenal!

I fell head over heels for this next beauty titled Tom Crean by myla. The masking and blending here is really super fabulous, LOVE the blue in lower right hand corner, it works really well to help balance the layout by working with the blues in the images and in the little name sign above the portrait. LOVE the look of all the text, too! It creates the perfect contrast against that gorgeous tonal background.

This STUNNER by profolly titled Sweetheart I would print on canvas and hang somewhere where everyone could enjoy its beauty. And that’s all that I have to say about that.

In closing I thought I’d leave you with this super adorable honorable mention titled Happy Thoughts by zlemon. You all have a FABULOUS week, and don’t forget to protect your eyes tomorrowwww! Blessings! XXOO