Finger Pointing – February 12th

Hello everyone, Margje here on this grey Sunday, with six gorgeous pages I stumbled upon 🙂 in the galleries this evening! How is your day going? Here in the Netherlands it’s cold but it’s getting better the coming days I heard! I wish it was spring already. Longing for some warmth and sunshine! The galleries are filled with all sorts of pages. Let’s see what I found for you!

On the streets of Bangkok by TillM

What a cool artsy page! I Love the masking along with the placement of the accent element, and the doll walking in the scene, traveling the world. And awesome how she repeated the lines in this gorgeous layout. Great colors too!

Vintage Spring florjuscrap

What an adorable and beautiful page! I adore the brush and masking work in this beautiful design. The contrast between the Black and White and colors ,the textures, placing of elements, it all works together here to make this page really stand out. I love it!

My Heart by caliten

I heart this vertical design. Love all the colors and the contrast with the Black and White, and all those elements she added. The awesome also great contrasted photo fits perfectly in there! I also like how she stitched it all together.

Winter walk by Pepette

Love the beautiful photo of those children walking in the snow! Love how the photo is framed with the spill over the frame, and the angle of the frame. She made the perfect background behind it. And I also like the little cluster with the snowman! It has a great winter feel!

Permanent Residents by isDK

I love to read how the birds dressed up for spring in this beautiful spread, and how  the amazing design flows across the page drawing your eye to the permanent residents. I also love the color palette with the subtle tones of yellow. I admire how she always gets her pages so perfectly balanced. It’s so pleasing to the eye!

Go Forth and be Fabulous by wendymck

This layout grabbed my attention. I am amazed the dress is made from broken tea cups and sun tea bags. And the model (her DD) is looking very beautiful too. I’m not surprised she won in the show! What makes it even more special is the geometric framing and the beautiful brushwork behind the photo. Now it also won a place in the GSO (LOL)

This is all from me today, hope everyone enjoys, has a great day…and don’t forget you can click on the high lit name of the LO and author to leave them some love in their galleries… TFL!!!! See you next time, Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – January 22th

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! I have been peeking in the galleries and I would love to show some of the layouts that really caught my eye. I hope they bring you some nice scrapping inspiration! So let’s take a look!

2017 Christmas Cactus times by easyeyes4you

What a beautiful page! I so love the dimension and perspective! The masking and blending is very well done here! I love the colors and beautiful brush work too, and the scribbles and lines give it a bit of movement. It all works together perfectly!

Resolutions by jaye

What a fresh and beautiful page! I love the colors together with the Black and White photo. That photo is pretty awesome too! Awesome layering and design! A great page to look at! I hope that many doors will open for her!

Oh deer! By SonjaS

Fantastic page! Love this artsy beautiful phototreatment in the photo and in the whole layout! Beautiful white space balance and an awesome blending at the top of the page! I love the colors together too! It all is so pleasing for the eye! Great winter feel she created!

Princess by mymalloryboys

What an adorable and joyful page! I so love all the hearts (must have taken her forever) and all the beautiful colors. That photo of the girl with her crown is so sweet! Very awesome layering and design. I get happy looking at it!

Anaphora by Adryane

Way cool and awesome! That’s what I thought when I saw it in the gallery! This lady has such  great style and creativity! I love this artwork! The design, the colors, the birds. She even wrote that her son is in there! Well I keep looking and looking! It became a very interesting abstract piece of art with a wonderful energy to it!

MOC5-21 by jjpederson125

This page jumped on me as I saw it! I love to see a dark background with everything popping out like that! Don’t know why but I hardly ever work with a dark blackground! In this page it’s so very effective and beautiful! Love the glow as the title already says it, and the wonderful song lyric and journaling. And yes we must always try to find the glow in those dark hard times!

That’s it for now! I hope you’ve found inspiration in the Standouts I’ve chosen (I sure did!)! I’ll see you all in the galleries and forums again real soon! Stay warm! Until next time! Happy scrapping!

Finger Pointing – January 15th

Happy and creative 2017! This is my first post for the new year. Hope you guys are having a fantastic time wherever you are! Everything is back to normal here and we are having a wonderful winter day here in the Netherlands. And now I’m ready to bring you my favorite top 6 layouts that I found for you today after browsing a lot of pages in the galleries!

Go by wombat146

What an amazing and thought provoking page this is. I just love  all the paint and  photo effects. Those song lyrics are perfect. I adore the pop of warm colors too! Just so awesome to look at!

Perruches by timounette

I just love how she used the triangle template! Love the design and colors and the extraction and OOB! The title and fonts are just the perfect match! This shows that simplicity and a well balanced design on a page, pays of here!

My energizer bunny by jw

Love the look of this layout! Super artistic and fun and it gives the feeling of movement and action. The photo is beautifully blended in the background. The colors are beautiful together and I love all the elements she used and things she added!

Winter by fruitysuet

I get a real winter feel looking at this beautiful layout! Love the cold of this page! The blending of photos is fabulously artistic, and it all makes me feel like I’m outside in the snow even more! And I also adore how she used the elements on this page!

Lady Luck by ipomeroy

What a stunning work of art! Such a joy to look at! Love the design and  all the pink colors very much! It all flows together so well! Beautiful blending and use of elements! Love that watercolor grungy look! I just keep looking at it!

In Dreamland by jirsev

What a sweet photo and page! But what I really love and adore on this page is the beautiful cluster work and layering! It all is just so perfect together! Love the blue tones with the white! It’s sparkling and fresh and stood out for me in the gallery!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my very first picks of this year! I’ve enjoyed bringing them to you… until next time…Have a great week! Happy scrapping!!!

Finger Pointing – December 11th

Hello all. I’m finally ready with my laundry and all the things I usually do on Saturday. Why do them now today? Because I spend a lovely day yesterday with Jopke and Jeanine! So nice to see my scrap-friends again and to talk about our creative lives and about all kinds of things! I had a wonderful day! But today is super busy. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around me! Can you believe Christmas is only two weeks from today? But now after a stroll through the galleries, here are my picks for this Sunday. I hope you like them and feel inspired to create some beautiful pages too!

Blissful Beginnings by zanthia

What a beautiful photo and page! That photo is just perfect with these colors and totally adorable! Love the whole design with that beautiful background. I’m dreaming away with this awesome layout. And I really love that border too!


Little things by SonjaS

Very cool and unique! Love the whole feel of this page and the awesome design. Wonderful colortreatment and I love the blending and masking work here. The title and  color accent with the little cluster is super! Together an awesome page!


Choices by chickypow

This looks like a mini page in the full size page!  The swirly doodly look against the  creamy paper is so beautiful. The photo is awesome and pretty and I really like that happy wordart next to it. Awesome layering! Love this beautiful page!


Fantasy in Lights by deanie

Love a pure fantasy page like this! What a special photo. And she made just the right layout for it!  Adore how she used the subtle color and how she layered the elements under the photo!  Not only the magic of the holidays, this page has a bit of magic too! And let us have some peace on earth, yes please!


Run-wildly by silent ranks

Another page that I adore for its layering. Very wonderful use of colors too! Love the whole feel of this page! The angle of the word strips, the faded photo that gives so much extra interest to it all! Just so very pretty all together and wonderful to look at!


Merry Christmas…by Marleen

Very festive and beautiful page without photo! She made that beautiful ornament shine and sparkle in her own magical way, with great brushwork and colors. Love the textures and the lace too! Merry Christmas!


Well those are my favorites for today! I hope you love these pages as much as I do, if so, please take a minute to leave the artists some love while visiting the galleries! Thanks for joining me here. Until next week! Have a wonderful week! Happy Scrapping!

Finger Pointing – November 6th

Hello everyone! Here is Margje from the Netherlands. It’s getting colder! I got myself nice and warm by the fireplace today for the first time this season! And suddenly the winter feeling hit me on the head! Time is going so fast. I always have sad feelings giving up the summer! (when I didn’t had my digital scrapbook hobby it was even worse) But OK it was cozy and nice and I accepted that those dark grey days are here and we have to make our light and warmth inside! And now I am upstairs in my room and it’s not warm in here, so I have to warm myself and my heart with all the beautiful pages I see in the gallerys! So let’s see what I found us on this cozy Sunday!

Delight in Life by anke

What a beautiful sketchy photo treatment on this layout! And I also love how everything flows left and right from the photo! Beautifully blended too! Love the word art and journaling and the colors too!


Portret… by Marleen

What a  fascinating page! Love to look at in and to discover all the details in it! Love how she used that tree! Love the little color accent on the Black and White page! Awesome work with the double exposure technique!


Color of Nature by ScrapBxl

Very beautiful page! I just love how this beautiful photo continues in a gorgeous page! Love the color palette and beautiful design and framing, stitching and blending! Gorgeous work on the edges too!


VIBRANT by wombat146

As the title says, a very vibrant and dynamic page! Great energy and colors! I have to check that action out! Love that photo treatment and grungy look and feel! Love the duplicated image, one in color and one in Black and White too!


Mauve Flapper By zlemon

I love everything on this gorgeous page! The flapper and transfers creating a vertical line behind her, the style, the colors, the dots! That quote is  really fabulous too!  Really stood out in the gallery and I had to show it here!


Unfamiliar Path by Roxana

What a cool and grungy page! Just perfect for this boy! Great photo treatment and masking, blending and framing work! the staples are such a nice touch! I love the text and doodles in white and all the things she added too!


Well I hope you find a lot of inspiration in my choices! I’m going to get me a warm cup of coffee!  Have a great weekend for what is left of it and a great week! See you next time! Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – October 30th

Hello!!!! Margje here with my choices from the galleries on this last Sunday of October! We have wintertime since last night and the extra hour of sleep was very welcome! It was a very nice soft autumn day here in the Netherlands with a bit of sunshine! Awesome to be outside and do some garden work!  But now I’m done and I’m really looking forward to bring you some wonderful pages I found in the galleries today!

Hey Guy by musicmom3

What an awesome tribute to this lovely dog! The letter she wrote for him is heartwarming! The page is sad, one of the things we have to cope with loving an animal so deeply and have to let go! But so much to love in this page. The repetition, the colors, the wordArt! It’s a fantastic page!


Feeling Blue2 by MrsPeel

Love the whole feel of this awesome layout! Great photo and blending work! So much to discover and to look at, but perfectly balanced and pleasing for the eye! Love the design and the colors, the way the title is vertical all over the page and the paint splatters! Great dimension and layering! A standout for me!


Scary or not by happyscraparts

Caught my eye immediately in the gallery! Love the outstanding brushwork, the bright moon and all of the dripping paint. It has a great Halloween feel! Love the play with the wordart/text too! I saw it a few days ago, but I had to come back and show it here!


Anymore by weaselwatchr

What a cool page and design in Black&White! Love that doll and the great shadow work on the spider web! She is not afraid anymore says the title! Well I sure am (LOL) Don’t like spiders and bats at all!

CVW_SupplyTracker Layer 1 Layer 11 Layer 4 Layer 7 Layer 9 Little Butterfly Wings | Fear of the dark {kit} fiddle dee dee Color Me Happy: Zentangle Spiderweb Overlays

Autumn Beauty by caapmum

Fantastic autumn page and colors! Love the blending of the spider web here! The masking work is totally awesome! And the corner work looks so wonderful on it! Great clusters and framing! The textures give the page a great dimension! I love it a lot!


Fall with me Migueline

Very beautiful  and cool page! Love the dispersion effect and the movement and action in this layout! Wonderful extraction and photo treatment! I love the colors and the design! Great job! Good to challenge yourself Migueline!


This is all from me tonight, hope you enjoyed my picks!  Congratulations if you are featured, and, if you love the pages, leaving a bit of love to these awesome artists only takes a minute, each LO is linked to the original gallery, thanks for stopping by! See you next time! Happy scrapping!


Finger Pointing – October 16th

Hello everybody, and happy Sunday! There is no denying it is autumn and it’s going to be Halloween soon, the galleries definitely reflect that! So I have a mix of that today, wrapped together with some love to pack it as a gift to you! Oh my that sounds poetic doesn’t it? Well let’s see what I found for you today in the galleries!

October Medley by SharLamb

I love a work of art like this! A page without photo’s that looks very interesting because of the textures and the colors and the design. You can almost feel that texture as you want to go over it with your fingers. Awesome in every way!


Rainbow Bee-Eaters by Amson

Another great page! I love the beautiful bird photo’s and the colors! But it’s the total package that grabbed me! Love the design and layering and placement of the elements and the fantastic shadow work! Wonderful are the paint and stars too!


2014-Kim-Day-of-the-Dead by Iowan

What a fantastic Halloween page! There is so much to look at in this ”horrible” scene! But it’s not overdone and still great to look at! The eye follows a wonderful path over the layout, and I can look at it for a while with pleasure! Great job!


LO1 by lauser

What an adorable and beautiful page! Love the mix of stamps and paints with the elements that pop! Full of fun and happiness! Really stands out in the gallery!


Sunshine Farms – 2016 by bbe

This page really makes me want to decorate my house with some pumpkins now! What a fantastic design and layering! I absolutely adore the beautiful brushwork here and those cute buttons that she placed! A real standout for me!


Time Out by tracermajig

Too cute and awesome for words! I love everything in this page! But especially the heart topped with the explosion of fun elements, and the journaling shape. Wow! And really love that she and DH got an evening out and she documented that!


This will be all from me today! I hope you enjoy these, as usual, you can get to the original gallery by clicking on the links, we all know how a sweet comment can make our day, and these ladies most certainly deserve them!!! Have a great Sunday and new week!!! See you next time! Happy scrapping!