Finger Pointings – August 3rd

Hi there! It’s my  turn again to show you the pages I had a crush on today. Too hot again to go outside anyway so better stay in front of the computer and be amazed by beautiful designs, right? Hope you enjoy too!

Outdoor by MiekSter – I looooove the big page mask used with the patterned paper and the whole design against the wood pattern. Beautiful brush work behind the photo and cool title and bits to “frame” this picture. The crisp photos pops really nice with the overall soft and delicate colors of the page. Love it!


Downtown by ValeJules – Vale is one of the artists that makes this statement always true : “less is better”. Looks at this gorgeous design. I know it’s the first time I mentioned her pages here but what do you expect?! They are all noticable and gorgeous so they tend to be in the spotlight often lol!! I love the fading and sketchy effect and on the photo and the stitches that follow along the bridge rampage (is that the word?). Stunning job!


Awesome Dad by justjen – I looove the composition here with the big photo and the repeat at the bottom to accent the main “actor” in this page. Love how one is fading and the flow that make the elements and title. Great design for a sweet picture.

Summer Days by Nikki Epperson – Amazing cluster!!! I want her brain!!! Look at the color balance here. I love the B&W photos with those colorful flowers and the wooden background! The tiny butterflies and the confettis are a wonderful accent in the back and the shadows, oh my! Can’t take my eyes of the page. Simply YUMMILICIOUS to the eyes!!


Fierce by Scrapsandsass – Another fantastic layering here too. Love all those patterned paper pieces and the crop on the photo. Can you see how well all goes together color wise, all matches the pink of her shirt, the black of her hair and the blue eyes with the aqua dots in the patterns. The paint splatters and that long stitch are the cherry on top. Wonderful!


Just Keep Swimming by theolivesparrow – And let’s finish this post today with this super fun and colorful design. Man! This girl has some crazy layering skills, or what?! I love the complex mix of papers and elements stacked behind the journal card. Awesome shadow work too of course. If not, this wouldn’t look so real and beautiful I think. Stunning job!


Finger pointing – July 20th

 Good morning… evening (?) everyone! Still hot and humid here in Japan. All that I hate. I have family coming from Korea from tomorrow, Wednesday, to Sunday and I am not looking forward to go around in that heat but we have a few fun things planned so hopefully will forget about the humidity… probably not but ones can hope lol. But for today I can stay home and before starting to clean I took some time to gallery browsing. Let’s see if you like the picks I have today! Hope you enjoy!

Drumheller by JoanneBrisebois – First stop today is at the beach! Look at this awesome blending and work on the background. I love the soft look. It goes so well with the beach and sky colors. And the cherry on top of this page is of course the super cool and fun out-of-bound photo. Loooove how it seems they are climbing outside the frame! Truly super cool!!

BEen Here by jumlai – Here is another page with an awesome blending job and background. How cool does this picture look with his arms extended and it fits perfectly the globe, right? Very clever. Love the colors  and the flow that makes the globe, the photo and the big title.

af by marnel – More coolness again! I love how she used the patterns in the paper to place the photos with unusual cuts. Perfect design for this boyish page. Full of energy and I love all those type of WAs and paper bits. Very artsy!


Awesome by domad – Beautiful colors here and perfect color match with the picture. I love the flow of elements here and the little bits everywhere. The mix of stitches, brushes, tiny stars is super yummy. Great association of letters with the big and bold title, the paper bits journal and the colorful WAs.

Special Delivery by mum2gnt – On to some cuteness!!! OMG! This is so adorable! Delicate and soft just like this special delivery must be. Love the brush work and how the photo is attached with the staples. Also love the sepia photo with those sprinkles of pink and orange. Great choice of fonts too for the title and date. I can’t stop looking at the details here like the shadowing for example. Truly wonderful!


Set Sail – Halong Bay by DeborahWagner – Seems like it’s a theme with me lately. Maybe I want to travel… Not maybe, surely! And here is another page making me want to go abroad. I love big photos, no secret here, and I love the beautiful blend and the way she showcased the WAs. Beautiful photo and design! Perfect color match. I want to GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Finger Pointing – July 13th

Oops! Running pretty late for this post. I actually started it in advance and then life got in the way and then I forgot to edit and here we are a few hours later and it’s already the 14th in any other part of the world… Let’s just say that it’s still the 13th on my planet? OK? lol Enough bla bla after such a delay and here are my picks for… yesterday! lol

Beach Days by Sexy__Eyes – Let’s start by the perfect summer page if you please. Looks at those beautiful pastel colors that match so nicely the slightly vintage photo. I love the delicate brush work in the back and behind the cluster. Love how the photo lifts from the page like it was a real paper scrap. Beautiful shadowing.

p15m by Vissarah – And now on to a gorgeous camaïeu (is cameo the English word?) of blues for a super fresh page. I love how the brushes and the bird overlap on the photo but also how the photo is in a mask and go a little beyond the frame. The flower gives the whole a little bit of volume without being too heavy. Wonderful job!

Fireworks by Secima – I love fireworks and I thought I had seen some before I came to Japan but I had seen nothing! The scale is so big here it’s amazing. And this is what I thought about first when I saw this page. I love the dark background that looks like a night sky and the white watercolor brushes go fantastically with the mood of the night. The yellow dots give a little bit of highlight. Love the repeats of the photos in small to show what the spectacle looked like. Great design!

One day in feb by misslovescraps – “Awesome cluster/framing” is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this page. Love the big bold title and the cute elements all over that seem to keep the paper and the photo “attached” to the page. It has a very sweet look with the cute pink but also elegant with the dark blue and the gold. Love the mix of words in different size and styles too.Wonderful job.

Putting it into action by star74 – OMG! Look a this one!!! This has to be a real paper scrap, hasn’t it?! You gotta have very good taste and eye to make so little look so good. Love the big flower in the same color as the helmet in the photo. And the flow that is given with the leaves and the branches behind the photo. Truly gorgeous design!

Balance by Chocochoco – And finally the queen of clusters, I name Chocochoco. Look at this gorgeous ensemble!!! Wow wow wow. Not only the colors are awesome together but all those tiny bits and flower to make an amazing cluster. Love the big zigzag patterned frame and how the journal/title and WAs are placed. Maybe when I grow up I can scrap like this?! GORGEOUS!

Finger Pointing – July 6th

Hello world of digi! Ready for some new beautiful pages? It’s supposedly the rainy season here in Japan, Northern-East Japan where I am exactly, but today is a beautiful sunny day and I was able to make 2 loads of washing. The first one is already dried up ;). But there is a little humidity in the air and I don’t like to be outside so I keep cool in front of my computer and enjoy some gallery browsing. I hope you will like what I found today for the 6th… I’m running late again and it’s already the 7th here in Japan lol Enough bla bla. On to some beautiful scraps! Enjoy!

Unique by artmarty – First here I was attracted by the colors, the natural tones of the page with this big and bold title. Love the brush work and the scratchy mask on the photo. It is definitely one of a kind of a page.


My grand-mother by cocodou – Here on the other hand is the simplicity of the page that first made me click the thumbnail. I love the very elegant and delicate design of the page that fits so icely this vintage photo. Very very pretty.


This right here by kaphelps – What a cool design! Love the big but thin photo going through the whole page and the big split of the page behind, in the diagonal. Very daunting but the colors and cute elements make it also very elegant. Fantastic design and I need to lift that!

The beauty of the heart by Maja – Something more girly here but very elegant too. Love the big and sharp B&W photo, as you probably already guessed. And the wonderful flower cluster with those lace borders and stitches are yummy too. Super sweet design.


Lennox Head by Tracermajig – Here I love how the photo is in a watercolor mask and goes outside the frame. Cool pops of red color as an accent to this wonderful scenery. Love the brush work behind the cluster with the crabs and dolphins. The whole pops so nicely against the white background.


When time stood still by wendy85 – Finally this super fun and bright page. I love the natural color of the background paper and the frame with those splash of bright red and yellow. Perfect match with the photo of course. Cute blending in the corner to add up to the story without attracting too much the eye.


Finger Pointing – June 24

Hello! Time flies pretty fast again lately. Here we go for a new round of beautiful pages. AT least, I hope you’ll find them as beautiful as I did. Enjoy!

April Showers by toniboy – Love the blues here and the fresh look of the page. Like a refreshing sparkling drink on a hot summer day 😉 I love the mix of brushes as I often do and the association with water drops and the sweet flowers. The tiny yellow touch is very sweet. Very artsy and very elegant and light.

Every day is a dream by Dady – Let’s go with green now. I love the effect she added to the photo and the fun title work with the Eiffel Tower in place of the A. Great blend of the map paper and the brushes. The whole goes so well with the photo “empty spots” like the sky in the top left corner and the river in the bottom right corner. Very clever art in my opinion.

Grow with love by weaselwatchr – First thing that made me stop here is of course the adorable cat. I would be a cat lady if I wasn’t allergic to any kind of furry friends. I had cats in the past but since I’m in Japan and because I started being allergic in high-school or so, I can’t have one at home and that makes me sad indeed. Next thing that made me click the thumbnail is obviously the gorgeous colors and cluster on this page. I love how this cutie fits so well in the style of the page because of the sketchy effect on the photo. So adorable and full of energy. Perfect for a kitty!

You are loved by mijo – Colors here again that made me want to click but above all the amazing flow and cluster on this page. I love how the color touches are well balanced and the design splitting the page but not exactly horizontal. I like that it has a slight angle to it. Very sweet.

June 2015 by Melrio – What made me wanna click on this page was the colors but also the journal size and design. Which, if you know the kind of page I do, is a little contradictory because I barely journal. I usually stick to only a title or place name, add a date and that’s it lol But I think here the beautiful font she used made me wanna know more. It’s as simple as that. And then when you read you just keep reading until you get to the end… Does that make me a stalker? Wanting to know what the story is all about? lol It’s a sad and happy story but the design and display of the photos is so fresh and beautiful you kinda end up with a nice feeling that there is something after tragedy and that life goes on. Am I thinking too much? :giggle: Wonderful page anyway.

Happy by AlinaLove – Let’s end this post by a rainbow of colors! Look at this fun and happy design, like the tittle say by the ways!! I love the B&W photo with this burst of colors. Amazing cluster skills too! The little beads and stars all over gives it a great movement and make you want to look every single spot on the page to see what’s hiding in there. Great design!

Finger Pointing – June 18

Hello everyone! My time again today to pick some pages that made my eyes stop (while browsing the galleries), my finger click (when wanting to see it closer) and my heart tick (when admiring it)! 😉 Hope you like them!

The Farmer Asks… by Miki – First of all I love the colors here. Beautiful blending too. I love the transparency that appears at the place of the water. Love the work with the title and word bits too. The design with the triangles and the stitches like this goes perfectly with the rain theme, like rain drops falling down. Wonderful layout!

Flower for my mom by Maja – Beautiful colors here too. And such a sweet theme and photo. I love how the photo in the back is in a mask and overflow outside the frame. Beautiful cluster too and I really like the flow that has the music notes in the back. Very elegant and delicate.

Geek by Margie – What a fun layout! I love the big photo and the effect on it. I don’t know the word for it sorry lol I love the bold colors and the big elements. They balance well with the picture in black and white. So funky! Great design!

Love you by Amson – Another awesome layout here too! I love the sketch effect on the picture with the main part of if left in sepia inside the frame. Perfect color and element accents too. It’s like the little leaf crumbs (?) are from the branch he is cutting. Very clever!

Really Awesome by LivyBug – Another funky layout here too! Love the fun picture and the colors. The pink brush behind the frame gives a great accent to the frame word. Love the handwritten words and the messy background. Looks like real paper scrap. Maybe it is? The flow of the elements is really nice.

Nurse Annabelle by tansy – And finally let’s go adorable to end this post, with this super sweet page. I love the angle on the photo, the blending and the brush work around. All is very delicate and cute. Perfect for this adorable nurse. Love how the colors in the photo pops so well with the other softer colors of the page. The page accents don’t take over the cute nurse in action. Wonderful job.

Finger Pointing – June 1

Hello everyone! Time flew so fast this week, and here we are again for beautiful pages to be picked. I haven’t done much this week so where did this time go? Scares me a bit actually. If only it meant that it was a fun and interesting week and I didn’t see time go by but it’s not even the case… boo hoo. I need to change that and go window shopping at the big town so that this week doesn’t end as boring as it started lol. First IKEA and then interiors shops around the station while waiting for hubby to arrive by train from Tokyo. Sounds like a plan 😉 Enough ranting. Here are my peeks for June 1st! Hope you like them!

Hybrid Layout by brennatay – I loooove this fun and sweet design. All the cirlces with either papers or photos, love the angles of the big stripes behind the circles and the tiny bits here and there, the cute tabs/WAs all attached to the page with stitches . Must look even better in real! So fun!

 2015 : These Shoes by MrsPeel – How fun is that too! Love the match with the background doodle circles and the photo circle design. All those splatter brushes are yummy and the colors too. Great mix of alphas, fonts and word arts. It’s one thing to use many fonts but it’s another one to make them work well together, and this page shows that, in my honest opinion.

12 years by Jerilie – Such a darling page! Great mix of sweet and tender colors with those B&W pictures. Love the delicate dotty brush in the back and the multi layered papers behind the photos. Beautiful flower cluster too. I love that even though it’s pretty “crowded” as for elements numbers (comparing to a more clean and simple style for example), the flat shadows and the great placement don’t overwhelm the photos. They really pop wonderfully in this page. Really love the flow here too. Congrats on your anniversary! Beautiful way to showcase this special moment!

 Little Sister by y_baros (Yolanda) – Splatter, splatter, splatter!!! YUM!! This is such a fun layout and photo lol. Love the colors and the cute little “floating” elements. Beautiful shadow work too.

 Handle With Care by wombat146 – Something a little more raw look. How can I explain myself… It makes me think of Japanese washi paper, the one with herbs and leaves mixed within. Beautiful brush work and love the feather behind the title with the white paint stroke that kind of underline the journal. Looks like a hybrid layout, doesn’t it? Wonderful work!

 Thailand by Sterkeurs – And finally let’s travel a bit! Look at this gorgeous sight and page! I love the blending of typed/text paper with the photo. Wonderful framing too with all those little bits and I love how the photo is “attached” to the page with staples. When I scrap I like to keep a flat look so that’s why this kind of page are the first I go to when I pick pages. Plus as you well know by now, I looooove big photos! lol Great travel page! Thank you for sharing!